Want a crib for your dance?!
If you would like the e-crib team to write a crib for you, you can send a request, well ahead of the required time, to team@e-cribs.org providing the full instructions for the dance.

Welcome to the E-cribs Team Website!

The E-crib team have set up this website e-cribs.org. The prime function of our team is of course to maintain and extend our e-cribs (now 2961). There is no lack of work to do; of the 17651 dances on SCDDB, only 6150 have some form of crib (Minicrib, E-crib, Contributed).

The second task we have initiated is to create a repository of original dance descriptions (either as scans or as digital copies). Our aim is to collect as many as we can. The first purpose of this "E-collection" is to be our source for making cribs; we will also make it available to those who write cribs and make diagrams for SCDDB. The second aim is to be a "repository" for the SCD community; to eliminate the risk that dances are "lost" when out of print or when websites close down.

The full current listing of these dances is publicly accessible at https://e-cribs.org/myfiles/listing.php. There are now 11746 entries, but as some dances were published in duplicate we estimate the number of distinct dances at about 10700. The E-collection itself is not open to the public. However, anyone looking for a rare description should visit this site first. We will try to help.

When the copyright holder gives explicit permission, we hope to make the original descriptions available online.

The e-cribs will not be published on e-cribs.org, but will be added to the dances on SCDDB as we do now.

Eric Ferguson
Roland Telle
Murrough Landon
The E-cribs team

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