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E-collection administration

Want a crib for your dance?!
If you would like the e-crib team to write a crib for you, you can send a request, well ahead of the required time, to providing the full instructions for the dance.

Welcome to the E-cribs Team Website!

The E-crib team have set up this website The prime function of our team is of course to maintain and extend our e-cribs (now 2961). There is no lack of work to do; of the 17651 dances on SCDDB, only 6150 have some form of crib (Minicrib, E-crib, Contributed).

The second task we have initiated is to create a repository of original dance descriptions (either as scans or as digital copies). Our aim is to collect as many as we can. The first purpose of this "E-collection" is to be our source for making cribs; we will also make it available to those who write cribs and make diagrams for SCDDB. The second aim is to be a "repository" for the SCD community; to eliminate the risk that dances are "lost" when out of print or when websites close down.

The full current listing of these dances is publicly accessible at There are now 11746 entries, but as some dances were published in duplicate we estimate the number of distinct dances at about 10700. The E-collection itself is not open to the public. However, anyone looking for a rare description should visit this site first. We will try to help.

When the copyright holder gives explicit permission, we hope to make the original descriptions available online.

The e-cribs will not be published on, but will be added to the dances on SCDDB as we do now.

Eric Ferguson
Roland Telle
Murrough Landon
The E-cribs team

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