Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 10

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 17

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 18

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 20

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 22

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 23

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 24

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 25

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 28

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 29

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 30

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 31

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 32

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 34

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 36

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 38

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 39

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 46

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 48

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 50

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 58

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 66

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 67

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 68

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 71

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 72

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 73

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 74

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 75

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 78

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 79

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 85

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 95

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 96

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 101

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 106

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 109

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 112

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 113

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 116

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 117

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 118

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 119

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 120

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 121

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 122

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 123

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 124

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 125

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 126

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 128

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 129

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 130

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 131

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 132

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 133

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 134

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 135

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 136

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 137

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 138

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 139

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 140

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 143

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 146

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 147

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 148

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 151

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 152

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 155

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 156

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 157

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 158

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 159

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 160

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 161

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 162

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 163

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 164

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 167

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 168

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 169

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 170

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 171

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 172

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 173

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 174

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 177

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 178

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 179

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 180

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 183

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 184

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 185

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 186

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 187

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 188

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 189

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 190

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 191

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 192

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 193

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 194

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 195

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 196

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 197

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 198

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 199

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 200

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 201

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 202

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 203

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 206

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 207

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 208

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 209

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 210

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 211

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 212

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 213

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 214

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 215

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 216

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 217

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 218

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 221

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 222

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 223

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 224

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 225

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 226

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 246

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 247

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 248

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 254

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 255

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 264

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 265

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 268

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 269

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 270

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 271

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 272

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 273

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 276

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 277

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 278

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 279

Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 280

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Deprecated: define(): Declaration of case-insensitive constants is deprecated in /home/clients/c8123f15d2868a82d8a0d1637b823168/web/ewcfg13.php on line 282

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Kilrenny Jig.pdf45 KB
Knockando.pdf66 KB
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Shush.pdf39 KB
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The Dancing Man.pdf31 KB
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The Misty Isle in Summer.pdf31 KB
The Piper and His Lass.pdf28 KB
The Shores of Solway.pdf18 KB
The Twenty-First.pdf27 KB
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A Birthday Dance.pdf34 KB
A Scottish Country Dancer's Pleasure.pdf37 KB
Jess Nichol's Fancy.pdf36 KB
John's Jig.pdf52 KB
La Flirtation.pdf33 KB
Mrs Robertson's Reel.pdf28 KB
The Helderberg Reel.pdf34 KB
The Rainbow Reel - First to Third.pdf56 KB
The Ronderbosch Reel.pdf32 KB
Tribute to Archie.pdf32 KB
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All For Mary.pdf24 KB
Castle Douglas.pdf28 KB
Dunfermline Glen.pdf29 KB
Haste Ye Back.pdf62 KB
Tae Fife and Back.pdf35 KB
The Compliment.pdf26 KB
The Dalesman.pdf36 KB
The Edinburgh Medallist.pdf34 KB
The Fife Meeting.pdf29 KB
The Jordanhill Strathspey.pdf30 KB
The Rover's Rant.pdf28 KB
The Shamrock Girl.pdf23 KB
\Collections\Other Books\12 Scottish Country Dances by Mervyn Short (12)556 KB
Birdham Pool.pdf47 KB
Boundary Cottage.pdf52 KB
Edinburgh's Gain.pdf51 KB
Fahyda.pdf40 KB
King Edward's Jig.pdf53 KB
Moorlands at Hay Tor.pdf50 KB
Naishcombe Hill.pdf47 KB
Sidney's Reel or The Queen of Torquay.pdf37 KB
The Architect.pdf49 KB
The Handsel.pdf42 KB
The Old School Strathspey.pdf43 KB
The Wellingtonia Reel.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\14 Social Dances for 2000 (14)381 KB
Aileen's Reel.pdf26 KB
Chantry Hall.pdf30 KB
Hutton Castle.pdf28 KB
Inchmickery.pdf29 KB
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan.pdf25 KB
Mr Hamilton's Hornpipe.pdf30 KB
St Columba's Reel.pdf28 KB
Susanne's Strathspey.pdf23 KB
The Chain Walk.pdf31 KB
The Findlays' Jig.pdf17 KB
The Geordies' Diamond Reel.pdf30 KB
The Isle of Tiree.pdf27 KB
The Pele Tower.pdf35 KB
The Post Chaise.pdf22 KB
\Collections\Other Books\15 Social Dances by Roy Goldring (15)436 KB
Alastair Hunter's Reel.pdf27 KB
Elisabeth Hunter's Strathspey.pdf26 KB
Eric's Jubilee.pdf26 KB
Glen Lyon.pdf30 KB
Mary Erskine.pdf28 KB
Monique's Jig.pdf33 KB
My Jo.pdf25 KB
Side By Side.pdf28 KB
The Barton's Reel.pdf30 KB
The Cramond Wedding.pdf29 KB
The Grants' New Rant.pdf32 KB
The Miller of Sessnie.pdf29 KB
The Thornhill Strathspey.pdf32 KB
The Water of Fleet.pdf35 KB
Thirty Years On.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\20 Scottish Country Dances (Demo Dances) (19)626 KB
Angela's Reel 3Cor 4C Reel 4c48.pdf33 KB
Ashley's Medley 2C Set 32S-32R.pdf32 KB
Barbara's Reel 4C Reel 4x48.pdf29 KB
Catherine's Ceildh 3 Dancer Medley 32S-32R.pdf27 KB
Cindy's Jig 4C Jig 4x40.pdf29 KB
Dina's Dance 2C Medley 48S-56R.pdf37 KB
Gina's Jig 4C Jig 4x48.pdf28 KB
Iska's Idyll 4C Jig 4x64.pdf30 KB
Joan's Reel 4C Reel 4x40.pdf23 KB
Katrina's Caper 2C Reel 2x40.pdf25 KB
Lee's Lilt 2C Medley 32S-32R.pdf33 KB
Lorna's Lilt 4C Medley Sq Set 48S-80R.pdf47 KB
Medow Loch Special 2C Jig 64 Bars.pdf28 KB
Scottish Bluebells Jig 4C Jig Sq Set 120 Bars.pdf36 KB
Shannon's Delight 4C Reel 4C 96 Bars.pdf56 KB
Sharon's Medley 3C 32S-32R.pdf26 KB
Sharon's Rant 4C Jig 2x96.pdf38 KB
Take Me Back 2C Jig 96 Bars.pdf36 KB
Texas Starr 3C Jig 64 Bars.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\20th Anniversary Dance Booklet (13)398 KB
Florrie Milligan's Farewell to Oregon.pdf24 KB
Florrie's Fancy.pdf31 KB
Golden Fields.pdf45 KB
Hadley House.pdf29 KB
Lady MacPherson's Reign.pdf24 KB
MacFarlane's Tartan.pdf30 KB
Mi Amigo.pdf28 KB
Ridgefield Rant.pdf24 KB
Salute to Noel Lillie.pdf27 KB
The Clarsach.pdf35 KB
The High Desert Celtic Society Triumph.pdf26 KB
The Maze.pdf48 KB
The Scottish Professor.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\22 Social Dances by Roy Goldring (Complilation - 10 Social Dances and Twelve More ) (22)880 KB
All for Mary.pdf35 KB
Another Piece of Silver.pdf45 KB
Castle Douglas.pdf40 KB
Dunfermline Glen.pdf36 KB
Haste Ye Back.pdf67 KB
Society Piper.pdf38 KB
Tae Fife and Back.pdf39 KB
The Argyll Assembly.pdf43 KB
The Compliment.pdf33 KB
The Dalesman.pdf45 KB
The Dancing Man.pdf37 KB
The Edinburgh Medallist.pdf45 KB
The Fife Meeting.pdf40 KB
The Happy Dancers.pdf46 KB
The Hills of Langholm.pdf38 KB
The Jordanhill Strathspey.pdf38 KB
The Misty Isle in Summer.pdf37 KB
The Piper and His Lass.pdf38 KB
The Rover's Rant.pdf40 KB
The Shamrock Girl.pdf34 KB
The Shores of Solway.pdf29 KB
The Twenty-First.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\24 Graded and Social Dances by Roy Goldring (24)795 KB
Allt An Duin (The Burn By the Hillock).pdf36 KB
Birkenside.pdf33 KB
Border Meeting.pdf33 KB
Collie Law.pdf32 KB
Crom Allt (The Crooked Burn).pdf32 KB
Kildrummy Castle.pdf28 KB
Off to Speyside.pdf36 KB
St Martin's Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Tappie Toorie.pdf29 KB
The Ayr Promenade.pdf36 KB
The Barmkin.pdf32 KB
The Cabrach.pdf39 KB
The Coanwood Stuarts.pdf39 KB
The Dancing Bees.pdf41 KB
The Ferry Louper.pdf41 KB
The Kingston Jig.pdf24 KB
The Marklands.pdf25 KB
The Minister on the Loch.pdf21 KB
The Newcastleton Reel.pdf36 KB
The Peat Inn.pdf31 KB
The Peterhead Lassies.pdf31 KB
The Provost Wynd.pdf43 KB
The Walled Garden.pdf29 KB
The Westgate Reel.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\25 Years at Westminster (21)577 KB
25 Years at Westminster.pdf28 KB
50 and Counting.pdf25 KB
80 Years Young.pdf27 KB
A Diamond for Rose and Tom.pdf24 KB
A Jig for Lillie.pdf28 KB
A Wee Birl.pdf24 KB
An Easy Wee Dance.pdf20 KB
Breath of Spring.pdf26 KB
Ceilidh Caper - Crystal Palace Caper.pdf25 KB
Double Dutch.pdf41 KB
From Loch Lomond to Pitlochry.pdf31 KB
Hand in Glove.pdf28 KB
It's Dead Easy.pdf20 KB
Jill's Delight.pdf24 KB
Let's Be Jolly.pdf32 KB
Miss Lesley Taylor.pdf20 KB
Nessie Strathspey.pdf30 KB
Promise of Spring.pdf34 KB
Swirling Snow.pdf32 KB
The Flower of Glasgow.pdf28 KB
Tying the Knot.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\25th Anniversary Dances - Nelson Marlborough Region (9)354 KB
Bo's Delight.pdf39 KB
Fifeshire Reel.pdf47 KB
Jean's Anniversary Strathspey.pdf30 KB
Pu Pu Springs.pdf57 KB
Rainbow Days.pdf41 KB
The Glens of Kingussie.pdf35 KB
The Henderson Strathspey.pdf47 KB
The Picton Schottische.pdf25 KB
The Standburn Lass.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\29 Social Dances by Roy Goldring (Complilation - 15 Social Dances and 14 Social Dances for 2000) (29)1.229 KB
Aileen's Reel.pdf40 KB
Alastair Hunter's Reel.pdf42 KB
Chantry Hall.pdf49 KB
Elisabeth Hunter's Strathspey.pdf40 KB
Eric's Jubilee.pdf38 KB
Glen Lyon.pdf49 KB
Hutton Castle.pdf44 KB
Inchmickery.pdf38 KB
Mary Erskine.pdf38 KB
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan.pdf39 KB
Monique's Jig.pdf48 KB
Mr Hamilton's Hornpipe.pdf45 KB
My Jo.pdf39 KB
Side by Side.pdf44 KB
St Columba's Reel.pdf41 KB
Susanne's Strathspey.pdf32 KB
The Bartons' Reel.pdf49 KB
The Chain Walk.pdf47 KB
The Cramond Wedding.pdf46 KB
The Findlays' Jig.pdf34 KB
THe Geordies' Diamond Reel.pdf47 KB
The Grants' New Rant.pdf40 KB
The Isle of Tiree.pdf41 KB
The Miller of Sessnie.pdf44 KB
The Pele Tower.pdf41 KB
The Post Chaise.pdf35 KB
The Thornhill Strathspey.pdf46 KB
The Water of Fleet.pdf49 KB
Thirty Years On.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\50 Anniversary Book of Dances Sydney Branch (10)322 KB
A Reel for '88.pdf31 KB
A Reel for George.pdf23 KB
Celtic Square.pdf51 KB
Flowers of Sydney.pdf29 KB
Gold in Sydney.pdf32 KB
London Pride.pdf25 KB
Miss Bunty Beaumont.pdf33 KB
Napier's Index.pdf29 KB
Silver Sails.pdf32 KB
The Golden Trilium.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\50th Anniversary Album - North Ayrshire Branch 1948-1998 (8)535 KB
A North Ayrshire Welcome.pdf40 KB
A Visit to Kelburn.pdf68 KB
Brodick Castle Gardens.pdf92 KB
Peggy's Strathspey.pdf57 KB
Peggy's Waltz.pdf72 KB
The Ayrshire Wheelie Bin.pdf60 KB
The Half Century Jig.pdf72 KB
The Old Bailey Bridge.pdf74 KB
\Collections\Other Books\50th Anniversary Collection - Edinburgh University (19)895 KB
A Canonbie Ceilidh.pdf35 KB
Away and Together.pdf37 KB
Corryvreckan.pdf79 KB
Dr MacDonald's Jig.pdf32 KB
Jeep's Jig.pdf46 KB
McEwan Hall.pdf40 KB
Miss Jane Purves's Delight.pdf45 KB
Roxburgh's Fancy.pdf31 KB
St George's Reel.pdf45 KB
Taikoo's Revenge.pdf56 KB
The Fivepenny Piece.pdf45 KB
The Gloomy Winter.pdf43 KB
The Golden Thistle.pdf59 KB
The New Scotland Strathspey.pdf39 KB
The Piper of Drummond.pdf40 KB
The President's Dilemma.pdf31 KB
The Rowan-berry Reel.pdf44 KB
The Stationmaster's Reel.pdf115 KB
The Wee Bus.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\75th Anniversary Dances Saskatchewan Branch (6)180 KB
After Hours.pdf37 KB
Insignificant Follishness.pdf22 KB
Rick's Farewell to Saskatoon.pdf28 KB
Snow Flurry Jig.pdf37 KB
The Committee's Decision.pdf26 KB
The Middleton-Shore Strathspey.pdf30 KB
\Collections\Other Books\2008 Herrington Collection (28)2.288 KB
All Right on the Night.pdf69 KB
And One.pdf69 KB
Bill & Mary Moore.pdf69 KB
Dorothy McDonald Dickson.pdf70 KB
Eighty Years Young.pdf69 KB
For Marion.pdf74 KB
Fulwell Mill.pdf69 KB
Hurrying Home.pdf69 KB
It Flows Nicely.pdf68 KB
It's My Dance.pdf118 KB
Jaunty Jan.pdf69 KB
Mary McDonald.pdf69 KB
Mrs Rose Anne Robertson.pdf69 KB
My Friend Margaret.pdf69 KB
Nell's Strathspey.pdf118 KB
Nessie's Jig.pdf117 KB
Our Golden Year.pdf70 KB
Pauline's Promenade.pdf118 KB
Peerless Pearl.pdf69 KB
Rita's Ramble.pdf118 KB
St Chad's Jig.pdf118 KB
The Ardchoille Jig.pdf75 KB
The Belles of St Chad's.pdf119 KB
The Black Swan.pdf69 KB
The Broken Arm Reel.pdf69 KB
The Durham Argus.pdf70 KB
The Moth Ball.pdf69 KB
The Road to Washington (CD).pdf69 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Book of Many Thanks (18)275 KB
A Sweet Treat from Our Feet to Dave Peet - Toast to the Galbraiths.pdf15 KB
At The Henderson Hearth - Bonnie Donovans.pdf14 KB
Chatham Chase - Cooking up a Storm.pdf16 KB
Dance of the Dinwoodie - A Delicate Sheila.pdf10 KB
Don't Pick On Me  - Doralyn's Assembly.pdf12 KB
Elizabeth's Hornpipe - Everyday Joe - Flair McNair.pdf13 KB
Gentleman Jenson's Double Birl Strathspey - Gentlemen with Sass.pdf19 KB
Going Lightly - The Harland Hustle.pdf12 KB
Logan's Ferry - The Martt Bagatelle.pdf17 KB
McClelland's Mix-up Reel - McNair If You Dare.pdf24 KB
Shall We Dance Again - Stiles of Tartan.pdf15 KB
The Camel - Carols a Plenty.pdf16 KB
The Flawless Lady - Flight of the Jays.pdf12 KB
The Klemmer Clan - Lady Lorraine's Strathspey.pdf13 KB
The Moore the Merrier - Mum's the Ward.pdf15 KB
The Organist's Rabbit - Scotch in August.pdf21 KB
Weia to the Thistle - Wind in the Reids.pdf17 KB
Ye of Liddle Faith.pdf14 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Book of Perth Dances (12)361 KB
Colin's Kilts.pdf22 KB
Miss MacPherson of Scone.pdf39 KB
Muirton Bank.pdf32 KB
Oakbank's Tribute to Christian.pdf34 KB
The Blooms of Perth.pdf18 KB
The Pitlochry Tryst.pdf21 KB
The Silver Walk.pdf21 KB
The Sound of Iona.pdf20 KB
The St Johnstoun Reel.pdf31 KB
The Stanley Mill.pdf31 KB
The Two Inch Race.pdf72 KB
The Vale of Atholl.pdf20 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Book of Seven (Plus Two) (9)159 KB
4007 (Four-oh-oh-seven).pdf14 KB
Cairnsmill.pdf29 KB
Hector MacNab.pdf17 KB
Jennifer's Fancy.pdf15 KB
Simon's Petronella.pdf14 KB
The Circassian Square Dance.pdf17 KB
The Doo'Cot.pdf15 KB
The Rotherham Rant.pdf16 KB
Whisky in Bond.pdf21 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Centennial Collection (21)1.458 KB
A Bonnie Lassie.pdf60 KB
Carleton County.pdf63 KB
Cochno Burn.pdf54 KB
Glen Cova.pdf50 KB
Make Up the Quarrel.pdf45 KB
Maxwell's Mirror.pdf53 KB
Merry Andrew.pdf54 KB
Montreal Rendezvous.pdf55 KB
Red River Welcome.pdf45 KB
Stirling Castle.pdf46 KB
Susie Ferguson Reel.pdf42 KB
Thanksgiving Reel.pdf50 KB
The Centenary Jig.pdf86 KB
The Laird of McNab.pdf61 KB
The Maple and the Thistle.pdf109 KB
The Maple Leaf Flag.pdf113 KB
The Old Course.pdf75 KB
The Rosedale Reel.pdf40 KB
The Saint John River.pdf193 KB
The Saskatchewan Reel.pdf119 KB
The Sauchie Haugh.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Collection of 6 Old Time Dances - Summer 2009 (6)269 KB
Bonnie Lassie Party Dance.pdf53 KB
Delta Mazurka.pdf47 KB
Rings On Her Fingers - Tango.pdf39 KB
Thank You and Goodnight - Quickstep.pdf42 KB
The Triumphant Gavotte.pdf44 KB
Waltz Debonaire.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Collection of Dances for the 75th Anniversary 1923-1998 (5)161 KB
City of the Clyde.pdf33 KB
Glasgow Anniversary Jig.pdf31 KB
Kelvinside.pdf36 KB
Salute to Glasgow.pdf31 KB
Spinkie Den.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Cup of Cheer (8)208 KB
It's All Right.pdf21 KB
Reely.pdf20 KB
Saint Andrew's Strathspey.pdf24 KB
The Big 'un.pdf37 KB
The Cambridge Roundabout.pdf24 KB
The Fourth of July.pdf23 KB
The Reel for the Thirty-Fifth.pdf36 KB
The Tenth aniversary.pdf22 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Cup of Kindness (12)388 KB
Caledonian Society Strathspey.pdf31 KB
Clan Campbell.pdf38 KB
De Long Reel.pdf33 KB
Double Trouble.pdf33 KB
Fergusion's Fancy.pdf35 KB
Kiss the Lass Ye Like Best.pdf26 KB
Miss Muriel Johnstone's Jig.pdf36 KB
Miss Nora Kindness.pdf34 KB
New Year's Eve.pdf30 KB
Sweet and Savory.pdf21 KB
Tracey's Wedding Jig.pdf38 KB
Wee Bluets Rule.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Dancing Tour (10)408 KB
A Time for Change.pdf44 KB
Broken Promises.pdf38 KB
Clynnog Thistle.pdf42 KB
Duns and District.pdf25 KB
Friday the Thirteenth.pdf41 KB
Gentleman Jack.pdf46 KB
Glen Fincastle.pdf39 KB
The George Washington Bridge.pdf52 KB
The Pinewoods Two-Step.pdf32 KB
The Sparkling Shores of Kamagari.pdf47 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Dime a Dozen (6)249 KB
Granny's Jig - The Black Ewe - Jellyfish at North Gut.pdf44 KB
Granny's Reel - Maggie's Mirror.pdf43 KB
Red John of Big Harbour - For Posterity.pdf52 KB
Taigh Mhicleod - Head of the Pin.pdf39 KB
The McPhee Reel - Drowsy Maggie.pdf37 KB
Valley Spinners.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Douglas Henderson Collection (5)143 KB
Jean Chaplin's Jig.pdf34 KB
The Den O'Mains.pdf22 KB
The Dundee Clarendon Strathspey.pdf31 KB
The Road to Abernyte.pdf33 KB
The Strathearn Reel.pdf23 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Dozen Dances (4)208 KB
A Summer Gathering - St Ann's Fair - Flower's Favourite.pdf52 KB
Bonnie Jean of Aberdeen - Briar Bush - Gone Fishing.pdf50 KB
Mareid's Strathspey - The Wee Mousie - The Drookit Mousie.pdf47 KB
Sonas Le Sith - Nellie's Rights and Wrongs - Dance with Me.pdf58 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Dozen In Hand (6)736 KB
Dance O'Lav'Rocks - The Broose Reel.pdf117 KB
E'eens Ye Like - Fidging-Fain.pdf120 KB
Keekit Ben - Rin the Reel.pdf126 KB
Sorbie Tensome Reel - Galloway Tensome.pdf129 KB
Spindles and Whorles - The Temper-Pin.pdf126 KB
Tirl the Sneck - Haliburton Tensome.pdf118 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Dozen More (6)268 KB
4 Handed Reel - Gaelic College Twasome.pdf48 KB
Pei Link - In the Buff.pdf46 KB
REALLY - Wheelie Reel.pdf38 KB
The Tensome Reel - Rosette Stone.pdf48 KB
Twa in Clover - The Sheltie Reel.pdf44 KB
Twirl of the Kilt - Passing in the Night.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Duo for Sydney (2)97 KB
A Scottish Welcome (Failte Albannach).pdf53 KB
Farewell to the Ironworkers.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Feast of Dances (9)449 KB
Bumbershoots of Pomeroy.pdf56 KB
I5 Bridge Portland-Vancouver.pdf39 KB
Lady Laura Kintoul.pdf33 KB
Spin Dizzy.pdf58 KB
The Dark-eyed Junco.pdf55 KB
The Folksy Fivesome.pdf34 KB
The Friendship Bridge.pdf50 KB
The Origami Crane.pdf64 KB
What If.pdf59 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Golden Collection (31)1.152 KB
A Hamilton Ceilidh.pdf27 KB
A MacNab Moment.pdf36 KB
Alexander's Link.pdf33 KB
Burlington Bay.pdf31 KB
Debbie's Chase.pdf30 KB
Fiona Left Home.pdf33 KB
Fire and Ice.pdf25 KB
Formation - Half Rondel.pdf21 KB
Formation - Tournee for 3 couples.pdf24 KB
Hamilton Rendezvous.pdf48 KB
Hamilton Steel.pdf27 KB
Jackson Square.pdf38 KB
Linked for Life.pdf24 KB
Maureen of Hamilton.pdf32 KB
Paradise Road.pdf59 KB
Rhonda's 40th.pdf24 KB
Salute to the Lancaster.pdf39 KB
The Ancaster Mill.pdf38 KB
The Feathered Pheasant.pdf36 KB
The Golden Crown.pdf37 KB
The Golden Thread.pdf53 KB
The MacNab Strathspey.pdf58 KB
The Mansewood Reel.pdf41 KB
The Old 91st.pdf49 KB
The Piper of St Giles.pdf58 KB
The Tartan Tree.pdf38 KB
The Thinker.pdf33 KB
The Tides of Cape D'or.pdf47 KB
The Westdale Strathspey.pdf50 KB
The White Pine.pdf31 KB
The Wind in Our Sails.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Handy Dozen (6)502 KB
Here's a Hand My Trusty Fiere - Gie's A Hand O' Thine.pdf82 KB
Lands of Kippo - Keppock of Loch Duich.pdf89 KB
Tarry Woo' (Tangled Wool) - Card it Weil (Comb it well).pdf86 KB
Todlin' Athegither (Toddling Altogether) - Hand-in-Hand We'll Go.pdf83 KB
Twine Weel the Plaiden (Part the wool) - Tune the Fiddles.pdf79 KB
Two By Two - Taobh Ri Taobh (Hand-in-Hand).pdf84 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Mixture for All (8)239 KB
A Step Into Summer.pdf42 KB
Barbara's Reel.pdf24 KB
Darby's Corner.pdf29 KB
Nicki's Dance.pdf42 KB
September Strathspey.pdf19 KB
Stepping Stones.pdf33 KB
The Orkney Islands.pdf22 KB
Triple Trouble.pdf27 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Reel Dozen (8)351 KB
Built for Two - The Tandem Reel.pdf46 KB
Ceiltich Cross - A Reel Nightmare.pdf49 KB
Five Alive - Petro-Da.pdf39 KB
Hey for the Hielan' Body.pdf42 KB
Scotian Twasome.pdf44 KB
Taigh Nan Gaidheal Srathspeidh Agus Ruidhle.pdf50 KB
The Gallovidian.pdf37 KB
The Scottish Butterfly - Maggie's Medley.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Reel Occasion (13)434 KB
A Royal Occasion.pdf31 KB
C J's Reel.pdf28 KB
Campbell's Knot.pdf39 KB
Dent's Reel.pdf29 KB
Farewell to Wiston.pdf27 KB
HMS Invincible.pdf34 KB
MacKay's Farewell.pdf32 KB
Mrs Ena Meikle's Strathspey.pdf35 KB
Muriel's Reel.pdf33 KB
Scott's Ruby.pdf42 KB
Silver Leaves.pdf30 KB
The Mallyan Spout.pdf40 KB
The Mason's 80.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\A Yankee Sampler (14)478 KB
A Reel for Catherine and Thomas.pdf58 KB
A Visit to Balfron.pdf26 KB
Boston Hospitality.pdf30 KB
Fiddler's Joy.pdf25 KB
He Built a Crooked House.pdf31 KB
Kate and Dod.pdf24 KB
Keeping Busy.pdf29 KB
Nessie's Reel.pdf22 KB
Pinewoods Reel.pdf36 KB
The McClintock Rant.pdf27 KB
The Queen City Strathspey.pdf22 KB
The Red Doublet.pdf82 KB
The Robson Strathspey.pdf33 KB
We Canna Gang Tae Brenda's Wedding.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Aberbrothock Book (10)395 KB
A Lilt for Laura.pdf41 KB
Aberbrothock.pdf38 KB
Amerada Hess Jig.pdf33 KB
Amerada Hess Reel.pdf52 KB
Aysgarth Place.pdf40 KB
Bonnie Betty.pdf41 KB
Harpenden Ladies.pdf51 KB
Janet's Wedding.pdf29 KB
Passing Fancy.pdf34 KB
The Henderson's Rant.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Alexander Dances Book 1 (12)364 KB
An Niseag (Nessie).pdf40 KB
Dorothy's Wedding.pdf23 KB
Heather Honey.pdf30 KB
Jingling Geordie.pdf32 KB
Knockderry Castle.pdf35 KB
McGregor's Leap.pdf27 KB
Melville Castle.pdf28 KB
Stuart of Bute.pdf21 KB
Thane of Fife.pdf40 KB
The Carrick Lass.pdf25 KB
The Falls of Rogie.pdf31 KB
The Talisman.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Alexander Dances Book 2 (13)534 KB
Alexander Dances Bk 2 Notes.pdf61 KB
Annandale.pdf37 KB
Bannocks O' Barley.pdf36 KB
By Sea and By Land.pdf39 KB
Click Mill.pdf44 KB
Glen Falloch.pdf33 KB
Roslin Castle.pdf36 KB
The Aiken Tree.pdf47 KB
The Brooch of Lorne.pdf35 KB
The Glorious Twelfth.pdf44 KB
The Round House Reel.pdf47 KB
The Thistle and the Rose.pdf35 KB
The Wark O' the Weavers.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Alexander Dances Book 3 (13)590 KB
Alexander Dances Bk 3 - Notes.pdf84 KB
Craigenarden.pdf36 KB
Craigleith.pdf34 KB
Fingal's Fancy.pdf70 KB
Follow the Fiddler.pdf48 KB
Langholm Fair.pdf59 KB
Misty Law.pdf37 KB
The Logan Reel.pdf31 KB
The Ptarmigan Reel.pdf39 KB
The Purple O' The Heather.pdf36 KB
The Red Rose of Dunoon.pdf41 KB
The Sound of Iona.pdf40 KB
Wi' A' The Honours Three.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Alexander Dances Book 4 (10)364 KB
Castle Varrich.pdf30 KB
Mill Rig.pdf66 KB
Scotch Woodcock.pdf37 KB
The Brigs O' Ayr.pdf27 KB
The Crofter's Rant.pdf30 KB
The Flower of Yarrow.pdf38 KB
The Jacobite's Jig.pdf25 KB
The Mercat Cross.pdf54 KB
The Pleasance.pdf32 KB
The Turnberry Tensome.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Alexander Dances Book 5 (10)479 KB
Fiddler's Fancy.pdf34 KB
Galloway Pippins.pdf78 KB
Gowans.pdf43 KB
Juniper Jig.pdf37 KB
MacDonald's Delight.pdf39 KB
The Alexander Reel.pdf38 KB
The Hirsel.pdf35 KB
The Jacobite Ladies of Murrayshall.pdf101 KB
The Lamplighter's Hornpipe.pdf33 KB
The Maid of Morven.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Alexander Dances Book 6 (10)491 KB
Burning the Water.pdf39 KB
Drummond Hill.pdf34 KB
Drumrunie.pdf35 KB
Murray's Welcome.pdf75 KB
Red Rose and White.pdf39 KB
Seven Thistles.pdf125 KB
The Castle of the Comyns.pdf46 KB
The Glencarron Strathspey.pdf28 KB
The Monessie Reel.pdf37 KB
The Perthshire Maiden.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Alexander Dances Book 7 (10)508 KB
A Toast to Alltscellach.pdf45 KB
Cocklemill Burn.pdf42 KB
Cranston's Rant.pdf40 KB
Highland Milkmaid.pdf100 KB
Miss Kirkpatrick.pdf45 KB
Rigmarie.pdf41 KB
Sumburgh Roost.pdf46 KB
The Heights of Inchvannie.pdf33 KB
The Lairds of Coll.pdf38 KB
Wandering Willie.pdf79 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Alexander Dances Book 8 (10)495 KB
Carlin's Cairn.pdf39 KB
Debonnaire.pdf43 KB
Merry Meetings.pdf43 KB
The Bonny Bells of Heather.pdf90 KB
The Flitting of Lorn.pdf48 KB
The Gates of India.pdf46 KB
the Lang Gate.pdf42 KB
The Mountain of the Winds.pdf38 KB
The Penny Reel.pdf67 KB
The Silver Strand.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Alexander Dances Book 9 (10)505 KB
A Border Burn.pdf37 KB
Corbie Stones.pdf39 KB
Heeliegoleerie.pdf43 KB
Here's Tae Us.pdf83 KB
Jeanie Dean's Jig.pdf36 KB
Lammas Night.pdf48 KB
Lomondside.pdf40 KB
Lord of Islay.pdf87 KB
The Isles of the Sea.pdf53 KB
The Road That Runs By Atholl.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Alexander Dances Book 10 (10)528 KB
Banks and Braes.pdf46 KB
Castlecary.pdf45 KB
Chanronry Chase.pdf40 KB
Drumadoon Bay.pdf37 KB
Fair Jennie's Jig.pdf90 KB
Hunting the Haggis.pdf95 KB
The Lichtsome Lindsays.pdf49 KB
The Loup of Fintry.pdf42 KB
The Skerryvore Light.pdf40 KB
The Wishing Tree.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\All Kinds of Everything (10)567 KB
All Kinds of Everything.pdf32 KB
Dance Notes for All Kinds of Everything.pdf69 KB
From the Court to the Cottage.pdf48 KB
The Enchanted Castle.pdf31 KB
The King of the Fairies.pdf108 KB
The Lass with the Delicate Air.pdf29 KB
The Leprechaun.pdf72 KB
The Lily in the Valley.pdf108 KB
The Rambling Pitchfork.pdf33 KB
Trim the Velvet.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Allanton Collection (9)259 KB
Barbara McOwen's Ceilidh.pdf29 KB
Battalion - The Royal Scots.pdf25 KB
Duns 500.pdf26 KB
Finlay Stewart Skinner.pdf29 KB
Julian's Jig.pdf32 KB
Mrs Leslye Buchanan.pdf31 KB
Summer's End.pdf32 KB
The Button Boy.pdf25 KB
The High Lodge.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Always Enough to Dance (14)557 KB
Blame it on Jane.pdf33 KB
Bridge Over Troubled Water.pdf35 KB
Cast of Four.pdf35 KB
Dragonflies.pdf43 KB
Eigg, Muck and Rum.pdf37 KB
More for Four.pdf36 KB
Mousetrap.pdf42 KB
No Rest for the Wicked.pdf37 KB
Peas in a Pod.pdf43 KB
Ranald's Run.pdf51 KB
Sante Fe Summer.pdf45 KB
Starsigns.pdf39 KB
Tea for Two.pdf49 KB
The Bonnie Cockade.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\An Aberdeen Collection (10)243 KB
Durisdeer.pdf22 KB
Duthie Park.pdf30 KB
Gladys McDonald of Glencoe.pdf24 KB
Haddo House.pdf23 KB
Lochindorb Strathspey.pdf21 KB
Miss A O Cumming.pdf24 KB
Mrs Ernest Allan's Strathspey.pdf25 KB
The Beechwood Strathspey.pdf27 KB
The Langstane Kirk Jig.pdf19 KB
Welcome to Queen's Cross.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\An Angus Scottish Country Dance Book (20)5.022 KB
A Dance for Maisondieu.pdf213 KB
Angus Glens Chain.pdf196 KB
Arbroath Abbey.pdf166 KB
Bruce Brymer of Brechin.pdf239 KB
Bunty Wilson's Strathspey.pdf121 KB
Flower of Forfar.pdf121 KB
Grand Chain Reel - Gearbox.pdf255 KB
M and J of Northmuir.pdf215 KB
May Blossom.pdf247 KB
Minuet for a Ball.pdf590 KB
Montrose Dancers.pdf568 KB
Mount Keen.pdf251 KB
Reeling to Kirriemuir.pdf336 KB
The Angus Promenade.pdf120 KB
The Arbroath Eightsome March.pdf270 KB
The Braw Twa.pdf121 KB
The Tenth Anniversary Strathspey.pdf257 KB
The Tumbling Waters of Unich.pdf305 KB
Tribute to Bunty.pdf121 KB
Weaving the Tartan - Dosidosido.pdf309 KB
\Collections\Other Books\An Itch to Dance (13)1.863 KB
A Jig for Sally Peavine.pdf194 KB
A Trip to Austin.pdf123 KB
Back to Back.pdf123 KB
Gypsy Dreams.pdf125 KB
Half and Half.pdf126 KB
Pretty Face.pdf122 KB
Still Together.pdf165 KB
The Bishop of Columbus.pdf123 KB
The Encore.pdf169 KB
The Glen Orrin Mixer.pdf218 KB
The Glenora Ferry.pdf126 KB
The Last Way to Hanale'i.pdf132 KB
Vertigo.pdf118 KB
\Collections\Other Books\An Old Time Dance Collection (14)651 KB
Destiny Waltz.pdf47 KB
Gainsborough Glide.pdf57 KB
Mayfair Quickstep.pdf48 KB
Newton Two Step.pdf32 KB
Over The Top.pdf37 KB
Royal Empress Tango.pdf63 KB
The Cuckoo Waltz.pdf35 KB
The Gay Gordons.pdf43 KB
The Latchford Schottische.pdf54 KB
The Lomond Waltz.pdf49 KB
The Manhattan Blues.pdf60 KB
The Moonbeam Waltz.pdf38 KB
The New Moonlight Saunter.pdf55 KB
The Square Tango.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Annette Cameron Book of Ten SCDs (10)310 KB
Alastair Fitzmaurice.pdf28 KB
Five Arrows.pdf34 KB
Miss Jacquelyn James.pdf24 KB
Miss Soibhan's Fancy.pdf39 KB
Mrs Annette Cameron.pdf39 KB
Mrs Betty Stobbie.pdf47 KB
The Buchan Strathspey.pdf21 KB
The Clifton Jig.pdf25 KB
The Emerald Isle.pdf28 KB
The Gunns' Rant.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Another Newcastle Collection (36)972 KB
Don't Fall Over.pdf30 KB
Fellside Ramble.pdf23 KB
Friendship Jig.pdf24 KB
Jip's Jig.pdf29 KB
Kirtlewater.pdf32 KB
Lacing the Ghillies.pdf26 KB
Linden Jig.pdf28 KB
Mairi's Reel.pdf19 KB
May Morning Jig.pdf24 KB
Miss Fidler's Reel.pdf25 KB
Moving On.pdf32 KB
Pleased to Meet You.pdf23 KB
Ready Steady Go.pdf26 KB
Red Nose Jig.pdf24 KB
Rugby Reel.pdf25 KB
Ruth and Carol's Reel.pdf26 KB
Saturday Morning.pdf21 KB
Slow and Simple.pdf26 KB
St Andrews' Reel.pdf26 KB
Stars and Moons.pdf36 KB
Tartan Ribbons.pdf31 KB
The Babbling Brook.pdf24 KB
The Bicycle Reel.pdf38 KB
The Bird Table.pdf31 KB
The Christmas Tree.pdf37 KB
The Easiest Dance.pdf28 KB
The Farrier's Daughter.pdf31 KB
The Fifty Pence Piece.pdf24 KB
The Kirkwhelpington Reel.pdf27 KB
The MacKenzie Reel.pdf22 KB
The Merry-Go-Round.pdf28 KB
The Wedding.pdf22 KB
The Wee Beastie.pdf22 KB
Thistle Reel.pdf22 KB
Wee Barra.pdf36 KB
Wheels Around the World.pdf23 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Aotearoa Collection (8)316 KB
Mary Bain's Wedding.pdf28 KB
McLeod Rant.pdf38 KB
Salute to Summer.pdf48 KB
The Big Law Burn.pdf56 KB
The Bride's Favourite.pdf29 KB
The Iona Reel.pdf34 KB
The Left Handed Tushker.pdf42 KB
The Swan.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Arnside Collecton - Arthur C Boswell (10)722 KB
Arnside Knott.pdf62 KB
Claire Campbell.pdf66 KB
Come On, Eileen.pdf57 KB
Corrievreckan.pdf64 KB
Last But One.pdf61 KB
Olwyn's Reel.pdf47 KB
Rio(tous) Reel.pdf62 KB
The Red Rose of Lancaster.pdf138 KB
The Red Rose of Lancaster II.pdf80 KB
Wee Jessie Cooper.pdf84 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Around A Dozen (5)226 KB
All Mixed Up - P's & C's - Eights All Round.pdf41 KB
Chain Around - The Hourglass - Linked Circle.pdf43 KB
Milngavie Circle - Twirling Circle.pdf50 KB
Suas E - The Round Churn - The Scots Circle.pdf51 KB
Tulloch Circle - Walk Around - Allemande Round.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Ashbourned Collection (6)205 KB
A Dance for the Dales.pdf40 KB
Ashbourne Gingerbread.pdf32 KB
Chatsworth House.pdf41 KB
Dovedale.pdf39 KB
Dr Finlay.pdf28 KB
The Dipper by the Dove.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Atlanta Fare (13)714 KB
A Southern Belle.pdf65 KB
A Warm Winter's Evening - The Bonnie Belles of Atlanta.pdf45 KB
Atlanta Fair.pdf50 KB
I Shall Return.pdf53 KB
Over the Hill (and Going Strong).pdf60 KB
Over the River and Through the Woods.pdf44 KB
Peter Walker.pdf50 KB
Spokin' Four.pdf65 KB
Ted's Folly or The Maroon Convertible.pdf56 KB
The Black Bear.pdf57 KB
The Stone Mountain Reel.pdf56 KB
These are Your Mountains.pdf60 KB
Wee Bit o' Scotland.pdf52 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Aurora 10th Anniversary Book of SCD (12)546 KB
Alice the Camel.pdf38 KB
Catherine's Ceilidh.pdf22 KB
JB2 (JB Squared).pdf73 KB
Jose Solera's Farewell to Aberdeen.pdf55 KB
Judith's Wedding.pdf40 KB
Pas de Basque It.pdf35 KB
Picardy Jig.pdf46 KB
Ten o'Clock Reel.pdf39 KB
The Clumsy Lover.pdf35 KB
The Elephant's Stampede.pdf73 KB
The Giants of Foudland.pdf63 KB
The Pudding Mixer.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Awa' Tae the Borders (11)375 KB
'A Bid of a Do'.pdf31 KB
Awa' Tae the Borders.pdf43 KB
Crocks of Gold.pdf31 KB
My Silver-Haired Laddie.pdf36 KB
Roofin' the Hall.pdf34 KB
Saint Cuthbert's Holy Isle.pdf36 KB
The Founders' Reel.pdf36 KB
The Riverside Reel.pdf25 KB
The Targe.pdf38 KB
Twa Lads and A Lass.pdf36 KB
We Did That On Tuesday.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Aye Afloat - Portknockie Collection (12)469 KB
Aye Afloat.pdf31 KB
Jenny's Well.pdf44 KB
Port-No-Quay Jig.pdf31 KB
The Bow Fiddle Shore.pdf54 KB
The Cadger's Roadie.pdf35 KB
The Flagstaff and Cairn.pdf37 KB
The Heid o' the Brae.pdf51 KB
The Moray Firth Hornpipe.pdf28 KB
The Port Hill Medley.pdf33 KB
The Sheltered Cove.pdf42 KB
The Three Creeks Shore.pdf39 KB
The Whale's Moo.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Ayr Branch 75th Anniversary Dances (9)167 KB
8000 Miles From Home.pdf16 KB
Danderin'.pdf16 KB
Isabella's Travels.pdf17 KB
Newton Shore.pdf13 KB
St Ninian's Strathspey.pdf24 KB
The Gold and Silver Strathspey.pdf22 KB
The McMillan Strathspey.pdf27 KB
The Road to Girvan.pdf17 KB
Welcome to Ayr.pdf16 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Ayr Branch Dances (10)462 KB
Beryl's Bouquet.pdf48 KB
Dunure Castle.pdf47 KB
Salute To Ayr Branch.pdf52 KB
The Alloway Rant.pdf36 KB
The Anniversary Strathspey.pdf51 KB
The Carrick Realm.pdf37 KB
The Faa Patteran.pdf64 KB
The Kelloholm Jig.pdf43 KB
The Mill o' Alloway.pdf43 KB
Welcome to Kirkconnel.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Ayr County Town Book (4)141 KB
Miss Isobel Paton of Doonfoot.pdf43 KB
Miss Winifred Hinderwell's Delight.pdf37 KB
Moira's Medley.pdf37 KB
The Maureen Chilles Reel.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Baker's Dozen (Charities Book 13) (4)84 KB
Gibb's Ruby.pdf20 KB
The Musicmaker's Ruby.pdf25 KB
Tim's Fancies.pdf19 KB
To Dance and Skylark.pdf22 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Baker's Dozen, The (40th Anniversary) (13)439 KB
Alverton Strathspey.pdf28 KB
Cadenza.pdf26 KB
Jan's Chase.pdf37 KB
Mary & Peter Braithwaite.pdf31 KB
Mill Hill Medley.pdf31 KB
Neil Browning.pdf32 KB
Sure and Steadfast.pdf37 KB
The Eighteenth of September.pdf21 KB
The Grace of Alvertoune.pdf35 KB
The Mowbray Strathspey.pdf40 KB
The Northallerton Gap.pdf32 KB
Vital Spark.pdf23 KB
Yarm Fair.pdf66 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Baldovan Set Dances (3)155 KB
Baldovan Jig.pdf42 KB
Baldovan Reel.pdf59 KB
Baldovan Strathspey.pdf54 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Banchory Book of SCDs (4)137 KB
Crathes.pdf36 KB
Miss Mary Milne.pdf35 KB
Scolty.pdf40 KB
Waukrife Laddie.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Banffshire Jubilee Book 1929 - 2004 (12)1.230 KB
A Glint of Gold.pdf83 KB
Compliments to Jessie Bain.pdf82 KB
Findlater Castle.pdf287 KB
Gourdieburn.pdf82 KB
Moranbank.pdf82 KB
The Birlin' Birkie.pdf83 KB
The Braes of Strathlene.pdf83 KB
The Glenrothes.pdf121 KB
The Hills of Alba.pdf82 KB
The Tripitup Troupe.pdf82 KB
Travelling to America.pdf81 KB
We've Nae Electric.pdf82 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bankhead Book Part 1 (18)945 KB
Alec Hay's Delight.pdf52 KB
Anna Holden's Strathspey.pdf61 KB
Auckland Ladies' Reel.pdf51 KB
Ayers Rock.pdf66 KB
Ballynaree.pdf51 KB
Bankhead Book 1 Notes.pdf34 KB
Bras D' or.pdf79 KB
Cherrybank Gardens.pdf35 KB
Davie Taylor.pdf54 KB
Dennis's Fancy.pdf49 KB
Fisher Blue.pdf49 KB
Inverugie Castle.pdf57 KB
The Bullers of Buchan.pdf46 KB
The Celtic Kiwi.pdf66 KB
The Duke of Wellington.pdf61 KB
The Dunsmuir Strathspey.pdf48 KB
The Golden Boy.pdf47 KB
The Island Chain.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bankhead Book Part 2 (18)984 KB
A Promenade in Space.pdf51 KB
A Wedding in Balquhidder.pdf47 KB
Bankhead Book 2 Notes.pdf40 KB
Milford Sound.pdf47 KB
Miss Margaret Prentice.pdf51 KB
Mr Clement's Fancy.pdf31 KB
Olive's Strathspey.pdf62 KB
Slains Castle.pdf54 KB
Splat the Tattie.pdf67 KB
Tamatea's Flute.pdf63 KB
The Kenora Reel.pdf54 KB
The Little Strathspey.pdf62 KB
The Men of Auckland.pdf67 KB
The Morland Knot.pdf49 KB
The Southern Cross.pdf44 KB
The Wallace Tower.pdf84 KB
Westerton.pdf58 KB
Whiteshell Park.pdf54 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bankhead Book Part 3 (24)1.530 KB
Auchindoun Castle.pdf115 KB
Back to Bach.pdf68 KB
Bankhead Book 3 Notes.pdf94 KB
Blaven.pdf43 KB
Bramhall.pdf53 KB
Caldercrix.pdf57 KB
Craig Mhor.pdf59 KB
Drummond Castle.pdf51 KB
Folla Rule.pdf53 KB
King's Chapel.pdf68 KB
Midnight Oil.pdf66 KB
Pitmedden Gardens.pdf65 KB
Pots of Rayne.pdf62 KB
Renee Campbell's Caper.pdf70 KB
Scott McCallum's Reel.pdf49 KB
September '42.pdf61 KB
The Ballemuir Strathspey.pdf66 KB
The Boyndie Knot.pdf58 KB
The Horseless Carriage.pdf68 KB
The Quirang.pdf66 KB
The Royal Collection.pdf53 KB
The Scottish Castle.pdf72 KB
The Splicing.pdf62 KB
The Walkers O' Banchory.pdf50 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bankhead Book Part 4 (16)781 KB
Balvenie Castle.pdf43 KB
Bankhead Book 4 Notes.pdf80 KB
Blairmormond.pdf47 KB
Callanish.pdf45 KB
Dunnideer.pdf53 KB
Entente Florale.pdf84 KB
Finnan Haddies.pdf45 KB
Glentruim.pdf41 KB
Hunter's Moon.pdf45 KB
Kynoch of Bucksburn.pdf47 KB
The Banff Hornpipe.pdf43 KB
The Gannochy Reel.pdf40 KB
The Harvest Moon.pdf41 KB
The Sunlit Square.pdf40 KB
Tittle Tattle.pdf41 KB
Way Out West.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bankhead Book Part 5 (18)911 KB
Bankhead Book 5 Notes.pdf35 KB
Dancing As Far As the Hills.pdf59 KB
Dignity and Grace.pdf58 KB
Floating on Air.pdf31 KB
Frances Mary's Strathspey.pdf54 KB
Georgie Girl.pdf53 KB
Get Weaving.pdf44 KB
Kinnoull Hill.pdf53 KB
La Donna E Immobile.pdf55 KB
Midsummer Madness.pdf52 KB
Starkers Fell.pdf47 KB
The Glaikit Stirk and the Parrot.pdf52 KB
The Jubilee Greeting.pdf49 KB
The Rare Bird.pdf51 KB
The Skirmish at Clifton.pdf59 KB
The White Stag of Mormond.pdf48 KB
Welcome to Nova Scotia.pdf56 KB
Ysobel.pdf55 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bankhead Book Part 6 (26)1.553 KB
4007.pdf47 KB
A Trip to Monymusk.pdf63 KB
Braveheart.pdf48 KB
Brown Willie.pdf63 KB
Burns Bicentenary Strathspey.pdf49 KB
Crossing the Line.pdf62 KB
Dancing Out of Habit.pdf69 KB
Donald's Strathspey.pdf49 KB
Jim Nicholson's Strathspey.pdf56 KB
La Ronda.pdf67 KB
Loanhead of Daviot.pdf65 KB
Monadh Liath.pdf69 KB
Sally Lightfoot.pdf53 KB
Siwash Rock.pdf67 KB
St Margaret's Jig.pdf57 KB
The Blue-Footed Boobies.pdf53 KB
The Exciseman.pdf60 KB
The Galapagos Gallop.pdf42 KB
The Glenalmond Gamekeeper.pdf53 KB
The Mill on the Fleet.pdf51 KB
The Olympians.pdf54 KB
The Patron Saint.pdf80 KB
The Red Thistle.pdf62 KB
The Rotherham Romp.pdf55 KB
The Virgin of Terpsichore.pdf99 KB
Uncle Isaac.pdf60 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bardill-Prince Dances (56)26.777 KB
2 pm.pdf311 KB
Abbotsleigh.pdf693 KB
Amadis Of Gaul.pdf716 KB
Balgowan House.pdf409 KB
Beyond Bond.pdf279 KB
Bridesmaid' s Posy.pdf345 KB
Canda Rising.pdf573 KB
Chasin' Raisins.pdf460 KB
Coach & Four.pdf213 KB
Daily Bread.pdf252 KB
Dancing In The Air.pdf226 KB
Down by the Salley Gardens.pdf354 KB
Ena Harkness.pdf484 KB
Flick O' The Kilt.pdf545 KB
For Ewa.pdf434 KB
Gentleman's Cravatte.pdf616 KB
Glancing Eyes.pdf600 KB
Grimesmoor.pdf681 KB
Hadron Collider.pdf359 KB
Itchen Abbas.pdf429 KB
Jeannie's Awa'.pdf660 KB
Ladyin in the Ring.pdf386 KB
Lilileaze.pdf860 KB
Lizzie Mickery's Reel.pdf632 KB
Lucy Serena's Jig.pdf337 KB
Marshal's Rosette.pdf460 KB
Mining For Flint.pdf390 KB
Mrs Parkhill's Reel.pdf542 KB
New Willow Bank Reel.pdf549 KB
Pigott's Jig.pdf642 KB
Poseidon's Messengers.pdf474 KB
Rapunzel.pdf680 KB
Rolverdon Reel.pdf335 KB
Ropemaker's Reel.pdf343 KB
Starboard Homeward.pdf671 KB
Stockhill House.pdf650 KB
The Brackenberry Rant.pdf795 KB
The Court Circular.pdf727 KB
The Dancing Devil.pdf591 KB
The Dark-eyed Sailor.pdf432 KB
The Flying Cats Of Frisco.pdf742 KB
The Fourpenny One.pdf407 KB
The Gypsy Bracelet.pdf278 KB
The Henneker Rant.pdf399 KB
The Margarets of Herstmonceux.pdf353 KB
The Peacock's Tail.pdf366 KB
The Perfect Six.pdf415 KB
The Powdered Quaker.pdf497 KB
The Quarry Triumphant.pdf338 KB
The Shimmying Bee.pdf394 KB
The Sixpenny Maid.pdf408 KB
The Sweet-scented Airs.pdf449 KB
Trip to Scarba.pdf418 KB
Tutsham Mill.pdf334 KB
Twists & Turns BP15.pdf553 KB
Wickham's Fancy.pdf295 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Barnardos Book 1 (4)92 KB
Another Kind Love.pdf16 KB
The Baldovan Fivesome.pdf24 KB
The Companion.pdf21 KB
The In Going E'E.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Barnardos Book 3 (4)101 KB
Keppoch Hill.pdf36 KB
Lix Toll.pdf23 KB
Teri Odin.pdf15 KB
The Thrum.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Barnardos Book 4 (4)140 KB
The Ariel Eightsome.pdf31 KB
The Aster.pdf23 KB
The Chuffer.pdf50 KB
The Springburn Weaver.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Beachwood Collection (7)142 KB
Irene's Strathspey.pdf21 KB
J A G's Welcome to Torremolinos.pdf22 KB
The Beechwood Strathspey.pdf19 KB
The Kirk on the Terrace.pdf20 KB
The Maister's Kilt.pdf20 KB
The Road to Tigh-na-Dal.pdf20 KB
The Star of Dallas.pdf20 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Belhaven - Demonstration Dance for Four Couples (3)420 KB
Belhaven - Part 1 Reel.pdf121 KB
Belhaven - Part 2 Strathspey.pdf161 KB
Belhaven - Part 3 Jig.pdf139 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Berkhampsted Golden Jubilee 1952-2002 (12)680 KB
Albert's Welcome to Potten End.pdf52 KB
Anniversary Medley.pdf56 KB
Ard Choille.pdf48 KB
Blenheim Gardens.pdf41 KB
Children of the Briton.pdf114 KB
Ian Hasnae Crossed the Braes.pdf47 KB
John's Jig.pdf46 KB
Lady Fenella Fogarty.pdf60 KB
Mr & Mrs Munro.pdf69 KB
Mrs Litten's Reel.pdf30 KB
The Black Bear.pdf59 KB
Widdershins.pdf59 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Between the Rivers (17)613 KB
A Wee Nothin'.pdf30 KB
A Winter's Walk.pdf43 KB
Andrew's Shield.pdf39 KB
Foggy River Reel.pdf41 KB
Gypsy Weaver.pdf41 KB
Haggarty's Brig.pdf37 KB
Holden My Own.pdf24 KB
Nova Scotia Nights.pdf29 KB
On Hudson Creek.pdf34 KB
Outside the Box.pdf28 KB
The Accordion Player.pdf25 KB
The Bonny Heather.pdf31 KB
The Fiddler of Dooney.pdf47 KB
The Maskin Rung.pdf40 KB
The Silver Thistle Ball.pdf69 KB
The Wee Fox.pdf25 KB
Three Quarters = Seventy-Five Sense.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Beyond 2000 (11)562 KB
1 Past Midnight.pdf55 KB
Beyond 2000.pdf53 KB
Black Boat.pdf53 KB
Break Out.pdf43 KB
Dance Diagrams.pdf57 KB
Millennium Rigged Ship.pdf50 KB
Mind Games.pdf45 KB
Riddler's Moon.pdf49 KB
Sailing Away.pdf51 KB
The Challenge.pdf49 KB
The H.L.I.pdf56 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Beyond the Black Stmp and Fifteen Other SCD (14)399 KB
Be Seeing You - Johnnie's Jig.pdf32 KB
Beyond The Black Stump.pdf32 KB
Catch Me if You Can.pdf28 KB
Contrary Kate.pdf28 KB
Donna's Diamonds.pdf27 KB
Fun at the Fair.pdf33 KB
Illabo Reel.pdf26 KB
Ironbung Creek.pdf25 KB
Lightning Ridge.pdf25 KB
Scottish Barn Dance.pdf34 KB
The Illabo Rant.pdf25 KB
The Long Paddock - Fiona's Fancy.pdf34 KB
The Scottish Man of War.pdf27 KB
Underneath the Arches.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\BHS Branch 9 Dances for 2015 (9)117 KB
Abbotsleigh.pdf13 KB
Alister MacLeay.pdf12 KB
Ambidextrous.pdf13 KB
Lochcarron Loom.pdf14 KB
Tapadh Leibh.pdf13 KB
The Cameron Highlanders.pdf12 KB
The Golden Annings.pdf12 KB
The Union of the Crowns Reel.pdf13 KB
Triggs Lock.pdf16 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bicentennial Book - Sydney Branch (7)291 KB
A Reel for '88.pdf26 KB
Australia The Great South Land.pdf45 KB
Captain John Hunter (The Port Jackson Jig).pdf28 KB
Land of the Southern Cross.pdf78 KB
Peaceful Shores.pdf30 KB
The Eagleton Strathspey (The New Colony).pdf23 KB
The First Fleet Hornpipe (All Shipshape on Sirius).pdf60 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Birmingham Book 1973 - 12 SCDs (13)490 KB
Ailsa Craig.pdf59 KB
Bannocks and Brose.pdf40 KB
Campbell of Cawdor.pdf44 KB
Campbell's Hornpipe.pdf28 KB
Cannon Hill Assembly.pdf34 KB
Formation - Chain Progression.pdf30 KB
Glen Mor.pdf28 KB
Summer in Assynt.pdf38 KB
The Culag.pdf40 KB
The Lad's Awa'.pdf47 KB
The Rosette.pdf31 KB
The Rothesay Rant.pdf32 KB
The Two Bonnie Lads.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Birmingham Book 1986 - 8 SCDs (9)398 KB
Farewell to Fife.pdf28 KB
From Ochtertyre to Amulree.pdf52 KB
Glen Dochart Reel.pdf56 KB
MacGregors Gathering.pdf46 KB
Moonshine.pdf45 KB
Mrs Ward's Fancy.pdf48 KB
Notes - Chain Progression.pdf30 KB
One Man Short.pdf51 KB
Trip We Gaily O'er the Machair.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Birmingham Diamond Jubilee Dance Book 1946-2006 (15)1.635 KB
And Happy Meet Again.pdf104 KB
Anita's Dance.pdf122 KB
Furth O' Clyde.pdf97 KB
Langleys Road.pdf107 KB
New Dixon Quadrille.pdf100 KB
Second City Stratspey.pdf100 KB
South Street Harborne.pdf101 KB
St Andrews Roundabout.pdf102 KB
The Cannadine Strathspey.pdf99 KB
The Chocolate Factory.pdf123 KB
The Floosie in the Jacuzzi.pdf135 KB
The Grumpy Gentleman.pdf120 KB
The Jewellery Quarter.pdf124 KB
The Outer Circle.pdf109 KB
The Physician's Fancy.pdf91 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Blue Ribbon Collection (11)574 KB
Absence of Forethought.pdf47 KB
Bill's Reel.pdf46 KB
Bonnie Charlie.pdf46 KB
Firth of Beauly.pdf41 KB
Green Boughs of the North.pdf78 KB
Joy's Kitchen.pdf48 KB
Min-Man Dance.pdf57 KB
Miss Barbara Campbell.pdf60 KB
Second Honeymoon.pdf41 KB
The Hamiltons' Strathspey.pdf64 KB
Turning Point.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bob Blackie Leaflets (TAC Bob Blackie Fund) (12)846 KB
Celilia's Celtic Roots.pdf53 KB
Grandpa's Wife.pdf67 KB
John and J'ina Celebrate 40 Years.pdf52 KB
Journey North.pdf67 KB
Kingussie Rant.pdf71 KB
Suzanne's Wedding.pdf75 KB
Tapsalteerie.pdf111 KB
The fiddler's Bairn.pdf52 KB
The Left Handed Fiddler.pdf80 KB
The Pools of Spey.pdf70 KB
The Symmetrical Jig.pdf69 KB
The Unsung Hero.pdf81 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bon Accord Book of SCD (25)1.181 KB
A Trip to Tobermory.pdf34 KB
Among the Farthest Hebrides.pdf53 KB
Bon Accord.pdf68 KB
Bratach Bana.pdf55 KB
Dalston's Delight.pdf73 KB
Hot Punch.pdf45 KB
Jennifer's Jig.pdf39 KB
John Paul Jones.pdf51 KB
Just Over the Border.pdf42 KB
King's Park.pdf46 KB
Little Ross Light.pdf33 KB
Miss Elizabeth Johnson.pdf39 KB
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran.pdf35 KB
Netherby Hall.pdf47 KB
Notes - Reels of three on side with crossing.pdf27 KB
Notes - The Bon Accord Book.pdf45 KB
Rose of Kilravock.pdf62 KB
Solway Firth.pdf52 KB
The Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord.pdf68 KB
The Bonnie White Rose.pdf52 KB
The Flying Spur.pdf39 KB
The Hunter's Reel.pdf47 KB
The Peat Fire Flame.pdf46 KB
The Quaich.pdf36 KB
The Silver Tassie.pdf47 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bonspiel Collection of SCDs (13)364 KB
Bonspiel Collection of SCDs Dance Notes.pdf54 KB
Campbell of Duntroon.pdf62 KB
Craigellachie Brig.pdf20 KB
Dunbar Road.pdf22 KB
Miss Anne Donaldson.pdf23 KB
Spruce Hill.pdf17 KB
The Black Walnut.pdf17 KB
The Bonspiel.pdf20 KB
The Brier.pdf19 KB
The Bruce Trail.pdf23 KB
The Caledon Hills.pdf16 KB
The Heir of Erroll.pdf50 KB
The Jitney.pdf21 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Border Dance Book SCDs - Compiled by Elizabeth MacLachlan (23)794 KB
Clydeside Lassies.pdf27 KB
Dundee Reel.pdf30 KB
Hoop Her and Gird Her.pdf38 KB
La Russe.pdf42 KB
Langshaw Lassies.pdf32 KB
Loch Erichtside.pdf36 KB
Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife.pdf37 KB
Reel of Six.pdf31 KB
The Bonnie Breist Knots.pdf32 KB
The Cuckoo's Nest.pdf37 KB
The Duchess of Buccleuch's Favourite.pdf37 KB
The Duchess of Gordon's Fancy.pdf39 KB
The Dusty Miller.pdf34 KB
The Glasgow Highlanders.pdf49 KB
The Highlandman Kissed His Mother.pdf33 KB
The Laddies o' Dunse.pdf35 KB
The Lassie wi' The Yellow Coatie.pdf33 KB
The Lassies o' Melrose.pdf31 KB
The Legacy.pdf28 KB
The Mason's Apron.pdf33 KB
The Rifleman.pdf33 KB
The Rocks of Gibraltar.pdf30 KB
The Three Sheepskins.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Braeside Dances (6)141 KB
Loch na Keal.pdf24 KB
Miss Helen Campbell.pdf24 KB
The Braeside Ramble.pdf21 KB
The Silver Wedding.pdf25 KB
The Tolsta Rant.pdf25 KB
Tis Nice Tae See Ye.pdf22 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Branxholm Hall and Lady in Red Collection (20)876 KB
Bonnie Heir of Buccleuch.pdf47 KB
Carole's Welcome.pdf28 KB
Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch.pdf42 KB
Earl of Buccleuch.pdf40 KB
Lady Hamilton's Lace.pdf35 KB
Lady in Red.pdf43 KB
Lady of Glen.pdf66 KB
Lady of Tokai.pdf51 KB
Lady of Wishaw.pdf43 KB
Lord Scott of Buccleuch.pdf48 KB
MacArthur Park.pdf36 KB
Mount Fuji Majesty.pdf45 KB
People's Princess.pdf48 KB
Peterborough Chorister.pdf45 KB
Ruby Lips.pdf34 KB
Ruby Pride.pdf51 KB
Rutherford House.pdf35 KB
Saddler's Daughter.pdf41 KB
Wendy of Appin.pdf48 KB
Wolfman of Kamagari.pdf50 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Brig O' Balgownie (15)701 KB
1 Dance Notes.pdf45 KB
A Penny Wedding.pdf49 KB
A Touch of Scotland.pdf43 KB
Brave Heart.pdf42 KB
Bridge to Skye.pdf44 KB
Brig O' Balgownie.pdf47 KB
Brigadoon.pdf46 KB
Fronds in the Mist.pdf46 KB
In Duthie Park.pdf54 KB
Muckle Mirth and Glee.pdf48 KB
O' Flower of Scotland.pdf43 KB
Scots Awa.pdf43 KB
Ta Think A'gen.pdf43 KB
Twix Hill and Glen.pdf46 KB
Whom He 'Laffet' Best.pdf62 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Bristol 50th Anniversary Book (18)1.282 KB
A Jig for Marcus.pdf218 KB
Dumbarton Rock.pdf36 KB
Fifty Dancing Years.pdf51 KB
Fifty Years Young.pdf45 KB
Fitness Fun.pdf41 KB
Five Golden Decades.pdf52 KB
Go for Gold.pdf44 KB
Golden Chains.pdf36 KB
Highland Cathedral.pdf51 KB
Lesley's Favourites.pdf45 KB
Queen Square.pdf55 KB
Severn Bridges.pdf73 KB
St Monica's Medley.pdf41 KB
The Bristol Hornpipe.pdf55 KB
The Mendip Reel.pdf52 KB
The Redland Strathspey.pdf44 KB
The Time Machine.pdf73 KB
Torphins Lassie.pdf271 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Brock Summer Celebration (12)546 KB
Brock Squared.pdf69 KB
Brock Village Medley.pdf48 KB
Gordon Highlanders.pdf51 KB
Holden Lane.pdf33 KB
Kingston Reel.pdf47 KB
Magic Moments.pdf36 KB
Pond Inlet.pdf43 KB
Rogues' Gallery.pdf41 KB
Susie Petrov's Strathspey.pdf56 KB
The Great Thunder Falls.pdf41 KB
The Millers' Book Room.pdf45 KB
The Wee Gordon Waltz.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Brodie Book by John Drewry (29)1.429 KB
A Pawling Reel.pdf53 KB
Charlotte Square.pdf45 KB
Comely Bank.pdf43 KB
Craigendoran.pdf77 KB
Devorgilla's Delight.pdf50 KB
Largo Bay.pdf65 KB
Lothian Lads.pdf41 KB
Mary Morison.pdf43 KB
Scotia.pdf39 KB
Seagreen.pdf55 KB
The Acadian Jig.pdf53 KB
The Alder Burn.pdf52 KB
The Baldovan Square.pdf50 KB
The Deveron Reel.pdf49 KB
The Duchess Tree.pdf55 KB
The Greenburn Reel.pdf45 KB
The Hazel Tree.pdf36 KB
The Kicking Horse.pdf46 KB
The Micmac Rotary.pdf69 KB
The Morland Reel.pdf34 KB
The Music O' Spey.pdf51 KB
The Trail of the Swan.pdf50 KB
The Tyrebagger.pdf34 KB
The Wapenshaw.pdf59 KB
The Wild Goose Chase.pdf47 KB
Togetherness.pdf57 KB
Wilma's Hornpipe.pdf47 KB
Winter Park.pdf31 KB
Ythanside.pdf55 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Burns Night in the Annapolis Valley - Easy SCDs (9)495 KB
Adam Forrester of Knocksheen't Night Out - The Dancers Cleekit.pdf80 KB
Alloway Kirk Rant.pdf59 KB
Cumberland Square - Aroon the Clachan of Dalry.pdf69 KB
Grand March - Tam O'Shanter.pdf45 KB
Lowp and Fling.pdf53 KB
Meg, Tam's Auld Grey Mare - Dalry Kirk Reel.pdf57 KB
The Rifleman - Mettle in Yer Heels.pdf44 KB
Weel Danced, Lucky Hare - The Witches' Score.pdf36 KB
Weel Done Cutty Sark - Auld Davie McClemmet's Fiddle.pdf51 KB
\Collections\Other Books\By Dundonald (4)102 KB
By Dundonald.pdf24 KB
Iain Nixon's Reel.pdf29 KB
Lesley Nexon's Reel.pdf20 KB
Sandy Nixon's Reel.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Caledonian Capers (7)394 KB
Caledonian Caper.pdf44 KB
Half and Half.pdf61 KB
Iain's Obsession.pdf51 KB
North Herts Reel.pdf52 KB
The Millennium Bug.pdf28 KB
The Three Square Strathspey.pdf39 KB
Two Furlongs.pdf119 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Caledonian Country Dances Book 1 (Strathspeys) (10)370 KB
Broon's Bairns.pdf35 KB
Cead Mile Failte.pdf34 KB
Charing Eight Strathspey - The Scottish Engineer.pdf53 KB
Invicta.pdf35 KB
Jo's Choice - Auld Jock.pdf51 KB
Laurie's Favourite.pdf34 KB
Lyn O' Dee.pdf32 KB
MacBeth Strathspey.pdf32 KB
St Andrew's Strathspey.pdf29 KB
Strathspey for Stella.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cambridge Society Diamond Jubilee (10)420 KB
Cambridge Six.pdf31 KB
Carnoustie Caper.pdf40 KB
Flowers of Portencross.pdf36 KB
Jamie's Jig.pdf39 KB
Miss Helen Strathdee.pdf61 KB
Senate House Square.pdf36 KB
The Honeysuckle (and the Bindweed).pdf59 KB
The Jubilee Reel.pdf29 KB
The Thornham Reel.pdf50 KB
The Torry Quine.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 1 (15)697 KB
Balmacara Strathspey.pdf61 KB
Chandos Reel.pdf45 KB
Copy Cat.pdf38 KB
Debbie's Dream.pdf36 KB
Linda's Fete.pdf52 KB
Man of Kent's Jig.pdf34 KB
Newton of Millfield.pdf36 KB
Romp on the Roof of Eilean Donan.pdf56 KB
Sassenachs' Pleasure.pdf50 KB
Square Walls of Arundel Castle.pdf46 KB
The Anniversary Reel.pdf68 KB
The Granny Knot.pdf39 KB
The MacNus Strathspey.pdf42 KB
The Piper's Love Lilt.pdf38 KB
The Sword and The Rose.pdf55 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 2 (12)433 KB
Brian's Blunder.pdf42 KB
Celebration Reel.pdf42 KB
English Country Garden.pdf37 KB
Grigarach Reel.pdf30 KB
Hawaiian Fling.pdf44 KB
Heather Hills.pdf29 KB
Kaleidoscope.pdf37 KB
Orangeville Rant.pdf23 KB
The Four Kelleys.pdf26 KB
The Kitchener Market.pdf49 KB
The Tassle O' The Thistle.pdf39 KB
The Trumpet Hornpipe.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 3 (16)695 KB
1-2 (One Half) Turn.pdf26 KB
A Trip to Lismore.pdf39 KB
Aberdeen to Zorra.pdf48 KB
Blair's Gamble.pdf34 KB
Bobier's Garden Party.pdf35 KB
Boggie's Reel.pdf35 KB
Chatham House.pdf81 KB
Falstaff's Foolishness.pdf34 KB
Flirtations.pdf49 KB
Hugh McKee's Reel.pdf35 KB
Lady Di and Prince Charles' Strathspey.pdf45 KB
Mill At Monquhitter.pdf34 KB
The Clove Hitch Hornpipe.pdf29 KB
The Magic Wand.pdf83 KB
Ulysses S Grant.pdf50 KB
Women's Lib.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 4 (18)711 KB
Balboa Park.pdf48 KB
Edleen.pdf41 KB
Gathering Jewels.pdf34 KB
Holkham Hall.pdf31 KB
Iona Hall.pdf38 KB
Mount Tum Tum.pdf43 KB
Nae Bother At A'.pdf36 KB
Old Fort Vancouver.pdf66 KB
Over Hill and Dale.pdf35 KB
Robertson's Hogmanay.pdf35 KB
The Bell Boy Rant.pdf37 KB
The Greeting.pdf40 KB
The MacRaes' Reel.pdf51 KB
The San Diego Jig.pdf32 KB
The Solvang Rant.pdf42 KB
The Watch Dot's Folly.pdf32 KB
They'll Nae Let Him Catch Her.pdf40 KB
Tillamook Tides.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 5 (15)616 KB
6600 MacDonalds.pdf32 KB
Adam Fergusson's Reel.pdf46 KB
Crack the Whip.pdf42 KB
Dance with Your Soul.pdf41 KB
Dr Bob Smith's Strathspey.pdf84 KB
Earlscourt Hall.pdf40 KB
Guess This'll Do.pdf41 KB
Keith's Rant.pdf41 KB
Kitchener-Waterloo Reel.pdf38 KB
MacShimi's Jig.pdf37 KB
Mrs Simcoe's Diary.pdf41 KB
Swan Lake.pdf35 KB
The Crystal Palace.pdf35 KB
The Maiden Feast.pdf30 KB
Warwickshire Lassie.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 6 (18)814 KB
Amethyst.pdf35 KB
Ashley Terrace.pdf72 KB
Barbara Bradley's Jig.pdf39 KB
Butcher's Broom.pdf33 KB
Cherry Blossoms.pdf34 KB
Curtain Call.pdf41 KB
Dancers On The Wall.pdf47 KB
Fountain Hills.pdf54 KB
Gatehouse-of-Fleet.pdf43 KB
High Jinks.pdf34 KB
Independence Reel.pdf42 KB
London Bridge.pdf91 KB
Maria's Strathspey.pdf31 KB
Maurice's Strathspey.pdf48 KB
The Girl Guide Ramble.pdf35 KB
The Milkman's Bell.pdf45 KB
The Thistle of Scotland.pdf53 KB
The Yemen Reel.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 7 (18)655 KB
An Encounter.pdf40 KB
Anne's Quest.pdf40 KB
Dyed-In-The-Kilt Canadian.pdf39 KB
Epsom Downs.pdf37 KB
Hubbard's Cove.pdf35 KB
Kenneth The Bear.pdf32 KB
Serendipity.pdf34 KB
Strathspey of Strone.pdf34 KB
The Carnival of the Animals.pdf37 KB
The Dancing Bees.pdf29 KB
The Dancing Goose.pdf36 KB
The Gardener's Medley.pdf29 KB
The Gopher's Reel.pdf35 KB
The Hummingbird Strathspey.pdf36 KB
The Roadrunner.pdf34 KB
The Scuttlebutt.pdf39 KB
The Shaggy Dog.pdf38 KB
Watch From the Hayloft.pdf48 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 8 (16)603 KB
A Scraggly Dance.pdf50 KB
A Tribute to Bobby Brown.pdf36 KB
Anne Simpson of Perth.pdf41 KB
Bonnie Warm Blankets.pdf33 KB
Down Under.pdf38 KB
Failte Do'Nla.pdf38 KB
Highland Lass and Laddie.pdf34 KB
Near My Ain Home.pdf39 KB
Phantom Kilted Army.pdf36 KB
Sir Walter Scott's Mother.pdf32 KB
The Baron's 8th Wife.pdf41 KB
The Black Colonel.pdf36 KB
The Busy Seamstress.pdf34 KB
The Faerie Flag of the McLeods.pdf36 KB
The Ghost Piper of Kintail.pdf38 KB
The Kiwi Strathspey.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 9 (19)834 KB
Among the Wicklow Hills.pdf44 KB
Kenneth MacKay of the 19th Cameron Highlanders.pdf46 KB
Lift On Me My Pipes.pdf41 KB
Mr Piping.pdf41 KB
Mrs MacKinnon's Reel.pdf37 KB
My King Has Landed at Moidart.pdf34 KB
Pipe Major John Wilson.pdf78 KB
Susan Jane's Jig.pdf33 KB
The Blind Piper.pdf41 KB
The Britannia Strathspey.pdf37 KB
The Jacobite Piper.pdf42 KB
The Lament for the children.pdf39 KB
The Lost Chanter.pdf41 KB
The MacCrimmon Pipers.pdf44 KB
The Pipes and Drums.pdf41 KB
The Prince of Pipers.pdf44 KB
The Silent Pipers of Inverurie.pdf76 KB
Threads of Margaret's Life.pdf39 KB
What the Pipers Say.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 10 (20)797 KB
Californian MacLeod.pdf39 KB
Fair Duncan of the Songs.pdf38 KB
In Quietness and Dignity.pdf43 KB
It's Not My Fault.pdf38 KB
Lord Duncan Forbes.pdf37 KB
MacBunyip and The Maple Leaf.pdf43 KB
Prince Charles Edward Stewart.pdf39 KB
Son of the Baker.pdf39 KB
Tartan Twilight.pdf38 KB
The Ample Plaid.pdf42 KB
The Balmoral Tartan.pdf32 KB
The Battle of the Shirts.pdf52 KB
The Brooch of Lorn.pdf35 KB
The Edinburgh Lassie.pdf44 KB
The Enveloping Tartan.pdf46 KB
The Ger-Bob Jig.pdf32 KB
The Origin of the Kilt Pin.pdf43 KB
The Plaid Isna for Burying.pdf43 KB
The Robert Stuart's Rant.pdf33 KB
The Valiant Heart.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 11 (22)874 KB
A Walking History Book.pdf40 KB
Ancient Glasgow's Glory.pdf39 KB
At Buckie.pdf43 KB
Edinburgh's Pride.pdf35 KB
James' and Gina's Strathspey.pdf42 KB
Old-Fashioned Scottish Hospitality.pdf35 KB
Ruth and John's Wedding.pdf43 KB
Simon The Lord Lovat.pdf46 KB
Slow and Easy Does It.pdf37 KB
St Andrew's By The Sea.pdf38 KB
Stinky Willie.pdf41 KB
The De'il Gang Wi' It.pdf37 KB
The Gamoral Strathspey.pdf40 KB
The Grampian Tartan.pdf40 KB
The Green's Hotel.pdf44 KB
The Gumboot Rant.pdf32 KB
The Hallowed Halls of St Andrew's.pdf35 KB
The Inebriated Gentlemen.pdf43 KB
The Proud Highlander.pdf45 KB
The Rites of Hospitality.pdf41 KB
This Dear Paradise.pdf39 KB
Wasn't It A Party.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 12 (22)919 KB
50 Years Th'gither.pdf44 KB
A Hundred Thousand Welcomes.pdf41 KB
A Treasured Souvenir.pdf40 KB
Blair Castle.pdf37 KB
Inclement Wragge.pdf40 KB
It's a Wee World.pdf40 KB
Lila's Smile.pdf41 KB
Linda's Strathspey.pdf35 KB
No Strangers Just Friends.pdf43 KB
On The Gunyard At Dunvegan Castle.pdf44 KB
The Atholl Highlanders.pdf41 KB
The Bag of Wind.pdf45 KB
The Black Coolins of Skye.pdf37 KB
The Eilean Donan Story.pdf42 KB
The Highland Gentleman.pdf47 KB
The MacGregors and McLarens.pdf33 KB
The Milton Fiddlers.pdf55 KB
The Nessie Rant.pdf44 KB
The Rough Wooing.pdf40 KB
The Springer Fling.pdf40 KB
Urquhart Bay.pdf39 KB
Wha's Like Us.pdf51 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 13 (22)865 KB
A Bit of Fluff.pdf39 KB
A Golden Wedding.pdf45 KB
Arthur's Fancy.pdf37 KB
Do a Happy Hop.pdf47 KB
Forfar Fun.pdf49 KB
Noonday At St Andrew's.pdf36 KB
Old-Time Favourites.pdf36 KB
Pictures With Music.pdf33 KB
Shigeru's Strathspey.pdf34 KB
Staying Power.pdf40 KB
Testing of the Piper.pdf40 KB
The Bards of Old.pdf36 KB
The Dancing Dolls.pdf42 KB
The Lambing Chair.pdf40 KB
The MacBoehmer Jig.pdf38 KB
The Magic Words.pdf30 KB
The Melbourne Strathspey.pdf47 KB
The Red Rug Rant.pdf44 KB
The Royal Treatment.pdf36 KB
The Shining Mirror.pdf39 KB
Twice Over.pdf35 KB
Whimpey the Clown.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 14 (22)1.106 KB
A Grand Affair.pdf53 KB
A' The Marquis's.pdf55 KB
A Tribute to Alexander III.pdf45 KB
Dance Eternal.pdf48 KB
In Sterner Times.pdf60 KB
It Was A Conceit.pdf38 KB
Loch Sloy.pdf50 KB
Love Is Like a Dizziness.pdf49 KB
Now Let's Sing.pdf58 KB
On a Smurrny Day.pdf39 KB
Pibroch of Donuil Dhu.pdf65 KB
Rabbie Burns' Thoughts on Modern Farming.pdf47 KB
Reply To R Burns (by A Mouse).pdf55 KB
Take The Boat to Inversnaid.pdf55 KB
The Ballad of Corrievreckan.pdf40 KB
The Cambridge Bay Reel.pdf61 KB
The Drummer O' Catrine.pdf49 KB
The Gaelic Singer.pdf50 KB
The Tartan Day Reel.pdf55 KB
To A Mouse.pdf38 KB
Two Celtic Hearts.pdf45 KB
Until He Saw the Dance.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 15 (21)1.046 KB
In Peace or War.pdf49 KB
In The Ottawa Valley.pdf86 KB
Mackinnon of Straithaird.pdf38 KB
Serve the Yoke.pdf45 KB
Stand Fast Craigellachie.pdf44 KB
Tall and Proud.pdf68 KB
The Battle-Axe.pdf48 KB
The Blue Bell Reel.pdf40 KB
The Centre In the Square.pdf42 KB
The Cormorant's Rock.pdf45 KB
The Drinking Horn.pdf60 KB
The Emblem of Scotland.pdf50 KB
The Sair Saint.pdf44 KB
The Thistle and the Bee.pdf49 KB
Th'Githerness.pdf42 KB
Three Stawberry Flowers.pdf55 KB
Was It Fate.pdf52 KB
What Is Lost Is Safe.pdf43 KB
With Fortitude.pdf53 KB
You Go To Your Death.pdf45 KB
You Have Killed Your Prince.pdf47 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 16 (22)1.029 KB
A Feeste Roiall.pdf49 KB
An Ayrshire Lass.pdf56 KB
An Old Highland Toast.pdf36 KB
Atholl Brose.pdf43 KB
Hotch-Potch.pdf45 KB
Lucky Middlemass's Tavern.pdf46 KB
Miss Cranston's Tea Rooms.pdf51 KB
Powsowdle.pdf45 KB
Scots Marmalade.pdf51 KB
Scots Shortcake.pdf52 KB
Social Life In The Highlands.pdf50 KB
Soor-Dook Barrels.pdf43 KB
The Bride's Bonn.pdf50 KB
The Early Stuart Kings.pdf49 KB
The Feast of Shells.pdf44 KB
The Hiker's Special.pdf38 KB
The Kail-Bell.pdf52 KB
The Scottish Highlanders.pdf44 KB
The Secret of Heather Ale.pdf48 KB
Thou Tuck-Shop King (Black Bun).pdf43 KB
Traditions of Edinburgh.pdf45 KB
Whim-Whams.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 17 (22)987 KB
100 Queen Street North.pdf42 KB
A Glasgow Street Song.pdf39 KB
Daurna-Mention.pdf46 KB
In Balland Country.pdf45 KB
It Was A Graun' Thought.pdf50 KB
Much to Our Embarrassment.pdf46 KB
Not Far From the Brig O' Doon.pdf47 KB
Sweetie Sandy.pdf43 KB
The Auld Alliance.pdf44 KB
The Canadian Bagpipes.pdf50 KB
The Dignity of the Kilt.pdf51 KB
The Flag of Scotland.pdf44 KB
The Laird's Lug.pdf44 KB
The Menzie's Bannockburn Pipes.pdf51 KB
The Name Was McGuffog.pdf46 KB
The Old Tram Car.pdf45 KB
The Piping School at Ulva.pdf39 KB
The Ridge of Kings.pdf47 KB
The Royal Burgh of Falkland.pdf41 KB
The Scots Guard.pdf44 KB
The Wild Goats of Scotland.pdf41 KB
William the Lion's Grave.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 18 (22)1.102 KB
A Gentle Push.pdf43 KB
A Hardy Scot.pdf42 KB
A Remarkable Tribute.pdf52 KB
Autumn Serenade.pdf52 KB
chief O' Scotia's Food.pdf52 KB
In the Days of Sailing Ships.pdf49 KB
In the Hall of A Highland Chief.pdf51 KB
Land of the Golden Oatcake.pdf49 KB
'Nuff Said.pdf41 KB
On Heather Island.pdf49 KB
Pairtisay.pdf56 KB
Pride of Place.pdf48 KB
Proof of the Pudding.pdf50 KB
Sunday Dinner.pdf47 KB
The Boy and the Adder.pdf52 KB
The Flower of Scottish Soil.pdf55 KB
The Ghillies' Rant.pdf50 KB
The One and Only Way.pdf55 KB
The Porringer.pdf43 KB
The Robertsons of Aberfeldy.pdf53 KB
The Scottish Soldiers.pdf53 KB
What Is a Scotsman.pdf60 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 19 (22)1.128 KB
A Tribute to Catherine.pdf54 KB
After the Trial.pdf52 KB
An Auld Favourite.pdf50 KB
At Canisbay.pdf51 KB
For A Wee Chuckle.pdf53 KB
Forty Winks.pdf52 KB
In A Lighter Vein.pdf41 KB
In Applecross.pdf55 KB
In Days Gone By.pdf52 KB
In the Town of Lanark.pdf53 KB
Irrepressible Gigglers.pdf45 KB
It Was Yerself Begun It.pdf53 KB
Kirkin' O' the Tartan.pdf55 KB
Near Tullibardine Castle.pdf56 KB
Put on Your Sunday Best.pdf52 KB
The Hills of Home.pdf50 KB
The Kirk-Going Dogs of Yarrow.pdf51 KB
The Trades Kirk.pdf61 KB
The Unco Guid.pdf38 KB
Three Times on Sunday.pdf43 KB
Tucked Into Edinburgh's Canongate.pdf57 KB
Yesterday's Sabbaths.pdf54 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 20 (22)1.171 KB
A Puckle B'Guess.pdf57 KB
A Well-Known Love Song.pdf46 KB
Auld Lang Syne.pdf53 KB
Craignethan Castle.pdf61 KB
Forty Doctors Bent On Play.pdf57 KB
My Guid Auld Cronie.pdf42 KB
Not What It Seems.pdf54 KB
Sir James Hamilton.pdf58 KB
Tak' to Yoursel' A New Partner.pdf58 KB
The Blessing of the Arms.pdf49 KB
The Courageous Piper.pdf46 KB
The Galloway Shepherd.pdf58 KB
The Haunted Stones.pdf50 KB
The Headless Ghost.pdf57 KB
The Illusive Name.pdf58 KB
The Joy of Living.pdf44 KB
The Porridge Drawer.pdf50 KB
The Tillietudlem Ball.pdf56 KB
The Trusty Claymore.pdf57 KB
The Waggle of the Kilt.pdf47 KB
Tillietudlem Railway Station.pdf63 KB
When the Spirit Moves.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 21 (22)1.150 KB
A Scot Named McAdam.pdf51 KB
Alexander Graham Bell.pdf55 KB
All Scots, Ilka Ane O' Them.pdf52 KB
Curling Stones.pdf63 KB
Daft Pate.pdf48 KB
James Bowman Lindsay.pdf51 KB
James Watt of Greenock.pdf47 KB
JB Dunlop.pdf52 KB
John Baird of Kirkintilloch.pdf52 KB
Johnnie Notions.pdf50 KB
Old Starry.pdf56 KB
Soft As Silk.pdf54 KB
The 10th Earl of DunDonald.pdf53 KB
The Black Friars' Bridge.pdf46 KB
The Devil on Wheels.pdf50 KB
The Doodle-Sack.pdf51 KB
The Glasgow Weavers.pdf52 KB
The Penny Black Stamp.pdf57 KB
The Squiggly Dance.pdf53 KB
To Name A Few.pdf61 KB
Ups and Downs.pdf46 KB
Who Has Had the Honour.pdf50 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 22 (22)1.077 KB
A Curious Family Recipe.pdf48 KB
A Happy Social Event.pdf41 KB
A Poor Measure.pdf47 KB
A Profound Statement.pdf46 KB
An Extraordinary Project.pdf43 KB
An Old Autograph Book.pdf45 KB
An Unusual Wedding.pdf58 KB
Brighten the Corner Where You Are.pdf45 KB
Craigdarroch Castle.pdf53 KB
High Steppers.pdf56 KB
In The Melting Pot.pdf49 KB
Kindred Spirits.pdf51 KB
Let Me Have My Dreams.pdf52 KB
My Secret Drawer.pdf47 KB
On a Shaded Bench.pdf53 KB
Starry-Eyed.pdf58 KB
The Champion Ringer.pdf59 KB
The Long and short of It.pdf48 KB
The Magic of the Clouds.pdf36 KB
The Old Blacksmith's Shop.pdf47 KB
The RSCDS 75th Anniversary 1998.pdf55 KB
With Vim and Vigour.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cameo Collection Book 23 (22)1.302 KB
A Charming Genius.pdf54 KB
A Rich Heritage.pdf59 KB
A Right and A Wrong Way.pdf58 KB
A Society Disciple.pdf62 KB
And That Did It.pdf58 KB
At Last We Are Going to Dance Again.pdf58 KB
By Word of Mouth.pdf61 KB
Dance with Your Soul.pdf59 KB
Get Her Feet Aff the Grun'.pdf50 KB
Give Your Whole Heart to Dancing.pdf62 KB
In My Heart I'm Full of Dancing.pdf58 KB
Miss Milligan Lives On.pdf53 KB
Spreading the Soul of Scotland.pdf60 KB
Terribly Natural.pdf56 KB
The Bonnie, Bonnie Lassies.pdf56 KB
The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.pdf63 KB
The Scottish Country Dance Society.pdf54 KB
The Sporran Legion.pdf67 KB
Two of a Kind.pdf64 KB
We Are Saving a Tradition.pdf65 KB
We Are the Best Peacemakers in the World.pdf64 KB
We're In the Army Now.pdf60 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Campbell Stewart Anniversary Collection (8)359 KB
Kitty's Happy Return.pdf33 KB
My Silver Plaidie Brooch.pdf48 KB
The Anniversary Strathspey + Fiona's Fancy.pdf40 KB
The Don and the Dee.pdf49 KB
The Earl of Ulster Medley.pdf69 KB
The Elmgrove Strathspey + Achnasheen.pdf40 KB
The Lammas Fair.pdf40 KB
The Wild Rose of Lorne.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cane Toad Collection (24)1.431 KB
A Mary Summer.pdf58 KB
An Tri Daraich.pdf61 KB
Buttermilk Falls.pdf57 KB
Carlton and Alex.pdf59 KB
Cayuga Reel.pdf57 KB
Isla's Fancy.pdf66 KB
Ithaca Reel.pdf58 KB
Jeanette's Hornpipe.pdf57 KB
Jenny Freeman's Strathspey.pdf62 KB
Kristin MacDonald's Strathspey.pdf58 KB
Le Moyne and Roger Farrell of Ithaca.pdf71 KB
Loralee Hyde.pdf58 KB
Lyall Bay.pdf58 KB
Maureen Vivino.pdf58 KB
Patricia London.pdf58 KB
Susan's Jig.pdf57 KB
The Cane Toad Jig.pdf58 KB
The Celtic Rover.pdf58 KB
The Daisy Chain.pdf57 KB
The Lady In Pink.pdf75 KB
The Windy Lane.pdf57 KB
The Wordsmiths.pdf57 KB
Tofino Strathspey.pdf58 KB
White Rock.pdf58 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Capercaillie Book (10)631 KB
Farewell to Misty.pdf39 KB
Land of the Heather Hills.pdf76 KB
The Border Wizard.pdf84 KB
The Cadger's Bridge.pdf73 KB
The Capercaillie.pdf43 KB
The Eildon Hills.pdf44 KB
The Heart of Midlothian.pdf49 KB
The Ring of Brogar.pdf79 KB
The Road to Applecross.pdf75 KB
Tullyvolan.pdf69 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Carnforth Collection of SCD - 1st (7)446 KB
Blervie Castle.pdf51 KB
Lochnagar.pdf46 KB
Maureen's Reel.pdf42 KB
Ray Milbourne.pdf57 KB
The Celtic Cross.pdf51 KB
The Craven Strathspey.pdf100 KB
The Tattie Bogle.pdf99 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Carnforth Collection of SCD - 2nd (9)555 KB
Black Donald.pdf49 KB
Joan's Jig.pdf70 KB
Karin's Strathspey.pdf38 KB
MacDonald of the Isles.pdf81 KB
My Heather Hills.pdf51 KB
The Borrowdale Exchange.pdf74 KB
The Newby Circle.pdf84 KB
The Sleeping Warrior.pdf56 KB
Yan, Tan, Tethera.pdf52 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Carnforth Collection of SCD - 3rd (11)837 KB
Bridge Over the Atlantic.pdf46 KB
Corrievreckan.pdf98 KB
Gaelforce Wind.pdf86 KB
MacLeod's Table.pdf91 KB
Miss Stevenson's Fancy.pdf96 KB
Over the Hill.pdf83 KB
The Black Mountain Reel.pdf51 KB
The Corner House Jig.pdf100 KB
The Fireside Strathspey.pdf84 KB
The Spey in Spate.pdf55 KB
Welcome to Claggan.pdf47 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Carnforth Collection of SCD - 4th (11)993 KB
Ayrshire Lasses.pdf93 KB
Domino Five.pdf99 KB
It's Nae Bother.pdf70 KB
Kinfauns Castle.pdf103 KB
Luck to Loyne.pdf109 KB
The Craven Jig.pdf121 KB
The Creel.pdf86 KB
The Famous Grouse.pdf87 KB
The Hidden Valley.pdf77 KB
The Saltire Medley.pdf102 KB
Three and One.pdf46 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Carnforth Collection of SCD - 5th (11)987 KB
A Celtic Border.pdf98 KB
Come Up to the Top.pdf86 KB
Crossing the Bay.pdf101 KB
The Craven Reel.pdf86 KB
The Craven Twelvesome.pdf90 KB
The Eight of Diamonds.pdf115 KB
The Raven's Dance.pdf102 KB
The Ring of Brodgar.pdf46 KB
This Way Up.pdf111 KB
Two Up, Two Down.pdf48 KB
Windmills.pdf103 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Carnforth Collection of SCD - 6th (14)650 KB
A Jig for Garry.pdf62 KB
Balmaha.pdf57 KB
Ceilidh Night.pdf53 KB
Diane's Delema or The Gaviscon Girl.pdf46 KB
Diane's dilemma or The Gaviscon Girl.pdf35 KB
Jennifer's Itch Fingers.pdf46 KB
Jennifer's Itchy Fingers.pdf51 KB
Just Around the Corner.pdf37 KB
Looking for a Partner or The Man Hunt.pdf46 KB
The Golden Celebration Jig.pdf45 KB
The Paisley Weavers.pdf33 KB
The Startled Rabbit.pdf46 KB
The Startled Rabbits.pdf46 KB
Welcome to Higham Hall.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Carrick Collection of SCD - Book 1 (10)757 KB
A Monday Night Welcome.pdf52 KB
As Light As a Feather.pdf77 KB
Bargany House.pdf75 KB
Culzean Castle.pdf166 KB
Elspeth's Delight.pdf103 KB
Killochan Castle.pdf70 KB
Over the Doon to Carrick.pdf76 KB
Penkill Castle.pdf41 KB
The Swinging Brig.pdf52 KB
The Weaver's Walk.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Carswella Collection Volume 1 (7)389 KB
Formation - Corners Pass and Turn.pdf31 KB
The Carswella Strathspey.pdf54 KB
The Carswellian Revel.pdf52 KB
The Paul Jamie Reel.pdf45 KB
The Tara Frolic.pdf42 KB
The Tara Rant.pdf92 KB
The Tara Strathspey.pdf73 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Carswella Collection Volume 2 (6)215 KB
Carra Beag.pdf33 KB
Craigower.pdf40 KB
Glen Lyon.pdf35 KB
Ringslade Revel.pdf31 KB
The Crook of Devon.pdf30 KB
Tigh-Na-Cloich.pdf46 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Casnewydd Collection (15)586 KB
Brynich Shieling.pdf47 KB
Casnewydd Medley.pdf56 KB
Charlotte Clark's Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Conor's Fancy.pdf28 KB
Craigie's Folly.pdf34 KB
Craigie's Reel.pdf29 KB
Ewan Telford's Strathspey.pdf46 KB
Malpas Medley.pdf53 KB
Newport Dancers.pdf46 KB
Oban Bay Strathspey.pdf33 KB
Penblwydd Isca.pdf36 KB
Pencerrig.pdf32 KB
The Caerleon Ruby.pdf43 KB
The Festival Fancy.pdf26 KB
Tribute to Babs.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Castledeen Album (9)315 KB
A Jig for Liz.pdf28 KB
Anne.pdf30 KB
Clatteringshaws.pdf36 KB
Duncan MacCalman.pdf42 KB
Miss Edwina Angus.pdf34 KB
Mrs Fanny Kyd.pdf35 KB
Sarah Anne Cheyne.pdf33 KB
The Thorngrove Anniversary Strathspey.pdf36 KB
Val's Fancy.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Celebrate Fifty Years of Dancing with the Boston Branch (14)515 KB
Anna's Wedding Cake.pdf35 KB
Auld Reekie Hornpipe.pdf37 KB
Burns Night.pdf42 KB
Fill the Fetters.pdf38 KB
Flights of Fancy.pdf35 KB
Hal Robinson's Rant.pdf38 KB
Northern Harmony.pdf32 KB
Stoner House.pdf40 KB
The 25th Reel.pdf32 KB
The Earl of Northampton.pdf31 KB
The Latvian Lass.pdf40 KB
The Maine Medley.pdf39 KB
The Monmouth Ramble.pdf38 KB
The Sprig of Ivy.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Charities Book 05 - Open Door (5)163 KB
Formation - Strathspey Pezalle.pdf23 KB
Seonaid Mhor.pdf46 KB
The Granton Lassie.pdf23 KB
The Lights on Lochindaal.pdf35 KB
The Penny Bap.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Charities Book 06 (Door Still Open) (6)155 KB
Formation - Interlocking Rights and Lefts.pdf20 KB
Formation - The Pezalle.pdf18 KB
Missenden Abbey.pdf35 KB
The Blue Anchor.pdf29 KB
The Cockle Gathers.pdf36 KB
The Lady Victoria Reel.pdf18 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Charities Book 07 (4)75 KB
The Abbess.pdf19 KB
The Hopeful Lover.pdf20 KB
The Land O' the Leal.pdf19 KB
The Lothian Lassie.pdf17 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Charities Book 08 (5)114 KB
Columba's Isle.pdf19 KB
Miss Isabella Ord.pdf19 KB
Sandy Oswald's Reel.pdf20 KB
The Courting.pdf32 KB
The Esk's Clear River.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Charities Book 09 (4)93 KB
Children of the Mist.pdf16 KB
MacPhee's Hill.pdf21 KB
The Ruby Reel.pdf36 KB
Yon Hill Ardmore.pdf20 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Charities Book 10 (5)159 KB
Bunessan.pdf38 KB
Cherish the Ladies.pdf25 KB
Maryhill.pdf25 KB
The In Going E'E.pdf40 KB
The Speyside Medley.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Charities Book 11 (4)99 KB
Miss Duncan's Reel.pdf18 KB
The Baliemore.pdf39 KB
The Banks of Allan.pdf26 KB
The Her'st.pdf16 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Charities Book 12 (4)130 KB
The Auld Stobhill.pdf28 KB
The Favourite.pdf39 KB
The Isle of Mull.pdf38 KB
The Sailor's Wife.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Charities Book 14 (5)93 KB
Far Frae Hame.pdf19 KB
Sea Dew.pdf19 KB
The Fiddlehead Reel.pdf24 KB
The Oyster Girl.pdf14 KB
The Sinister Haggis.pdf17 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Chicago 10th Anniversary Collection (17)741 KB
A Welcome in Oak Park.pdf26 KB
Colliding Beams.pdf51 KB
Guid Freens.pdf40 KB
Isle of Canna.pdf58 KB
Jig for Judith Pretty.pdf31 KB
Lady June Gordon.pdf43 KB
Lake Geneva.pdf45 KB
Marian's Fancy.pdf37 KB
Mary's Strathspey.pdf36 KB
Palos Park Assembly.pdf64 KB
Richardson's Rant.pdf31 KB
Schoon's Bairn.pdf42 KB
The Dancing Gentleman.pdf35 KB
The Loch Michigan Rant.pdf72 KB
The Tudor Rose.pdf32 KB
Trip to Japan.pdf33 KB
Yoshi's Farewell.pdf65 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Chicago Collection of Basic Scottish Country Dances (12)281 KB
Clybourn Junction.pdf25 KB
Grant Park.pdf17 KB
Lincoln Park.pdf24 KB
Michigan Avenue.pdf25 KB
Navy Pier.pdf20 KB
Old Water Tower.pdf28 KB
On the Wacker.pdf25 KB
Ravenswood Strathspey.pdf18 KB
Southport Jig.pdf26 KB
The Belden Reel.pdf26 KB
The Chicago Loop.pdf22 KB
The Lake Shore Jig.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Clan MacLeod Dances for Ceilidhs (12)418 KB
Bonfire at Parliament.pdf34 KB
Caurie Shells.pdf35 KB
Dunvegan Garden.pdf32 KB
Herbie MacLeod.pdf35 KB
Johnny MacClure's Jig.pdf35 KB
Lacing Up the Ghillies.pdf30 KB
MacLeod Ceilidh Jig.pdf39 KB
Parliament Gathering.pdf33 KB
St Kilda.pdf31 KB
The Dancers.pdf32 KB
The Old Ferry to Skye.pdf33 KB
Where's That Midgie.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Clapyerhands 'n' Stampyerfeet (4)213 KB
Bannockburn.pdf44 KB
Braveheart.pdf60 KB
Robert the Bruce.pdf51 KB
Stirling Castle.pdf58 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Clipper Ships and Other Dances (15)588 KB
Camelot.pdf50 KB
Devil's Delight.pdf40 KB
Flyig Cloud.pdf42 KB
King's X.pdf25 KB
Maison Rouge.pdf29 KB
Neptune's Car.pdf43 KB
Oh My America.pdf60 KB
Sea Witch.pdf38 KB
Standing Stones of Clava.pdf30 KB
The Eagle's Nest.pdf33 KB
The Year of the Heart.pdf33 KB
Thistledown.pdf50 KB
Turnpike Rant.pdf37 KB
Washington's Ways.pdf47 KB
Witch of the Wave.pdf30 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cockleroy Collection 7 SCDs by Josh Bowie Dickson (7)257 KB
A Highland Welcome.pdf32 KB
Cockleroy.pdf52 KB
Glenburnie Rant.pdf38 KB
Jethart's Here.pdf32 KB
Saint Columba's Reel.pdf25 KB
The Cloutie Dumpling.pdf39 KB
The Haddie in the Pan.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Collins Pocket Reference (Dances not in other scanned books) (31)822 KB
Bluebell Polka.pdf18 KB
Boston Two Step.pdf21 KB
Britannia Two Step.pdf16 KB
Circle Waltz.pdf19 KB
Curlywee.pdf37 KB
Dunnet Head.pdf18 KB
Elephant Walk.pdf24 KB
Friendly Waltz.pdf16 KB
Hesitation Waltz.pdf18 KB
Highland Schottische.pdf20 KB
Kelvingrove Two Step.pdf20 KB
La Va.pdf24 KB
Lambeth Walk.pdf23 KB
Lord MacLay's Reel.pdf40 KB
Military Two Step.pdf16 KB
Mississippi Dip.pdf34 KB
Palais  Glide.pdf21 KB
Pride of Erin Waltz.pdf21 KB
Sheena's Saunter.pdf15 KB
Stern Polka.pdf24 KB
Swedish Masquerade.pdf17 KB
The Dunedin Festival Dance.pdf23 KB
The Foursome Reel.pdf94 KB
The Foursome Reel (Traditional).pdf45 KB
The Highlandman's Umbrella.pdf23 KB
The New Scotland Strathspey.pdf25 KB
The Social Swing.pdf15 KB
The Suzuki Circle.pdf24 KB
The Thirtytwosome Reel.pdf77 KB
Veleta.pdf14 KB
Virginia Reel.pdf21 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Come Dance With Me - Dances by Bruce Fordyce (7)457 KB
An Apple for the Teacher.pdf61 KB
Celebration Waltz.pdf46 KB
Ken Shaw's Farewell.pdf63 KB
Seton's Ceilidh Band.pdf110 KB
The Key of the Door.pdf56 KB
The Musicians.pdf67 KB
The Posthorn Gallop.pdf53 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Competition Dances 1989 (10)379 KB
A Reel for the Ridings.pdf48 KB
A Trip to Wetwang.pdf45 KB
Anna's Reel.pdf29 KB
Anne of Portsoy.pdf28 KB
Charlotte & Aileen.pdf43 KB
Dangling After Her.pdf43 KB
Mischief.pdf42 KB
The Priory Street Strathspey.pdf28 KB
The White Rose of York.pdf36 KB
The York and North Humberside Strathspey.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Corberry Collection I (31)2.398 KB
A Compliment Returned.pdf65 KB
A Jig for Nethybridge Dancers.pdf78 KB
Away tae Kilcreggan.pdf77 KB
Away Tae Moray.pdf79 KB
Farewell to Kingussie.pdf78 KB
Five Years On.pdf77 KB
Ice Cream with Chopsticks.pdf78 KB
Lauren’s Strathspey.pdf77 KB
Linda’s Jig.pdf78 KB
Margaret Martin of North Berwick.pdf78 KB
Matthew’s Jig.pdf77 KB
Nadine’s Celebration.pdf77 KB
Ness House.pdf78 KB
North to Gothenburg.pdf78 KB
Pâques à Lyon.pdf79 KB
Peter’s Jig.pdf77 KB
Picnic in the Rain.pdf78 KB
Red House Jig.pdf77 KB
Red House Square.pdf78 KB
Southward Bound.pdf78 KB
Stuck in the Broomielaw.pdf78 KB
The Amber Light.pdf78 KB
The Budapest May Moon.pdf78 KB
The Hamburg Medley.pdf77 KB
The Montpellier Jig.pdf77 KB
The Part-time Postie’s Jig.pdf78 KB
The Pitlochry Tryst.pdf78 KB
The Pools of the Spey.pdf79 KB
The Rhubarb Reel.pdf78 KB
The Seamless Jig.pdf77 KB
The Tuesday Tryst.pdf77 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cormorant Scottish Dances Book 1 (8)376 KB
A Strathspey for Mr & Mrs John Day.pdf52 KB
A'Dannsadh An Aghaidh An t-Sruith (Dancing Against the Stream).pdf40 KB
Ane Reel for Fionnghuala.pdf57 KB
Cearcan Frangach (Turkeys).pdf39 KB
The Caledonian Roundabout.pdf31 KB
The Russian Fling Reel.pdf53 KB
The Viking Longship.pdf70 KB
Wee MacIver.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Corryvrechan Dances No 1 (8)252 KB
After Harris.pdf34 KB
Halsway Lasses.pdf30 KB
Mrs Brown's Reel or The Little Eightsome Reel.pdf38 KB
On Tour.pdf22 KB
South From Prague.pdf35 KB
Spring and Summer.pdf33 KB
The Midsummer Jig.pdf29 KB
The West Coast Line.pdf30 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Craigievar Book (14)557 KB
A Highland Welcome.pdf28 KB
Achnacarry House.pdf40 KB
Butterfly Bride.pdf42 KB
Craigievar.pdf48 KB
Friday's Child.pdf36 KB
High-Close Lassie.pdf41 KB
Highland Heather Honey.pdf57 KB
Lady Brettle's Strathspey.pdf30 KB
Leaving Benbecula.pdf34 KB
Partans in His Creel.pdf37 KB
Rhodes House Reel.pdf44 KB
The Blue Eyed Lassie.pdf44 KB
The Teacher's Pet.pdf40 KB
The Three Kings of Cullen.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Craigievar Book 2 (8)309 KB
Kilkenny Castle.pdf46 KB
Laggan Bay.pdf26 KB
Major Erskine of Edinburgh.pdf36 KB
Storybook Glen.pdf48 KB
The Reids O' Monymusk.pdf37 KB
The Ship in Full Sail.pdf48 KB
The St John's Strathspey.pdf29 KB
Whistlin' In the Kitchen.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Craigievar Book 3 (11)365 KB
Celtic Crossing.pdf32 KB
Craigmin Brig.pdf44 KB
Glen Alva.pdf25 KB
Homeward Bound.pdf26 KB
Horton's Fancy.pdf38 KB
Margaret Williams Strathspey.pdf36 KB
The Duchess of Argyll.pdf38 KB
The Queen's View.pdf27 KB
The Riddlers Rant.pdf31 KB
The Sugar Loaf Jig.pdf30 KB
Train Journey North.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Craigievar Book 4 (12)480 KB
A Trip to Windsor.pdf43 KB
Craigievar Magic.pdf24 KB
Hobson's Choice.pdf32 KB
Maidenhead Holden Medley.pdf80 KB
On Suilven in Summer.pdf35 KB
Royal Deeside.pdf26 KB
The Golden Anniversary Strathspey.pdf31 KB
The Green Isle Bridge.pdf40 KB
The Home Farm Trust Reel.pdf31 KB
The Lindisfarne Reel.pdf40 KB
The Reel Millennium Bug.pdf66 KB
The Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Reel.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Craigievar Book 5 (13)833 KB
Bob Wilson's Jig 32J4set.pdf50 KB
Bow Fiddle Strathspey 32S4set.pdf55 KB
Braes of Strathlene 32S3C.pdf73 KB
Craigievar Reel 40R3C.pdf67 KB
Farmers Boy.32R4set2ch.pdf63 KB
Findlater Castle.32R3C.pdf68 KB
Henley Regatta Medley.96+96SR4Square.pdf99 KB
Sweetheart Abbey Jig.32J3C.pdf76 KB
The Barmaid.pdf53 KB
The Dancing Piper 32R3C.pdf57 KB
The Dundee Dragon.32R3C.pdf65 KB
The Shooting Lodge 48J4set2ch.pdf64 KB
The Witch's Stone.32J3C.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Crimson Heather (21)873 KB
Even Stephen's Leavin'.pdf42 KB
Fiddler in the Yard.pdf42 KB
Julie's Jig.pdf35 KB
MacGillavry's Medley.pdf38 KB
Myra's Mirage.pdf37 KB
Ringing the Changes.pdf37 KB
Ruth's Rave.pdf39 KB
Shuttle Bus.pdf35 KB
Tensegrity Reel.pdf34 KB
The Celtic Knot.pdf49 KB
The Comasters' Cotillion.pdf36 KB
The Crimson Heather + The crimson Together.pdf37 KB
The Dean's Delight.pdf44 KB
The Fencers' Quadrilie or The Fuchs Trot.pdf67 KB
The Harvard Square.pdf83 KB
The Major League Jig.pdf42 KB
The Mixer.pdf33 KB
The Pierian Jig.pdf38 KB
The Quad.pdf43 KB
The Wheeler Reeler.pdf36 KB
The Whitlocks' Whimsey.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Cross-Country Capers (11)301 KB
Auld Toon o' Ayr.pdf28 KB
Beal's Reel.pdf27 KB
Cool as a Cucumber.pdf24 KB
Hairy Mary.pdf34 KB
Icebreaker.pdf24 KB
Memories.pdf30 KB
Pinewoods Medley.pdf30 KB
Sweet Basil.pdf26 KB
The Perfect Ending.pdf26 KB
The Piper's Leg.pdf27 KB
Tipsy O'er the Glen.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Culzean Castle Collection (10)359 KB
Bells of Ireland.pdf19 KB
Culzean Castle.pdf28 KB
The Builders of Wainfleet.pdf38 KB
The Cotherston Reel.pdf22 KB
The Fintry Hills.pdf46 KB
The Selkirk Jig.pdf30 KB
The Squirrels in the Spinney.pdf31 KB
The Stonemason's Apprentice.pdf89 KB
Tushielaw Brae.pdf37 KB
White Adder Water.pdf19 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dance Around This One (13)682 KB
A Dance for all the McKays.pdf54 KB
Burns Nicht Celebration.pdf73 KB
Corryvreckan Strathspey or The Whirry-Hole.pdf46 KB
Glen Janet.pdf36 KB
No the noo, Johnny or The Flirt.pdf39 KB
Olive's Farewell.pdf41 KB
Roond the Hoose.pdf32 KB
The Avalon Waltz.pdf54 KB
The Bervie Braes.pdf85 KB
The MacDonald Jig.pdf57 KB
The Newfoundland Flag.pdf63 KB
The Reel Bruce Miller.pdf50 KB
The St John's Jig.pdf51 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dance Till Dawn (10)345 KB
Iolair.pdf43 KB
Kathleen's Fancy.pdf24 KB
Miss Russell's Rant.pdf31 KB
Mrs Margaret Henderson.pdf37 KB
The Creel.pdf40 KB
The Fordell Wattie.pdf38 KB
The Goat Brae.pdf22 KB
The Soldier's Leap.pdf50 KB
The Waters of Ben Lawers.pdf31 KB
Twa Bonnie Lassies.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dance Till Dawn Once More (10)329 KB
Corryvrecken.pdf33 KB
First Footing.pdf27 KB
Kilts An' Canvas.pdf29 KB
The Berkeley Rant.pdf27 KB
The Choristers.pdf25 KB
The Cooper's Jig.pdf23 KB
The Distiller's Dream.pdf60 KB
The Five Lums.pdf28 KB
The Kist o' Diamonds.pdf53 KB
The Monks' Muir.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dance With A Friend (11)313 KB
Beginner's Luck.pdf22 KB
By the Light of the Harvest Moon.pdf28 KB
Christmas Snow.pdf26 KB
Dance With A Friend.pdf33 KB
Fergie's Fancy.pdf31 KB
Fort Qu'Appelle Breakdown.pdf25 KB
It's Morning Time.pdf28 KB
The Bonnie Lass From Huntley.pdf26 KB
The Happy Wanderers.pdf26 KB
The Prairie Lily Strathspey.pdf35 KB
The Prairie Pipers.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\DANCERS' CHOICE 1 (7)278 KB
Bellstane.pdf38 KB
Corrievreckan.pdf32 KB
Good Friends.pdf40 KB
Kirkmaiden Strathspey.pdf49 KB
Neko's Reel.pdf34 KB
The Bonnie Beauly Blooms.pdf45 KB
The Wedding Link.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dances and Dreams (14)848 KB
Circle of Light.pdf46 KB
Come Dance With Me.pdf54 KB
Diamond Strathspey.pdf64 KB
Dream On.pdf87 KB
Dream Time.pdf55 KB
Father Time.pdf54 KB
Fly the Banner.pdf63 KB
Initial.pdf59 KB
Jewel in the Crown.pdf42 KB
Kilkenny Cats.pdf51 KB
Scorched Earth.pdf58 KB
Scotia Reel.pdf56 KB
Silver Bracelet.pdf72 KB
The Flirt.pdf87 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dances for Friends and Other People (10)319 KB
Lady Sophia Amelia Elphinstone.pdf36 KB
Mr MacLennan's Visit to Eindhoven.pdf24 KB
The Bielefeld Bear.pdf38 KB
The Chateau Claire Hornpipe.pdf24 KB
The Dundee Sailor.pdf28 KB
The Far Islands.pdf37 KB
The Girl From Edam.pdf34 KB
The Hobby Horse.pdf34 KB
The Level Crossing.pdf33 KB
The Prelim Hornpipe.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dances for Friends Two (10)461 KB
Bells and Tooters.pdf40 KB
I'll Come Over to You.pdf59 KB
Ins and Outs.pdf32 KB
Never Say Never Say Never Again.pdf33 KB
Pipe Major William McVean.pdf54 KB
Springtime in Cambridge.pdf36 KB
The Answering Machine.pdf60 KB
The Dutchman.pdf56 KB
The Man From Pennsylvania.pdf57 KB
The Wilhelm Tell Strathspey.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dances To Song Tunes (15)580 KB
Auld Robin Gray.pdf38 KB
Awa', Whigs, Awa'.pdf35 KB
Caller Herrin'.pdf39 KB
Castles in the Air.pdf37 KB
For Lack of Gold.pdf42 KB
Hey, Johnnie Cope.pdf39 KB
In Garb of Old Gaul.pdf39 KB
John Grumlie.pdf57 KB
John of Badenyon.pdf59 KB
My Mither's Aye Glow'rin' Owre Me.pdf32 KB
My Tocher's the Jewel.pdf36 KB
Somebody.pdf30 KB
The Gallant Weaver.pdf40 KB
The Wee Cooper O' Fife.pdf30 KB
Wha'll be King but Charlie.pdf27 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dances with a Difference Vol 1 (18)953 KB
A Gift for Mamie.pdf37 KB
Angel's Flight.pdf53 KB
Buchan Tensome Reel.pdf48 KB
Chrissiejean.pdf37 KB
Circassian Quadrille.pdf54 KB
City of Angels.pdf58 KB
Corsair field.pdf99 KB
Dances with a difference Vol 1 - Notes on the Dances.pdf109 KB
David's Seven-O.pdf35 KB
De'il Amang the Sailors.pdf42 KB
Founders' Reel.pdf50 KB
Geneva Makes Three.pdf46 KB
Lord McDonald's Quadrille.pdf67 KB
Mary Stewart Strathspey.pdf40 KB
Over the Garden Wall.pdf47 KB
The Double Sixsome.pdf50 KB
The MacDonald Saunter.pdf37 KB
The Pasadena Prom.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dancing at the Mill (10)722 KB
Dancing at the Mill.pdf73 KB
Off the Ground.pdf74 KB
Suggested Recordings for these dances.pdf74 KB
The Flower of the Mill.pdf76 KB
The Gnomes' Stone.pdf74 KB
The Mill-Ennium Welcome.pdf74 KB
The Millwater.pdf53 KB
The Road to Proitze.pdf74 KB
The Silly Sisters.pdf74 KB
The Swinmark Sixsome.pdf76 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dancing in the Haliburton Highlands (10)533 KB
A Tangled Web We Weave or The Weaver's Retirement.pdf44 KB
Dorothy's Travels.pdf50 KB
Golden Memories.pdf59 KB
Haliburton Heatwave.pdf51 KB
Haliburton Welcome.pdf59 KB
Inukshuk Shuffle.pdf67 KB
Mimi's Jig.pdf53 KB
Miss Kathleen Owens.pdf52 KB
Weaver's Knot.pdf45 KB
Wigamog Whirl.pdf53 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dancing On Air (13)386 KB
Ayrshire Craig.pdf27 KB
David's Delight.pdf19 KB
Denise's Delight.pdf20 KB
Fran's Fancy.pdf20 KB
Miss Emily Gordon's Jig.pdf30 KB
Mrs Jappy's Measure.pdf29 KB
October in Rechberg.pdf28 KB
The 50th Parallel.pdf35 KB
The Buckie Loon.pdf25 KB
The Dilemma.pdf51 KB
The Paris Celebration Medley 3C.pdf33 KB
The Paris Celebration Medley 5C.pdf34 KB
Twelfth Night Revels.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dancing Through Nova Scotia (12)599 KB
A Trip to Lunenburg.pdf35 KB
Blomidon Look Off.pdf32 KB
Ebb Tide.pdf51 KB
Iona of Bras D'Or.pdf47 KB
Merigomish Valley Reel.pdf51 KB
The Gathering o'79.pdf96 KB
The Happy Fiddler.pdf37 KB
The Harbour Cities Jig.pdf75 KB
The Margaree Valley Jig.pdf47 KB
The Mayflower.pdf41 KB
The Piper's Glen.pdf51 KB
The Wee Hornpipe.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dancing Through Nova Scotia (Vol 2) (5)214 KB
Alexandra Hall.pdf34 KB
All the King's Men.pdf32 KB
King's College Strathspey.pdf41 KB
The Journalist's Rant.pdf66 KB
The Prince's Assembly.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Decade Dances (Manchester Gay Gordons) (8)748 KB
Deca-dance.pdf53 KB
Grey Cairns of Camster.pdf212 KB
Jig for Mr Taylor.pdf73 KB
Marland Bobby.pdf77 KB
Sackville Gardens.pdf144 KB
The Eiffel Tower.pdf64 KB
The Outpost.pdf57 KB
The Perth Town Lade.pdf68 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Deeside Book of SCD Part 1 (16)503 KB
Deeside Book Pt1 Notes.pdf24 KB
Ferla Mor.pdf29 KB
John Brown.pdf38 KB
Our Highland Queen.pdf29 KB
Pinnaich Wells.pdf46 KB
The Abergeldie Reel.pdf26 KB
The Beauty of the North.pdf28 KB
The Braes of Mar.pdf27 KB
The Caveman of Culsh.pdf33 KB
The Chest of Dee.pdf32 KB
The Colonel's Bed.pdf31 KB
The Crannog.pdf27 KB
the Crathie Bellman.pdf23 KB
The Devil's Point.pdf31 KB
The Wells of Dee.pdf46 KB
Where the Snowflake Reposes.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Deeside Book of SCD Part 2 (16)528 KB
Arbeadie.pdf31 KB
Balgownie Brig.pdf31 KB
Blooms of Bon Accord.pdf42 KB
Bonnie Banchory.pdf27 KB
Brig O' Aboyne.pdf47 KB
Brig O' Dee.pdf27 KB
Girdleness Light.pdf46 KB
The Belle of Bon Accord.pdf34 KB
The Black Black Oil.pdf34 KB
The Byron Strathspey.pdf27 KB
The Deeside Book of SCD Part 2 Notes.pdf20 KB
The Elphinstone Jig.pdf30 KB
The Rubislaw Jig.pdf31 KB
The Toast of Bon Accord.pdf36 KB
The Twinbairn's Reel.pdf32 KB
Twixt Don and Dee.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Deeside Collection (8)335 KB
Deeside + Polly's Favourite.pdf47 KB
Doon the Burn.pdf54 KB
Joan and Anna's Jig.pdf36 KB
Little and Good.pdf36 KB
Marjorie's Medley.pdf36 KB
Shaftesbury Square.pdf45 KB
St Patrick's Strathspey.pdf35 KB
The Triquetra.pdf47 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Delaware Valley Silver (12)411 KB
Brandywine.pdf34 KB
Bubbles in the Pond.pdf40 KB
Couples Meet.pdf30 KB
Gentle Annie.pdf37 KB
It's Not Rocket Science.pdf24 KB
Kabin Fever.pdf31 KB
Kumite.pdf31 KB
Pete and Marilynn's Welcome Home.pdf32 KB
Raise the Roof.pdf40 KB
The Black Leather Jig.pdf45 KB
The Blue Route.pdf28 KB
The Man in Waiting.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Deleware Valley Branch Dances (3)60 KB
Founders' Reel.pdf24 KB
Seven Eights.pdf19 KB
The Valley Over the Hill.pdf18 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Devil's Quandary (43)2.521 KB
Australian Laddie.pdf99 KB
Bev's Delight - Braes of Cuillin.pdf44 KB
Braw Annie O' Eire - The Cat's Whiskers.pdf47 KB
Captain Jimmy's Jig - The Crown and Thistle.pdf54 KB
Catch Me If You Can.pdf58 KB
Corbies O' The Fort.pdf69 KB
Dance for Alisa - Down Unda.pdf54 KB
Deby's Fiddle - Golden Gateway Reel.pdf63 KB
Devil's Quandary Diagram of Dances.pdf44 KB
Devil's Quandary Formation Notes.pdf42 KB
Dianna Fash.pdf54 KB
Fiddlin' Round.pdf59 KB
Firecracker Reel - Friday the 13th.pdf56 KB
Fox in the Wood.pdf75 KB
Foxhunter's Fiddle.pdf57 KB
Gloria's Wee Jig.pdf49 KB
Isle of Bute - Kittens in the Hoose.pdf51 KB
Lady in Red - Marilyn's Reel.pdf64 KB
Last Exit to Soquel - Lover's Track.pdf43 KB
Lories' Delight.pdf67 KB
Marilyn's Reel Figures.pdf62 KB
Miller's Crossing.pdf75 KB
Mist on the Heather - Oot Wi' The Auld.pdf56 KB
Oxtail Soup.pdf79 KB
Physician Reel Thyself.pdf56 KB
Pint O' Ale is Fain.pdf69 KB
PJ's Strathspey.pdf65 KB
Rising Phoenix.pdf59 KB
River's End - River Rock Reel.pdf45 KB
Royal Scot Pullin' to Edinburgh - Shelley's Circle.pdf51 KB
Shortness of Breath.pdf79 KB
Sister Blanche of St Andrew's - Thistle Amang the Heather.pdf35 KB
Spey and Thistle - The Thistle Burn.pdf67 KB
Spey and Thistle Figures - Thumbs Up.pdf67 KB
Stanford Swing.pdf53 KB
The Devil's Quandary - Joie De Musique.pdf63 KB
The Fiddle Sound.pdf68 KB
The Invitation - Jim and Catherine.pdf57 KB
The Slopes of Hlidarendi.pdf79 KB
The Wildflower Strathspey - Yo-Yo Tweedly.pdf46 KB
Tweedly's Farewell - Wilder's Walkabout.pdf54 KB
Twistin' Gates O' My Toon - Vanessa's Garden.pdf46 KB
Ye Ken It Well - Yvette's Reel.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Diamond Jubilee Dances - Belfast Branch (6)1.112 KB
A Diamond for Belfast.pdf54 KB
Belfast City Hall.pdf395 KB
City Hall Centenary.pdf81 KB
City of Belfast.pdf387 KB
Six Times S.pdf144 KB
The Lagan Bridges.pdf52 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Diamond Jubilee 1925-1985 - Dundee Branch (Original) (6)215 KB
Alice Mann's Strathspey.pdf48 KB
Dundee Branch Diamond Jibilee.pdf44 KB
Geordie's Jubilee Jig.pdf30 KB
Logan Bridge.pdf26 KB
The Jute Spinner's Reel.pdf31 KB
The Twa Brigs O' Dundee.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Diamond Jubilee 1925-1985 - Dundee Branch (Reprint) (6)184 KB
Alice Mann's Strathspey.pdf32 KB
Dundee Branch Diamond Jubilee.pdf40 KB
Geordie's Jubilee Jig.pdf30 KB
Logan Bridge.pdf23 KB
The Jute Spinner's Reel.pdf29 KB
The Twa Brigs o' Dundee.pdf30 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dolphin Book (11)608 KB
An Ocean Frolic.pdf55 KB
Corssing the Line.pdf53 KB
Dancing Dolphins.pdf57 KB
King Neptune.pdf50 KB
Opo.pdf53 KB
Orca.pdf47 KB
Over the Waves.pdf67 KB
Pelorus Jack.pdf54 KB
Sounding the Deep.pdf68 KB
The Playful Porpoise.pdf47 KB
the Sailors Guide.pdf57 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Don Mills Dances (17)576 KB
A Village Dance.pdf31 KB
Billie's Bawbee.pdf27 KB
Call it What You Will.pdf32 KB
Fifty and A' That.pdf35 KB
Finlayson Night.pdf35 KB
Gang Warily.pdf31 KB
Ian's Reel.pdf30 KB
Lads and Lassies.pdf33 KB
Pixies' Delight.pdf42 KB
Tay's Fancy.pdf41 KB
Thanks for the Memory.pdf30 KB
The Bloom on the Thistle.pdf40 KB
The Elders in the Kirk.pdf36 KB
The Hartz Reel.pdf33 KB
The Isabel Fuller Reel.pdf26 KB
The Mill on the Don.pdf26 KB
The Reel of the Academy.pdf47 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Donaghadee Collection (10)480 KB
Arran View.pdf60 KB
Dance for Joy + Deeside Delight.pdf45 KB
Helen's Wedding.pdf55 KB
Linn of Dee.pdf49 KB
Market Square.pdf41 KB
The Diamond Sixsome + Glenrothes Reel.pdf52 KB
The Kettle's Boiling.pdf39 KB
The Threesome of Don.pdf51 KB
The Waggle O' the Feileadh-Beg.pdf52 KB
The White Heather Strathspey.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Donside Book of SCD (20)987 KB
Callendar House.pdf43 KB
Clovendisde.pdf46 KB
Columba Strathspey.pdf41 KB
Dunkeld House.pdf35 KB
Father Connelly's Jig.pdf46 KB
Fort Beausejour.pdf43 KB
Jessie Cruickshank.pdf40 KB
Lochearnside.pdf52 KB
New Zealand 1990.pdf82 KB
Over the Hill.pdf45 KB
Tappie Toorie.pdf59 KB
The Dancing Master.pdf61 KB
The Donside Book - Notes.pdf44 KB
The Goodhind Reel.pdf48 KB
The Old Grey Cat.pdf40 KB
The Owl and the Pussy Cat.pdf81 KB
The Silver Fern Reel.pdf49 KB
The Ski Tow.pdf34 KB
Wellington Square.pdf62 KB
Worchester Permain.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Double H Collection (15)654 KB
Chalmers Hall.pdf36 KB
Double H Jig.pdf47 KB
Erskine's Pearl.pdf38 KB
Fifty-Fifty.pdf50 KB
Friends' Frolic.pdf48 KB
Jewels In the Crown.pdf44 KB
Linlithgow Loch.pdf45 KB
Love For Life.pdf49 KB
Mrs Mary Morrison.pdf44 KB
Ramfoozle.pdf50 KB
Rena's Golden Wedding.pdf44 KB
Shortbread Fingers.pdf37 KB
The Anst'er Ludgin'.pdf44 KB
The Bellstane.pdf39 KB
Uisge Beatha.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Doune Collection (17)620 KB
A Vancouver Welcome.pdf34 KB
Fraser.pdf58 KB
Gimme a Break.pdf29 KB
Kilmadock.pdf32 KB
Molly's Mum.pdf39 KB
Mrs Margaret Macwaters.pdf36 KB
North Lea.pdf33 KB
Old Newton.pdf29 KB
Oot O' the World and into Kippen.pdf40 KB
Pau Hana (Work Finished).pdf47 KB
The Celtic Cross.pdf36 KB
The Doune Mill.pdf33 KB
The Fiddlers of Dunkeld.pdf36 KB
The Last Womp.pdf37 KB
The Merry Moores.pdf32 KB
The Mornins' Awa'.pdf40 KB
Trimble Tumble.pdf30 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Doune Collection Vol 2 (16)493 KB
Aloha Lui Noa.pdf33 KB
Applegreen.pdf23 KB
Calziebohalzie.pdf29 KB
Come Ashore.pdf29 KB
Geordie Hinny.pdf34 KB
Miss Nora Kearsley.pdf30 KB
Mrs Mary Dopson.pdf27 KB
Scotland's Road of Romance.pdf39 KB
St Edmond's Reel.pdf29 KB
The Bankhead Boy.pdf31 KB
The Brig O' Balkerach.pdf36 KB
The Comet.pdf23 KB
The Fairbridge Boy.pdf33 KB
The J & A Jig.pdf29 KB
The Seven Dwarfs.pdf35 KB
The Welcoming Frog.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Downpatrick Collection (10)570 KB
A Reel for Rosalind + Round We Go.pdf46 KB
Brougham Hayes.pdf44 KB
Killyfaddy.pdf44 KB
Moira's Fancy + Julia's Jig.pdf48 KB
Stepping Through the Barley.pdf45 KB
The Burns Night Foursome.pdf49 KB
The Downpatrick Medley.pdf79 KB
The Kinness Burn Strathspey.pdf60 KB
The Star of the County Down.pdf67 KB
West Port, St Andrews.pdf88 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Downside Collection (10)545 KB
A Dance for Betty.pdf66 KB
Bailie's Jig + The Primrose Waltz.pdf59 KB
Ballycopeland Windmill.pdf67 KB
Golden Belles.pdf44 KB
May-Time.pdf51 KB
The Braes of Broadlands.pdf52 KB
The Honey and the Bee.pdf48 KB
The Rowan Tree + Downside Strathspey.pdf50 KB
The Windsor Welcome.pdf64 KB
Windy Hill.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dragonfly (15)850 KB
All For One - As You Wish.pdf50 KB
Billabong Birl.pdf65 KB
Claymore and Thistle - Dancin' Witches.pdf56 KB
Dragonfly.pdf61 KB
Fyre and Flask - Insomnia.pdf52 KB
Kitty Blossom.pdf54 KB
Kodi's Jig - L' Chaim.pdf60 KB
Mad Jack - Rite of Spring.pdf50 KB
New Zealand Fern - Redwood Arbor.pdf53 KB
Sally Dee - Shunt.pdf47 KB
Song of the Selkie - Teaching Toronto.pdf54 KB
The Double Dragon - Friday Night Reel - Fyrefly Reel.pdf50 KB
The Lighthouse.pdf74 KB
Tides of Asilomar.pdf68 KB
Vexed and Hexed, Halloween - Wild Creek.pdf56 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dunblane Holiday (8)370 KB
Dunblane Holiday.pdf62 KB
Fisherman's Reel.pdf45 KB
Jane's Jig.pdf38 KB
Kate's Travels.pdf59 KB
Lack O' Men.pdf51 KB
Mrs Bunty Somes.pdf46 KB
Mrs Leeman Dances.pdf27 KB
Quick and Easy.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dundonald Collection (9)484 KB
Across the Tweed.pdf33 KB
Clachan Bridge + Dandaleith.pdf57 KB
Jeanie's Jig + John Burnet Hall.pdf44 KB
Rambling Through Linton + Strathallan Castle.pdf54 KB
Rosemary.pdf48 KB
St Valentine Strathspey.pdf51 KB
The Diamond Jubilee Medley.pdf75 KB
The Lassies of Belfast.pdf60 KB
The Royal Prince.pdf60 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dunedin Dances Book 1 (11)347 KB
Craigdarroch's Whistle.pdf52 KB
Derwent Strathspey.pdf22 KB
Forfar Frolic.pdf32 KB
Forth Frolics.pdf36 KB
Heather on the Mountain.pdf29 KB
The 26th of March.pdf31 KB
The Cuddy.pdf28 KB
The Lang Whang.pdf26 KB
The Moray House of Edinburgh.pdf28 KB
The Spinney Strathspey.pdf25 KB
The Wind on Loch Fyne.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dunedin Dances Book 2 (11)354 KB
At the Edge of the Clear Running Burn.pdf28 KB
Belgian Folly.pdf34 KB
Caley Capers.pdf33 KB
Gypsy Glen.pdf30 KB
Louden Woods.pdf35 KB
Muckle Ado.pdf24 KB
Nighean Donn.pdf28 KB
Northesk.pdf33 KB
The Argee Bargee Rant.pdf39 KB
The Pigeon on the Gate.pdf27 KB
The Spinning Wheel Reel.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dunedin Dances Book 3 (14)584 KB
Hands Across the Sea.pdf41 KB
Indian Peter's Reel.pdf30 KB
Law and Order.pdf32 KB
Pillings - The Quern, The Cornet's Chase, The Caribou Gathering.pdf84 KB
Stewart's Lassie.pdf38 KB
The Caribou Gathering.pdf49 KB
The Comely Lass.pdf35 KB
The Cornet's Chase.pdf40 KB
The Dean Village Reel.pdf39 KB
The Highlander's Jig.pdf38 KB
The Hole in the Wa'.pdf37 KB
The Marchmont Eightsome.pdf51 KB
The Mercat Cross.pdf36 KB
The Quern.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dunedin Dances Book 4 (14)523 KB
Diane's Fancy.pdf31 KB
Dunedin Folly.pdf36 KB
Katie's Jig.pdf33 KB
Lawson's Lady.pdf28 KB
Mosshouse.pdf35 KB
New Elgin.pdf37 KB
The Bookworm.pdf55 KB
The Chairman.pdf34 KB
The Dunedin Festival Dance.pdf28 KB
The Geese in the Bog.pdf40 KB
The Maltings Jig.pdf28 KB
The Mill of Towie.pdf34 KB
The One O'Clock Canon.pdf65 KB
Troy's Wedding.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dunedin Dances Book 5 (24)772 KB
Auld acquaintance.pdf31 KB
Chris in the Kitchen.pdf30 KB
Dunedin Quadrille.pdf32 KB
Edinburgh's Welcome.pdf31 KB
Hurlygush.pdf32 KB
Katie's Ceilidh.pdf28 KB
Late in the Day.pdf31 KB
Mince and Tatties.pdf35 KB
Moira's Majority.pdf29 KB
Reel of the Puffins.pdf35 KB
Stephen's Strathspey.pdf29 KB
Tak Tent.pdf34 KB
The Blainslie Fancy.pdf39 KB
The Buchan Lass.pdf33 KB
The Cleikum Crozier.pdf31 KB
The Highland Midge.pdf32 KB
The Hoolet.pdf29 KB
The Janeil Strathspey.pdf31 KB
The Kestrel.pdf32 KB
The Odd Couple.pdf41 KB
The Perfect Blend.pdf29 KB
The Purple Heather Jig.pdf32 KB
The Three Millstones.pdf31 KB
Two Roses.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dunedin Dances Book 6 (18)1.151 KB
A Jig For Jim and Joe.pdf63 KB
Culduthel Rant.pdf56 KB
Deb's Christmas Cracker.pdf63 KB
Dunedin Ruby.pdf56 KB
Merchiston Castle Jig.pdf62 KB
Speedy Thomas.pdf56 KB
St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh.pdf59 KB
Swiss Chocolate.pdf56 KB
The Animals Lit Up Two By Two.pdf63 KB
The Badgers Dance.pdf122 KB
The Collingwood Oaks.pdf62 KB
The Flight of the Teale.pdf61 KB
The Glasgow Reel.pdf65 KB
The Hot Cross Bun.pdf58 KB
Three Score by Four.pdf70 KB
Triskeltion.pdf62 KB
Troublesome Threesomes.pdf61 KB
Vallay Sound.pdf57 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dunse Book (4)105 KB
Millerton Brig.pdf34 KB
St Ebba's Strand.pdf35 KB
The Border Bridge.pdf18 KB
The Scots Gate.pdf19 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Dunsmuir Dances (22)906 KB
Crowcombe and Stogumber.pdf38 KB
Fair Ronny's Reel.pdf37 KB
Hanna's Pride.pdf48 KB
Linnea's Strathspey.pdf45 KB
Margot's Love.pdf42 KB
Maurice.pdf42 KB
Midnight Tryst at Haunted Manor.pdf55 KB
Miss Jane Muirhead of Dunsmuir.pdf35 KB
Mole's Frolic.pdf37 KB
Ratty's Hornpipe.pdf33 KB
Robert's Reel.pdf37 KB
Sinclair's Chief.pdf38 KB
Sleepers Awake.pdf36 KB
Sunday Afternoon Jig.pdf33 KB
The 10th of May.pdf68 KB
The Diamond Quarrie.pdf40 KB
The Dunsmuir Eightsome.pdf74 KB
The Fiddlehead.pdf27 KB
The Seamstress.pdf44 KB
The Stolen Kiss.pdf31 KB
The Sylvan Strathspey.pdf31 KB
Toad of Toad Hall.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\East Ivanhoe Book (17)665 KB
A Twirl for Jean.pdf37 KB
Arrabri Reel.pdf42 KB
Arrabri Scramble.pdf22 KB
Black Magic.pdf30 KB
Crystal.pdf47 KB
Felix Fancy Free.pdf35 KB
Midway Park.pdf65 KB
Never You Mind About That.pdf34 KB
Now Where's She Gone.pdf45 KB
Tambourine.pdf31 KB
The Carnival.pdf41 KB
The Housewarming.pdf34 KB
The Iris Jig.pdf31 KB
The Tall Ships.pdf63 KB
The Vineyard.pdf32 KB
Victorian Scots Bicentennial Reel.pdf42 KB
Welcome Home.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\East Ivanhoe Book 2 (19)936 KB
Beacon on the Law.pdf41 KB
Core of My Heart.pdf47 KB
Dundee Weaver - Ewing Anniversary Strathspey.pdf72 KB
Glamis Cross.pdf71 KB
Mischief.pdf40 KB
Miss Kathy Beaton.pdf49 KB
Moomba Magic.pdf40 KB
Passing Through.pdf29 KB
Picnic on the Grass.pdf28 KB
Queen's Park.pdf42 KB
Salute Red Cross.pdf38 KB
The Golden Wattle Jig.pdf40 KB
The Howqua Valley Strathspey.pdf35 KB
The Road to MacKay.pdf47 KB
The Rose O' Balvenie.pdf64 KB
Through a Looking Glass.pdf69 KB
Tidal River Reel.pdf64 KB
Tournee-Do - The Travelling Scots.pdf70 KB
Wilson's Prom Strathspey.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Edinburgh Branch Ladies' Club Jubilee Book (6)273 KB
Diamond 96.pdf38 KB
Diamond Celebration.pdf48 KB
Diamonds for the Ladies.pdf29 KB
Medley for Maisie & Nellie.pdf68 KB
The Golden Jubilee Reel.pdf30 KB
The Presidents' Strathspey.pdf59 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Edinburgh Diamond Jubilee Dances (4)297 KB
Castle Wynd.pdf79 KB
Edina's Pride.pdf66 KB
Eilidh MacIain.pdf82 KB
Melville Castle.pdf70 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Eight Anniversary Dance (51st Club Johannesburg Branch) (8)365 KB
Anya's Dance.pdf28 KB
Beginner's Luch.pdf32 KB
Black Snuff Mill.pdf42 KB
John and Christine's Wedding.pdf31 KB
The Laird of Berryhill.pdf104 KB
The Orange Grove.pdf37 KB
The Protea and the Thistle.pdf45 KB
Welcome to the 51st.pdf47 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Eight Dances for Anne Hueser (8)274 KB
Anne's Heather Jig.pdf36 KB
Dyer's Andover Hey.pdf37 KB
Hurricane Watch.pdf37 KB
Jacksonville Reel.pdf28 KB
Jolly Stewart's No-Setting Jig.pdf37 KB
St Paul's Common.pdf31 KB
The Spring Fling.pdf31 KB
What Could be Easier.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Eight Scottish Country Dances (8)307 KB
Braw, Braw Lads.pdf38 KB
Ellwyn Strathspey.pdf36 KB
Ellwyn's Fairy Glen.pdf29 KB
Gala Water.pdf26 KB
Lauderdale Lads.pdf39 KB
The Back o' Bennachie.pdf37 KB
The Border Reiver's Bride.pdf74 KB
The Wind that Shakes the Barley.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Elizabeth Mary's Book (9)280 KB
Andrew Arrived.pdf34 KB
Colin's Revel Rant - Debbie's Little Darlings.pdf51 KB
Desborough's Dance.pdf32 KB
Donnachadh Coir.pdf28 KB
Ealing Ladies.pdf29 KB
Elizabeth Mary.pdf30 KB
Jean Reid.pdf25 KB
Kelly From Isle of Man.pdf26 KB
Remember Betty.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Ena Smith Memorial Booklet (7)205 KB
Ellis Court Strathspey.pdf28 KB
Ena's Love.pdf27 KB
Ghillies.pdf42 KB
Memory Lane.pdf28 KB
The Edinburgh Lass.pdf30 KB
The Lass Frae Auld Reekie.pdf18 KB
Where Gadie Rins.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Fairy Bridge Book (8)415 KB
Company at the Manor.pdf57 KB
Dunbar Castle.pdf47 KB
The Clavie.pdf57 KB
The Fairy Bridge.pdf42 KB
The Fickle Lass.pdf72 KB
The Rover's Return.pdf40 KB
The Silver Glen.pdf37 KB
The Young Pretender.pdf62 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Farewell My Fancy (14)524 KB
Ann Nisbet's Strathspey.pdf36 KB
Dear Gladys.pdf34 KB
Farewell My Fancy.pdf27 KB
Hi Kiwi.pdf38 KB
Kilrymont.pdf36 KB
Maskelia.pdf36 KB
Miss Johnstone.of Dumfries.pdf37 KB
Montreal Rendezvous.pdf27 KB
Sir James Baird's Strathspey.pdf34 KB
The Expert Dancer.pdf39 KB
The High Bridge O' Ken.pdf35 KB
The Northern Meeting.pdf73 KB
The Shetland Fiddler.pdf35 KB
The Travellers' Jig.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Feathered Friends - Not in GT (11)393 KB
A Charm of Goldfinches.pdf40 KB
Albatrosses and Shearwaters.pdf43 KB
Birding on the Beach.pdf46 KB
Dance o da Shetland Puffins.pdf28 KB
Ducks in a Row.pdf33 KB
Ducks in a Row - ECD.pdf43 KB
The Dipper.pdf28 KB
The Elegant Tern.pdf48 KB
The Eurasian Collared Dove -ECD.pdf25 KB
The Owl and the Chickadees.pdf32 KB
The Rock Wren.pdf27 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Fifty Scottish Dances - Not in GT (26)1.171 KB
Auld Lang Syne - Berwik Johnnie.pdf44 KB
Campbell's Frolic - Ca' the Ewes tae the Knowes.pdf43 KB
Dalkeith's Strathspey - The Deil amang the Tailors.pdf45 KB
Hamilton House - Haste to the Wedding.pdf43 KB
Isle of Skye - Strathglass House.pdf55 KB
Jessie's Hornpipe - Jimmy's Fancy.pdf43 KB
Johnny Groat's House - Miss Hadden's Reel.pdf46 KB
Ladies' Fancy - Lamb Skinnet.pdf37 KB
Lord Rosslyn's Fancy - The Machine without Horses.pdf40 KB
Madge Wildfire's Stathspey - Seann Truibhas Willichan.pdf53 KB
Maxwell's Rant - The Montgomeries' Reel.pdf40 KB
Miss Nancy Frowns - The New Rigged Ship.pdf47 KB
Monymusk - Captain McBride's Hornpipe.pdf45 KB
Mrs MacLeod - Bridge of Nairn.pdf47 KB
Rakes of Glasgow - The Scotch Circle.pdf37 KB
Sugar Candie - General Stuart's Reel.pdf50 KB
The Birks of Invermay - The Braes of Breadalbane.pdf46 KB
The Buchan Eightsome Reel.pdf40 KB
The College Hornpipe - The River Cree.pdf43 KB
The Duke of Atholl's Reel - Fidget.pdf40 KB
The Frisky - The Gates of Edinburgh.pdf45 KB
The Highland Plaid (Tartan Plaidie) - Hooper's Jig.pdf51 KB
The Lea Rig - Lord Elgin's Reel.pdf42 KB
The Reel of the 51st Division.pdf39 KB
Up in the Air - Waverley.pdf56 KB
West's Hornpipe - The Wild Geese.pdf54 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Five Scottish Country Dances (5)180 KB
A Borders Welcome.pdf29 KB
Callanish Stones.pdf34 KB
Dornie Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Kinburn Park.pdf32 KB
The January Strathspey.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Flying Ghillies Collection Vol 1 (13)937 KB
Bon Voyage, Bennett.pdf73 KB
Crazy Eights.pdf74 KB
Joyce's Birthday Surprise.pdf70 KB
Kilmartin Glen.pdf75 KB
Leigh House Strathspey.pdf77 KB
MacLellan's Brook.pdf79 KB
Patty Lindsay's Rant.pdf69 KB
Pinwheels.pdf68 KB
Poor Molly.pdf74 KB
Reel of the Scotia Country Dancers.pdf77 KB
Slip the Surly Bonds.pdf60 KB
The Flying Ghillies.pdf73 KB
The Road to Montgomery.pdf66 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Flying Ghillies Collection Vol 2 (14)298 KB
Battle Crek Breeze.pdf13 KB
Ben Vrackie.pdf16 KB
Bleary-Eyed Laddie.pdf13 KB
Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker.pdf13 KB
Don't Forget Your Ghillies.pdf12 KB
Halloween Medley.pdf11 KB
Mairi's Scandalous Illicit Affair.pdf12 KB
Nessie to the Bottom (The Babysitter).pdf13 KB
Roamin' Robbie.pdf13 KB
Sylvander and Clarinda.pdf13 KB
The Greenbelt Gallop.pdf10 KB
The New River Reel.pdf11 KB
The Skipping Rock Reel.pdf137 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Flying Ghillies Collection Vol 3 (19)516 KB
Burnham Reel.pdf8 KB
Coire Lagan.pdf12 KB
Couldn't Sleep.pdf9 KB
FlyingGhilliesCollection_Vol3 (1) 20.pdf58 KB
Gude Ale Keeps the Heart Aboon.pdf12 KB
Here Comes Santa Claus.pdf90 KB
Loch Coruisk.pdf11 KB
Mally's Meek, Mally's Sweet.pdf13 KB
Molly MacLay of Kilfinnan.pdf12 KB
My Heart's in the Highlands.pdf12 KB
Patty's Strathspey.pdf80 KB
Quaternary Knot.pdf10 KB
Shoplifting Seagulls.pdf12 KB
Slipstop Jig.pdf9 KB
The Blethering Ghillie.pdf9 KB
The Falkirk Wheel.pdf73 KB
The Falls of Lana.pdf13 KB
Thistle School Jig.pdf58 KB
Ullinish Lodge.pdf14 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Flying Ghillies Collection Vol 4 (12)120 KB
200 King Street North.pdf9 KB
Barnyard Geese.pdf8 KB
Corn Chowder.pdf8 KB
Poor Molly.pdf8 KB
Reel Easy 8x32 R.pdf8 KB
Reely Easy Strathspey 8x32 S.pdf8 KB
The Grange Hall.pdf11 KB
The New River Reel.pdf9 KB
The Road to Montgomery.pdf8 KB
The Steve Mangan Jig.pdf8 KB
The Wright Reel.pdf8 KB
Wee Walter's Wander.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Footnotes (7)285 KB
A Jig for Rebecca.pdf52 KB
By the Way.pdf32 KB
Heatherbrae.pdf51 KB
Horsewells Jig.pdf38 KB
Netherhall.pdf26 KB
The Coming of Age.pdf35 KB
The Lad and His Lass.pdf52 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Footnotes 5 (10)777 KB
A Trip to Moscow.pdf77 KB
Fairfield.pdf79 KB
For Auld Acquaintance.pdf70 KB
John Gordon.pdf77 KB
Macdonald's Hornpipe.pdf81 KB
McKone's Hornpipe.pdf82 KB
Moira's Jig.pdf82 KB
The Littles of St Andrews.pdf82 KB
The Pink Ribbon.pdf74 KB
Twelvesome.pdf73 KB
\Collections\Other Books\For Old Tymes Sake (7)176 KB
Bobby's Favourite.pdf25 KB
Drummer's Daunder.pdf26 KB
Keyboard Kapers.pdf24 KB
Laird's Levity.pdf24 KB
Rob's Delight.pdf37 KB
The Brownrigg Reel.pdf20 KB
The Scottish Accent Reel.pdf20 KB
\Collections\Other Books\For Your Dancing Pleasure (10)422 KB
At the Studio.pdf33 KB
Calling it Off Strathspey.pdf33 KB
Collie Wobbles.pdf31 KB
Dancie's Delight.pdf58 KB
Her Majesty's Crown.pdf33 KB
Hero's Welcome.pdf33 KB
Keeneland.pdf35 KB
Music Square Reel.pdf57 KB
The Rampant Lions.pdf53 KB
Wide Awake.pdf56 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Fort Worden Decennial Dances (9)410 KB
An Officer and a Gentleman.pdf38 KB
Craigflower Cutie.pdf39 KB
Highland Potlatch.pdf40 KB
Princes Street.pdf48 KB
The Fort Worden Pentangle.pdf45 KB
The Fort Worden Reel.pdf60 KB
The Tenth Annual Fort Worden Reel.pdf50 KB
Wandering Scots.pdf39 KB
Worden Welcome.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Forty Years On (28)4.025 KB
7th Wonder.pdf131 KB
A Highveld Wedding.pdf115 KB
Cooks' Strathspey.pdf49 KB
Dancing Delight.pdf45 KB
Dancing Gorse.pdf96 KB
Dolphin Frolic.pdf119 KB
Elephants Don't Forget.pdf123 KB
Floral Bouquet.pdf111 KB
Forty Years On.pdf77 KB
Four Double Six Six Four jig.pdf122 KB
Going Home.pdf127 KB
Going in Circles.pdf359 KB
Goodness Gracious Grasshopper.pdf111 KB
Helen and Jean's Welcome to Gauteng.pdf425 KB
Ke Nako - It is time.pdf119 KB
Land of the Rising Sun.pdf402 KB
Maria's Farewell to Pretoria.pdf110 KB
Master Duncan Nelson.pdf98 KB
Mauve Mist, Purple Haze - Pretoria in Jacaranda Time.pdf113 KB
Miss McBurnie's Wedding.pdf124 KB
Of Butterflies and Rainbows.pdf124 KB
Reel to the Future.pdf83 KB
Send Her Victorious.pdf191 KB
Shadows and Reflections.pdf100 KB
The City of Christchurch.pdf152 KB
The Jay Birds.pdf105 KB
Turning Sixty.pdf116 KB
Walking on Clouds.pdf177 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Four SCDs in Memory of Mary Nixon (4)150 KB
Mary Branigan Nixon.pdf33 KB
Mary Branigan's Delight.pdf45 KB
Mary's Strathspey.pdf34 KB
Mistress Mary.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Four Scottish Country Dances (4)508 KB
The Andenne Jig.pdf46 KB
The Celtic Cross.pdf189 KB
The Guethary Reel.pdf92 KB
The Sutton Strathspey.pdf180 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Frae Thursday Nicht ' til Friday Morn (11)363 KB
Beauly Priory.pdf27 KB
Don's Dance.pdf31 KB
Glencoe Loch.pdf43 KB
Grannie's Caper.pdf39 KB
Nessie's Real.pdf32 KB
Over the Forth to Scone.pdf28 KB
The Carousel.pdf27 KB
The Celtic Cross.pdf33 KB
The Dodgems.pdf26 KB
The Five Minute Wonder.pdf38 KB
The Footdee Slider.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Friendship Book of Scottish Dances (7)521 KB
Agnes Evans.pdf86 KB
Emmie's Delight.pdf73 KB
Fiona's Medley - Jessie's Strathspey.pdf92 KB
Grand Slam.pdf86 KB
St Dunstan's Dance.pdf47 KB
The Happy Couple.pdf87 KB
The Silver Chain.pdf50 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Friendship Dances (6)196 KB
75 Years Young.pdf38 KB
A Strathspey for Eric.pdf27 KB
Betty Wilde's Delight.pdf25 KB
Follow Your Love.pdf32 KB
Luck to You (Mo Ghenar Duit).pdf37 KB
Williams's Jig.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\From Paper to Pearl (12)498 KB
Bonjour -Au Revoir.pdf35 KB
Born to Dance.pdf46 KB
From Paper to Pearl.pdf47 KB
GAGT's Reel.pdf32 KB
Lonely Sunday.pdf35 KB
Once Upon a Time.pdf44 KB
Rondel in Waterloo.pdf36 KB
Skip Change Only.pdf32 KB
Sleepless in Normandale.pdf35 KB
Stratton Street.pdf53 KB
Taste @ Sawtell.pdf52 KB
The Pentland Hills.pdf51 KB
\Collections\Other Books\From the Danube to the Liffey (10)399 KB
Bridges Over the Danube.pdf42 KB
Causeway Capers.pdf41 KB
Crossing the Globe.pdf41 KB
The Arrogant Frog.pdf38 KB
The Irish Washer.pdf39 KB
The Italian Tryst.pdf39 KB
The Kilted Norseman.pdf38 KB
The Northern Spring.pdf40 KB
The Pride of Paris.pdf40 KB
Your Lady is Waiting.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\From The Redwood Forest (17)584 KB
A Dance Called Irene.pdf35 KB
Arniston House.pdf34 KB
Cauld Comfort.pdf35 KB
Fair Jenny's Jig.pdf23 KB
Jitka's Dance.pdf34 KB
John Derek Evans.pdf36 KB
Marghie's Wedding.pdf25 KB
Muse Cottage.pdf39 KB
Rascal Fair.pdf35 KB
Redwood Empire Strathspey.pdf28 KB
Russian River Reel.pdf30 KB
St Ola.pdf35 KB
Summer's End.pdf30 KB
The King's Highway.pdf30 KB
The Uhlingers.pdf36 KB
Timepiece.pdf64 KB
Trip to Paradise.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Fun For All Seasons (12)496 KB
Autumn Leaves.pdf38 KB
Deja Vu.pdf58 KB
Ladies and Gents.pdf41 KB
More for Four.pdf36 KB
Roundabout.pdf41 KB
Sante Fe Summer.pdf45 KB
Scottish Witch.pdf37 KB
Spring Fever.pdf37 KB
The Chase.pdf39 KB
The Rockhound Reel.pdf47 KB
The Third Grey Cat.pdf44 KB
Winter Wonder.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Gaelic College SCD Book 12 (Corrie Dances) (15)1.302 KB
Corrie Buidhe - Corrie Gorm.pdf87 KB
Corrie Creagach.pdf86 KB
Corrie Na Ciche.pdf86 KB
Corrie Nan Clach.pdf86 KB
Corrie Sith - Corrie Domhainn.pdf87 KB
Corrie Sneachda - Corrie An Dubh Lochain.pdf86 KB
Corrieyaireag - Corrie Cas.pdf87 KB
Foot it Out.pdf87 KB
Loch A' Chait - Corrie Brochain.pdf87 KB
Rhinns of Galloway - Mull of Galloway.pdf88 KB
Tak Me Awa - Dance, Dance - Dorothy's Wedding Dance.pdf88 KB
The Coire - Carie Corrie.pdf87 KB
The Dancing Dhonnachaidh - The Dancing Circle.pdf87 KB
Toe & Heel the Reel - Lassie Wi' the Carroty Pow.pdf87 KB
Trippit Lightly.pdf87 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Glasgow Assembly (21)1.099 KB
Blithe and Cheerie.pdf46 KB
Bonnie Stronshiray.pdf57 KB
Campsie Glen.pdf54 KB
Davy Nick Nack.pdf39 KB
General Ritchie's Reel.pdf42 KB
Geneva Park.pdf48 KB
Glasgow Assembly.pdf65 KB
Glasgow Assembly - Notes on the Dances.pdf131 KB
Gushet Neuk.pdf45 KB
Havest Time.pdf41 KB
John Anderson's Reel.pdf40 KB
Leslie's Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Let's Have a Ceilidh.pdf56 KB
On the Wings of the Morning.pdf45 KB
Riggs of Corn.pdf33 KB
The Australian Ladies.pdf56 KB
The Banks of Spey.pdf63 KB
The Golden Ring.pdf54 KB
The Links o' Forth.pdf51 KB
The MacFarlanes' Strathspey.pdf51 KB
The Philabeg Formation.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Glasgow Diamond Jubilee 1923 - 1983 (8)365 KB
A Hot Toddy.pdf43 KB
Birkmyre Park.pdf51 KB
Dear Green Place.pdf79 KB
Formation - The Tourbillon.pdf35 KB
Paisley Mondays.pdf32 KB
Sands of Morar.pdf31 KB
The Highlandman's Umbrella.pdf55 KB
The Shooglie.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Goathland Collection (3)111 KB
Hilary's Jig.pdf36 KB
Mrs Ena Meikle's Strathspey.pdf34 KB
The Mallyan Spout.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Golden Links (9)408 KB
Cavehill.pdf39 KB
Golden Links.pdf44 KB
Heeliegoleerie.pdf66 KB
Kennedy Capers.pdf34 KB
Myra's Medley + St Margaret's Strathspey.pdf44 KB
Stormont Castle.pdf42 KB
The Allamanda Tree.pdf48 KB
The Golden Oriole.pdf46 KB
The Portadown Strathspey.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Golden Oriole Book (8)467 KB
McPhail's Anvil.pdf36 KB
Prince Charlie's Well.pdf44 KB
Rakes of Auld Reekie.pdf45 KB
The Dowie Dens.pdf55 KB
The Fete Champetre.pdf102 KB
The Golden Oriole.pdf64 KB
The Haunted Manor.pdf63 KB
Woodland Assembly.pdf57 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Gordon Reels (6)487 KB
Bydand - By Courage Not Craft.pdf78 KB
Gordon Highlanders - The Royal Gordon.pdf108 KB
Gordon of Methlic - Ivy.pdf79 KB
Lands of Haddo - Baronet of Nova Scotia.pdf83 KB
The Ancient Gordon - The Hunting Gordon.pdf74 KB
The Border Gordons - Gordons of Kirkcudbright.pdf66 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Graded and Social Dances 2 by Roy Goldring (23)900 KB
Alice's Request.pdf45 KB
Andrew and Gordon's Jig.pdf45 KB
Beeswing.pdf25 KB
Bill Little's Strathspey.pdf27 KB
Clatterin' Brig.pdf46 KB
Clydebank Strathspey.pdf46 KB
Craigleith.pdf30 KB
George Stirrat's Rant.pdf70 KB
Hope Little's Strathspey.pdf25 KB
More Bees a-Dancing.pdf56 KB
Mouswald.pdf37 KB
New Abbey.pdf38 KB
New Caledonia Jig.pdf38 KB
Stepping It Out.pdf43 KB
The Edinburgh Exiles.pdf47 KB
The Goat Fell Gallop.pdf30 KB
The Lady Wynd.pdf36 KB
The Silver Grey.pdf28 KB
The Wandering Piper.pdf39 KB
The Wigtown Cross.pdf38 KB
Thornycroft.pdf43 KB
Tomtain Brae.pdf39 KB
West End Strathspey.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Graded and Social Dances 3 (16)528 KB
A Starter for Ten.pdf33 KB
Branches Together.pdf61 KB
Caerlaverock Castle.pdf36 KB
Figure It Out.pdf32 KB
In Traditional Mode.pdf31 KB
It Should Be fun.pdf26 KB
Rachel in Maryland.pdf32 KB
Rannoch Moor.pdf36 KB
Reel On.pdf34 KB
The Mountain Stream.pdf26 KB
The Pipe Opener.pdf24 KB
The Pleasure is Mine.pdf26 KB
There and Back.pdf26 KB
Time to Meet.pdf26 KB
Uncle Bill's Jig.pdf34 KB
Yvonne's Lasses.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Grampian Collection of Scottish Country Dances (12)718 KB
Craigellachie Bridge.pdf63 KB
Glen Feshie.pdf35 KB
Rest and Be Thankful.pdf49 KB
The Falls of Foyers.pdf57 KB
The Grampian Strathspey.pdf54 KB
The Highwayman.pdf29 KB
The Imperial Strathspey.pdf63 KB
The Laggan.pdf100 KB
The Laird and the Lass.pdf109 KB
The Merry Medley.pdf63 KB
The Ospreys' Nest.pdf57 KB
The Rendezvous.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Grand Chain and Allepouss (9)237 KB
Farewell to St Kilda.pdf27 KB
Grand Chain and Allepouss.pdf20 KB
Nunspeet Frolic.pdf19 KB
Petra's Fancy.pdf23 KB
Sweet Mary.pdf31 KB
The Path of Life.pdf31 KB
The Reel of Happiness.pdf27 KB
The Swans of Berneray.pdf35 KB
Under A Thatched Roof.pdf23 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Gray Collection SCDs, Book 1 (8)966 KB
Dancing Vacation.pdf75 KB
Debbie's Strathspey.pdf98 KB
Homeward Bound.pdf59 KB
MacGruder's Ceilidh.pdf242 KB
Rhys' Welcome Jig.pdf82 KB
Sweet Ginger.pdf145 KB
Twelfth Night Jig.pdf135 KB
Winter Dream.pdf130 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Gretchen's Fancy (18)788 KB
A Scottish Wedding.pdf54 KB
Cullisons' Jig.pdf46 KB
Fingal's Cave.pdf41 KB
Flintlock and Loom.pdf50 KB
Formation - La Baratte.pdf27 KB
Gib's Special.pdf34 KB
Gretchen's Fancy.pdf34 KB
Isomata Fog.pdf29 KB
Karl's Reel.pdf30 KB
Lindsay's Rant.pdf47 KB
Marilyn's Medley.pdf42 KB
Martha's Enchanted Garden.pdf43 KB
Mo Ghaoil or The Highland Dancer.pdf66 KB
Monday Madness.pdf86 KB
Our Friend Bill.pdf37 KB
The Argument.pdf30 KB
The Clarsach.pdf43 KB
The Golden Feather.pdf46 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Hague Silver Jubilee (6)257 KB
Follow me to St Andrews.pdf32 KB
Sunshine - Medley.pdf44 KB
The Hague Silver Jubilee.pdf35 KB
The Ladebraes Jig.pdf40 KB
The Stork Town Jig.pdf39 KB
The Windmill Reel.pdf68 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Haliburton Book 01 (Tenth Anniversary Book) (9)215 KB
Dancing Roon the Green - Blythe & Cheerie.pdf24 KB
Frae Hough to Hough - Irish Drover.pdf28 KB
Furl About the Feezings - Dance Best That Dances Fast.pdf25 KB
Going for a Spin - Up a Notch - Squared Away.pdf23 KB
Like to Fa' - Wi' Mirth and Glee.pdf28 KB
Proud and Saucy - Notes.pdf18 KB
Shake a Foot - Blaw Up Your Chanter.pdf25 KB
Sic a Ewie - Round We Go - Round Reel of 6.pdf20 KB
The Tempest - Beginners Luch - Thread the Needle.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Haliburton Book 02 (Let's Dance) (14)369 KB
A Dance She Grac'd - Like Ane Bewitch'd.pdf28 KB
A Souple Jade - Sich a Caper.pdf26 KB
Fain to Follow - As Bees Flee Hame.pdf34 KB
Felicidades - Three's a Crowd.pdf27 KB
Gie Us the Gift - Tread Ye Lightly.pdf28 KB
Jig Along Home - Remembering Abbotsford.pdf22 KB
Lades O' Treasure - The Wing'd Minute.pdf33 KB
Like Snow on the River.pdf23 KB
Mettle in Their Heels - Quick & Quicker Flew.pdf21 KB
See a Man Sae Happy - They Reel'd & Set.pdf33 KB
See This - The Deil Confound Me.pdf27 KB
The Borealis Race.pdf26 KB
Toss Your Head - Frae Many a Blunder Free Us.pdf19 KB
Wing'd Wi Pleasure - Get Up and Rin.pdf22 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Haliburton Book 03 (Corners) (12)1.056 KB
Bide Awhile - Armit Wi' A'.pdf88 KB
Dinna Fash - Keik Ben.pdf88 KB
Fidgin Fain - The Bladderskate.pdf87 KB
Flaff Roon - Dinna Kittl Me.pdf88 KB
Moorburn - The River Jumped O'er the Mountain.pdf88 KB
Shake Da Foot - Trippit Cantily.pdf89 KB
Shauchlin Doon - Tuther Gait.pdf88 KB
The Ganemountis - The Guise.pdf88 KB
The Hielan' Padyane - Fair O' Feir.pdf88 KB
The Spark O' Water - Skippit a Wee.pdf88 KB
The Wedding Ring - A Wee Butt and Ben for Colleen.pdf89 KB
Weel Bobb'd - Frisk O'er the Drum.pdf88 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Haliburton Book 04 (10)1.353 KB
A Guid New Year - Clara's Wedding - It's Past Eight O'Clock - Tulloch Burn.pdf135 KB
Balanced Rock Reel - Jist a Wee Drappie.pdf135 KB
Beauty of the South - Haliburton Circle.pdf135 KB
Feilleadh Beag - Breccan Feile.pdf137 KB
Follow My Lassokie - Weave the Basket.pdf134 KB
Shades of Cape Breton.pdf136 KB
Silver Buckle - Tartan Buckle - The Doublet.pdf135 KB
The French Knot - Drowsy Maggie - The Rigmarole.pdf135 KB
The Roundabout - A Wee Bit Fu'.pdf135 KB
Weave the Plaid - The Hodden Shawl - Better on the Other Side.pdf135 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Haliburton Book 05 (6)915 KB
Balmae Reel.pdf152 KB
Cairnsmore of Fleet - Auchencairn.pdf153 KB
Doon the Brae - Da Fiddle Moves Me - Knockwalloch.pdf153 KB
Double Eights - Knocked Sideways.pdf152 KB
Reel for Rajiv.pdf153 KB
Ross Creek Mixer - Tribute to Barb Bolin - Circle Strathspey.pdf152 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Haliburton Book 06 (Twenty-Ten) (15)1.959 KB
All Glint and Glisk - Dinna Haud the Cannle - Treeple on the Square.pdf131 KB
Barman's Jig - The Blythest Lilt.pdf130 KB
Cantily Lilt it - Reill O' Life.pdf131 KB
Cockledum Ditt the Feet.pdf131 KB
Dance O' Vowels - The Run-Deil Dance.pdf131 KB
Dance Your Hear Intil You Feet - Keep Yer Ribbons Reelin'.pdf131 KB
Follow the Knowes - Hanle the Feet.pdf131 KB
Lilt It Pair on Pair - Dance O' Hoochs.pdf130 KB
The Auld Rigg - The Broome Rigg.pdf130 KB
The Barley Rigg - The Run Rigg - The Lang Rigg.pdf131 KB
The Foreoars Lilt - The Rankin' Kirn.pdf131 KB
The Hilkadans - Rigadown-Daisy.pdf130 KB
Thresher Round - The Treeple Bob.pdf130 KB
Toronto Waltz.pdf129 KB
Twalsome Reel - Reel Dozen.pdf131 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Haliburton Book 07 (7)704 KB
Rabbie's Rant - Around the Cabot Trail - Autumn Leaves.pdf100 KB
The Cromach - A Reel Wheel Chase.pdf100 KB
The Diamond Reel.pdf100 KB
The Rigg - Oot and Aboot.pdf100 KB
The Weaver's Bonnie - Round the Set - Over the Heather - Summer Festival.pdf101 KB
Valentine Special - Dinna Gang Aglae - La Triomphe.pdf102 KB
Wi' Cutty Steps - Get the Feet A'Frisking.pdf101 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Hamilton Silver Anniversary (11)592 KB
Dundurn Castle.pdf42 KB
Hamilton Hornpipe.pdf51 KB
Mary Hamilton.pdf78 KB
Miss Jean Matheson.pdf61 KB
The Eerie Shores.pdf50 KB
The Golden Ring.pdf50 KB
The Hamilton Rant.pdf47 KB
The Middleton Medley.pdf39 KB
The Queen's Representative.pdf56 KB
The Sound of Harris.pdf63 KB
Welcome to Niagara.pdf57 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Hamish Dances (4)168 KB
Hamish's Trip to Inverary.pdf31 KB
My Trusty Fiere.pdf61 KB
The End is Oft the Beginning.pdf35 KB
The Housemouse or Hamish's Jig.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Happy to Meet (9)237 KB
Happy to Meet.pdf28 KB
The Kingston Flyer.pdf28 KB
The Loch Ness Monster.pdf25 KB
The Mad Hatter.pdf23 KB
The March Hare.pdf27 KB
The Piggy Bank.pdf30 KB
The Scottish Werewolf.pdf30 KB
The Wandering Drummer.pdf21 KB
The White Knight.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Home To Hamilton (2)56 KB
Hamilton Hospitality.pdf34 KB
Hamilton Welcome.pdf23 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Houston & District 30th Anniversary Collection (20)738 KB
A Dance for Misato.pdf34 KB
A Rainy Day.pdf33 KB
Arkansas Traveler.pdf37 KB
Carding of the Wool.pdf31 KB
Elgin Wedding Reel.pdf39 KB
Elinor of Briar Lea.pdf35 KB
Flood of '98.pdf30 KB
Fraser's Fiftieth.pdf45 KB
Marion's Medley.pdf38 KB
Meyer Lemon Strathspey.pdf31 KB
Miss Baker's Welcome.pdf35 KB
Oasis.pdf27 KB
Remember the Allemande.pdf36 KB
Rumbling Bridge Reel.pdf38 KB
The Duke & Duchess of Marmalade.pdf40 KB
The Hare Reel.pdf32 KB
The Mathematician.pdf35 KB
The Parking Lot.pdf34 KB
Thistles and Bluebonnets.pdf38 KB
Three Score and Ten.pdf71 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Houston District 30th Anniversary Collection (21)1.670 KB
A Dance For Misato.pdf47 KB
A Rainy Day.pdf50 KB
Arkansas Traveler.pdf120 KB
Carding of the wool.pdf22 KB
Carding the Wool.pdf44 KB
Elgin Wedding Reel.pdf67 KB
Elinor of Briar Lea.pdf60 KB
Flood of '98.pdf47 KB
Fraser's Fiftieth.pdf144 KB
Marion's Medley.pdf62 KB
Meyer Lemon Strathspey.pdf103 KB
Miss Baker's Welcome.pdf52 KB
Oasis.pdf71 KB
Remember the Allemande.pdf117 KB
Rumbling Bridge Reel.pdf122 KB
The Duke & Duchess of Marmalade.pdf135 KB
The Hare Reel.pdf100 KB
The Mathematician.pdf51 KB
The Parking Lot.pdf51 KB
Thistles and Bluebonnets.pdf120 KB
Three Score and Ten.pdf86 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Hunter Valley Book of Dances (24)1.451 KB
A Jig for Charlie.pdf78 KB
After the Ball.pdf61 KB
Belle of the Ball.pdf63 KB
Captain Henderson's Hornpipe.pdf50 KB
Captain's Round.pdf40 KB
Duncan's Dance.pdf49 KB
Guid to Ken Ye.pdf70 KB
Half and Half.pdf84 KB
Hamish McThistle.pdf67 KB
Hunter Valley Strathspey.pdf50 KB
Lake MacQuarie Reel.pdf52 KB
Let Us Dance at Medowie.pdf54 KB
Lieutenant Sortland's Reel.pdf59 KB
Mattara Strathspey.pdf61 KB
Rounds of the Kitchen or Mitchell's Folly.pdf91 KB
Sea-Horse Frolic.pdf43 KB
Tamworth Chase.pdf60 KB
The Capstan.pdf72 KB
The Hunter's Run.pdf61 KB
The Thorntonian Jig.pdf58 KB
Trip to the Vineyards.pdf55 KB
Two Black Cats.pdf60 KB
Welcome All.pdf54 KB
Willie-Waught.pdf58 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Imperial Book of SCD Vol 1 (12)642 KB
Bonnyton Woodie.pdf40 KB
Cargill's Leap.pdf75 KB
Castle Brae.pdf35 KB
Gadie Reel.pdf25 KB
Inverane Rant.pdf57 KB
Lady Mary Douglas.pdf55 KB
Lowern Fair.pdf51 KB
Merry Meg's Strathspey.pdf61 KB
Skyte Neuk.pdf96 KB
The Caledonian Strathspey.pdf48 KB
The Pretender.pdf56 KB
The Twa Corbies.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Imperial Book of SCD Vol 2 (12)933 KB
Alison Rose.pdf54 KB
Duncan's Jig.pdf75 KB
Four of Diamonds.pdf121 KB
Jack O' Carfon.pdf104 KB
Loch Ness Monster.pdf98 KB
Simon Bruce.pdf82 KB
St Andrew's Double Foursome.pdf101 KB
The Blacksmith of Elgin.pdf70 KB
The Changing of the Guard.pdf62 KB
The Longhope Strathspey.pdf37 KB
The Road to Rothesay.pdf48 KB
Whigmaleeries.pdf81 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Imperial Book of SCD Vol 3 (22)903 KB
Aird of Coigach.pdf61 KB
Brig O' Bogendreep.pdf38 KB
Follow My Love.pdf68 KB
Kith and Kin.pdf43 KB
Linn of Dee Medley.pdf38 KB
Miss Nicholl's Reel.pdf34 KB
Moonrakers.pdf43 KB
Mrs Stuart Linnell.pdf72 KB
O'er the Forth to Fife.pdf34 KB
Road to Tomintoul.pdf29 KB
Scotch on the Rocks.pdf35 KB
Silver Penny.pdf38 KB
The Caryl's Jig.pdf55 KB
The Fair Isle Stacs.pdf31 KB
The Forth Bridge.pdf32 KB
The Mill of Haldane.pdf32 KB
The Strathgade Reel.pdf38 KB
The Travelling Tinker.pdf50 KB
The Wee Croft.pdf31 KB
Thistle Down Reel.pdf32 KB
Timptoe and Sway.pdf32 KB
Tiptoe Jig.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Imperial Book of SCD Vol 4 (17)622 KB
Black Horse Medley.pdf36 KB
Corbets Strathspey.pdf25 KB
Craigard.pdf54 KB
Crystal Jig.pdf30 KB
Fifty Glorious Years.pdf55 KB
Glorious Twelfth.pdf26 KB
Hall of the South.pdf18 KB
Heads and Tails.pdf34 KB
Josephine.pdf27 KB
Linlithgow Palace.pdf36 KB
Riding the Border Marches.pdf49 KB
Safe Anchorage.pdf21 KB
St Margaret's Loch.pdf30 KB
The Blanket Preacher of Yarrow.pdf67 KB
The Tey Medley.pdf52 KB
The White Gull of Tay.pdf25 KB
When in Doubt Dance Petronella.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Imperial Book of SCD Vol 5 (19)636 KB
A Jig for Heather.pdf29 KB
Gaelic Mod.pdf25 KB
Harris Tweed.pdf35 KB
It'll Be alright On the Night.pdf35 KB
Kingfisher Jig.pdf27 KB
Lillias.pdf33 KB
Michealmas.pdf33 KB
Miss Russell's Rant.pdf29 KB
Point Your Feet and Smile.pdf39 KB
Sixsome Medley.pdf39 KB
The Battle of the Shirts.pdf43 KB
The Bovaird Strathspey.pdf29 KB
The King's Strathspey.pdf32 KB
The Queen of Hearts.pdf42 KB
The Soldier's Leap.pdf36 KB
The Uppies and the Doonies.pdf45 KB
The Waters of Ben Lawyers.pdf24 KB
Twa Bonnie Lassies.pdf28 KB
Willie Whyte O' Fife.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\In Celebration (8)331 KB
A Concord Wedding.pdf29 KB
A North Country Welcome - Celebrate the Children.pdf47 KB
Miss Jean's Jig.pdf18 KB
The Breith - Keeping Up With Kayleigh.pdf44 KB
The Fox.pdf41 KB
The Rumford Lilt.pdf44 KB
Trip to Charlotte.pdf34 KB
Welcome to Summer's End.pdf74 KB
\Collections\Other Books\In Celebration of Dance (14)383 KB
Bob and Bev's Reel.pdf29 KB
Chari's Twist.pdf26 KB
Country Club Hills.pdf35 KB
Edie's Jubilee.pdf27 KB
Ingrid's Frolic.pdf23 KB
Kickapoo Gatherings.pdf34 KB
Lincolnwood Assembly.pdf31 KB
Michigan Shores.pdf24 KB
Over the Thistle.pdf24 KB
Parrotts' Strathspey.pdf24 KB
The Files of Eugene.pdf25 KB
The Geneva Alliance.pdf25 KB
The Michener Strathspey.pdf22 KB
The Quilting Bee.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\International Language (8)320 KB
Mishima Onsen.pdf8 KB
Nihon De Waltz.pdf8 KB
Niji No Sato.pdf8 KB
Shabu Shabu.pdf8 KB
Shin Kobe Eki.pdf8 KB
The Origami Crane.pdf265 KB
The Shinkansen.pdf8 KB
Tokyo Flyer.pdf7 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Island Bay Collection (17)741 KB
An Autumn Posy.pdf21 KB
Catch the Wind.pdf29 KB
Come Kiss Me Now.pdf39 KB
Early in the Morning.pdf61 KB
Island Bay Collection - Notes on dances.pdf191 KB
On the Morning Tide.pdf37 KB
Out Under the Stars.pdf32 KB
Riding the Wind.pdf28 KB
The Brook.pdf25 KB
The Fairy Hillock.pdf24 KB
The Homecoming.pdf27 KB
The Knotted Oak.pdf31 KB
The Ordinary Princess.pdf20 KB
The Ram's Horn.pdf38 KB
The Silkie.pdf71 KB
The Wind Dragon.pdf25 KB
The World Turned Upside Down.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Island Cottage Collection (7)248 KB
A Reel for Rory.pdf40 KB
Celia's Choice.pdf36 KB
Island Cottage.pdf30 KB
Salute to Susan.pdf46 KB
Sam's Welcome.pdf25 KB
The Doulton Figurine.pdf31 KB
The Poultons' Pleasure.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Jacobite Book (9)284 KB
Falls of Bracklinn.pdf32 KB
Jacobite Reel.pdf24 KB
Piper's Brae.pdf23 KB
Recommended Music.pdf22 KB
The Border Barque.pdf45 KB
The Iron Horse.pdf30 KB
The Mercat Cross.pdf36 KB
The Selkie Wife.pdf28 KB
Turn Ye to Me.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Jimmie Hill New Dance (1)23 KB
Going to the Jiggin'.pdf23 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Jolly Mixtures (12)423 KB
Ballerina.pdf32 KB
Betty Milne.pdf26 KB
Chattanooga.pdf39 KB
Fishing the Dee.pdf38 KB
Noughts and Crosses.pdf34 KB
Queen's Cross Roundabout.pdf36 KB
The George Miller Reel.pdf25 KB
The Other '45.pdf30 KB
The Wanderer.pdf31 KB
Waggity-Wa'.pdf34 KB
Wee Scolty.pdf30 KB
Wheel of Fortune.pdf66 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Just a Few Dances for Just a Few Dancers (6)155 KB
3 Feisty Women.pdf24 KB
4 Diane.pdf28 KB
Double the Trouble.pdf36 KB
Loch Effect.pdf28 KB
The Saint Ann Strathspey.pdf20 KB
The Stars, the Moon, and Three Ladies.pdf20 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Just Desserts (12)246 KB
Admirable Fred.pdf75 KB
Cape Disappointment Light.pdf8 KB
Chopped Nuts & Chocolate Swirls.pdf8 KB
Duncan Burn.pdf8 KB
Eleventh ad Main.pdf9 KB
It's Kosher.pdf9 KB
MAB of McLeod.pdf8 KB
Mint Truffles.pdf8 KB
Red Wine & Truffles.pdf8 KB
Ships in the Night.pdf89 KB
The Lightnin' Bug.pdf9 KB
The Merry Lad's Affair.pdf9 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Just Enough (9)365 KB
A Shamrock for Rhiannon.pdf43 KB
Here's What You're Missing.pdf38 KB
Just Enough to Dance.pdf42 KB
Reeling for Fun.pdf46 KB
Ripples Across the Barley.pdf42 KB
Strathspey for Three.pdf42 KB
There Cam' Brent.pdf38 KB
Three's Nuff.pdf38 KB
Tribute to the Isles.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Just Enough to Dance (9)205 KB
A Shamrock for Rhiannon.pdf28 KB
Here's What You're Missing.pdf24 KB
Just Enough to Dance.pdf23 KB
Reeling for Fun.pdf25 KB
Ripples Across the Barley.pdf22 KB
Strathspey for Three.pdf23 KB
There Cam' Brent.pdf22 KB
Three's Nuff.pdf19 KB
Tribute to the Isles.pdf20 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Just for Fun (5)318 KB
Celie's Fancy.pdf66 KB
Chieftain Bill.pdf67 KB
Garden City.pdf60 KB
Mary the Weiver.pdf60 KB
Tour O' the Downs.pdf65 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Kaleidoscope and Other Dances (16)501 KB
Across the High C's.pdf30 KB
Counter Trey.pdf36 KB
Gala Night.pdf27 KB
Herself.pdf34 KB
Jonzann.pdf26 KB
Kaleidoscope.pdf39 KB
Le Grand Jour.pdf26 KB
Manannin's Mantle.pdf25 KB
Odin's Raven.pdf32 KB
Olian Au Revoir.pdf28 KB
September Song.pdf31 KB
Sugar Mountain Breakdown.pdf30 KB
The Energizer.pdf44 KB
The Lone Star Reel.pdf29 KB
Thursday's Child.pdf30 KB
Worden Welcome.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Kangaroo Paw (13)642 KB
Anne and Five Partners.pdf48 KB
Christine's Fancy.pdf39 KB
Dancing Girls.pdf34 KB
Flowers of the West.pdf43 KB
Lauraine's Delight.pdf43 KB
One of a Kind.pdf111 KB
Reeling Roy.pdf51 KB
The Avon Valley Strathspey.pdf56 KB
The Buckinghamshire Lass.pdf50 KB
The Glengarry Homestead.pdf41 KB
The Kangaroo Paw.pdf28 KB
The Open Road.pdf52 KB
Torridon Lassies.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Katannuta, a collection of Salt Spring Island Scottish Country Dances (15)455 KB
A Trip Around Salt Spring.pdf41 KB
All Saints By The Sea.pdf25 KB
Bit of Both.pdf19 KB
Eliza Emily's Reel.pdf37 KB
Katannuta.pdf35 KB
Make Haste Slowly.pdf28 KB
Monica's Way.pdf41 KB
Sandy's Scotch Broth.pdf32 KB
Sansum Narrows.pdf24 KB
Snow Angels.pdf26 KB
The Daytripper.pdf29 KB
The Falconer.pdf33 KB
The Hammock Jig.pdf24 KB
The Visitors.pdf37 KB
Tying Ribbons.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Katherine's Book (10)515 KB
A Jar of Honey.pdf52 KB
For Lack of Silver.pdf63 KB
Over the Rainbow.pdf48 KB
The Enchanted Isle.pdf66 KB
The Forest Prince.pdf43 KB
The Red Baron.pdf50 KB
The Sorcerer's Apprentice.pdf57 KB
The White Rabbit.pdf56 KB
The Wind in the Willows.pdf50 KB
Twa Sparkling Een.pdf30 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Kauri Collection (12)1.005 KB
A Reel For Alec.pdf36 KB
Barney Duffy's Jig.pdf56 KB
Katie Bairdie.pdf51 KB
Murchadh Strathspey.pdf396 KB
Norfolk Island Strathspey.pdf59 KB
Our Dancing Soutar.pdf47 KB
Peter's Farewell.pdf62 KB
Rangitoto.pdf52 KB
The Banner Bearer.pdf66 KB
The Beadbonny Ash.pdf55 KB
The Flower Strathspey.pdf78 KB
The Rough Diamonds.pdf46 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Kendoon Set of Dances (3)109 KB
The Clachan.pdf32 KB
The Garple Barn.pdf38 KB
The Kendoon Strathspey.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Kinclaven Pocket Book of Six Scottish Country Dances (4)181 KB
Kinclaven Bridge - Knockendarroch.pdf52 KB
MacKenzie of Whitehall - Murdochcairnie.pdf57 KB
The Arisaig Tushker.pdf36 KB
The Blue Mess Jacket.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Kinrossmuir Collection (6)273 KB
All Friends Around Wrekin.pdf29 KB
Flibbertigibbet.pdf51 KB
'S Math Sin.pdf48 KB
The Hardy Annual Jig.pdf48 KB
Trip to Tasmania.pdf50 KB
Wrekin Havoc.pdf47 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Kirkbrae Collection (11)313 KB
A Jig for Joe.pdf25 KB
Bill Martin's Strathspey.pdf28 KB
Blackford Jig.pdf25 KB
Caerleol Cross.pdf27 KB
Honour Your Partner.pdf35 KB
Kirkbrae Welcome.pdf29 KB
Lyne Valley Reel.pdf26 KB
Reel of the Four Diamonds.pdf27 KB
Rockcliffe Rant.pdf22 KB
The Kirkgate Reel.pdf27 KB
Tribute to the Ladies.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Kirkbrae Collection, The Second (14)368 KB
Across the Border.pdf27 KB
Ardchoille Park.pdf25 KB
Crosshills Jig.pdf32 KB
Donald's Fancy.pdf36 KB
Frae Near and Far.pdf21 KB
Heather Dewar.pdf37 KB
Kirkbrae Jig.pdf21 KB
Langholm Braes.pdf30 KB
Longtown Rant.pdf23 KB
O'er the Esk.pdf20 KB
St Barnabas Strathspey.pdf24 KB
Sunset Over Solway.pdf21 KB
Tigh Mor.pdf27 KB
Upper Tarr.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Kirkbrae Collection, The Third (15)388 KB
A Trip to Blairgowrie.pdf27 KB
Annan Gold.pdf26 KB
Avis Harrison's Strathspey.pdf20 KB
Baile Mor.pdf29 KB
Celebration Dance.pdf23 KB
C'est La Vie.pdf26 KB
Derwentside.pdf32 KB
Eskdalemuir.pdf32 KB
Iain's Welcome.pdf28 KB
Joe's Reel.pdf22 KB
Joe's Strathspey.pdf26 KB
Keep on Dancing.pdf24 KB
The Champion.pdf22 KB
The Crystal Quaich.pdf22 KB
The Solway Sailor.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Kitchen Capers (11)441 KB
Beatles' Reel.pdf48 KB
Formation - Back to Back Progresion.pdf43 KB
Formation - Progressive Reels of Three Across.pdf35 KB
Madeline's Rant.pdf45 KB
Mrs Watt's Teakettle.pdf37 KB
Myrtle and Joy.pdf48 KB
Old Mill.pdf36 KB
Seashells.pdf34 KB
Strathaven.pdf38 KB
Sugar on Snow.pdf39 KB
The Sins of My Youth.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Kitchener-Waterloo Dances (6)168 KB
In Quietness and Dignity.pdf32 KB
Just Because.pdf23 KB
MacBunyip and the Maple Leaf.pdf34 KB
Sarah Elizabeth.pdf30 KB
The Garland.pdf25 KB
The Open Window.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Le Petit Chat Celtique (16)989 KB
Alphadoodle.pdf66 KB
Asilomar Frantic.pdf51 KB
Cat Atrophy - Ecclefechan Feline.pdf62 KB
Celtic Cat Crunchies.pdf73 KB
Ewie Dubh - Fair Haired Cat.pdf56 KB
Firefly Jig - Hearth and Harp.pdf61 KB
Kuo Dubh (Black Dog).pdf59 KB
La Gigue Du Chat - Lap of Luxury.pdf59 KB
Le Petit Chat Celtique.pdf61 KB
Odd Bob - Paws in My Coffee.pdf63 KB
Opossum Impossible - Spaghetti Paw Prints.pdf66 KB
Swiss Chocolate - Tie-Dyed and Gone to Heaven.pdf61 KB
Tae the Beggin' - To Catch a Weasel.pdf55 KB
The Griffin.pdf47 KB
Tuildh.pdf72 KB
Yarn Tails.pdf77 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Leeds Branch Anniversary Book (10)352 KB
Dingwall and Skye.pdf33 KB
Dun Telve.pdf32 KB
Muness Castle.pdf27 KB
South from Oban.pdf29 KB
The Brudenell Jig.pdf20 KB
The Caretaker.pdf22 KB
The Conundrum.pdf34 KB
The Dandies' Reel.pdf26 KB
The Glenhurst Reel.pdf28 KB
The Tenth Anniversary.pdf101 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Let's All Dance (39)1.081 KB
A Scottish Jig.pdf21 KB
Bonnie Charlie.pdf23 KB
Catch as Catch Can.pdf20 KB
Dr Sally Hayes.pdf22 KB
Flowers of Scotland.pdf26 KB
Great Expectations.pdf24 KB
Holland Park.pdf22 KB
Jane's a Bonnie Lass.pdf21 KB
Johnny's New Jig.pdf22 KB
Lassie, Will Ye Come and Dance.pdf253 KB
Light on the Water.pdf21 KB
Lochaber.pdf17 KB
Mamie's Jig.pdf22 KB
Mo-Ranch Special.pdf28 KB
Ring in the New.pdf19 KB
See You Again.pdf19 KB
Selkirk Reel.pdf20 KB
The Atholl Reel.pdf20 KB
The Auld Grey Cat.pdf21 KB
The Ballater Reel.pdf22 KB
The Bramble Circle.pdf20 KB
The Brownie of Blednoch.pdf22 KB
The Buckie Jig.pdf21 KB
The Crieff Jig.pdf21 KB
The Cupar Jig.pdf22 KB
The Ferryboat.pdf21 KB
The Flying Scotsman.pdf25 KB
The Glen.pdf24 KB
The Oban Reel.pdf21 KB
The Old Man of Hoy.pdf20 KB
The Selkirk Settlers.pdf21 KB
The Twa Corbies.pdf18 KB
The Welcome Reel.pdf21 KB
There Cam' a Young Man.pdf22 KB
Three's The Charm.pdf27 KB
Torf's Watching.pdf28 KB
Turkey Trot.pdf19 KB
Under the Trees.pdf24 KB
Welcome to the Dance.pdf22 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Let's All Dance, Too (58)4.020 KB
A Helping Hand.pdf67 KB
A Winter's Ride.pdf62 KB
Ceilidh Madness.pdf64 KB
Circle of Cheer.pdf64 KB
Come to the Ceilidh.pdf65 KB
Corn Dawgs.pdf67 KB
Dinna Fouter.pdf78 KB
First Love.pdf67 KB
Fish and Chips.pdf63 KB
Flowers of Texas.pdf64 KB
Further Expectations.pdf63 KB
Glen Erin Jig.pdf70 KB
Glen Etive.pdf71 KB
Glen Falloch.pdf77 KB
Grey Daylight.pdf78 KB
High Expectations.pdf70 KB
Highland Mary.pdf71 KB
Jamie's Jig.pdf71 KB
Jane's Jig.pdf63 KB
January Welcome.pdf62 KB
June Festival.pdf71 KB
Katie's Dance.pdf63 KB
Lord Selkirk.pdf79 KB
Miss Frown's Reel.pdf83 KB
Miss Margaret Bryson.pdf73 KB
Mulligan Stew.pdf64 KB
Muse Cottage.pdf63 KB
Palnackie.pdf75 KB
Peanut Butter and Jelly.pdf71 KB
Persuasion.pdf67 KB
Piece of Cake.pdf67 KB
Queen Anne's Lace.pdf68 KB
Raccoon Ramble.pdf69 KB
Reel of Troop 398.pdf72 KB
Reeling at St Paul's.pdf67 KB
Sam's Reel.pdf72 KB
Sandy Butterly.pdf75 KB
Sixth of September.pdf69 KB
Sixty of September.pdf69 KB
Sla'ine's Fancy (Spinning Wheel).pdf77 KB
Snapdragon.pdf66 KB
Susan Scott of San Rafael.pdf69 KB
Tam O' Shanter.pdf65 KB
The Black-Haired Lassie.pdf69 KB
The Castle Jig.pdf73 KB
The Caterpillar.pdf68 KB
The Crummy Reel.pdf67 KB
The Goodtime Reel.pdf68 KB
The Hospitality Circle.pdf73 KB
The Lads and Lassies of Livermore.pdf75 KB
The Ox.pdf67 KB
The Redbud Reel.pdf63 KB
The Sparkling Loch.pdf75 KB
The Tabby Cat.pdf66 KB
The Third Grey Cat.pdf70 KB
Through the Garden Gate.pdf70 KB
Wee Willie's Jig.pdf68 KB
Winstanley House.pdf73 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Life Begins at Forty (10)375 KB
Life Begins at Forty.pdf34 KB
Moorgate Ramble.pdf39 KB
Nice and Easy.pdf25 KB
Ronda Blue.pdf32 KB
The Long Sands.pdf37 KB
The Octogenarian.pdf44 KB
The Snake Pass.pdf35 KB
The Tyneside Schottische.pdf55 KB
Tosson Hill.pdf35 KB
Windmills are Turning.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Light's Vision (10)307 KB
Centenary at Port Adelaide.pdf44 KB
Elizabethan Rant.pdf33 KB
Light's Vision.pdf42 KB
Lord Randall's Bride.pdf22 KB
Macdhais of Tulloch.pdf29 KB
Maid of Bellevue.pdf18 KB
Salisbury Caledonian.pdf26 KB
Scotch Broth.pdf34 KB
The Black Swan.pdf27 KB
The Piping Shrike.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Lindisfarne Strathspey & Eight Other SCD (8)539 KB
Betty's Birthday - New Version.pdf98 KB
Joyce's Jubilation - Caerleon '03.pdf62 KB
Mr Dowling's Delight.pdf62 KB
Neidpath Five.pdf42 KB
Short and Sweet.pdf49 KB
Six Belles of Bon Accord.pdf57 KB
St Andrew's Eve.pdf60 KB
The Lindisfarne Strathspey.pdf110 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Lion Rampant Book (22)1.107 KB
A Trip Down the Rhine.pdf49 KB
Bruichladdich.pdf53 KB
Cameron Toll.pdf53 KB
Deep Sleep.pdf43 KB
Father Time.pdf51 KB
Late in the Morning.pdf57 KB
Look Both Ways.pdf52 KB
Loose Threads.pdf53 KB
MacKenzie Pass.pdf49 KB
Memory Lane.pdf46 KB
Mix and Match.pdf48 KB
Old Friends.pdf47 KB
One Last Time.pdf47 KB
Over the Anvil.pdf52 KB
Sovereign of the Seas.pdf56 KB
The Cast Iron Pot.pdf60 KB
The Devil's Cauldron.pdf47 KB
The Great Obsession.pdf47 KB
The Lion Rampant.pdf51 KB
Transformation.pdf46 KB
Unravelled.pdf52 KB
Westerly Wind.pdf48 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Liverpool 40th Anniversary (12)471 KB
Allerton Lassies - A Trip to the Cowal Games.pdf37 KB
Flowers of Spring.pdf31 KB
Happy Christmas - Maids of Micah.pdf37 KB
Scottish Celebration.pdf32 KB
The Bonnie Diamond.pdf35 KB
The Festival.pdf50 KB
The Fleming Link.pdf39 KB
The Glendyke Rant.pdf35 KB
The Twin Cathedrals.pdf67 KB
Trustlands Diamond Strathspey.pdf35 KB
Valentine's Strathspey.pdf35 KB
Valerie's Wedding.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Lochmaben Collection 1-7 (13)2.060 KB
40 Merks - Amber's Reel.pdf187 KB
Ian and Joan McKenzie's Strathspey.pdf125 KB
Lady Neithorpe - Let's Celebrate.pdf167 KB
Loch Ness Monster Reel - The Dumfries Rambler.pdf108 KB
Merton Court Medley.pdf184 KB
Mideltone Silver.pdf100 KB
Miss Betty Ferguson of Dumfries.pdf130 KB
Sparks Fly.pdf100 KB
The Dancer's Web - Red Squirrel Reel.pdf188 KB
The Dice Dance - Queen Elizabeth of Mey.pdf188 KB
The Hartfell Jig - The Annan Reel.pdf188 KB
The Kaleidoscope Reel.pdf105 KB
The Laird of Lochmaben.pdf291 KB
\Collections\Other Books\London Jubilee - 1979 (4)123 KB
Cramond Bridge.pdf30 KB
Newton Park.pdf27 KB
Sloane Square.pdf42 KB
The Ennismore Strathspey.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\London Jubilee - 1989 (3)68 KB
Crown Court.pdf22 KB
Porchester Hall.pdf27 KB
The Westminster Reel.pdf19 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Lone Sheiling Book (9)427 KB
Formation - Tourbillon Progression.pdf35 KB
Sandhills of Gaza.pdf60 KB
The Cruives of Cree.pdf36 KB
The Devil's Dyke.pdf65 KB
The Far Cuillins.pdf65 KB
The Howe O' Fife.pdf39 KB
The Lone Sheiling.pdf41 KB
The Lost Glen.pdf43 KB
The Maiden's Leap.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Look, We're Dancing (10)267 KB
Cast a Cloot.pdf27 KB
Charlestown Chaser.pdf30 KB
Copycat.pdf27 KB
Criss Cross Clapper.pdf28 KB
Macquarie Mixer.pdf23 KB
Sally's Army.pdf28 KB
The Beldon Twister.pdf25 KB
The Heathridge Hop.pdf28 KB
The Lambton Looper.pdf27 KB
The Waratah Weaver.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Lord of the Rings Collection (11)887 KB
Across the Brandywine.pdf39 KB
Dance Notes for Lord of the Rings Collection.pdf306 KB
Rivendell.pdf35 KB
The Forest of Fangorn.pdf39 KB
The Glittering Caves.pdf30 KB
The Grey Wanderer.pdf54 KB
The Lord of Gondor.pdf251 KB
The Lords of the Wind.pdf36 KB
The Riders of Rohan.pdf40 KB
The Vale of Singing Gold.pdf25 KB
The Withywindle.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Los Angeles Branch 25th Anniversary 1966-1991 (18)713 KB
Alfred McDonald Strathspey.pdf38 KB
Amanda Mae's Strathspey.pdf36 KB
Andrew's Fancy.pdf31 KB
Band of Gold.pdf41 KB
Dust Devils.pdf35 KB
Jo Ibbott Strathspey.pdf64 KB
Lady Elizabeth of Merioneth.pdf33 KB
Mary Stewart's Strathspey.pdf36 KB
Master Colin's Reel.pdf43 KB
Miss Rosy Powell.pdf33 KB
Richardson Rant.pdf36 KB
Say Goodnight, Wilma.pdf41 KB
The Big Orange.pdf59 KB
The Blue Hen.pdf32 KB
The Cowal Games.pdf36 KB
The Pasadena Prom.pdf42 KB
The Southbay Curve.pdf39 KB
Tripping O'er Scotia's Shores.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Los Angeles Branch 50th Anniversary Book of Dances-v4 (25)1.954 KB
Among the Chevoit Hills.pdf76 KB
Any Which Way.pdf79 KB
Catalna Express.pdf78 KB
Chuck's Strathspey.pdf70 KB
Crossing Corryvreckan.pdf74 KB
Diamonds are Forever.pdf77 KB
Down Under, Hands Up.pdf79 KB
El Camino Real.pdf88 KB
In Mr McGregor's Garden.pdf75 KB
Janet Rennie's Strathspey.pdf74 KB
Merry Bee.pdf65 KB
Mistress Mary.pdf74 KB
Mr B's Jig.pdf65 KB
Piper Frap.pdf79 KB
Reel Parenting.pdf84 KB
Rennie's Rant.pdf81 KB
Santa Monica Rag.pdf82 KB
Starry Night.pdf73 KB
The 30th Anniversary Ball.pdf77 KB
The Anniversary.pdf71 KB
The Four Branches.pdf75 KB
The Intruders.pdf74 KB
The Land of Enchantment.pdf132 KB
The Poppy and the Thistle.pdf76 KB
Tuolumne Tournee.pdf76 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Lothian Collection (8)253 KB
Angus MacKinnon's Hornpipe.pdf32 KB
Arniston Glen.pdf28 KB
Awa Tae Kinross.pdf35 KB
Bauldy Bain's Fiddle.pdf32 KB
Dalry.pdf30 KB
Fleur De Lys.pdf36 KB
Marie's Farewell.pdf28 KB
The Wedding Reel.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Lower Hutt SCD (New Zealand) 60th Anniversary (11)296 KB
A Reel Challenge.pdf26 KB
A Rose in the Valley.pdf26 KB
Autumn Tidings.pdf26 KB
Dancing Butterfleis.pdf25 KB
Haywards Hill.pdf27 KB
Monica.pdf27 KB
Salute to Alison.pdf25 KB
Snow Flurries.pdf25 KB
Sparkle in her Eyes.pdf30 KB
The Garden City Jig.pdf26 KB
The Mystery of the Star Sapphire.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Lyndhurst Silver Collection 1971-1996 (7)240 KB
Dagmar's Strathspey.pdf30 KB
Dawn in the Heather.pdf30 KB
Haste Ye Back.pdf33 KB
Paul and Marjie's Wedding.pdf52 KB
Snowy Evening.pdf32 KB
The Eastshore Reel.pdf28 KB
The Silver Knot.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Macaulay Collection Vol 1 (9)370 KB
A Medley for Marilyn.pdf42 KB
Beginner's Luck.pdf29 KB
Doughnuts Reel.pdf33 KB
Elma McCausland's Strathspey.pdf35 KB
The Glenmoor.pdf76 KB
The Happy Miller.pdf37 KB
The Macaulay Strathspey.pdf38 KB
The Mists of Dawn.pdf37 KB
The Rumbling Jig.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Macaulay Collection Vol 2 (14)553 KB
A Jig for Ron.pdf42 KB
Boundaries of Scotland.pdf36 KB
Cadogan Gait.pdf42 KB
Chaos in the Kirkway.pdf37 KB
Friendship Frolic.pdf50 KB
Heather in Bloom.pdf36 KB
Lilliput Bay.pdf28 KB
Margaret's Rant.pdf36 KB
October Wedding.pdf49 KB
Sutters' Reel.pdf42 KB
The Beginning.pdf29 KB
The Eerie Grove.pdf38 KB
The Piper's of Oban.pdf44 KB
The Wessex Wanderer.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Macrame and 14 Additional SCD (15)330 KB
Aries Strathspey.pdf17 KB
Feminine Majority.pdf28 KB
Jane Alexandra's Medley.pdf25 KB
Kalahari Kaper.pdf21 KB
Lynx Lake Loons.pdf21 KB
Macrame.pdf19 KB
Sandbox.pdf23 KB
Scarlet Poppies.pdf20 KB
Sheena's Wedding.pdf26 KB
The Avon Reel.pdf18 KB
The Friendship Reel.pdf21 KB
The River Avon.pdf18 KB
The Royal Circles.pdf27 KB
The Tartan Hens.pdf23 KB
The Whirlpool.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Magic Medicine (14)366 KB
Allan Nixon's Reel.pdf29 KB
Bill Hendry's Reel.pdf27 KB
Bruce & Margaret Urquhart.pdf28 KB
Four Minute Reel.pdf19 KB
Gordon Young's Reel.pdf27 KB
Hamish Smith's Reel.pdf23 KB
Hugh Morison's Delight.pdf30 KB
Inn on the Moor.pdf26 KB
Lancastrian Wanderer.pdf23 KB
Mike Hardie's Reel.pdf23 KB
Newholme Jig.pdf23 KB
Shakin' the Bottle.pdf28 KB
The Golden Years.pdf41 KB
Where Friends Meet.pdf18 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Mainhattan Book (9)560 KB
Dagmar's Fancy.pdf68 KB
Friends Forever.pdf55 KB
Geordie's Tunebook.pdf61 KB
Gisela's Welcome.pdf60 KB
Mainhattan.pdf60 KB
Monica's Reel.pdf68 KB
songs & Tunes.pdf68 KB
The Iron Bridge.pdf61 KB
The Whisky Punch, or Peter's Caper.pdf60 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Many Happy Hours - Pretoria 35th (39)6.434 KB
35 Years and Counting.pdf151 KB
A City in Bloom.pdf165 KB
A Toast to Tobie.pdf159 KB
An Ilkley Gift.pdf167 KB
Bring Forrit the Tartan.pdf175 KB
Colourful Character.pdf161 KB
Cosmos in the Highlands.pdf152 KB
East of the Escarpment.pdf169 KB
Echoes of Strathglass.pdf151 KB
Faradh nam Fidhlearan.pdf168 KB
Farquharson Fifty.pdf159 KB
Four Score Square.pdf196 KB
Friends for Reel.pdf174 KB
Gifts.pdf175 KB
Greetings Malcolm.pdf155 KB
Grenoble Gem.pdf155 KB
Hamba Kahle.pdf173 KB
Happy Anniversary.pdf149 KB
Highveld Storm.pdf155 KB
Illusive Eclipse.pdf162 KB
Love and Sunbeams.pdf216 KB
Margo's Knot.pdf161 KB
Moroccan Magic.pdf159 KB
Mosi oa Tunya.pdf151 KB
Muriel's Magic.pdf172 KB
Reel for St Columba's Church.pdf156 KB
S C D.pdf160 KB
Simple Delights.pdf172 KB
The Dance Wizard.pdf164 KB
The Elegant Gentleman.pdf169 KB
The Fairest Cape.pdf160 KB
The Jubilee Challenge.pdf184 KB
The Rainbow Nation.pdf159 KB
The Soaring Dragon.pdf163 KB
The Voortrekker Monument.pdf186 KB
The Windswept Moors.pdf153 KB
To Have and to Hold.pdf168 KB
Tying the Knot.pdf159 KB
Under African Skies.pdf150 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Martello Tower & Other Dances (10)260 KB
Christina Lake Jig.pdf26 KB
Douglas Water.pdf23 KB
Gail's Delight.pdf31 KB
Mossfennan.pdf22 KB
Roberton Law.pdf28 KB
Strathaven Rant.pdf30 KB
The British Immigrant.pdf28 KB
The Martello Tower.pdf31 KB
The Michigan Reel.pdf18 KB
Tinto Hill.pdf22 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Martello Tower Book 2 (10)484 KB
Cataraqui Woods.pdf35 KB
Marjorie's Moments.pdf58 KB
Sunshine Village Ramble.pdf40 KB
The Alberta Rose.pdf57 KB
The Calgary Stampede.pdf40 KB
The Grand Macnish.pdf57 KB
The Hen House.pdf42 KB
The Rideau Reel.pdf55 KB
The Thousand Island Hornpipe.pdf35 KB
Wagons West or Ye're no Awa.pdf65 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Martello Tower Book 3 (10)400 KB
And They Lived Happily Ever After.pdf43 KB
Atlantic Crossing.pdf42 KB
Duncan McArthur's Favourite.pdf33 KB
June Shore's Fancy.pdf48 KB
The Ban Righ Strathspey.pdf28 KB
The Golden Gaels Reel.pdf34 KB
The Kings Town Spurtle.pdf48 KB
The Pinewood Place Rant.pdf50 KB
The Tarry Hat Jig.pdf39 KB
Treasure Island Jig.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Martello Tower Book 4 (11)312 KB
A Jig for Robin.pdf21 KB
Allison's Invention.pdf23 KB
Balmoral Terrace.pdf30 KB
Brandysnaps.pdf31 KB
Decimus (Ten Up for Kingston).pdf33 KB
Katie's Strathspey.pdf26 KB
Luck to Len.pdf31 KB
Paddy's Milestane.pdf35 KB
The Frontenac Strathspey.pdf22 KB
The St Lawrence Jig.pdf33 KB
Thread the Loom.pdf27 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Martello Tower Book 5 (14)419 KB
A Jig for Elthea.pdf27 KB
Alex Jappy's Pleasure.pdf28 KB
An Tigh Mor.pdf27 KB
Breath of Spring.pdf26 KB
Changearound.pdf32 KB
Fiddler's Delight.pdf25 KB
Herstmonceux Castle.pdf50 KB
Jill Wings-It.pdf29 KB
Jingling Geordie's Jig.pdf28 KB
Miss Lesley Taylor.pdf27 KB
Ruth Jappy's Delight.pdf35 KB
Trew Fidelity.pdf26 KB
Vagabond Jig.pdf28 KB
Walker Strathspey.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Martello Tower Book 6 (15)450 KB
A Caper for Priscilla.pdf35 KB
A Diamond for Rose and Tom.pdf29 KB
A Jig for Lillie.pdf32 KB
Bajan Reel.pdf33 KB
Bob's Assembly.pdf28 KB
Ceilidh Caper.pdf24 KB
Hand in Glove.pdf32 KB
Jill's Hogmanay.pdf31 KB
Pride of Scotland.pdf36 KB
The 19th Hole.pdf30 KB
The Essex Scottish.pdf26 KB
The Heritage Medley.pdf25 KB
The MacLachlan Jig.pdf25 KB
Tribute to Jill.pdf34 KB
Veronica.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\McGhie the Moudie-Catcher (11)439 KB
A Daunder in Dovedale.pdf29 KB
Anne's Dancing Duster.pdf52 KB
Elsie's Dance.pdf40 KB
Irene's Rant.pdf33 KB
It's A Dying Art.pdf34 KB
McGhie the Moudie-Catcher.pdf38 KB
Miss Davies' Delight.pdf30 KB
Take it or Leave it.pdf52 KB
The Happy House Martins.pdf49 KB
The Plate That Came By Itself.pdf26 KB
The Reading Round Reel.pdf55 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Measures of Pleasure (27)1.312 KB
A Midsummer Night's Dream.pdf47 KB
A Reel for Poggy.pdf45 KB
Age of Aquarius.pdf52 KB
Comings & Goings.pdf52 KB
Dance Lieber.pdf48 KB
Donna's Delight.pdf75 KB
Gary Scott's Jig.pdf50 KB
Gyromancy.pdf49 KB
Jill's Gentle Jig.pdf39 KB
Mistress McKelvy.pdf41 KB
Mr Murphy's Bicycle.pdf59 KB
North of Corcoran.pdf49 KB
Patti's Pleasure.pdf44 KB
Paula's Pleasure.pdf58 KB
Raptors' Rapture.pdf54 KB
Summer in London.pdf40 KB
Susie.pdf44 KB
Sweet Friends of Mine.pdf37 KB
Sylvain's Hornpipe.pdf45 KB
The Clement Street Reel.pdf68 KB
The Docent's Tour.pdf35 KB
The Elusive Muse.pdf49 KB
The Flourish.pdf50 KB
The Langdon Knot.pdf52 KB
The Long and the Short of It.pdf40 KB
The Pleasure of Her Company.pdf48 KB
Topgallant.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Melbourne Dance Book (11)431 KB
Bal Na Luath.pdf58 KB
Carousel.pdf40 KB
Dun Beag Reel.pdf30 KB
Harry and the Harem.pdf28 KB
Hugh Cusack's Farewell to Gardenvale.pdf33 KB
Mrs Malone of Kilsyth.pdf47 KB
Mrs Margaret Turner of Waverley.pdf33 KB
The Bonnie Bairns of Morwell.pdf41 KB
The Glen Ebor Frolic.pdf41 KB
The Melbourne Reel.pdf38 KB
Traveling Triangles.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Melbourne Dance Book Vol 2 (10)333 KB
Bratach Astrailia.pdf32 KB
Gardenvale St Andrew's Reel.pdf36 KB
Glen Affric.pdf40 KB
Lieutenant Zachary Hicks RN.pdf42 KB
Maarten's Melbourne.pdf38 KB
Margaret Archibald's Strathspey.pdf33 KB
Merry Moments with Morag.pdf32 KB
The Dun Alasdair Strathspey.pdf24 KB
The Purling Pyper.pdf22 KB
The Schoolbraids Jig.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Memories of Fife (11)547 KB
Balgeddie Reel.pdf52 KB
Cellardyke.pdf80 KB
Ceres Games.pdf31 KB
Leslie House.pdf71 KB
Mamie's Jig.pdf35 KB
Memories of Fife - Notes on the Dances.pdf53 KB
Murray's Jig.pdf45 KB
Pittenweem.pdf32 KB
Rodger's Five-O Reel.pdf66 KB
The Bull Stane.pdf44 KB
The Lundin Links Strathspey.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Merse Collection (12)410 KB
A Highland Welcome in Switzerland.pdf39 KB
Irene McLean of Duns.pdf33 KB
Mercia.pdf35 KB
Nothing in Common.pdf29 KB
Par for the Course.pdf35 KB
See You Down Under.pdf40 KB
Sheena's Buckle.pdf32 KB
The Falkirk Lass.pdf38 KB
The Rocking Horse.pdf34 KB
The Ruby Hornpipe.pdf26 KB
The Scottish Castle.pdf44 KB
Trip Around the World.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Mile Stones (22)832 KB
A Broken Spoke.pdf32 KB
A Turn for the Better.pdf40 KB
Back to Basics.pdf35 KB
Divide and Conquer.pdf38 KB
Down by the Sea.pdf34 KB
Every Which Way.pdf45 KB
Fairy Rings.pdf34 KB
Fellowship.pdf31 KB
Four Black Crows.pdf41 KB
Great North Road.pdf36 KB
Hands Across the Sea.pdf36 KB
Kia Ora.pdf38 KB
Moko.pdf35 KB
One Step Forward.pdf41 KB
River Flow.pdf45 KB
Sillebawby.pdf40 KB
Take Partners Please.pdf39 KB
The German Sea.pdf39 KB
The Statuette.pdf36 KB
Three On the Side.pdf38 KB
Troubled Water.pdf36 KB
Your Turn Next.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Millennium Dances (21)691 KB
A Strathspey for Shelley.pdf34 KB
Alba.pdf46 KB
Angus of Fife.pdf29 KB
Auld Springs Gees Nae Price.pdf29 KB
Da Casan Cli (Two Left Feet).pdf30 KB
Ferguson's Frolic.pdf32 KB
Flight of the Dove.pdf29 KB
Hap, Step an' Loup.pdf34 KB
Have'nt a Clue.pdf25 KB
Keepin' It Reel.pdf30 KB
Kiss of the Humming Bird.pdf29 KB
Last Minute Reel.pdf27 KB
Lawyer's Lament.pdf32 KB
Megan's Fancy.pdf29 KB
Nancy's Delight.pdf30 KB
Sweet Sixty.pdf31 KB
The Brooklyn Rant.pdf55 KB
The Green Sweater.pdf24 KB
The Merry-Go-Round.pdf44 KB
The Professor's Wife.pdf29 KB
The Silvery Tay.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Milwaukee Scottish Country Dance and Romance (9)263 KB
Hoedown for Halloween.pdf37 KB
Karen's Wedding.pdf32 KB
Laura's Wedding.pdf27 KB
Owen's Ramble - Owen's First Birthday.pdf28 KB
Salute to Sister Dorcas.pdf19 KB
Shelly's Wedding.pdf32 KB
The Johnya Wedding.pdf41 KB
The Masquerade.pdf22 KB
The Mullen Compromise.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Moments in Time (21)1.780 KB
A Double Measure.pdf85 KB
A Wee Nothin'.pdf84 KB
Cardross House.pdf85 KB
Dr Quarrie's Birthday.pdf84 KB
Four's A Score.pdf98 KB
Haggarty's Brig.pdf86 KB
It's About Time.pdf85 KB
More Than Nothin'.pdf84 KB
Mr Gallamore's Strathspey.pdf86 KB
Pinewoods Transitions.pdf84 KB
The Cast'n Reel.pdf85 KB
The Comeback Jig.pdf71 KB
The Diamond Quarrie.pdf85 KB
The Falkirk Lass.pdf85 KB
The Greenbelt Jig.pdf85 KB
The Pawling Porch.pdf84 KB
The Penny Whistle Hornpipe.pdf85 KB
The Road to the Border.pdf84 KB
The Silver Hamer.pdf71 KB
The Union Jig.pdf84 KB
Tine's Jig.pdf101 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Montréal Moments (17)700 KB
A Diamond for Don.pdf46 KB
As the Worm Turns.pdf37 KB
Caloundra Capers.pdf32 KB
Charlie's Birthday.pdf42 KB
Clive's Riddle.pdf29 KB
Cruit Mo Chridh (Harp of My Heart).pdf34 KB
Farewell to the Dicksons (To Scotia's Shores We're Noo Awa').pdf36 KB
Fenton's Fancy.pdf28 KB
Happy to Meet You Charlie.pdf46 KB
Lydia's Dance.pdf35 KB
Macdonald of the Isles for Five Couples.pdf37 KB
Montréal Anniversary Jig.pdf41 KB
Montréal Moments - Pillings.pdf118 KB
Montréal Rendezvous.pdf32 KB
Moran Taing.pdf41 KB
Mrs Frances MacCullough.pdf28 KB
Yet Another Birthday.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Music Makers (10)355 KB
Blue Tartan.pdf40 KB
Bobby Crowe's Reel.pdf40 KB
Broun's Strathspey.pdf35 KB
Farewell to Cleveland.pdf43 KB
Jack Lindsay's Strathspey.pdf27 KB
King o' the Rookery.pdf29 KB
Silver Towers.pdf46 KB
The Huntsman.pdf30 KB
The Magic Box Player.pdf30 KB
The Sergeant Drummer.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Ness House Collection, The - Book 1 (14)558 KB
A Reel Challenge.pdf45 KB
All for Twelve Pounds.pdf32 KB
Brightlingsea Belles.pdf48 KB
Clavers.pdf38 KB
Lydia's Lilt.pdf49 KB
Many Happy Returns.pdf38 KB
May You Be Dancing on Air.pdf43 KB
Pretty Peggy.pdf34 KB
Silver Chains.pdf39 KB
Standpretty.pdf39 KB
The Bonny Lads of Earley.pdf33 KB
The Farnham Maltings.pdf31 KB
The Happy Ferryman.pdf46 KB
The Rob Roy Rant.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Ness House Collection, The - Book 2 (15)631 KB
A Gathering of the Clan.pdf68 KB
Capercaillie.pdf38 KB
Ddraig Goch.pdf38 KB
Five Times Five Makes Twenty Five.pdf42 KB
Greetings From Victoria.pdf36 KB
Lewis & Colin's Rant.pdf45 KB
Ness House.pdf36 KB
Posting Round the World.pdf38 KB
Searching the Archives.pdf30 KB
Tap the Barrel.pdf27 KB
The Lewisian Reel.pdf33 KB
The Parliamentary Reel.pdf55 KB
The Silver Penny Farthing.pdf30 KB
The Spinning Wheel.pdf69 KB
The Tides of Solva.pdf48 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Ness House Collection, The - Book 3 (14)537 KB
Anniversary Caper.pdf45 KB
Blenheim Gardens.pdf41 KB
Celebration Reel.pdf29 KB
Mrs Oliphant's Reel.pdf35 KB
Now We Are Six.pdf38 KB
Ray's Water Bed.pdf32 KB
The 25th Celebration Reel.pdf34 KB
The Cotton Mill.pdf44 KB
The Dean's Delight.pdf37 KB
The Lakeside Kelpi Hornpipe.pdf39 KB
The Ness House Reel.pdf29 KB
The Shenandoah River Reel.pdf33 KB
The Shetland Bus.pdf66 KB
The St Fergus Interchange.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\New Atholl Collection (7)324 KB
Colonel Anne of Moy Hall.pdf54 KB
Our Compliments to William Marshall.pdf41 KB
Senator Robert C Byrd of West Virginia.pdf43 KB
The Rose and the Saltire.pdf51 KB
The Scottish Fiddle Jig.pdf46 KB
The Scottish Fiddler o' Crieff.pdf41 KB
The Vale of Atholl.pdf48 KB
\Collections\Other Books\New Brunswick Collection (27)1.342 KB
A Trip to the East.pdf44 KB
Achnamara.pdf38 KB
April in October.pdf39 KB
Autumn Wedding.pdf57 KB
Bellanoch Bridge.pdf39 KB
Currie Mountain.pdf39 KB
Drumnadrochit.pdf65 KB
Fiddlehead Feast.pdf49 KB
Flower Pot Rocks.pdf46 KB
Frederiction Welcome.pdf40 KB
Maple Sugar Jig.pdf42 KB
Maxwell's Mirror.pdf48 KB
Miss Susan Patricia.pdf65 KB
Monchali.pdf36 KB
Of That Ilk.pdf42 KB
Padda Rocks.pdf53 KB
Port Elgin Fair.pdf48 KB
Round the Bend.pdf52 KB
Salamanca.pdf37 KB
Skidaddle Ridge.pdf51 KB
So The Devil Can't Corner You.pdf66 KB
Strings of Clair.pdf52 KB
Sugar Bush Frolic.pdf50 KB
Susi Newman.pdf74 KB
The Dungarvon Whopper.pdf50 KB
The Saint John River.pdf53 KB
The Tappit Hen.pdf65 KB
\Collections\Other Books\New Dances by John Drewry 2004 (11)519 KB
A Line-Dance for Uncle.pdf67 KB
A Steppe Dance for Olga.pdf41 KB
The Arctic Circle.pdf83 KB
The Bonded Warehouse.pdf64 KB
The Dyke on the 49th.pdf40 KB
The Eyrie in the Glen.pdf29 KB
The Poet and His Lass.pdf45 KB
The St Machar Jig.pdf36 KB
The St Machar Reel.pdf36 KB
The St Machar Strathspey.pdf41 KB
Victoria Plums.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\New Forest Scottish Country Dances (12)288 KB
A Christmas Ceilidh.pdf16 KB
Andersons' Awa'.pdf22 KB
Davena's Strathspey.pdf18 KB
Easter Wedding.pdf33 KB
Gardener's Delight.pdf22 KB
New Forest Circle.pdf22 KB
One for the Road.pdf21 KB
Pennington.pdf30 KB
Survivor From St Andrew's.pdf30 KB
The Traveling Procters.pdf33 KB
Wiltshire Walk.pdf21 KB
Wootton Bridge.pdf21 KB
\Collections\Other Books\New Forest Scottish Country Dances Book 2 (12)328 KB
A Noble Progession.pdf31 KB
August in the Antipodes.pdf28 KB
Claire's Carousel.pdf20 KB
Cod Piece.pdf20 KB
It's Fun to be Fifty.pdf25 KB
Land of the Long White Cloud.pdf31 KB
Miss Amy Louise.pdf24 KB
New Forest Show.pdf40 KB
Scottish Widdows.pdf19 KB
Skate in Black Butter.pdf19 KB
Wedding Ring.pdf26 KB
Wind a Bonnie Pirn.pdf46 KB
\Collections\Other Books\New Forest Scottish Country Dances Book 3 (13)1.753 KB
Arthritis.pdf129 KB
Betty Fold.pdf135 KB
Clash of the Tartans.pdf142 KB
Dancing Driscolls.pdf131 KB
Farewell to the Forest.pdf137 KB
Isn't He a Lovely Man.pdf132 KB
Knights of the Green Garter.pdf137 KB
One Dwarf Short of a Set.pdf148 KB
Pam's People.pdf132 KB
Penultimate Banana.pdf133 KB
Scoone Circular.pdf134 KB
The Piping Draughtsman.pdf133 KB
Worm Charmers.pdf131 KB
\Collections\Other Books\New Friends (15)539 KB
Amy in the Middle.pdf28 KB
Beyond Ambivalence.pdf31 KB
Chang O'Hara's Reel.pdf43 KB
Child's Play.pdf40 KB
Crazy Crossing.pdf62 KB
Detasseling the Riggs of Corn.pdf35 KB
Ebb and Flow.pdf25 KB
Kettle River.pdf32 KB
Lady Grace.pdf30 KB
Rush Hour Reel.pdf31 KB
Serendipity.pdf34 KB
The McClure Family Burns Supper.pdf37 KB
The McIntosh Legs.pdf38 KB
The Tapestry.pdf34 KB
Untitled #109.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\New Haven Branch RSCDS 12 Dances (13)459 KB
Alexander's 40th Reel.pdf37 KB
Ellen's Request.pdf50 KB
Eric and Rosemary's Farewell to the New Towns.pdf40 KB
Larry Bell of Lexington.pdf38 KB
New Haven Branch RSCDS 12 Dances - Pillings.pdf85 KB
New Haven Days.pdf29 KB
Once I Loved a Maiden Fair.pdf28 KB
Rob's Rant.pdf20 KB
The Bee's Wing.pdf23 KB
The Eleventh of May.pdf35 KB
The Graduation Jig.pdf26 KB
The Purple Heather Jig.pdf21 KB
The Rose and the Thistle.pdf27 KB
\Collections\Other Books\New Ruthven Collection (18)647 KB
Balnain House.pdf40 KB
Cardean Strathspey.pdf41 KB
Deep Pool Reel.pdf37 KB
Distillery Reel.pdf38 KB
Highland Ladies.pdf31 KB
Jessie Stuart's Reel.pdf46 KB
Jessie Wiseman's Reel.pdf40 KB
Montgarrie Mill.pdf38 KB
Robbie Over the Waves.pdf34 KB
Ruthven's Fancy.pdf21 KB
Silver Knot Reel.pdf29 KB
Strathnairn.pdf26 KB
Strathspey for the Black Watch.pdf40 KB
Tae Gang Aboot.pdf32 KB
Take the Floor Again.pdf41 KB
The Auld Scots Pine.pdf39 KB
The Windy Strath.pdf29 KB
Witches Craig.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\New York Branch Dances - 1988 (13)372 KB
A Tartan Bib.pdf22 KB
Ann of Little Rock.pdf22 KB
Bonnie Dundee.pdf22 KB
Bonnie Laurie.pdf28 KB
Homecrest Meeting.pdf24 KB
Joy for Ann.pdf24 KB
Michael's Journeys.pdf44 KB
Return to the Glen.pdf26 KB
Snow in March.pdf18 KB
The Big Man wi' the Twinkle in his E'en.pdf25 KB
The Pride of Aberdeen.pdf46 KB
The Queen's Award.pdf29 KB
Widdershins.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\New York Branch Millennium Dances (21)716 KB
A Strathspey for Shelley.pdf32 KB
Alba.pdf48 KB
Angus of Fife.pdf30 KB
Auld Springs Gees Nae Price.pdf30 KB
Da Casan Cli (Two Left Feet).pdf32 KB
Ferguson's Frolic.pdf30 KB
Flight of the Dove.pdf27 KB
Hap, Step An' Loup.pdf35 KB
Have'nt a Clue.pdf26 KB
Keepin' It Reel.pdf31 KB
Kiss of the Humming Bird.pdf38 KB
Last Minute Reel.pdf27 KB
Lawyer's Lament.pdf30 KB
Megan's Fancy.pdf30 KB
Nancy's Delight.pdf26 KB
Sweet Sixty.pdf32 KB
The Brooklyn Rant.pdf55 KB
The Green Sweater.pdf25 KB
The Merry-Go-Round.pdf48 KB
The Professor's Wife.pdf30 KB
The Silvery Tay.pdf54 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Nine Scottish Dances 2004 (8)525 KB
Cameron Highlands - New Improved.pdf117 KB
Five-Couple Jimmy's Fancy - The Deil Amang the Heather.pdf61 KB
Five-Couple MacDonald of the Isles (Big Mac).pdf70 KB
The Dusky Glen.pdf66 KB
The Kyles of Bute.pdf50 KB
The Monday Night Reel.pdf87 KB
The Palindrome Reel.pdf32 KB
The Weakest Link.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Nine Weddings (And No Funeral) (10)659 KB
Antie Erben's Reel.pdf65 KB
Apple Wine & Georgia Peaches.pdf65 KB
Nighean Ruadh.pdf65 KB
Suggested Recordings.pdf65 KB
The New Irish Rover.pdf66 KB
The September Wedding.pdf71 KB
The Station Street Strathspey.pdf66 KB
The Vollmerz Square Eight.pdf66 KB
The Wedding Bells.pdf65 KB
Twists and Turns.pdf65 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Nottingham 10.30 (11)591 KB
Gallivanter's Reel.pdf32 KB
Ghillie Laces.pdf269 KB
Kilberry Head.pdf33 KB
La Ronde.pdf22 KB
Once is Enough.pdf36 KB
St Andrew's Jig.pdf33 KB
The Honeysuckle and the Bindweed.pdf38 KB
The Loch of the Lowes.pdf33 KB
The Mansfield Ladies.pdf32 KB
The Railway Man.pdf34 KB
Welcome Back Norah.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Nottingham Lace (12)504 KB
Away to the Coast.pdf32 KB
Belvoir Castle.pdf52 KB
Jackanella.pdf24 KB
Maid Marian Strathspey.pdf34 KB
Miss Kirsteen Blair.pdf47 KB
Miss Nan Simpson.pdf41 KB
Nottingham Lace.pdf54 KB
The Isle of Mull.pdf48 KB
The Rubber Duck's Jig.pdf56 KB
The Skylarks Reel.pdf41 KB
The Trip to Jerusalem.pdf42 KB
Through the Elms to Bluebell Hill.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Nova Scotia Collection (6)397 KB
Andy Stewart's Reel.pdf55 KB
By Tyneside Waters.pdf55 KB
Jimmy Shand's Delight.pdf72 KB
Margo Bourne's Strathspey.pdf69 KB
The Mary and Bessie Club.pdf60 KB
The Stampede Jig.pdf87 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Nutmeg Collection (18)533 KB
A Wee Dram.pdf27 KB
Cerebral Vortex.pdf27 KB
Chase New Haven.pdf25 KB
Colonel Joshua Chamberlain.pdf43 KB
Fun and Flirtation.pdf35 KB
Laties and Gents.pdf25 KB
Pat Morrison's Delight.pdf25 KB
Peter Price's Compliment to Geoff and Pat Walshe.pdf32 KB
Robert's Roundhouse.pdf23 KB
The Charter Oak Reel.pdf33 KB
The Chase.pdf26 KB
The Connecticut Assemblies.pdf34 KB
The Fudge Factor.pdf33 KB
The Talcott Mountain Strathspey.pdf35 KB
Third Couple Reel.pdf25 KB
Tony and Judith of Formby.pdf31 KB
Unnamed Dance.pdf22 KB
Whitney Welcome.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Oaks of Sherwood Book (11)336 KB
Bleasby Strathspey - The Dipper by the Dove.pdf35 KB
Fountain Dale.pdf23 KB
Joan's Strathspey.pdf31 KB
Ken & Barbara.pdf28 KB
Margaret's Wedding.pdf24 KB
Miss Isabel Mundie.pdf24 KB
Miss Margaret Donaldson.pdf31 KB
Nottingham Silver Celebration.pdf51 KB
The Lawrence Centenary Medley.pdf44 KB
The Oaks of Sherwood.pdf22 KB
Twiddle in the Middle.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Offer Your Hand (5)148 KB
Mary Donald.pdf27 KB
Mary's Little Lambs.pdf25 KB
The Fraser McLuskey Strathspey.pdf33 KB
Valerie.pdf38 KB
Welcome to Hayes.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Old Time Dances from Ruth (6)212 KB
Boston Two Step.pdf32 KB
Dinky One Step.pdf30 KB
Eva Three Step.pdf45 KB
Marine Four Step.pdf30 KB
The Pride of Erin.pdf39 KB
The Victory Waltz.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Once and To The Bottom by Sheila Karolak (28)976 KB
A Jig for Janet.pdf43 KB
Maid of the Isles.pdf29 KB
Manongahela Moments.pdf29 KB
Market Square.pdf33 KB
Muckle Flugga Lighthouse.pdf52 KB
Penn's Colony Survivors.pdf42 KB
Queensierry Sands.pdf27 KB
Salute to the Saltire.pdf55 KB
Silver Slippers.pdf39 KB
Snapdragon.pdf28 KB
Sunday at The Frick.pdf26 KB
Take Me Out to the Ballroom.pdf27 KB
The Blockhouse.pdf30 KB
The Floral Clock.pdf37 KB
The Jewel in His Crown.pdf41 KB
The Kyle of Lochalsh.pdf26 KB
The Red Hat Ladies.pdf37 KB
The Spanish Dancers.pdf39 KB
The Third of August.pdf31 KB
The Tie That Binds - 32 Bar.pdf46 KB
The Tie That Binds - 40 Bar.pdf38 KB
The Whiskey Rebellion.pdf31 KB
Thingummy Jig.pdf32 KB
Three Rivers Regatta.pdf26 KB
Under Kaufmann's Clock.pdf39 KB
Venus de Milo.pdf23 KB
Welcome to My Neighborhood.pdf31 KB
With This Ring.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Opening Knight (9)1.343 KB
Burns Night Fancy.pdf375 KB
Hard Alee.pdf180 KB
Opening Night.pdf98 KB
Six for Dinner.pdf85 KB
St Andrew's Reel.pdf94 KB
Teacher's Notes.pdf216 KB
The Mingle.pdf103 KB
The Travellers.pdf92 KB
Two Hands Are Better Than One.pdf101 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Ormskirk Scottish Dances - Memorial Edition (17)1.081 KB
2nd Jig - The Road to Dundee.pdf65 KB
A New Scotland Reel - Isle of Arran Strathspey.pdf63 KB
Awa' Tae The Fair.pdf88 KB
Campbeltown Loch - A Lobster in the Pot.pdf56 KB
Findhorn Medley.pdf96 KB
Hand in Hand - Stealing the Stone.pdf56 KB
Hey Johnny Cope - The Dundee Whaler.pdf64 KB
Kishmul's Castle.pdf56 KB
MacDonald's Galley - Shiftin' Bobbins.pdf52 KB
Roy's Reel - Lassies and Laddies.pdf59 KB
Tae the Lassies - Stirling Brig.pdf55 KB
The Birkie Lads.pdf44 KB
The Singing Kettle - Cairncorss.pdf71 KB
The Spinning Wheel.pdf41 KB
Waiting for Joyce.pdf35 KB
Welcome to Scotland - The Tinker's Reel.pdf68 KB
We're a Noddin - Postie's Jig.pdf113 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Oxford Book of Dances, Silver Jubilee (10)443 KB
Garthmyl.pdf42 KB
Monday Night.pdf42 KB
Radcliffe Square.pdf73 KB
Suffolk Lanes.pdf45 KB
The Blenheim Butterfly.pdf42 KB
The Champagne Reel.pdf40 KB
The Diamond Celebration.pdf43 KB
The Hummingbird.pdf42 KB
The Polite Strathspey.pdf40 KB
The Road to Auchnafree.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Partners and Sets (16)424 KB
Corinne's Celiadh.pdf22 KB
Junior Jig.pdf20 KB
McBain's Beans.pdf21 KB
McIver Reel.pdf23 KB
McLeod Reel.pdf29 KB
Pied Piper's Lady.pdf25 KB
Poor Nameless Thing.pdf29 KB
Pot O' Luck.pdf24 KB
Such Tomfoolery.pdf23 KB
The Ferguson Reel.pdf27 KB
The Laird's Reel.pdf37 KB
The Midway.pdf24 KB
The Nutcracker.pdf28 KB
The Scottish Whirl.pdf31 KB
The Windmill.pdf32 KB
Victoria Reel.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Passing the Porter (16)653 KB
Aries in Conjunction.pdf41 KB
Coral Capers.pdf44 KB
Dance for Elva.pdf32 KB
Kelmscott Cottage.pdf40 KB
Midnight Madness.pdf39 KB
Passing the Porter.pdf41 KB
Reel Time.pdf43 KB
September in Nova Scotia.pdf40 KB
So On The Ocean.pdf35 KB
The Brendan Brae.pdf49 KB
The Cabot Trail.pdf41 KB
The Thistle Jig.pdf33 KB
The Wind that Shaks the Piggery.pdf45 KB
V and J's Maggot.pdf43 KB
William's Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Winter Joys.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Pawprints (15)513 KB
A Basket of Kittens.pdf40 KB
Catnap.pdf28 KB
Chasing Bugs.pdf24 KB
Daphne the Scamp.pdf27 KB
Kitten in the Rain.pdf39 KB
Miss Beans.pdf35 KB
Shadow at the Door.pdf28 KB
Spilt Milk.pdf57 KB
Spunky's Stroll.pdf27 KB
Tail Kinker's Jig.pdf43 KB
The Big Ball of Yarn.pdf31 KB
The Calico Jig.pdf28 KB
The Cat in the Argyll Socks.pdf36 KB
The Kitten in the Mirror.pdf41 KB
The Young Black Cat.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Peggy McGhie's Reel (11)362 KB
As Time Will Serve Her.pdf35 KB
Dancing on the Dole.pdf43 KB
Farewell to Finchapstead.pdf34 KB
It's in the Bag.pdf26 KB
Mr Luke's Reel or Pete the Feet.pdf26 KB
Napier's Bones.pdf43 KB
Pauline's Red Robins.pdf28 KB
Peggy McGhie's Reel.pdf32 KB
See the Cuddy Kick.pdf29 KB
The Arms of Saint Andrews.pdf41 KB
The Saturday Strathspey.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Performance Dancing with the Red Thistle Dancers (8)672 KB
Cathy's Jig.pdf70 KB
Doubly Triumphant.pdf80 KB
Nine Ladies Dancing.pdf155 KB
Ninety in the Shade.pdf87 KB
The Dancing Couple.pdf102 KB
The Dillsburg Jig.pdf44 KB
The Thistledown Reel.pdf40 KB
Western Stars.pdf94 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Peterhead Quatercentenary Collection (7)207 KB
Bonnie Jean.pdf27 KB
Jennifer's Strathspey.pdf28 KB
Sandy's Favourite.pdf23 KB
The Abbotswell Jig.pdf29 KB
The Birnie Brig.pdf41 KB
The Buchanhaven Jig.pdf33 KB
The Ocean Venture.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Pinewoods Collection Vol 1-3 +3 (47)1.958 KB
Ae Fond Kiss.pdf40 KB
Alexander Hamilton's Reel.pdf35 KB
Anne Tufts' Strathspey.pdf34 KB
Au Revoir, Betty and Tony.pdf50 KB
Banks Hornpipe.pdf45 KB
Bringing Home the Bride - Salt and Pepper.pdf52 KB
Buck's Reel.pdf33 KB
Burst the Fetters.pdf33 KB
Crossways Cottage Jig.pdf40 KB
duncan Smith's Reel.pdf34 KB
Glen Nevis.pdf37 KB
Helen & Russell's Farewell to 10 1-2 Dan Court.pdf41 KB
Highland Heather.pdf33 KB
Hot and Muggy.pdf36 KB
Jeanetta's Progress.pdf33 KB
Just for Fun - The Towers.pdf47 KB
Kathy's Double Celebration.pdf63 KB
La Turque or Jingling Johnny.pdf59 KB
Long Pond Reel.pdf47 KB
Marianna Taylor's Hornpipe - Scotch Rose.pdf45 KB
Marianne's Request.pdf46 KB
Miss Milligan's Travels.pdf41 KB
Miss Williams' Fancy.pdf34 KB
Mr Scatterday's Grace and Mrs Scatterday's Glen.pdf43 KB
My Wife's a Winsome Wee Thing - Dundee Holt.pdf51 KB
Pinewoods Return.pdf49 KB
Salute to the Tournee.pdf43 KB
Snakes and Ladders.pdf40 KB
Tami Lane.pdf42 KB
The Angstroms' Anniversary.pdf54 KB
The Banks of the Dee.pdf27 KB
The Boston Medley.pdf55 KB
The Challenge Eightsome.pdf34 KB
The Green Mountain Jig.pdf35 KB
The Howards' Jig.pdf34 KB
The Kilt Maker.pdf46 KB
The Legacy - Second Salute to Miss Milligan.pdf38 KB
The Little Snap.pdf39 KB
The Living Tradition - Jean's Whimsy.pdf52 KB
The Long Pond Strathspey.pdf28 KB
The Monhegan Rant.pdf49 KB
The Plantation Reel.pdf42 KB
The Round Pond Rant - Beneath the Pines.pdf47 KB
The Top.pdf34 KB
The Uninvited Dance.pdf35 KB
Wedding in the Glen.pdf38 KB
Welcome Mina Corson.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Princess Bride Collection of SCD (12)1.820 KB
A Dizzying Intellect.pdf152 KB
A King in Patagonia.pdf152 KB
As You Wish.pdf152 KB
Farm Boy.pdf152 KB
Four White Horses.pdf151 KB
Secrets of the Fire Swamp.pdf152 KB
Swashbuckling Dread Prirate Roberts.pdf151 KB
The Cliffs of Insanity.pdf152 KB
The Impressive Clergyman.pdf151 KB
The Screaming Eels.pdf151 KB
The Six-Figured Man.pdf152 KB
The Wing.pdf152 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Queen of the Dance (to the memory of June Shore) (13)531 KB
A Jig for June.pdf34 KB
A Lad and His Lassies.pdf33 KB
Darling Buds of June.pdf31 KB
Feel the Music.pdf52 KB
In the Clover.pdf50 KB
Just for June.pdf33 KB
Memories of June.pdf52 KB
New Year's Days at Victoria Avenue.pdf37 KB
Queen of Victoria.pdf50 KB
The Dundas Valley Reel.pdf37 KB
The Hamilton Diamond Medley.pdf37 KB
The Polar Vortex.pdf34 KB
There'll be Another Chord.pdf52 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Quincentenary Scottish Country Dances (9)417 KB
Crombie Hall.pdf41 KB
George Keith.pdf41 KB
Marischal College.pdf27 KB
Our Lady of the Snows.pdf70 KB
The Crown of King's.pdf69 KB
The Elphinstone Jig.pdf33 KB
The Quincentenary Jig.pdf35 KB
The Quincentenary Reel.pdf35 KB
William Elphinstone.pdf65 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Reel Friends (8)277 KB
Culla Bay.pdf41 KB
Forbes Rant.pdf28 KB
Shene Gate.pdf36 KB
The Haggis Hunters.pdf32 KB
The Penny Whistle.pdf33 KB
The Vale of Strathmore.pdf33 KB
Tom Steele.pdf39 KB
Two of the Best.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Reel Friends Book 2 (13)488 KB
Above the Clouds.pdf30 KB
Allison's Jig.pdf34 KB
At the Top of the Hill.pdf31 KB
Brunette d'Ecosse.pdf33 KB
King's Croft.pdf32 KB
MacPhail's Magic.pdf37 KB
Plum Tree Jig.pdf30 KB
The Gordonian Strathspey.pdf40 KB
The Jackdaw.pdf56 KB
The Muirs of Greywell.pdf37 KB
The Riviera Reel.pdf48 KB
The Tri-Mariner.pdf41 KB
Welcome Aboard.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Reel Friends Book 3 (16)594 KB
A Jig for Denise.pdf43 KB
Amstel Court.pdf45 KB
Green Ginger.pdf32 KB
Island Celebration.pdf36 KB
Little Leigh.pdf39 KB
Montparnasse.pdf40 KB
Nether Kellet.pdf25 KB
Pawling in May.pdf31 KB
Rachel's Strathspey.pdf33 KB
Shinkansen (The Bullet Train).pdf39 KB
Silver Halsway.pdf40 KB
Tammie Norie Jig.pdf43 KB
The Committee Meeting.pdf37 KB
The Crawfords of Kerrera.pdf40 KB
The First of September.pdf30 KB
Vive La Danse.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Reels and Wheels (11)442 KB
A Tribute to Miss Frances Martin.pdf31 KB
A Tribute to Patsy Rennie.pdf31 KB
Charlie's Silver Jubilee - The Wellington Connection.pdf44 KB
Crieff Hydro.pdf28 KB
Irene McLean of Duns - Mrs May Anderson.pdf47 KB
Old Spedling Castle's Ghost's Dance - The Role of the Ghost.pdf50 KB
Sarah's Favourite - Welcome to Callum.pdf40 KB
The Civil Engineer.pdf31 KB
The Falkirk Bairn - The Falkirk Millennium Wheel.pdf53 KB
The Holywood Romance - Luckenbooth Brooch.pdf44 KB
The Jubilee Quadrille.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Repeat Prescription (13)342 KB
By Dundonald.pdf24 KB
CJ's Reel.pdf25 KB
For All the Ladies.pdf26 KB
Iain Nixon's Reel.pdf29 KB
Jiggery Pokery.pdf25 KB
lesley Nixon's Reel.pdf27 KB
Miss C M Barbour.pdf25 KB
Mo's Jig.pdf24 KB
Sandy Nixon's Reel.pdf31 KB
Suzanne Barbour.pdf25 KB
The Castle Park Jig.pdf23 KB
The Cuckoo Clock.pdf23 KB
Whitby Wedding.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Reynolds Book of Scottish Country Dances (18)676 KB
Ann Skipper's Reel.pdf57 KB
Dancing on the Green.pdf20 KB
Denver Triagonal.pdf36 KB
Early Morning Light.pdf26 KB
Fiddler's Fancy.pdf61 KB
In the Company of Friends.pdf21 KB
Loopy Loops.pdf27 KB
Party Night.pdf21 KB
Peaceful.pdf27 KB
Reynolds Book - Notes for Dances.pdf145 KB
Round About the Place.pdf19 KB
Scotch Blend.pdf24 KB
Silver Circle.pdf46 KB
The Courtship.pdf23 KB
The One Mother Warned You About.pdf28 KB
The Summer Sun.pdf21 KB
Thistledown.pdf36 KB
'Til A' the Seas Gang Dry.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Road to Saint Andrews (12)501 KB
Alloway.pdf28 KB
Burnside.pdf27 KB
Crook O' the Lade.pdf39 KB
Crook of Devon.pdf46 KB
Dalqueish.pdf34 KB
Devonside.pdf41 KB
Kincardine Bridge.pdf25 KB
Rowallan Castle.pdf76 KB
Rumbling Bridge.pdf35 KB
St Andrews Reel.pdf50 KB
Torwood.pdf46 KB
Tullibole Castle.pdf54 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Rondel Book of SCDs by John Drewry (23)1.172 KB
1314 (Thirteen-Fourteen.pdf70 KB
Annie Shand Scott's Strathspey.pdf61 KB
Another Edinburgh Fancy.pdf37 KB
Carlisle Castle.pdf36 KB
Dalston Hall.pdf38 KB
Don House.pdf42 KB
Duncan Gray.pdf49 KB
Hazelbank.pdf33 KB
Kinmont Willie.pdf90 KB
Linkumdoddie.pdf55 KB
Marischal College.pdf39 KB
Mrs Double's Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Neaps An' Haggis.pdf39 KB
The Braw Wooer.pdf42 KB
The Fairy Flag.pdf41 KB
The Magic Airt O' Gow.pdf29 KB
The Quaich.pdf36 KB
The Rondell Book of SCD NOTES.pdf174 KB
Tibbie's Jig.pdf32 KB
Tickle My Fancy.pdf52 KB
Twa Rogueish Een.pdf40 KB
Welcome to Dunblane.pdf38 KB
Will Ye No' Come Back Again.pdf55 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Rose and Thistle Book (11)430 KB
Ben Wyvis.pdf48 KB
Buckshaw Reel.pdf21 KB
Lucy Helen's Strathspey.pdf30 KB
McMarley's Cross.pdf27 KB
Muriel's Fancy.pdf40 KB
North to Inverness.pdf50 KB
Rumbledethumps.pdf59 KB
The 18th Anniversary.pdf50 KB
The Road to Wigan Pier.pdf33 KB
Thistle Welcome.pdf32 KB
Up and Coming.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Roy Goldring Leaflets (14)619 KB
Agnes and Bobby Crowe.pdf45 KB
Auld Friends Meet.pdf36 KB
Border Lassies.pdf40 KB
Ciamar a Tha (How Are You).pdf44 KB
City of Stirling Reel.pdf54 KB
East of Yeadon.pdf34 KB
Entente Cordiale.pdf87 KB
Miss Ann Dickson.pdf30 KB
The Balmullo Reel.pdf37 KB
The Berwickshire Round Reel.pdf46 KB
The Cairn Strathspey.pdf28 KB
The Dancing Years.pdf62 KB
The Dumfries Lad.pdf37 KB
Twixt Silver and Gold.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Ruby Anniversary Collection 1964-2004 - Vancouver Branch (15)545 KB
A Legacy of Pearl's.pdf33 KB
Audrey's Awa'.pdf40 KB
Goin' Surfin'.pdf31 KB
Lady in Red.pdf36 KB
Mary Wattum's Reel.pdf31 KB
Miss Anderson of Hobart.pdf38 KB
Mount Seymour Strathspey.pdf30 KB
Nellie McKenzie's Jig.pdf31 KB
Nessie's Neuk.pdf33 KB
Terrace Loggers' Jig.pdf31 KB
The People's Princess.pdf41 KB
The Rocky Mountain Reel.pdf33 KB
The Swans of Salt Spring Island.pdf57 KB
West Coast Delight.pdf45 KB
XL aration.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Saint Andrews Suite (3)92 KB
College Echoes.pdf30 KB
Kate Kennedy's Reel.pdf34 KB
Shadows on the Scores.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Saint Brendan's Set (8)390 KB
All Square at the 40th.pdf51 KB
Blackland Farm.pdf45 KB
Covering the Spey.pdf56 KB
St Brendan's Jig.pdf61 KB
The Brighton Square.pdf47 KB
The Regis Reel.pdf51 KB
The Twenty-First.pdf39 KB
Wait For It.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Saint Columban Book of SCD for Children (9)504 KB
Jimmy's Jig.pdf63 KB
Little Larrikin.pdf54 KB
Rogues' Rant.pdf42 KB
St Andrew's Flag.pdf38 KB
The Jindalee Jig - Half Way There.pdf38 KB
The St Columban Reel.pdf96 KB
The Turtle in the Marsh.pdf56 KB
The Wattle Valley Reel.pdf74 KB
Witches' Brew.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Saint Margaret's Itch (1)35 KB
St Margaret's Itch.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Salute to Bath (12)536 KB
Barn Close.pdf48 KB
Bett Nairn's Strathspey.pdf47 KB
Celebration Ruby.pdf42 KB
Running the Bulls.pdf42 KB
Salute to Bath.pdf44 KB
The Peterhead Express.pdf41 KB
The Pleasures of Bath.pdf41 KB
The Rose and Crown.pdf41 KB
The Ruby Reel.pdf41 KB
The Sound of Luing.pdf29 KB
The Wife of Bath.pdf38 KB
Trewyn Court.pdf82 KB
\Collections\Other Books\San Diego Bicentennial Collection (13)663 KB
Battle Road.pdf45 KB
Hands Across the Ocean.pdf56 KB
John Paul Jones' Apologies to Lady Selkirk.pdf63 KB
McCormick's Reaper.pdf50 KB
My Piper's Dream.pdf86 KB
No the Noo Johnny (The Flirt).pdf27 KB
Oh My America.pdf56 KB
The Ballachulish Ferry.pdf46 KB
The Covered Wagon.pdf26 KB
The Craigdarroch Jig.pdf51 KB
The High Road.pdf48 KB
The Prairie Schooner.pdf45 KB
Washington Crossing.pdf65 KB
\Collections\Other Books\San Francisco Anniversary Suite (3)44 KB
Kathleen and Walter McAdam.pdf26 KB
Mr Smith's Delight.pdf9 KB
The Fiddlesticks Frolic.pdf9 KB
\Collections\Other Books\San Francisco Collection 1 (14)388 KB
A Strathspey for Barbara.pdf46 KB
Barbara Rae.pdf9 KB
Bonnie Flowers O're the Muir.pdf20 KB
Carl's Retreat (to Oregon).pdf48 KB
Fire in Summer.pdf16 KB
Fog in Summer.pdf50 KB
Linda's Long Jig.pdf31 KB
Miss Giving's Strathspey.pdf39 KB
Nora's Fandango.pdf8 KB
The Commoner Prince.pdf8 KB
The Ewing Fiddlers.pdf8 KB
The Ginzton Frolic.pdf56 KB
The Six-Penny Jig.pdf20 KB
Windermere.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\San Francisco Collection Vol 2 (13)608 KB
Asilomar Romantic.pdf26 KB
Capelthwaite.pdf46 KB
Coming Through the Rye.pdf48 KB
Fizzbin (The Next Generation).pdf101 KB
Lang Frae Glasgow.pdf38 KB
Monterey Mixer.pdf34 KB
On the Port Tack.pdf90 KB
Remaking the Circle.pdf36 KB
Swashbuckling Iain.pdf29 KB
The Laird of Atherton.pdf50 KB
The Rose Garden.pdf30 KB
Tiraluin.pdf34 KB
Tomalena.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\San Francisco Other Dances (19)1.153 KB
Basic Knitting.pdf22 KB
Bill McIver's Fancy.pdf56 KB
Blue Moon Rendezvous.pdf55 KB
Celebration (for Avril Quarrie).pdf90 KB
Golden Gateway Reel.pdf56 KB
Granville Bridge.pdf61 KB
Kathleen McAdam's Scroll.pdf74 KB
Miracle in Merrill.pdf94 KB
Miss Jane Muirhead of Dunsmuir.pdf72 KB
Seite an Seite.pdf57 KB
Summer Serendipity.pdf57 KB
The Birks of Lafayette.pdf61 KB
The Dancing Q-Tip.pdf19 KB
The Homecoming Reel.pdf27 KB
The Magic of Merrill.pdf133 KB
The Merrill Gathering.pdf56 KB
The Occidental Ceilidh.pdf65 KB
The Retiring Lass.pdf41 KB
Trip to Paradise.pdf57 KB
\Collections\Other Books\SCDs of the 18th Century (36)3.119 KB
A Kiss for a Ha'Pennie.pdf86 KB
Arthur's Seat.pdf94 KB
Caberfei.pdf94 KB
Captain Ross.pdf81 KB
Castle Grant.pdf89 KB
Castle Stuart.pdf119 KB
Cock A Bendie.pdf91 KB
Cromdel Hill.pdf99 KB
Down on Yon Bank.pdf84 KB
Duncan MacKay.pdf85 KB
Eccles' Rant.pdf54 KB
Formation Notes.pdf107 KB
I'll Ne'er Leave Thee.pdf92 KB
Jack on the Green.pdf64 KB
Kate McFarlan.pdf89 KB
MacDonald's Rant.pdf92 KB
MacPherson's Rant.pdf124 KB
Mairi allan.pdf49 KB
Meg Young.pdf81 KB
O'er the Muir Among the Heather.pdf80 KB
Simon Brodie.pdf51 KB
Stuart's Rant.pdf84 KB
The Braes of Balquhidder.pdf81 KB
The Fireside Reel.pdf101 KB
The Gimlet.pdf96 KB
The Holly Bush.pdf91 KB
The Key of the Cellar.pdf82 KB
The Kingdom of Fife.pdf95 KB
The Lads of Air (Ayr).pdf83 KB
The Lads of Leith.pdf93 KB
The Miller of Drone.pdf87 KB
The Piper.pdf83 KB
The Shire of Air (Ayr).pdf83 KB
The Wood of Fyvie.pdf85 KB
Up in the Morning Early.pdf84 KB
What Muckle Sorrow Ails You.pdf84 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dance Archive Vol 1-10 (2)37.515 KB
The Silver Cross.pdf68 KB
Town of Flowers.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dance Archive Vol 1-10\Volume 1 (20)4.679 KB
Airy Holme Jig.pdf230 KB
Alison Jane's Jig.pdf414 KB
Alltreoch.pdf234 KB
Arnold House Medley.pdf219 KB
Benarty Bishop.pdf231 KB
Black Angus.pdf236 KB
Bonnie Mally Lee.pdf213 KB
Bonnie Strathdee.pdf230 KB
Bridge over the Atlantic.pdf234 KB
Caddam Wood.pdf241 KB
Calgary's First Hundred.pdf217 KB
Captain Bain's Tribute.pdf227 KB
The Ale is Dear.pdf208 KB
The Baldooser.pdf217 KB
The Black Douglas.pdf222 KB
The Bonxie.pdf230 KB
The Border Barque.pdf229 KB
The Bracknell Canter.pdf227 KB
The Brandane Reel.pdf210 KB
The Cameronian's Farewell.pdf209 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dance Archive Vol 1-10\Volume 2 (20)4.902 KB
Caton Caprice.pdf215 KB
Catriona's Wee Audacity.pdf229 KB
Centre One.pdf204 KB
Ceol na Mara.pdf220 KB
Corstorphine Park.pdf224 KB
Culloden Moor.pdf423 KB
Daisy's Delight.pdf225 KB
Dark Lochnagar.pdf230 KB
The Carolside Jig.pdf230 KB
The Carrick Farmer.pdf230 KB
The Cobbler's Awl.pdf408 KB
The Concorde Strathspey.pdf239 KB
The Corner House Jig.pdf227 KB
The Covenanter's Reel.pdf225 KB
The Craigievar Reel.pdf225 KB
The Crowberry.pdf232 KB
The Dancing Tailor.pdf225 KB
The Daunder.pdf228 KB
The Devil's Elbow.pdf241 KB
The Dinton Fivesome.pdf221 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dance Archive Vol 1-10\Volume 3 (20)3.573 KB
Dornock Links.pdf181 KB
Double Scotch.pdf192 KB
Dovecot Park.pdf184 KB
Down Under.pdf176 KB
Dunshelt Strathspey.pdf166 KB
East Kirk Jig.pdf185 KB
Eileen's Wedding.pdf181 KB
Elizabeth II.pdf178 KB
Elizabeth's Favourite.pdf165 KB
Equilibrium.pdf171 KB
Falconer Hall.pdf176 KB
Farewell to Calgary.pdf174 KB
Farewell to the South.pdf175 KB
Fiona's Fancy.pdf184 KB
Glen Clova.pdf191 KB
The Fairest of Women.pdf181 KB
The Fankle.pdf170 KB
The Five Sisters of Kintail.pdf185 KB
The Four Jays.pdf185 KB
The Glen Garry Medley.pdf175 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dance Archive Vol 1-10\Volume 4 (20)3.629 KB
H I S C D.pdf178 KB
Half O' This and That.pdf177 KB
Hallowe'en Jig.pdf163 KB
Happy Valley.pdf222 KB
Here's A Hand.pdf184 KB
Hey to Cupar.pdf206 KB
Highland Gathering.pdf182 KB
Hopetoun House.pdf168 KB
How Does It Go.pdf169 KB
Hunter's Hill.pdf188 KB
Isobel's Fancy.pdf192 KB
Jean's Frolic.pdf169 KB
The Goyt Valley Reel.pdf175 KB
The Greenan MIll.pdf188 KB
The Gulf of Coirebhreachain.pdf166 KB
The Hereford Silver Jubilee.pdf172 KB
The Hills of Nova Scotia.pdf184 KB
The Hunting Horn.pdf170 KB
The Isca Reel.pdf192 KB
The Island Fling.pdf184 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dance Archive Vol 1-10\Volume 5 (20)3.656 KB
Jennifer's Reel.pdf168 KB
Jesse's Reel.pdf169 KB
Jessie's Fancy.pdf178 KB
Jill of Corstorphine.pdf220 KB
Jimmy Shand's Delight.pdf187 KB
Jinglin' Geordie's Dance.pdf184 KB
Joan's Jig.pdf173 KB
June's Jig.pdf165 KB
Keith's Rant.pdf186 KB
Keys O' the Castle.pdf237 KB
Kinnoull Hill.pdf191 KB
Lady Sophia Anne of Bute.pdf172 KB
Lang May Your Lum Reek.pdf189 KB
Lapton Reel.pdf182 KB
Lassie Come and Dance With Me.pdf165 KB
Lassie Wi' the Lint White Locks.pdf182 KB
Lassies of Lossiemouth.pdf170 KB
The Jolly Roger.pdf181 KB
The Jubilee Reel.pdf179 KB
The Kale Pot.pdf178 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dance Archive Vol 1-10\Volume 6 (18)3.185 KB
Loch Torridon.pdf158 KB
Lucky Star.pdf160 KB
Luke Martin's Reel.pdf177 KB
Malcolm's Jig.pdf179 KB
Margaret Ogilvie's Jig.pdf188 KB
Marion's Strathspey.pdf190 KB
Mary of Mays.pdf173 KB
Milhanger.pdf176 KB
Minna's Fancy.pdf177 KB
Minnock Burn.pdf185 KB
Miss Betsy Robertson.pdf182 KB
Moira Sinclair.pdf181 KB
Monty's Reel.pdf175 KB
Mr and Mrs Brian Hamilton of Boldmere.pdf175 KB
The Llanfair Reel.pdf175 KB
The Meadowbank Medley.pdf184 KB
The Merry Ploughboy.pdf175 KB
The Moving Cloud.pdf174 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dance Archive Vol 1-10\Volume 7 (20)3.628 KB
Mr George Gray's Reel.pdf170 KB
Mr Norman Dunlop's Reel.pdf191 KB
Mrs Alexander of Queensferry.pdf172 KB
Mrs MacDouall Grant.pdf166 KB
Old Craigmore.pdf178 KB
Oyster Girl.pdf166 KB
Paddy in the Car.pdf171 KB
Paidlin' in the Burn.pdf183 KB
Pat's Fancy.pdf156 KB
Peaks of Lawers.pdf176 KB
Pipe Major T K Marshall's Reel.pdf188 KB
The Norton Village Reel.pdf190 KB
The Old Grey Tower.pdf195 KB
The Peerie.pdf182 KB
The Peggy Reel.pdf175 KB
The Pennine Ramble.pdf185 KB
The Pines of Pitlochry.pdf189 KB
The Pool of Connla.pdf219 KB
The Pools of Dee.pdf171 KB
The Poynton Reel.pdf205 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dance Archive Vol 1-10\Volume 8 (19)3.466 KB
Pulling Bracken.pdf222 KB
Queen's Wedding.pdf168 KB
Rachel Phillip's Reel.pdf178 KB
Rakes of Auld Reekie.pdf171 KB
Ray Milbourne.pdf178 KB
Ronas Voe.pdf157 KB
Rothesay Castle.pdf228 KB
Rovin' Robin.pdf163 KB
Ruth and John's Wedding.pdf174 KB
S and M Reel.pdf189 KB
Sandra of Ellerslie.pdf159 KB
Scott's Ruby.pdf205 KB
The Quicken Bough.pdf180 KB
The Riseley Romp.pdf170 KB
The Romany Reel.pdf173 KB
The Rowans Jig.pdf168 KB
The Rubha Mor Strathspey.pdf163 KB
The Saxmundham Reel.pdf236 KB
The Shakkin Brig.pdf185 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dance Archive Vol 1-10\Volume 9 (20)3.751 KB
A Sixteensome Medley.pdf186 KB
Sir James Douglas' Jig.pdf179 KB
Sir John A MacDonald.pdf180 KB
Sir William Curtis' Speen.pdf188 KB
Spean Bridge.pdf175 KB
St Ninian's Treasure.pdf167 KB
Summer on the Clyde.pdf173 KB
Thank You Norah.pdf171 KB
The Silver Wedding.pdf192 KB
The Skirmish.pdf178 KB
The Sleeping Warrior.pdf223 KB
The St Edmund Strathspey.pdf180 KB
The Sunart Strathspey.pdf184 KB
The Swillies.pdf170 KB
The Tartan Waistcoat.pdf176 KB
The Thingummy Jig.pdf246 KB
They'll Nae Let Him Catch Her.pdf192 KB
This Cordial Jig.pdf175 KB
Tim's Trout.pdf238 KB
Top O' The Grange.pdf180 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dance Archive Vol 1-10\Volume 10 (16)2.936 KB
The Tricorne.pdf179 KB
The Tulloch Rant.pdf177 KB
The Twa Meenit Reel.pdf169 KB
The Websters Eightsome.pdf182 KB
The Whirlpool.pdf182 KB
The White Heather Strathspey.pdf188 KB
The Witch's Rant.pdf175 KB
The Young Chevalier.pdf175 KB
Torpheen.pdf178 KB
Up Heely' AA.pdf182 KB
Urquhart Castle.pdf237 KB
Waiting for Joyce.pdf184 KB
Welcome Mina Corson.pdf187 KB
Withycombe Mill.pdf187 KB
Wormbridge House.pdf178 KB
Your Ain Doorkey.pdf177 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Scottish Country Dancing is All Around the World (12)781 KB
Allemande to Go.pdf66 KB
Dancing in Kirkcudbright.pdf72 KB
Dave Macfarlane's Reel.pdf81 KB
Fisherman Ginger's Reel.pdf71 KB
In Sickness & In Health.pdf57 KB
Joshua's Jig.pdf56 KB
M&M's Jig.pdf57 KB
Ones with Twos, Threes & Fours.pdf56 KB
Orange to Aotearoa.pdf57 KB
Surprising Hannah.pdf70 KB
The River Hutt.pdf57 KB
Warm Me up Scottie.pdf79 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Set and Cast Off Vol 1 (10)317 KB
Across the Esk.pdf28 KB
Donald Iain Rankine.pdf28 KB
Elizabethan Jig.pdf27 KB
Elizabethan Reel.pdf43 KB
Elizabethan Strathspey.pdf34 KB
Farewell to the North.pdf52 KB
Johnny Lad.pdf27 KB
St Anne's Reel.pdf23 KB
The Danelaw Reel.pdf28 KB
Tranter's Rant.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Set and Cast Off Vol 2 (10)339 KB
Always Welcome.pdf29 KB
Braes o' Loch Broom.pdf27 KB
Equilibrium.pdf31 KB
Iain D MacPhail.pdf30 KB
Iain MacPhail's Jig.pdf27 KB
Suzanne Barbour.pdf27 KB
The Goathland Road.pdf23 KB
The Queen's Silver Jubilee.pdf82 KB
The Silver Wedding Strathspey.pdf41 KB
Vi MacPhail.pdf23 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Set and Cast Off Vol 3 (11)337 KB
A Pot-Pourri.pdf27 KB
All Feathers and Fluff.pdf30 KB
Early Riser.pdf32 KB
Eric Hill's Reel.pdf26 KB
Glen Grant.pdf33 KB
Goodnight and Joy be with You.pdf31 KB
Hunter's Hill.pdf51 KB
Miss C M Barbour.pdf24 KB
Seasons End.pdf24 KB
The Cobblestones.pdf28 KB
Wileycat Wood.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Sheaf Book of Scottish Country Dances (10)278 KB
Barbara's Jig.pdf24 KB
Corner Capers.pdf41 KB
Ruby Wedding Strathspey.pdf25 KB
St John's of Abbeydale.pdf27 KB
Steel City Strathspey.pdf24 KB
Supertram.pdf26 KB
The Doo'Cot.pdf29 KB
The Kissing Gates.pdf25 KB
The Woodland Reel.pdf25 KB
Totley Tunnel Centenary (1894-1994).pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Silver Anniversary Book of Dances (20)7.254 KB
Alexandra Grace.pdf330 KB
Balthayock House.pdf358 KB
Celebration Reel.pdf341 KB
Diamond White.pdf341 KB
Jennie's Strathspey.pdf340 KB
Julia's Jig.pdf340 KB
Rebecca's Rant.pdf329 KB
Royal Tunbridge Wells.pdf686 KB
Silverdale.pdf338 KB
Silverhaze.pdf340 KB
St Augustine's Strathspey.pdf357 KB
Tabitha's Jig.pdf330 KB
The Babbling Brook.pdf361 KB
The Belted Plaid.pdf352 KB
The Butterfly.pdf339 KB
The Dream Catcher.pdf376 KB
The Keltic Lodge.pdf360 KB
The Sewing Maid.pdf350 KB
The Silver Branch.pdf346 KB
The Squirrel Lady.pdf339 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Silver Collection (10)322 KB
Doris's Delight.pdf30 KB
Flight to Melbourne.pdf24 KB
Hancote Jig.pdf29 KB
If At First.pdf30 KB
January Jig.pdf27 KB
Silver Threads.pdf27 KB
Swithland Woods.pdf30 KB
The Chorlton Reel.pdf32 KB
The Silver Targe.pdf66 KB
Wellington Street.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Silver Jubilee 25 (12)362 KB
Loch Linnhe.pdf26 KB
Scanner Note.txt0 KB
The Highland Rambler.pdf31 KB
The Marchioness of Hartington's Jig.pdf32 KB
The Marquess of Hartington's Strathspey.pdf30 KB
The Porridge Bowl.pdf41 KB
The Rose of the North.pdf36 KB
The Tocher Band.pdf31 KB
The Traveling Man.pdf31 KB
The Travelling Men.pdf33 KB
The Weathercock.pdf37 KB
West Park.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Silver Rose Book (12)450 KB
Culbin Sands.pdf34 KB
Formation - Tourbillon Progression.pdf29 KB
St James's Jig.pdf36 KB
The Burn of Sorrow.pdf28 KB
The Dark Mile.pdf40 KB
The Kelpie of Loch Coruisk.pdf69 KB
The Rocks of Solitude.pdf33 KB
The Rowan Glen.pdf34 KB
The Royal Town.pdf37 KB
The Silver Rose.pdf38 KB
The Singing Sands.pdf33 KB
Wyndley Reel.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Silver Thistle Collection (12)392 KB
Bryony.pdf37 KB
Corryvreckan.pdf26 KB
James's Jig.pdf29 KB
Jean's Jig.pdf22 KB
Ladykirk Bridge.pdf31 KB
Spring chicken.pdf37 KB
Take Care.pdf32 KB
The 96 Ten.pdf43 KB
The ABC Jig.pdf33 KB
The Damaris Reel.pdf31 KB
The New Brudenell Jig.pdf36 KB
The Silver Thistle.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Silver Threads (NZ Branch Twenty-fifth Anniversary) (5)152 KB
At the End of the Day.pdf30 KB
Glenmorven.pdf29 KB
Under a Shady Tree.pdf28 KB
Well Met.pdf26 KB
When The Tide Comes In.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Simply Dancing (36)886 KB
A Jig for Ayla.pdf22 KB
A Reel for Cherry.pdf27 KB
A Reel for Miss Donaghue.pdf19 KB
Abbey Jig.pdf23 KB
Alison's Reel.pdf22 KB
Autumn Leaves.pdf25 KB
Carol's Reel.pdf28 KB
Celebrations.pdf23 KB
Criss Cross.pdf26 KB
Easy Peasy.pdf18 KB
Elm Tree Jig.pdf20 KB
Flirtez.pdf31 KB
Greyfriars Bobby.pdf29 KB
Half Way There.pdf25 KB
Hayley's Reel.pdf23 KB
Hope Mountain Reel.pdf23 KB
It's not Leap Year.pdf17 KB
John Our Kind Friend.pdf18 KB
Junior Twelvesome.pdf24 KB
Merci a Lyon (A Tribute to Lyon).pdf27 KB
Mortimer's Jig.pdf19 KB
Otterburn Tower.pdf23 KB
Scotland in Trust.pdf34 KB
Stuart's Troqueer School Jig.pdf22 KB
The Douglas Jig.pdf21 KB
The Fair-le-Small Reel.pdf33 KB
The Heck Hurry.pdf19 KB
The Hyperactive Reel.pdf23 KB
The Jamaican Jig.pdf31 KB
The Jungle Jig.pdf21 KB
The Raw Pea Eater.pdf27 KB
The Reel of Troqueer.pdf24 KB
The Road to Penrith.pdf40 KB
The Robot Reel.pdf27 KB
The Spinning Dee - A Hot Summer's Day.pdf27 KB
The Square Tangle.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Simply Strathspey's (14)359 KB
Aithery Castle Reel.pdf28 KB
Borestone Reel.pdf24 KB
Bridge of Allan.pdf27 KB
Brig O' Turk.pdf32 KB
Callander Bridge.pdf23 KB
Cambuskenneth Abbey.pdf25 KB
Cherry Bloom.pdf25 KB
Cocksburnpath Glen.pdf27 KB
Deanstone House.pdf25 KB
Doune Castle.pdf22 KB
Ellen's Isle.pdf27 KB
Loch Achray.pdf27 KB
Loch Katrine.pdf24 KB
Where Twines The Path.pdf23 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Six and Half a Dozen (6)269 KB
Aon's A Dha - Gaelic College Strathspey.pdf38 KB
Dalradia - Deanabh Seasahm.pdf38 KB
Gypsy Rover - The Highland Gambler.pdf58 KB
John's Jig - Spanish Four.pdf39 KB
Lover's quarrel - Donald's Midden.pdf52 KB
Targaid Danns - Tying the Knot.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Sixpenny Reel (7)288 KB
Half Measure Reel - 4-Leaf Clover.pdf43 KB
Lucy Lady - Chain Sixsome.pdf35 KB
Right and Left - Dangerous Curves.pdf37 KB
Scotian Sixsome - Gaelic Sixsome.pdf44 KB
The Sixty-Six - Perth Mirage.pdf44 KB
The Wee three - 3 Reel 4.pdf44 KB
Tipsy - Reversing Falls.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Skelton Book of 14 SCD (14)650 KB
After the Chord.pdf45 KB
Awake the Dance.pdf43 KB
Candy Swirl.pdf56 KB
Chevalier De' St George.pdf44 KB
Fiddle Sticks.pdf36 KB
Golden Child.pdf48 KB
Quarry Falls.pdf47 KB
Roaring 40's.pdf44 KB
Scotland 2000.pdf58 KB
September Morn.pdf43 KB
Skelton Reel.pdf49 KB
Summer in January.pdf45 KB
Threshing the Barley.pdf50 KB
Twister.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Skye Collection Vol 1 (8)303 KB
Anne Munro of Portree.pdf72 KB
Broadford Bay.pdf34 KB
Farewell to the Island.pdf30 KB
Macleod's Tables.pdf36 KB
Stan and Janet's Jig.pdf29 KB
Strathcare.pdf28 KB
The Exciseman.pdf46 KB
Welcome to Skye.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Skye Collection Vol 2 (8)343 KB
Eilean Ban.pdf33 KB
Mrs Helen Baillie.pdf47 KB
Somerled Square.pdf83 KB
The Beekeeper's Medley.pdf27 KB
The Breakish Postie.pdf41 KB
The Lochalsh Reel.pdf27 KB
The Pensioner's Reel.pdf55 KB
The Waternish Tangle.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Slip Knot Collection Plus 7 More (12)284 KB
A Flock of Geese.pdf29 KB
Airlie House.pdf39 KB
Bold Mary.pdf32 KB
Ellie's Jig.pdf38 KB
Many Happy Returns.pdf37 KB
Phyllis Dixon Ivory.pdf15 KB
Piglet's Jig.pdf19 KB
Spiffin'.pdf19 KB
The Dancing Master of Moncton.pdf15 KB
The Dee in Spring.pdf10 KB
The Laird of the Dance.pdf15 KB
Wake the Piper.pdf16 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Snow Collection (3)196 KB
First Snowdrops - The Glacier Express - The Midnight Jig.pdf58 KB
Snowball Fight - Flakes on the Road - Falling Leaves.pdf80 KB
The Snowman - Snow in October.pdf58 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Social Dances 2002 (Leeds 40th) (15)575 KB
Brackla Hall.pdf27 KB
Cathy's Wedding (and Colin's too).pdf32 KB
Crossing the Brook.pdf33 KB
Dancing On.pdf26 KB
Evelyn's Dance.pdf42 KB
In Campbell Country.pdf37 KB
Jack's the Lad.pdf30 KB
Rockside.pdf78 KB
Sgurr Alasdair.pdf29 KB
The Blue and White Quilt.pdf26 KB
The Double Diamond Strathspey.pdf25 KB
The Partnership.pdf86 KB
The Sands of Forvie.pdf37 KB
The Scribe.pdf39 KB
Vintage '62.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Solstice Party Book (15)603 KB
Casting Glances.pdf36 KB
Clockwork.pdf31 KB
Dancing on Parnassus.pdf85 KB
Home for the Holidays.pdf31 KB
Mickey's Jig.pdf37 KB
Naughty Nancy.pdf32 KB
Pat's Strathspey.pdf40 KB
Redwood Burl.pdf35 KB
Scotland the Brave.pdf38 KB
Sun Dance.pdf36 KB
Tenaby.pdf33 KB
The Anderson Kilt.pdf39 KB
The Captain.pdf60 KB
The Printing Master.pdf37 KB
Winter Wooing.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Southern Stars Book (8)443 KB
Cockle Mill.pdf42 KB
Fire in the Eastern Hills.pdf69 KB
Southern Stars.pdf58 KB
The Cold Iron Bridge.pdf57 KB
The Donvale Reel.pdf46 KB
The Sea Caves.pdf57 KB
The Trefoil.pdf57 KB
The White Lady.pdf57 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Southport Book of SCD Volume 1 (8)345 KB
Burnieboozle.pdf54 KB
Chasing a Wish.pdf35 KB
Dunnotter Castle.pdf33 KB
Inveruglas Water.pdf36 KB
La Maitresse.pdf52 KB
Miss Heather Bartel.pdf47 KB
Salut Angers.pdf49 KB
Twixt Keir and Kent.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Spark O' Water (21)2.941 KB
Bill and Rajeev's Wedding Jig.pdf202 KB
Jim MacLellan's Strathspey.pdf100 KB
Leaving Portree.pdf105 KB
Mhairi and I.pdf120 KB
Norma's Garden.pdf208 KB
Olive's Return to Old Scotia.pdf95 KB
Prince Edward Assembly.pdf85 KB
Sailing Days on the Penobscot.pdf107 KB
SandBJ.pdf98 KB
Sharon's Strathspey.pdf174 KB
Spark O' Water.pdf267 KB
Spice It Up.pdf101 KB
The Mayflower.pdf109 KB
The Rossington Strathspey.pdf210 KB
The Rug Beater.pdf83 KB
The Tallahassee Reel.pdf150 KB
Thistle Dancers' Waltz.pdf182 KB
Three Fathom Harbour.pdf244 KB
V and J's Maggot.pdf95 KB
Wedding Medley.pdf100 KB
Wisp of Thistle.pdf108 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Spring Creek Collection (4)217 KB
Judie's Farewell to Spring Creek.pdf68 KB
The Laughing Heart.pdf16 KB
The Merry Go Round.pdf66 KB
The Muckle Muddle.pdf67 KB
\Collections\Other Books\St Andrews Branch Golden Jubilee 1937-1987 (7)286 KB
Elizabeth Thomson of St Andrews.pdf40 KB
Georgie's Jig.pdf37 KB
Roundabout.pdf30 KB
The Flag of Saint Andrew.pdf68 KB
The Lammas Market.pdf34 KB
The Snibbet Bibliotheck.pdf32 KB
The Square Tower.pdf45 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Starters (14)806 KB
A Reel for Rosalind.pdf40 KB
Belle of the Dee + The Braes of Glensheil + The Glensheil Rant.pdf54 KB
Betty's Delight + The Rose of the Glen + Hallowe'en.pdf45 KB
Brackenbraes Strathspey + The Anderson Rant + The Stirling Twosome.pdf53 KB
Braes of Glnorchy + The Strathearn Strathspey + Heather Braes Strathspey.pdf52 KB
Dance for Joy + Coates Crescent + Haste Ye Back.pdf74 KB
Kirriemuir Jig + Market Square + The Brig O' Blair.pdf50 KB
Loch Rannoch Reel + Burnside + Glenisla.pdf48 KB
McIntosh Hall + John Burnet Hall + Loch Struan.pdf80 KB
The Banks of Garry + Across the Tweed + The Winding Spey.pdf73 KB
The Glen Nevis Strathspey + Glenrothes Reel + Clachan Bridge.pdf73 KB
The Ladebraes + Craigtoun Park + Helen's Fancy.pdf54 KB
The Linton Ramble + Kennedy Gardens + Burns Night.pdf42 KB
The Strathavon Strathspey + The Sound of Staffa + Glamis Castle.pdf69 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Step Together (12)339 KB
Drifting Snow.pdf31 KB
Forget Me Not.pdf31 KB
Gladys's Quilt.pdf28 KB
Glowing Embers.pdf26 KB
Highland Pipers.pdf25 KB
Morning Fog.pdf37 KB
Oopsy-Daisy.pdf23 KB
Relative Reunion.pdf30 KB
Rose Garden Picnic.pdf28 KB
Spring Breeze.pdf27 KB
Thousand Island Strathspey.pdf26 KB
Whitburn Reel.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Stepping Out Part 1 - Basic SCD for Beginners (10)159 KB
A Scottish Juant.pdf14 KB
Busy Ann.pdf15 KB
Fiona's Strathspey.pdf15 KB
It's Fun To Dance.pdf15 KB
The Blue Loch.pdf14 KB
The Scotch Tangle.pdf17 KB
The St John Strathspey.pdf16 KB
The St John's Rant.pdf16 KB
Walking Thru' the Bracken.pdf18 KB
Welcome.pdf19 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Stepping Out Part 2 - Progressive SCD for Beginners (11)194 KB
A Passing Fancy.pdf16 KB
A Summer Meeting.pdf15 KB
An Autumn Gathering.pdf18 KB
Helene's Ramble.pdf17 KB
Largo Frolic.pdf16 KB
Loch Quaich.pdf21 KB
Morning Mist.pdf18 KB
Off to Tunbridge.pdf18 KB
Over the Heather.pdf16 KB
The Road to Moniefieth.pdf20 KB
The Small Glen.pdf19 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Stepping Out Part 3 - More Advanced SCD for Beginners (10)192 KB
A Jig for Laura.pdf18 KB
A Trip to Glenmoor.pdf21 KB
Bees In the Heather.pdf21 KB
Drumrunie Forest.pdf18 KB
Golden Bracken.pdf17 KB
It's Spring Again.pdf18 KB
Return to St Swithuns.pdf17 KB
Shiel Bridge.pdf20 KB
The Haar on Skye.pdf20 KB
The Wandering Dancer.pdf21 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Stepping Stones (22)531 KB
A Sunday Stroll.pdf23 KB
Airy Fairy.pdf20 KB
Around the Corner.pdf26 KB
Bailey's Irish Cream.pdf28 KB
Caught Napping.pdf24 KB
Coulter's Candy.pdf25 KB
Fluffy Feathers.pdf20 KB
Green Moss.pdf24 KB
Hop Scotch.pdf30 KB
Miss Taylor's Reel.pdf27 KB
Mt Wellington Reel.pdf25 KB
Paving Stones.pdf32 KB
Push Pins.pdf22 KB
Stepping Stones.pdf22 KB
Take a Turn.pdf22 KB
The Equidistant Reel.pdf31 KB
The German Reel.pdf20 KB
The Orb.pdf24 KB
The Plaza.pdf22 KB
The Saunter.pdf21 KB
The Scottish Motif.pdf20 KB
Topsy Turvy.pdf23 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Still Enough to Dance (21)978 KB
A Fivesome.pdf39 KB
Aztec Weave.pdf39 KB
Brownian Motion.pdf46 KB
Caberthrei.pdf49 KB
Cactus Flower.pdf33 KB
Desert Sands.pdf35 KB
Dogwood Reel.pdf42 KB
Dust Devils.pdf41 KB
Going Once, Going Twice.pdf38 KB
Half Past Two.pdf38 KB
HOt Chili.pdf33 KB
Knit Me a Tam.pdf36 KB
Lovers' Lane.pdf40 KB
New Formations.pdf152 KB
Painted Desert.pdf56 KB
Roman Eight.pdf73 KB
Sage and Salsa.pdf47 KB
Southwest Sunset.pdf34 KB
The Dance of Diamonds.pdf35 KB
The Gordian Knot.pdf34 KB
Tumbleweeds.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Stoneywood Collection (34)1.348 KB
A Clean Sweep.pdf37 KB
A Double Dose.pdf40 KB
An 'appy Dance.pdf33 KB
Angela and the Swan.pdf45 KB
Baldyquash.pdf41 KB
Bratach Bana Notes.pdf40 KB
Clach Na Cudainn.pdf61 KB
Consumption Dyke.pdf52 KB
Corner After Corner After Corner.pdf31 KB
Epping Hundred.pdf29 KB
Etta Gibson's Strathspey.pdf35 KB
From the Black Isle to the Black Sea.pdf36 KB
Get Your Skates On.pdf45 KB
Get Yoursel' A Toyboy.pdf32 KB
Go With the Rhythm.pdf44 KB
Holy Cow.pdf40 KB
Just Like clockwork.pdf40 KB
M-J-P.pdf32 KB
Never Look Back.pdf58 KB
Octopussy.pdf40 KB
OOMPAH, OOMPHA, Shove It Up Your Joompah.pdf34 KB
Strathcarron.pdf38 KB
Striding Sharply Along the Edge.pdf32 KB
That Glaikit Waste of Space.pdf48 KB
The Bankette - New formation.pdf24 KB
The Black Burn Reel.pdf38 KB
The Cocky Wee Gordon.pdf45 KB
The Code Breaker.pdf36 KB
The Contraflow.pdf34 KB
The Edzell Arch.pdf49 KB
The Obelus.pdf35 KB
The Palindrome.pdf57 KB
Two-Four-Six-Eight.pdf36 KB
What's New Pussy Cat.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Stoneywood Collection Vol II (35)1.353 KB
A Line-Dance for Uncle.pdf44 KB
A Touch of Disblair.pdf29 KB
'allo Vera.pdf34 KB
Birlin' Awa'.pdf34 KB
Dancing Around.pdf43 KB
Dancing in the Right Circles.pdf38 KB
David Jones's Locker.pdf36 KB
Five Stars.pdf52 KB
Fourty Happy Years.pdf34 KB
Glenmorangie.pdf31 KB
Just Face the Music and Dance.pdf28 KB
Liquid Assets.pdf37 KB
Los Molinos.pdf50 KB
Meikle Wartle.pdf54 KB
My Heavenly Twin.pdf29 KB
Planet Mars.pdf35 KB
Redun Dance.pdf30 KB
Spanish Sunrise.pdf31 KB
Stainless Steel.pdf47 KB
Starkers to Yarker's.pdf73 KB
Station X.pdf38 KB
The Golden Knot.pdf35 KB
The Ladybower Strathspey.pdf32 KB
The Lap-Top Dancer and the Stripper.pdf32 KB
The Maxwells Rant Again.pdf50 KB
The Newmachar Jig.pdf32 KB
The Newmachar Reel.pdf35 KB
The Newmachar Strathspey.pdf36 KB
The Olive Tree.pdf34 KB
The Palace of Atholl.pdf40 KB
The Poet and His Lass.pdf31 KB
The Road to Banff.pdf45 KB
Twenty Four Seven.pdf40 KB
Volcanicity.pdf49 KB
Young Nick's Junk Yard.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Strathclyde Set Dances (3)107 KB
Dirletion Gate.pdf37 KB
Margaret's Fancy.pdf30 KB
Strathclyde Jig.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Strathearn Collection (4)251 KB
Bonnie Ina Campbell.pdf71 KB
Donsbank House.pdf75 KB
The Abernethy Jig.pdf56 KB
The Dunbarney Reel.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\StrathsBabes (12)392 KB
Ever Hopeful.pdf37 KB
Grandma's Mandolin.pdf37 KB
Return to Paisley.pdf32 KB
Skimming the Waves.pdf31 KB
Slow Simmer.pdf27 KB
Somewhere in America.pdf27 KB
Start Your Engines.pdf34 KB
Swirls and Eddies.pdf34 KB
The Graduation Reel.pdf40 KB
The Mayne Event.pdf33 KB
The Old Ba' Game.pdf32 KB
Wheeling in the Wind.pdf30 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Strathspey Anniversary Collection (10)645 KB
Balance On-Line.pdf107 KB
Das Jahrzehnt.pdf69 KB
Gateway to the World.pdf54 KB
Linking the World.pdf69 KB
Strathspey Decadence.pdf54 KB
Strathspey in Cyberspace.pdf53 KB
Strathspey Strathspey.pdf54 KB
Tempest in a Teacup.pdf77 KB
The Network Strathspey.pdf54 KB
The Other Side of the World.pdf54 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Susquehanna Suite (4)299 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Sussex Martlet Book Vol 1 (7)240 KB
Dr Sally Hayes.pdf29 KB
George Bids Adieu to his Friends.pdf34 KB
Mary Corell.pdf30 KB
Maureen's Medley.pdf33 KB
Reid's Rant.pdf30 KB
The Old House at Home.pdf41 KB
Wendy's Delight.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Sussex Martlet Book Vol 2 (8)269 KB
Arascain Reel.pdf46 KB
Couthie Lass.pdf29 KB
Dame Alison Munro.pdf31 KB
Dame Alison's Reel.pdf58 KB
Itchenor Reel.pdf24 KB
Itchenor Strathspey.pdf27 KB
Leila's Lilt.pdf27 KB
Maria.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Sussex Martlet Book Vol 3 (3)87 KB
Andrew's Welcome.pdf31 KB
Just for Betty.pdf33 KB
Our Grandsons.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Sussex Martlet Book Vol 4 (6)188 KB
A Dance for Doris.pdf35 KB
Edwina.pdf30 KB
Rory's Rant.pdf24 KB
The Regis Reel.pdf35 KB
Then There Were Four.pdf32 KB
Three Little Boys.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Sutton Coldfield Book (11)450 KB
Corrievrechan.pdf44 KB
Heather Ale.pdf37 KB
Kinnessburn Reel.pdf41 KB
Phyllis's Fancy.pdf29 KB
Roses of Carterhaugh.pdf63 KB
Something to Celebrate.pdf37 KB
Suggested Music.pdf34 KB
The Blue Falcon.pdf45 KB
The Gaberlunzie.pdf44 KB
The Gay Goshawk.pdf36 KB
Whippety Stourie.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Sweyn's Ey Collection (11)372 KB
Alva Silver Glen.pdf25 KB
Castle Campbell.pdf51 KB
Crofthead.pdf42 KB
Cruachan.pdf31 KB
Dollar Glen.pdf31 KB
Moffat Strathspey.pdf32 KB
Ochil Chase.pdf33 KB
Penycae Strathspey.pdf32 KB
Swansea Jubilee.pdf34 KB
Tillicoultry Burn.pdf29 KB
Tweedsmuir Tangle.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Sydney Down Under Book 2014 (18)2.007 KB
Bev's Dance.pdf113 KB
C'est Si Bon.pdf111 KB
Curry and Spice.pdf110 KB
Jacqui's Lib.pdf108 KB
Katoomba.pdf126 KB
Katoomba Mist.pdf109 KB
Morrisons' Fancy.pdf92 KB
Reeling on the Rocks.pdf108 KB
Sealed with a Kiss.pdf108 KB
Southern Highlands Anniversary Strathspey.pdf108 KB
Suilean.pdf92 KB
The Biologist.pdf117 KB
The Calanais Stone.pdf108 KB
The Crannog.pdf142 KB
The Dandelion.pdf109 KB
The Illawarra Strathspey.pdf114 KB
There and Back.pdf113 KB
You Can Do It.pdf119 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Sydney Triad (4)286 KB
Merry Margaret.32R5set. - Olivia Roberts.pdf95 KB
St Patrick's Zeal.(16+16)SR3C. - Olivia Roberts.pdf51 KB
The Black Swans of Narrabeen, 32J5set. - Olivia Roberts.pdf50 KB
The Leichhardt Reel (32+32)SR5set. - Olivia Roberts.pdf89 KB
\Collections\Other Books\TAC 50th Anniversary Collection (14)573 KB
A Summer Meeting.pdf35 KB
A Tribute to Peter McBryde.pdf49 KB
Dancing for Pleasure.pdf27 KB
Gold and Silver.pdf34 KB
Highlander's Farewell.pdf48 KB
Joanie's Hornpipe.pdf39 KB
Stooges Salute.pdf39 KB
Sutherland Salute.pdf39 KB
TAC 50.pdf33 KB
TAC's Hospitality.pdf45 KB
The Fireside Lounge.pdf43 KB
The Source.pdf50 KB
The Spirit of the Dance.pdf49 KB
The Thistle and The Maple Leaf.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\TAC Jubilee Fund Dances (11)423 KB
A Brighter Day.pdf31 KB
A Memorable Occasion.pdf42 KB
Border Crossings.pdf31 KB
Cheers Darling.pdf41 KB
Cornering Campbell.pdf50 KB
Hands Across the Water.pdf42 KB
The Back of Beyond.pdf37 KB
The Golden Hornpipe.pdf38 KB
The Legacy.pdf42 KB
The Sylvia Strathspey.pdf36 KB
The Tutor's Rant.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\TAC Silver Anniversary Dances (4)127 KB
An Ode to Teachers.pdf29 KB
Anniversary Reel.pdf26 KB
From the Broomielaw.pdf24 KB
The Anniversary.pdf48 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Tartan Rainbow (8)228 KB
After Supper.pdf25 KB
Ashby Petronella.pdf26 KB
Barton Barbecue.pdf20 KB
Corstorphine Road.pdf40 KB
Golden Heather.pdf35 KB
London's Burning.pdf32 KB
Moving South.pdf27 KB
Tartan Rainbow.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Tayside Dances 1983 - 1998 (15)557 KB
A Day at the Fair.pdf26 KB
A Summer Frolic.pdf46 KB
A Tribute to Robert.pdf30 KB
Bonnie Kinnoull.pdf20 KB
Broom and Bracken.pdf67 KB
Highland Cronies.pdf26 KB
Miss Katherine MacKinnon's Strathspey.pdf39 KB
Mrs. Gladys Allen.pdf33 KB
The Caley Medley.pdf36 KB
The Daisy Chain.pdf35 KB
The Fair Maid Medley.pdf34 KB
The Fair Maid Strathspey.pdf47 KB
The Jolly Tars.pdf25 KB
The Keswick Reel.pdf65 KB
The Westview Regulars.pdf27 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Tenth Anniversary Collection - Portland OR Branch (13)448 KB
A Festival of Roses.pdf51 KB
Across the 45th Parallel.pdf30 KB
Celebration Reel.pdf22 KB
City of Roses Strathspey.pdf57 KB
Down from the Shielings.pdf32 KB
George's Jig.pdf38 KB
Linda's Wedding-Don's Delight.pdf25 KB
Molly's Celebration.pdf41 KB
Nina's Dance.pdf21 KB
The Earl of Tyrone.pdf36 KB
The Tattie Bogle.pdf31 KB
The Whirlijig.pdf28 KB
Ye're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa'.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Tenth Anniversary Collection of SCD - Tokyo (13)304 KB
A Fair Wind.pdf19 KB
A Rosebud in My Garden.pdf29 KB
Anne Grant's Reel.pdf17 KB
Izayol.pdf21 KB
Kurazukuri.pdf48 KB
Memory of Mrs Mihara.pdf19 KB
OH Flowers.pdf23 KB
Oh, A Hillside Cottage.pdf20 KB
Once a Month.pdf21 KB
Snowdrops in a Storm.pdf23 KB
The Red Shoes.pdf23 KB
Three Bouncing Lads.pdf20 KB
Tom's Delight.pdf21 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Tenth Annual Ball SCD Collection (15)750 KB
A' Dol Suiridhe.pdf62 KB
Arthur's Fancy.pdf40 KB
Half a Loaf.pdf91 KB
House by the Streams (Tigh an uillt).pdf51 KB
Lady McGowan's Dream.pdf46 KB
Lord Saltoun's Reel.pdf34 KB
Steel City Reel.pdf45 KB
The Border Hills.pdf27 KB
The Bruce Trail.pdf40 KB
The Court Jester.pdf52 KB
The Queen of Hearts.pdf80 KB
The Reel of the Black Walnut.pdf48 KB
The Selkirk Colony.pdf49 KB
We're Ten, Ye Ken.pdf47 KB
Wicked Willy (Uilleam Dona).pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Amisfield Dances (8)236 KB
Amisfield Tower.pdf25 KB
B.I.B..pdf29 KB
Bob's Chase.pdf22 KB
Hannah's Waltz.pdf26 KB
Miss Graham of Dykeside.pdf26 KB
P.I.P..pdf37 KB
The Amisfield Dancie.pdf26 KB
Thomson's Adumu.pdf46 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Angus Fitchet Scottish Dance Album (16)665 KB
A M Shinnie.pdf44 KB
Coldside Jig.pdf45 KB
Cousin Jim.pdf42 KB
Dr Robertson.pdf44 KB
Elizabeth Adair.pdf38 KB
Forteviot Jig.pdf37 KB
Glasgow Caledonian Strathspey and Reel Society.pdf48 KB
J B Milne.pdf39 KB
Jig Wi' The Snap.pdf45 KB
Mr Michie.pdf45 KB
Mrs Fitchet.pdf36 KB
Norman Whitelaw.pdf34 KB
Princess Margaret's Jig.pdf34 KB
Robert Fitchet.pdf47 KB
The Four Stringer.pdf43 KB
William McDonald Black.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Anniversary Book by Joseph Killeen (6)270 KB
Annan Welcome.pdf29 KB
The Aviemore Strathspey.pdf34 KB
The Ecclefechan Rant.pdf40 KB
The Gretna Green Jig.pdf27 KB
The Sark Bridge.pdf33 KB
The Solway Reel.pdf107 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Auckland Suite (8)376 KB
Gannets Galore.pdf48 KB
Gin Strawberries.pdf47 KB
North Head Strathspey.pdf48 KB
Pack 'n Run.pdf43 KB
Sky City Reel.pdf48 KB
The Coast Road.pdf47 KB
The Takapuna Reel.pdf46 KB
The Waiheke Run.pdf48 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Australian Book (29)1.771 KB
Adelaide's Welcome to John Drewry.pdf55 KB
Alice.pdf51 KB
Amazing Glace.pdf59 KB
Ayers Rock.pdf66 KB
Biddy of the Buller.pdf57 KB
Botany Bay.pdf55 KB
Catherine Hayes Delight.pdf56 KB
Dr Kay Lane.pdf52 KB
Ellenbrook.pdf55 KB
Flight Over Fraser Island.pdf51 KB
General Bossiness.pdf67 KB
Gold in Tassie.pdf59 KB
In Paradise.pdf58 KB
Jan Wilson's Strathspey.pdf59 KB
Loch McNess.pdf68 KB
Mindil Market.pdf63 KB
Mountain Magic.pdf72 KB
On the Go.pdf47 KB
Pye in the Sky.pdf60 KB
Stuart Town Welcomes John Drewry.pdf57 KB
The Australian Book Notes.pdf105 KB
The Coral Sea Hornpipe.pdf62 KB
The Jewel in the Navel.pdf70 KB
The Land of Oz.pdf56 KB
The New Opera.pdf56 KB
The Toyboys of Toowoomba or Rebecca Dreaming.pdf76 KB
Up the Muddy Mary (With a Bang).pdf64 KB
Victorian Virgins.pdf64 KB
Zip Up.pdf54 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Ayton Collection (9)313 KB
A Jig for Jack.pdf38 KB
Ashcroft.pdf27 KB
Bessie and Laurie Kemp.pdf50 KB
Davelyn Country Dance.pdf36 KB
Jessie's Fancy.pdf36 KB
Leven Bridge.pdf37 KB
Luss Road.pdf37 KB
The Devil's Elbow.pdf30 KB
Tobermory Bay.pdf22 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Balmoral Collection (12)550 KB
A Reel for Frances.pdf47 KB
Anne.pdf40 KB
Best Foot Forward.pdf37 KB
Come Dance with Me.pdf40 KB
Lucky Shamrock.pdf37 KB
Raindrops on Quarterland.pdf59 KB
The Braes of Balmoral.pdf56 KB
The Glenveagh Strathspey.pdf80 KB
The Mill Burn.pdf39 KB
The Newcastle Reel.pdf39 KB
The Village Square.pdf38 KB
The Wind That Shak.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Bicentenial Book Plus Seven SCDs (15)606 KB
Brian Boru.pdf26 KB
Crocketts Victory Garden.pdf41 KB
Dunvegan Castle.pdf60 KB
Guid Luck Go Wi' Ye.pdf25 KB
Lady McGowan's Dream.pdf28 KB
Miss Bonny Parker.pdf41 KB
Mrs. MacDougall's Strathspey.pdf26 KB
Murray, the Outlaw of Falahill.pdf52 KB
Peacocks Close.pdf40 KB
Rose Valley Cottage.pdf38 KB
The Cordial Jig.pdf37 KB
The Pride of Baltimore.pdf43 KB
The Selkirk Colony.pdf41 KB
The Swing of the Kilt.pdf67 KB
Wicked Willy.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Blackadder Collection (12)457 KB
A Hastings Welcome.pdf33 KB
Blackadder House.pdf52 KB
Bonnie Gallowa'.pdf35 KB
Carol Palmer's Strathspey.pdf48 KB
Celebration Jig.pdf44 KB
Ewan Telford's Strathspey.pdf39 KB
Jim Dougal of Eyemouth.pdf36 KB
The Blackadder Jig.pdf30 KB
The Craven Jig.pdf35 KB
The Hawkesbury Rant.pdf39 KB
The Lassie Frae Glasgow.pdf31 KB
The West Highland Line.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Blue Book (10)2.458 KB
100th Monkey.pdf135 KB
Herring Bone.pdf160 KB
LaMont of Cowal.pdf151 KB
Mrs Elizabeth Smith.pdf130 KB
My Centennial Strathspey.pdf547 KB
Thane of Argyle.pdf395 KB
The Darsome Burn.pdf122 KB
The Mercat Cross.pdf515 KB
The Tudor Rose.pdf160 KB
Without.pdf143 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Borealis Book (10)527 KB
Circles on the Moor.pdf79 KB
Gie Us a Hand.pdf25 KB
Grand Portage Reel.pdf80 KB
Spirit of the Brachan.pdf73 KB
The Celtic Braid.pdf72 KB
The Diamond Circlet.pdf30 KB
The Left-Handed Queen.pdf28 KB
The Mews.pdf23 KB
The Red Sash.pdf79 KB
White Water Reel.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Bridge of Earn Collection (14)508 KB
Bonnie Strathearn.pdf32 KB
Deanston Mill.pdf30 KB
Hunt the Gowk.pdf36 KB
Miss Lydia Heatherwick.pdf38 KB
Muirhead of Logie.pdf33 KB
The Bearsden Fiddler.pdf39 KB
The Bridge at Ballachullish.pdf46 KB
The Cooper's Wife.pdf28 KB
The Craigellachie Reel.pdf32 KB
The Old Earn Brig.pdf38 KB
The Silverknowes Jig.pdf39 KB
The Tattie Howkers.pdf37 KB
The Tibbersmore Piper.pdf43 KB
The Wick's o' Baiglie.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Bryn Mawr Booklet of Scottish Dances (7)394 KB
Coming of Age.pdf49 KB
Duncan's Exchange.pdf46 KB
Meeting at the Hawes.pdf42 KB
The Ceilidh Special.pdf79 KB
The Luck Penny.pdf76 KB
The Whitterick.pdf54 KB
Twa Heids Are Better Than Yin.pdf48 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Burnham Set (5)175 KB
Burnham Park.pdf28 KB
Chippy's Rant.pdf49 KB
Dorney Wood.pdf32 KB
Just For You.pdf35 KB
Toddlin' Tim.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Cairdin' O'T (13)783 KB
A Sprig of Heather.pdf63 KB
Come in Out of the Rain.pdf36 KB
Dance Notes for The Cairdin' O'T.pdf136 KB
Steeple Rock.pdf67 KB
The Bluebells of Scotland.pdf59 KB
The Cairdin' O'T.pdf28 KB
The Cats in the Kitchen.pdf57 KB
The Chapel on the Hill.pdf57 KB
The Flower of the Quern.pdf47 KB
The Hopeful Lovers.pdf62 KB
The Key to the Door.pdf67 KB
The Smith At His Anvil.pdf51 KB
The Swan on the Lake.pdf54 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Canadian Book of Scottish Country Dances by John Drewry (42)2.163 KB
Atholl Brose.pdf55 KB
Betty's Jig.pdf47 KB
Bob Campbell.pdf37 KB
Brodie Castle.pdf52 KB
Bydand.pdf44 KB
Drumduan Cottage.pdf41 KB
Dunnottar Castle.pdf67 KB
Dunsinane.pdf52 KB
Findhorn in Flood.pdf67 KB
Foxhill Court.pdf51 KB
Glayva.pdf47 KB
Hamilton's Strathspey.pdf61 KB
Huntly Castle.pdf39 KB
John Sinton's Strathspey.pdf69 KB
Kenavarra.pdf58 KB
Let the Hackles Rise.pdf49 KB
MacFarlane's Fiddle.pdf50 KB
Mary Hamilton.pdf54 KB
McKeown's Hornpipe.pdf45 KB
Prince Rupert's Fancy.pdf39 KB
Rinty's Rant.pdf37 KB
Salute to Miss Milligan.pdf51 KB
St Andrew's Course.pdf48 KB
The Bees of Maggieknockater.pdf60 KB
The Clootie Well.pdf72 KB
The Cock O' the North.pdf40 KB
The Courage Reel.pdf58 KB
The Cradle Song.pdf63 KB
The Faraway Isle.pdf50 KB
The Flower O' the Queen.pdf51 KB
The Flying Spur.pdf64 KB
The Happy Potter.pdf47 KB
The Haunt of the Gnomes.pdf72 KB
The Lantern of the North.pdf51 KB
The Maid of the Mist.pdf44 KB
The Miller O' Hirn.pdf35 KB
The Misses Farrell of Alloa.pdf45 KB
The Sound of Harris.pdf48 KB
The St Nicholas Boat.pdf72 KB
The Wolf's Return to Badenoch.pdf50 KB
Tullynessle.pdf43 KB
Water's Edge.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Celebration Book (7)389 KB
Bonnie MacKinnon is 21.pdf37 KB
Clachan Glinnes.pdf102 KB
Give and Take.pdf65 KB
Now We Are 10.pdf39 KB
Royal Sydney Reel.pdf34 KB
Something New.pdf69 KB
University Reel.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Celtic Book (14)617 KB
Aracos.pdf43 KB
Avalon.pdf36 KB
Heather Harvest.pdf39 KB
Home and Away.pdf41 KB
Pin the Kilt.pdf43 KB
Shapeshifting.pdf58 KB
Taliesin.pdf49 KB
The Celtic Clasp.pdf43 KB
The Celtic Drum.pdf47 KB
The Celtic Reel.pdf44 KB
The Dolmen.pdf41 KB
The Evergreen Oak.pdf45 KB
The Green Man.pdf36 KB
The Sacred Circle.pdf54 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Celtic Brooch (3)237 KB
The Celtic Brooch.pdf67 KB
The Celtic Brooch - Second Set - Intermediate.pdf76 KB
The Celtic Brooch - Thrid Set - Advanced.pdf94 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Cherry Blossom Book - John Drewry (22)1.112 KB
Breezbay.pdf47 KB
Briarcliff Manor.pdf54 KB
Cherry Blossom Time.pdf52 KB
Dream Maker.pdf48 KB
Have a Bashie.pdf56 KB
Matsu Shima.pdf94 KB
Miss Ogilvie's Jig.pdf42 KB
Moonlight.pdf60 KB
Mount Fuji.pdf46 KB
Sayonara.pdf43 KB
Silver Safari.pdf79 KB
The Bonsai Tree.pdf31 KB
The Dragon.pdf49 KB
The Georgian Strathspey.pdf54 KB
The Hibiscus Waltz.pdf47 KB
The Lava Tree Reel.pdf41 KB
The Lei Waltz.pdf30 KB
The Pentagon.pdf43 KB
The Pink Panda.pdf47 KB
The Rising Sun.pdf38 KB
Thomas Glover's Reel.pdf60 KB
Wellbrae.pdf50 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Clan MacKenzie (18)858 KB
AnnTony's Delight.pdf57 KB
Clan MacKenzie Reel.pdf47 KB
Cool and Crisp.pdf47 KB
Diana's Delight.pdf46 KB
Jiggin' Jan.pdf46 KB
Judith of Yarram.pdf45 KB
Just for Trisha.pdf45 KB
Laurel Downey's Pleasure.pdf48 KB
Lyn's Labyrinth.pdf48 KB
Olga's Dance.pdf50 KB
Pairkheid Cross.pdf50 KB
Pope Street.pdf41 KB
The Ashe's.pdf41 KB
The Celandine Strathspey.pdf35 KB
The Counting House Strathspey.pdf49 KB
The Dancing Partners.pdf50 KB
The Deepwater Reel.pdf57 KB
The Sisters Three.pdf57 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Clans Book (6)250 KB
Janet's Jig.pdf25 KB
Jessie's Fancy.pdf42 KB
Pauline's Jig.pdf43 KB
The Clans.pdf52 KB
The Songsters.pdf40 KB
Trip to South Africa.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Cleveland Collection (15)427 KB
Bridge Over the Glen.pdf30 KB
Captain Cook's Hornpipe.pdf30 KB
Challoner Chase.pdf25 KB
Cleveland Hornpipe.pdf27 KB
Forty-Pence Wood.pdf37 KB
Guisborough Lassies.pdf27 KB
Highcliff Jig.pdf26 KB
Market Cross Jig.pdf28 KB
Pinehills Strathspey.pdf28 KB
Priory Jig.pdf29 KB
Roseberry Ridge.pdf27 KB
The Broken Ridge.pdf30 KB
The Cobblestones.pdf24 KB
Waterfall Gill.pdf26 KB
Wileycat Wood.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Country Dancer's Guide to Scottish Linksland (8)250 KB
Carnoustie.pdf35 KB
Granny Clark's Wynd.pdf34 KB
Royal Dornoch.pdf32 KB
Swilken Burn.pdf32 KB
The Double Loops of Muirfield.pdf27 KB
The Himalayas.pdf26 KB
The Postage Stamp.pdf29 KB
Turnberry Variations.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Croaghpatrick Collection (10)443 KB
A Jig for John.pdf44 KB
Belfast Castle.pdf45 KB
Hazelwood.pdf48 KB
Margaret's Fancy.pdf32 KB
St Patrick's Jig.pdf37 KB
The Lucky Clover.pdf59 KB
The Shepherd of Slemish.pdf41 KB
The Thistle and the Shamrock.pdf48 KB
Turning the Stone.pdf49 KB
Twa Rigadoons.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Crystal Collection (10)353 KB
David's Fancy.pdf44 KB
Dick's Dram or The Very Civil Servant.pdf41 KB
Inverugie Castle.pdf60 KB
Joe Foster's Jig.pdf30 KB
Just a Dance.pdf25 KB
Mid Fodderletter.pdf31 KB
Mrs Sybil Shaw.pdf30 KB
Sparkenhoe Circle.pdf34 KB
The Borders Revisited.pdf34 KB
Young Wilson's Reel.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Dancers' Tribute (10)364 KB
Barry of Glen Dean.pdf37 KB
Butterworth Beauty.pdf35 KB
Hidden in Milan.pdf40 KB
Kindergarten Reel.pdf34 KB
King of Royal Road.pdf40 KB
Lady Cornwallis.pdf37 KB
North of Meola.pdf34 KB
Panic Attack.pdf40 KB
The Laird of Laingholm.pdf36 KB
The Maid of Kaitaia.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Dancing Thistles (26)2.216 KB
A Touch of Tartan.pdf72 KB
Dancing Thistles.pdf119 KB
Donoveen's Dance.pdf92 KB
Fergie's Fancy.pdf111 KB
Finders Keepers.pdf73 KB
Hallo Halloween.pdf59 KB
Highveld Jig.pdf59 KB
Hip2B2 (Square).pdf126 KB
Isobel Ross of Ballachulish.pdf74 KB
Rob's Rant.pdf76 KB
Scapa Flow.pdf102 KB
S'il Vous Plait.pdf71 KB
Swings and Roundabouts.pdf81 KB
Teddy Bears' Centenary.pdf77 KB
The Irish Touch.pdf79 KB
The Wedding Link.pdf71 KB
The Whirlpool.pdf59 KB
Thistle Dew.pdf81 KB
Three Times Lucky.pdf49 KB
Thursday Evening in Pretoria.pdf91 KB
Trio.pdf170 KB
Verwoerdburg Folly.pdf55 KB
Wagonwheel Strathspey.pdf108 KB
Wheel of Fortune.pdf60 KB
Wouter and Tobie.pdf86 KB
X-Y-Z Dance.pdf116 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Dunnington Collection Vol 1 (11)553 KB
Al's Fiddle.pdf45 KB
Dodgems and Waltzers.pdf51 KB
Kinning Park.pdf55 KB
Miss Lyndsey J McCrudden.pdf51 KB
The Dunnington Strathspey.pdf47 KB
The Micklegate Run.pdf74 KB
The Munster 1200.pdf47 KB
The Thormanby Strathspey.pdf54 KB
The Westbourne Reel.pdf44 KB
Threave Reel.pdf39 KB
Vicky's Jig.pdf46 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Eastcote Set (6)203 KB
Graham's Fancy.pdf30 KB
Margaret Roberts - Gladys Allan's Fancy.pdf55 KB
Mr & Mrs Brian Hamilton (of Boldmere).pdf27 KB
Pat's Fancy - Elizabeth's Favourite.pdf29 KB
The Ladies of Pont Street.pdf29 KB
The Lady President.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Edinburgh Lass (5)220 KB
A Reel for '88.pdf45 KB
Salute to Halifax.pdf38 KB
The Cairn.pdf33 KB
The Dancie or Dancing Master.pdf73 KB
The Edinburgh Lass.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Four Corners Dance Book (14)510 KB
Ann's Frolic.pdf38 KB
Ashley Pond's Reel.pdf32 KB
McBains' Fancy.pdf38 KB
Mrs Ella Thompson.pdf44 KB
Mrs Hepburn's New Reel.pdf31 KB
Sabino Wedding.pdf41 KB
Shotgun Wedding.pdf25 KB
Take Five.pdf31 KB
The (Albu)'Querque Flirty.pdf41 KB
The 12th Night Ball.pdf39 KB
The Beavertail Slap.pdf33 KB
The Chartreuse Pelican.pdf37 KB
The Courtship.pdf40 KB
The Pika.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Galloway Album (15)523 KB
Ballochmyle House.pdf32 KB
Cairn Edward.pdf29 KB
Captain Whiteside.pdf34 KB
Curleywee.pdf38 KB
Greenwich Hill.pdf36 KB
Hamilton Races.pdf33 KB
Irongray.pdf37 KB
John McAlpin.pdf33 KB
Ken Bridge.pdf33 KB
Mr William Brown's Reel.pdf34 KB
The Black Craig of Dee.pdf33 KB
The Highland Troop.pdf42 KB
The New Howford Brig.pdf37 KB
The Rhinns of Kells.pdf37 KB
The River City Strathspey.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Galloway Hills Set (6)241 KB
Cairn Edward.pdf35 KB
Curleywee.pdf48 KB
Hamilton Races.pdf33 KB
Ken Bridge.pdf43 KB
The Black Craig of Dee.pdf34 KB
The Rhinns of Kells.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Gauldry Group (12)317 KB
David's Welcome.pdf26 KB
Ella.pdf28 KB
Fifty Years On.pdf27 KB
Happy Birthday Jack.pdf21 KB
Norah's Gold Stars.pdf23 KB
Robin Hood's Quarterstaff.pdf26 KB
The Beauchamp Strathspey.pdf30 KB
The Gauldry Strathspey.pdf26 KB
The Mull of Galloway.pdf27 KB
The Olivers' Jig.pdf27 KB
The Wagtails by the Wye.pdf24 KB
The Wells Strathspey.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Gigha Set (6)154 KB
Achamore House.pdf38 KB
Ardailly Mill.pdf20 KB
Gigalum.pdf23 KB
The Laird of Achamore's Strathspey.pdf24 KB
The Sound of Cara.pdf20 KB
We Twa.pdf30 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Glen Orrin Collection (10)243 KB
Glen Orrin Strathspey.pdf24 KB
Leasowe Castle.pdf37 KB
Mrs Doreen Kaye.pdf21 KB
Ord Arms Medley.pdf22 KB
Ormonde Castle.pdf28 KB
Red Kites Over the Black Isle.pdf22 KB
Sandwood Bay.pdf23 KB
The Dancing Chef.pdf30 KB
Tri Fichead.pdf17 KB
Tribute to Euan.pdf20 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Glen Orrin Collection 2 (10)351 KB
Charles Upton's Obsession.pdf41 KB
Don't Touch the Door Lewie.pdf38 KB
His Other Wife.pdf35 KB
Jig for Jane.pdf26 KB
Lost in Boston.pdf58 KB
Redundancy Dance.pdf33 KB
Romance at Raddery.pdf27 KB
The Next Dance.pdf30 KB
The Twa Twistles.pdf33 KB
Weaving Dreams.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Glenfeshie Book (10)256 KB
Braes of Lochaber.pdf30 KB
Glenfeshie.pdf29 KB
Lucy's Flittin'.pdf21 KB
Miss Anderson's Bouquet.pdf26 KB
Pretty Ladies.pdf27 KB
Rothiemurchus Rant.pdf24 KB
The Highland Brigade.pdf23 KB
The Laird of Oxgangs.pdf24 KB
The Marquis of Hastings' Strathspey.pdf25 KB
The Nameless Lassie.pdf27 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Glenfeshie Book II (10)321 KB
Angus & Fiona.pdf42 KB
David Findlays Jig.pdf24 KB
Jean Flynn Jig.pdf32 KB
Kay Armstrongs Delight.pdf32 KB
Miss Elizabeth McGillivray.pdf30 KB
Mrs Charlotte Harrison.pdf38 KB
Return of the Dashing White Sergeant.pdf24 KB
The Beltane or Rites of Spring.pdf26 KB
The Quaker.pdf44 KB
Tribute to Jimmy Strachan.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Glenfinnan Book (12)572 KB
Lanterns of London.pdf57 KB
Reverie.pdf51 KB
Round and Round the Radical Road.pdf43 KB
Shirley's Jig.pdf43 KB
Silver Salute.pdf61 KB
The Ferry to Lismore.pdf45 KB
The Glenfinnan Jig.pdf45 KB
The Glenfinnan Reel.pdf46 KB
The Glenfinnan Strathspey.pdf42 KB
The Maze.pdf55 KB
The Weaver's Dream.pdf37 KB
Widdershins of Bothwell.pdf46 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Gourock Collection (3)144 KB
Mrs Stella Fogg.pdf56 KB
St John's Road.pdf46 KB
The Continental.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Green Book (10)1.335 KB
And Foolish Notion.pdf151 KB
Falls Valley Strathspey.pdf105 KB
Loch Fad.pdf127 KB
Mrs Maude Meikle.pdf159 KB
Shades of Amber.pdf117 KB
The Bulrush.pdf189 KB
The Caledonian forest.pdf110 KB
The Earl of Barrymore.pdf93 KB
The Lord of Bute.pdf124 KB
Westerly Wind.pdf159 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Green Lady Book (13)648 KB
Dance Notes.pdf54 KB
Kelpie's Haugh.pdf42 KB
Saxie's Baa.pdf38 KB
St Ronan's Well.pdf49 KB
The Blue Men of the Minch.pdf55 KB
The Boky Hound.pdf40 KB
The Dwarfie Stane.pdf48 KB
The Green Lady of Skipness Castle.pdf49 KB
The Mill of Tifty.pdf49 KB
The Neugle.pdf46 KB
The Turra Coo.pdf57 KB
The Wells of Swona.pdf48 KB
The Whistler's Glen.pdf72 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Greenburn Book (23)1.168 KB
A Dancing Career.pdf28 KB
All in the Mind.pdf50 KB
Ann of Gleneagles.pdf37 KB
Askival.pdf47 KB
Coat's Ceilidh Calypso.pdf42 KB
Hale-Bopp.pdf33 KB
Harold's Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Milton's Strathspey.pdf55 KB
Riva-Dance.pdf54 KB
St Boniface.pdf43 KB
Swirling Waters.pdf56 KB
That Sinking Feeling.pdf57 KB
The Big Bang.pdf54 KB
The Cabot Trail.pdf56 KB
The Cairn of Sorrow.pdf69 KB
The Capon Tree.pdf47 KB
The Chinook.pdf84 KB
The Fixed Link.pdf59 KB
The Full Monty.pdf49 KB
The Honeycomb.pdf55 KB
The Reel of the Badcocks.pdf52 KB
The Snow Butterfly.pdf51 KB
Touch Not the Cat.pdf48 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Greenburn Book Vol II (30)1.259 KB
As the Crow Flies.pdf46 KB
Bound and Gagged.pdf32 KB
Broomhill.pdf34 KB
Browned Off.pdf31 KB
Copycat Suite - Fantasia.pdf39 KB
Copycat Suite - Fugue.pdf41 KB
Copycat Suite - Prelude.pdf47 KB
Cullen Skink.pdf44 KB
Down Side Up.pdf47 KB
Dreams of the Orient.pdf55 KB
Drumheller.pdf38 KB
Flora Inglis' Strathspey.pdf45 KB
Four Million.pdf56 KB
Gibson's Gallop.pdf25 KB
Jag's Jig.pdf29 KB
Lady Peak's Strathspey.pdf45 KB
Morland Triples.pdf56 KB
Nethy Bridge.pdf47 KB
Over the Moon.pdf32 KB
Stonehaven Lassies.pdf39 KB
The Bountree Reel.pdf62 KB
The Breathalyser.pdf32 KB
The Didgeridoos of Dunvegan.pdf35 KB
The Haggis Thrash.pdf22 KB
The MacKenzie Rant.pdf64 KB
The Tipsy Laird.pdf37 KB
There Be Dragons.pdf32 KB
Triplicity.pdf55 KB
Woodmere Wedding.pdf56 KB
Y2K.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Greenburn Book Vol III (30)1.291 KB
Bespoke Taylors.pdf52 KB
Bow Fiddle Rock.pdf37 KB
Christies' Strathspey.pdf30 KB
Dunbuy.pdf45 KB
Jiggin' Janet.pdf52 KB
One Fine Day.pdf49 KB
OOOH Chihuahua.pdf51 KB
Out of Africa.pdf48 KB
Paddy Baa.pdf43 KB
Premium Bonds.pdf39 KB
Rings Round the Moon.pdf38 KB
Susan.pdf29 KB
The Cat and the Fiddle.pdf37 KB
The Daffodil.pdf38 KB
The Dowry Bride.pdf65 KB
The Dumfries Doglet.pdf48 KB
The Fruit-Cake.pdf43 KB
The Granny Knot.pdf39 KB
The Lord's Lodging.pdf46 KB
The Millennial Strathspey.pdf36 KB
The Monster on the Rocks.pdf42 KB
The New Leeds Strathspey.pdf34 KB
The Ocean Plait.pdf44 KB
The Recumbent Stone.pdf63 KB
The Round Hay of Six.pdf53 KB
The Secret Garden.pdf39 KB
The Slip Knot.pdf32 KB
The Spin Doctor.pdf37 KB
The Toll House.pdf52 KB
The Weakest Link.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Greenwood Collection (10)235 KB
A Visit to Denork.pdf21 KB
Auchenvennel.pdf24 KB
Kilcreggan.pdf24 KB
Last May a Braw Wooer (10 bar phrases).pdf30 KB
St Ninian's Isle.pdf23 KB
The Greenwood Reel.pdf23 KB
The Kilfinan Strathspey.pdf20 KB
The Knot Garden.pdf24 KB
The Signalman's Hornpipe.pdf21 KB
Two's Company.pdf27 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Harbour City (11)350 KB
A Gift From Heaven.pdf30 KB
Andrew's Dance.pdf32 KB
Cabbages and Kings.pdf27 KB
Gunn of Kilearnan.pdf30 KB
Lady Friend.pdf30 KB
Let's Meet Again.pdf28 KB
Marie's Jig.pdf27 KB
On the Quarter-Deck.pdf34 KB
The Harbor City.pdf32 KB
The Paper Nautilis.pdf47 KB
To Ane An' A'.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Heart of San Francisco (16)1.192 KB
Carol McQuilling Strathspey.pdf99 KB
Coit Tower Reel.pdf59 KB
Extraordinary Marilyn.pdf69 KB
Golden Ribbons.pdf66 KB
Key to Diagrams.pdf68 KB
Lady of Spain.pdf66 KB
Lake of the Sky.pdf71 KB
Lost and Found.pdf62 KB
Mairrit at Last.pdf71 KB
Silverwood.pdf93 KB
Sterling Shores.pdf97 KB
The Bees of Heather MacKay.pdf82 KB
The Ladies of Berkland Rose.pdf66 KB
Trip to Timber Ridge.pdf67 KB
Walter McAdam of Kelvinside.pdf73 KB
Way of Life.pdf84 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Hendersons Of Ardbrae (10)410 KB
Birthday Cake.pdf49 KB
Farewell to the Plaidies.pdf28 KB
Mhor.pdf44 KB
Sue's Dance.pdf36 KB
The Ardbrae Reel.pdf39 KB
The Bonnie Band O' Gold.pdf28 KB
The Flitting.pdf41 KB
The French Connection.pdf38 KB
The Hendersons of Ardbrae.pdf56 KB
The Weaver's Daughter-in-Law.pdf51 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Highland Road Collection (24)1.071 KB
A Walk in Pensacola.pdf48 KB
Amaidi Bheag.pdf38 KB
Black Mountain Delight.pdf41 KB
Chasing the Eclipse.pdf51 KB
Come & Follow Me.pdf45 KB
Faithful Friends.pdf49 KB
Kathy's Garden.pdf46 KB
Maxwell's Golden Rant.pdf43 KB
Redhead Hall.pdf40 KB
Spring Equinox.pdf40 KB
The Corrigan Strathspey.pdf50 KB
The Dancing Scot.pdf48 KB
The Highland Road.pdf50 KB
The Mobile Bay Medley.pdf48 KB
The Reel MacKay.pdf44 KB
The Renaissance Woman.pdf39 KB
The River Players.pdf43 KB
The Rose of Greenock.pdf45 KB
The Shepherdess.pdf43 KB
The Traveling Peterkins.pdf42 KB
The Tun S Reel (The Ternes Reel).pdf42 KB
The Two Fiddle Jig.pdf42 KB
Three Quarters of A Century.pdf49 KB
Young At Heart.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Islands Set (3)74 KB
A Shetland Welcome.pdf28 KB
The Dervaig Ladies Jig.pdf22 KB
The Simmer Dim.pdf23 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Kilmarnock Album (16)968 KB
A Fairy Knoll.pdf38 KB
A Kiss of the King's Hand.pdf34 KB
Bridge Over Troubled Waters.pdf56 KB
Dance Notes for The Kilmarnock Album.pdf372 KB
Dean Castle.pdf38 KB
Foxglove Hollow.pdf38 KB
Lord Kilmarnock.pdf51 KB
Mossflower Wood.pdf37 KB
Scarlet Ribbons.pdf34 KB
Skiver the Quilt.pdf30 KB
The Calm Before the Storm.pdf34 KB
The Duke of Fife.pdf41 KB
The Earl of Arran.pdf53 KB
The Quarrelsome Piper.pdf32 KB
The River Rats.pdf33 KB
The Squirrel.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Kiwi Book (22)713 KB
A Wee Totee Thing.pdf38 KB
Auckland 1990.pdf31 KB
Centennial Reel.pdf26 KB
Fair Isle.pdf32 KB
Farewell the Bonnie Banks of Ayr.pdf31 KB
Fiona Fair.pdf31 KB
Gone Fishing.pdf28 KB
Gyrating Wheel.pdf45 KB
Herring Bone.pdf25 KB
Jiggle Joggle Jump.pdf35 KB
Loch Fad.pdf29 KB
She'll Be Right.pdf35 KB
Short Bread.pdf35 KB
Summer in Winter.pdf30 KB
Sweet 16.pdf27 KB
The Caber.pdf38 KB
The Darksome Burn.pdf27 KB
The MacKay Square.pdf28 KB
The Rotating Reel.pdf31 KB
The Royal Palace.pdf36 KB
The Weasel.pdf41 KB
Through a Glass Darkly.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Ladies of Dunse (15)529 KB
8th Battalion-The Royal Scots.pdf31 KB
Campbell of Laphroaig.pdf32 KB
Duns 500.pdf33 KB
Founder's Jig (with Corrections).pdf50 KB
Jim Dougal of Eyemouth.pdf38 KB
Millerton Brig.pdf37 KB
Peggy's Joy.pdf36 KB
St Ebba's Strand.pdf44 KB
Strathcare.pdf33 KB
The Border Bridge.pdf26 KB
The Reels.pdf42 KB
The Ruby Strathspey.pdf31 KB
The Scots Gate.pdf29 KB
The Scots Guards.pdf33 KB
The Whisky Association Reel.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Laurel collection (5)165 KB
A Ring of Friendship.pdf30 KB
A Wee Doc and Doris.pdf38 KB
Auckland Airs.pdf35 KB
The Garden City Jubilee.pdf28 KB
The Jones Falls Jig.pdf34 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Lifeboat Dances (2)61 KB
Montrose Reel.pdf35 KB
Ship o' Grace.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Lighthouse Collection Mukilteo Book 1 - Irene Paterson (12)94 KB
Blue Mountain Rubies.pdf8 KB
It's Not a Slip Jig.pdf8 KB
Just in Time.pdf8 KB
Major Clark's Farewell.pdf8 KB
Miss Mackenzie of Briar Lea.pdf8 KB
Mukilteo Helix.pdf8 KB
Olympic Treasure.pdf8 KB
Portland 35.pdf8 KB
Someplace Else.pdf8 KB
The Campbells of Oakville.pdf8 KB
The Newtonmore Lassie.pdf8 KB
The RossKay Strathspey.pdf8 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Lochiel Collection (13)889 KB
Artillery Ports.pdf54 KB
Bill Jacob's Jig.pdf62 KB
Candy Floss.pdf47 KB
Cuddy Along.pdf77 KB
Glenys Pearce's Strathspey.pdf61 KB
Lochiel's Farewell to Tony Szeto.pdf127 KB
Miss Mary Gray's Fancy.pdf46 KB
Rose Jacob's Reel.pdf67 KB
Simon Barbour's Rant.pdf110 KB
The Dance of the Red Moon.pdf53 KB
The New Plymouth Strathspey.pdf43 KB
The Odd Couple.pdf53 KB
The Wedding Ring.pdf88 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Lone Star Collection (8)501 KB
Chisholm's Trail.pdf97 KB
Every September.pdf99 KB
Longhorn Haggis - Wimberley Willie.pdf49 KB
Maggie of Braes Bayou.pdf59 KB
Scottish Welcome to Texas.pdf47 KB
The Bluebonnet Trail.pdf49 KB
The Lone Star.pdf59 KB
The Star of Texas.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Loreburn Dances Book 2 (14)439 KB
Chesterton or The Spinning Wheel.pdf28 KB
Devorgilla Reel.pdf24 KB
Jean's Reel.pdf26 KB
Lincluden Abbey.pdf27 KB
Lochside.pdf27 KB
Malcolm's Strathspey.pdf30 KB
Miss Gibson's Reel.pdf28 KB
Miss McLean of Inverness.pdf35 KB
Neil's Delight.pdf42 KB
S S Johnstone.pdf33 KB
The Johnstone Jig.pdf27 KB
The McCall's Measure.pdf53 KB
The Whitesands Jig.pdf32 KB
Tibby Walker's Jig.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Mantua-Makers Set (3)129 KB
Mantua-Makers.pdf46 KB
Mr George A Young.pdf42 KB
Mr Morison.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Master of Earley (5)181 KB
A Summer Breeze.pdf35 KB
I Met Her in St Andrews.pdf31 KB
Marjolijn's Jig - Exercise for Beginners.pdf42 KB
The Green Garden.pdf41 KB
The Master of Earley.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The McGhie's Fancy (11)396 KB
Gibson's Large and Gibson's Small.pdf28 KB
Jo Mansfield's Rant.pdf49 KB
May McGregor's Strathspey.pdf44 KB
Mr & Mrs R J Ross.pdf24 KB
The Cat Among the Pigeons.pdf45 KB
The Coral Wedding or The Reel of the 35th.pdf26 KB
The Graceful Strathspey.pdf32 KB
The High Park Blacksmith.pdf39 KB
The McGhie's Fancy.pdf38 KB
The Wooden Legged Whistler.pdf35 KB
You Must Stir it and Stump it or Lewis Derrick's Hornpipe.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The McGhie's Seat (11)354 KB
Bonnie Belinda.pdf37 KB
Chrys Greenyer's Jig.pdf32 KB
Crinkum-Crankum.pdf28 KB
John Honey's Hornpipe.pdf38 KB
Marie Curie's Reel.pdf26 KB
May in Minginish.pdf31 KB
Paying the Piper.pdf35 KB
The McGhie's Seat.pdf38 KB
The Rustington Reel.pdf37 KB
The Whale Rock.pdf25 KB
Twa Auld Hens.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Middle Earth Collection (13)566 KB
A Shieldmaiden of the Rohirrim.pdf47 KB
Around the Party Tree.pdf42 KB
Bombadil, Maggot and Mushrooms.pdf41 KB
Brandywine Bridge.pdf56 KB
Evenstar.pdf47 KB
Galadriel's Mirror.pdf34 KB
Middle Earth Collection Notes on Figures.pdf36 KB
Middle Earth Collection Notes on Titles and Themes.pdf108 KB
Rosie Cotton.pdf31 KB
The Cat on the Fiddle.pdf27 KB
The Green Dragon.pdf24 KB
The Lady of Lothlorien.pdf36 KB
The River Woman's Daughter.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Mohonk Dances (6)211 KB
A Warm Up Dance.pdf23 KB
Dashing White Sergeant.pdf41 KB
Lakeside Reel.pdf41 KB
The Mohonk Rant.pdf28 KB
The Mohonk Welcome.pdf40 KB
The Sky Top Jig.pdf38 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Morison's Bush Collection (13)370 KB
Double Scotch.pdf26 KB
Epuni Station.pdf29 KB
Feshiebridge.pdf25 KB
Gary Morris' Jig.pdf33 KB
Govandale Reel.pdf27 KB
Hugh's Welcome.pdf25 KB
Joy Be Wi' You.pdf29 KB
Kilburn's Reel.pdf23 KB
Mirth's Welcome.pdf26 KB
Morison's Bush.pdf29 KB
Seton's Ceilidh Band.pdf42 KB
The Thrang Wynd.pdf25 KB
Wild Mountain Thyme.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Muckle Book (6)252 KB
Hermitage Castle.pdf48 KB
Muckle Toon.pdf51 KB
Scotch Gate.pdf32 KB
The Devil's Beef Tub.pdf34 KB
The Kilt Pin.pdf48 KB
Trip to Belgium.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Newcastle Half Century 1950-2000 (14)615 KB
A Jig for Helen.pdf42 KB
A Reel for my Spouse.pdf45 KB
A Tribute to Mrs McAulay.pdf46 KB
A Tyneside Tribute to Ian Thow.pdf60 KB
Lilburn Tower.pdf55 KB
Morag's Strathspey.pdf29 KB
Mrs Mary Cooper.pdf36 KB
Peter and Madeleine Quince.pdf33 KB
The Birthday Cake.pdf62 KB
The Happy Couple.pdf42 KB
The Leaving of the Rise.pdf44 KB
The Music Will Tell You.pdf41 KB
The Newcastle Half Century.pdf37 KB
The Silver Wedding Medley.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Other Kangaroo Paw (10)1.037 KB
A Special Occasion.pdf110 KB
Audrey & Peter's Jubilee.pdf109 KB
Emmitt's Chase.pdf106 KB
Far North Queensland.pdf109 KB
May's 100.pdf106 KB
The Anne Archdeacon Reel.pdf107 KB
The Highlander in Glasgow.pdf102 KB
The Lion Gate.pdf91 KB
The Torridon Cross.pdf104 KB
The Two Gray Cats.pdf93 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Peterborough 2000 Collection (23)1.465 KB
Ardbrae Bank.pdf57 KB
Betty's Reel.pdf41 KB
Doug's Farewell to Kenner.pdf76 KB
Festival of Trees Reel.pdf89 KB
Ghllian's Jig.pdf59 KB
Hutchison House.pdf52 KB
Katchewanooka Lake.pdf70 KB
Les Cinq Chapeaux.pdf67 KB
Miss Jane Bremner of Keith.pdf53 KB
On the Banks of Shee Water.pdf99 KB
Salute to the Keans.pdf65 KB
Seeing Spots.pdf32 KB
The Caldwells' Coral Caper.pdf71 KB
The Douro Sixome Jig.pdf40 KB
The Meikleour Beeches.pdf95 KB
The Moodies of Douro.pdf61 KB
The Peterborough Reel.pdf121 KB
The Retiring.pdf56 KB
The Scott's Plains Reel.pdf41 KB
The Stoney Lake Stone.pdf52 KB
The Wee Hours.pdf30 KB
The Wellmeadow.pdf70 KB
Tribute to the Twentieth Century.pdf69 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Pleasure of your Company (9)192 KB
A Baltic Tribute.pdf20 KB
Festival on the Nemunas.pdf27 KB
Haste Ye Back.pdf21 KB
Marmalade.pdf20 KB
Master Brent's Fancy.pdf24 KB
Miss Rhiannon's Strathspey.pdf20 KB
Tam Samson's Elegy.pdf21 KB
The Gentle Lads and Lassies.pdf19 KB
The Pleasure of your Company.pdf21 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Plighted Troth (8)577 KB
A Marriage in Reel Time.pdf62 KB
A Valentine Wedding Knot.pdf66 KB
Andrew Rankine's Reel.pdf87 KB
Fiddling Fraser Takes a Wife.pdf86 KB
The Gaelic Wedding.pdf72 KB
The McUffda Strathspey.pdf85 KB
The Plighted Troth.pdf62 KB
Wendy's Wedding.pdf56 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Pohutakawa Book (22)1.127 KB
All That Glisters.pdf66 KB
August Frost.pdf56 KB
Avonda-Le.pdf37 KB
Ben Bhreagh.pdf48 KB
Came a Hot Christmas.pdf47 KB
Come Rain or Shine.pdf58 KB
Crimson Bloom.pdf69 KB
Cry of the Falcon.pdf55 KB
D. Day.pdf48 KB
Daisy Daisy.pdf48 KB
Five Horse Brake.pdf42 KB
Fort Gautley.pdf55 KB
Fusion.pdf45 KB
Iron Sands.pdf41 KB
My Place.pdf47 KB
No Problems.pdf50 KB
Pohutakawa.pdf72 KB
The Bantam Rooster.pdf43 KB
The Christmas Tree.pdf47 KB
The Empire Strathspey.pdf47 KB
The Glint of Sunlight.pdf58 KB
The Royal Standard.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Real McGhie (11)408 KB
Archbiship Sharp's Jig.pdf37 KB
Greeting Greta.pdf36 KB
Honest George.pdf33 KB
James Crichton of Eliock's Strathspey.pdf44 KB
Joukery-Pawkery.pdf27 KB
Kelley's Aye.pdf27 KB
Madcap Maggie.pdf48 KB
Miss Harvey's Hornpipe.pdf34 KB
The Pearl of Scotland.pdf44 KB
The Real McGhie.pdf37 KB
Valerie Craig's Reel.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Red Book (10)880 KB
28th July.pdf86 KB
Auckland 1990.pdf86 KB
Fair Isle.pdf83 KB
Gillechallum.pdf89 KB
Siol Mhorgan.pdf90 KB
Star Bright.pdf82 KB
Summer in Winter.pdf84 KB
The Chevalier Strathspey.pdf90 KB
The Darling Diversion.pdf99 KB
The Weasel.pdf90 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Reeves Wedding Ball (3)109 KB
Jig for Joan and John.pdf21 KB
The Double J.pdf63 KB
The Reel of the Twenty First (of April).pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Ridings Collection (16)509 KB
Betty's Ramble.pdf29 KB
Bill and Evelyn.pdf23 KB
Diana M McIntosh.pdf25 KB
Duncan's Delight.pdf18 KB
Joy Be With You All.pdf35 KB
Kers' Ruby.pdf29 KB
Mrs Amy.pdf27 KB
Patricia's Fancy.pdf40 KB
Rob Gordon's Rant.pdf33 KB
Scott Green.pdf43 KB
The Bear and the Bay Tree.pdf31 KB
The Bobbing Brush.pdf26 KB
The Bobby's Eightsome.pdf37 KB
The Buffs and Gurkha's March to Braemar.pdf54 KB
The Forester.pdf18 KB
The Young Hero of Tumbledown.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Rose Collection of Scottish Dances (16)912 KB
Cutty Sark.pdf55 KB
Draw the Sword Scotland.pdf38 KB
Glenfiddich.pdf40 KB
MacLauchlane.pdf75 KB
Miss Betsy Robertson.pdf41 KB
Miss Catherine Stewart.pdf41 KB
Miss Grant of Elchies.pdf45 KB
Miss Watt's Jig.pdf42 KB
Mr Alexander Laing.pdf85 KB
NewCastle.pdf53 KB
She's Fair and Fause.pdf33 KB
Stobhall.pdf69 KB
The Lily of the Vale.pdf28 KB
The Moon Dance.pdf105 KB
The Tartan.pdf99 KB
Yount Sandy Tulloch.pdf63 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Ruislip Set (9)357 KB
And One for Judy (3C Set).pdf44 KB
Jane's a Bonnie Lass.pdf37 KB
Jo's a Jolly Partner.pdf36 KB
Manor Farm.pdf39 KB
Margaret's Dance.pdf38 KB
Penny's Pleasure - Lynda Smiled at Me.pdf73 KB
The Lady of the House.pdf30 KB
The Redding Rant.pdf26 KB
The Sheldon Strathspey (2 couple dance).pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Scheessel Set (5)249 KB
Alpin Fancy.pdf42 KB
Dunstaffnage Castle.pdf49 KB
Jeannie Campbell of Edinburgh.pdf45 KB
The Scheessel Reel.pdf52 KB
The Spae Wife.pdf61 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Seven Year Itch (9)489 KB
Hot Links.pdf44 KB
Knights' Heys.pdf57 KB
No Mean Feet.pdf67 KB
Richard the Third.pdf56 KB
Smoke Rings in the Night.pdf56 KB
The Cranberry Tart.pdf55 KB
The Silver Square.pdf64 KB
Tying the Knot.pdf61 KB
Wednesday Welcome.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Silver City Book of SCDs (17)817 KB
A Forres Fancy.pdf40 KB
A Man's A Man for A' That.pdf66 KB
Campbell's Caper.pdf32 KB
Cathie's Reel.pdf36 KB
Dumyat.pdf51 KB
Jennifer's Jig.pdf43 KB
Lochmaben Castle.pdf42 KB
Newhall.pdf53 KB
Owre the Friendly Main.pdf41 KB
Sandy's Reel.pdf33 KB
Tae Gar Ye Loup.pdf46 KB
The Moray Rant.pdf46 KB
The Piper of Dundee.pdf36 KB
The Red Red Rose.pdf46 KB
The Silver City.pdf45 KB
The Silver City Book NOTES.pdf55 KB
We'll Dance, and Sing, and Rejoice, Man (or The Whirligig).pdf106 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Snowdon Book (19)655 KB
Ansey Strathspey.pdf29 KB
Caernangle Reel.pdf28 KB
Castle Square.pdf29 KB
Christmas at the Heath.pdf32 KB
Friars Reel.pdf26 KB
Helen's Wedding.pdf48 KB
Jamie's Jig.pdf24 KB
Joy Newman's Jig.pdf39 KB
Lammonbie Mill.pdf40 KB
Leaping Salmon.pdf33 KB
Mingle-Mangle.pdf49 KB
Montebello Castle.pdf38 KB
My Big Kilmarnock Bunnet.pdf31 KB
Peter's Pride.pdf72 KB
Ruthin Square.pdf33 KB
Shambellie House.pdf27 KB
Solway Sunset.pdf24 KB
The Dunblane Reel.pdf27 KB
The Old Rustic Bridge.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Snowdon Book 2 (16)498 KB
Angel Bank.pdf24 KB
Broadway Strathspey.pdf30 KB
City Squirrels.pdf34 KB
Dusk to Dawn.pdf32 KB
Galloping Gordon.pdf34 KB
Jean Robertson's Jig.pdf31 KB
Katrelian Strathspey.pdf42 KB
Mo's Farewell.pdf29 KB
Mr Macaskill's Problem.pdf32 KB
Out of the Blue.pdf30 KB
Paradise.pdf35 KB
Sapphire Strathspey.pdf27 KB
Tatties -N Neaps.pdf28 KB
The Crooked Spire.pdf30 KB
The Road to Glasgow.pdf31 KB
The Silver Woods.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Snowdon Book 3 (15)448 KB
A Jig for Woodford.pdf28 KB
'Allo, 'Allo.pdf22 KB
Bottoms Up.pdf25 KB
Broadway Welcome.pdf32 KB
Cruachan.pdf52 KB
Elasticity.pdf22 KB
Greenstead Strathspey.pdf26 KB
Miss Dorothy Leurs.pdf28 KB
Ruthin Ladies.pdf22 KB
Sparrow's Hall.pdf25 KB
Stromeferry.pdf49 KB
The Alphabet Reel.pdf40 KB
The Hairy Hooligan.pdf26 KB
The Recycled Teenagers.pdf29 KB
Windyway.pdf21 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The South African SCD Book (21)1.150 KB
A Jig for Jaqui - The Arrival of Ian Stewart.pdf61 KB
A Tribute to Nancy - The Cavern Rant.pdf80 KB
Alice's Strathspey.pdf58 KB
Amazing Grace.pdf41 KB
Barbara's Celebration.pdf32 KB
Jimmy's Lilt - Spring Strathspey.pdf65 KB
Laidlaw Laid Low.pdf41 KB
Lord Charles Sumerset.pdf64 KB
McCagie's Rest.pdf36 KB
Miss Erica Jane Scott.pdf35 KB
Out of Africa -.pdf88 KB
Royal Gold - Catri's Delight.pdf73 KB
Saxon's Strathspey - The Tangle.pdf80 KB
Simon's Dance - Here's a Hand.pdf58 KB
Somerset Strathspey.pdf40 KB
Straitgate - St Andrew's Day.pdf68 KB
The Downderry Jig.pdf36 KB
The Marmalade Maker - St Valentine's Day.pdf62 KB
The Settlers - The Scottish Highlanders.pdf58 KB
The Spinney.pdf35 KB
Welcome to the Dance.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The South Gate (17)990 KB
Dance Notes for The South Gate.pdf282 KB
Good Humour.pdf43 KB
O'er The Border.pdf83 KB
On a Clear Day.pdf33 KB
On the Banks of a Stream.pdf42 KB
Out on the Green.pdf38 KB
Petticoat Tails.pdf57 KB
The Belle of the Ball.pdf47 KB
The Flight of the Bumblebee.pdf56 KB
The Flower of the Sea.pdf46 KB
The Hidden Vale.pdf52 KB
The Isle of Lindisfarne.pdf40 KB
The Mist Covered Mountains.pdf36 KB
The Scented Garden.pdf32 KB
The Sea Crystal.pdf33 KB
The South Gate.pdf32 KB
Will Ye Come Awa' Wi' Me.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Southern Cross Album (10)527 KB
Mrs Hay of Angus.pdf55 KB
Sandy Robertson Bird.pdf68 KB
Snow in Summer.pdf46 KB
South of the Grampians.pdf57 KB
The Beauty of the North.pdf50 KB
The Castle in the Glen.pdf37 KB
The Hall of Memories.pdf63 KB
The Rowan Tree.pdf47 KB
The Wave Tossed Sands.pdf48 KB
Why Left I My Hame.pdf56 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Strathspey Anniversary Collection (10)362 KB
Balance On-Line.pdf56 KB
Das Jaharzehnt, or The Decade.pdf36 KB
Gateway to the World.pdf30 KB
Linking the World.pdf34 KB
Strathspey Decadence.pdf32 KB
Strathspey in Cyberspace.pdf18 KB
strathspey Strathspey.pdf36 KB
Tempest in a Teacup.pdf43 KB
The Network Strathspey.pdf43 KB
The Other Side of the World.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Strathtay Album (10)426 KB
Come Let Us Dance and Sing.pdf39 KB
Dancing the Baby.pdf44 KB
Far From Home.pdf38 KB
The Academy.pdf37 KB
The Cashmere Shawl.pdf51 KB
The Falls o' Dochart.pdf50 KB
The Gentle Maiden.pdf38 KB
The Lady of the Lake.pdf44 KB
The Meeting of the Waters.pdf41 KB
The Penny Wedding.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Stuart's Fancy Set (3)80 KB
Bob's Your Uncle.pdf22 KB
Here's to the Ladies.pdf27 KB
Stuart's Fancy.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Sunday Dance Class Dance Book 2 (16)817 KB
A Musical Page.pdf57 KB
Broadway.pdf45 KB
Calm Before Storm.pdf55 KB
Chriss Cross.pdf44 KB
Festival Dream.pdf48 KB
Jan Maree.pdf58 KB
Marja's Buns.pdf58 KB
Merry St. Andrews.pdf52 KB
Newark Castle.pdf48 KB
Pat George's Strathspey.pdf58 KB
Pirongia.pdf45 KB
Sunshine in Lagos.pdf58 KB
The Bees They Ara a'Drummin'.pdf47 KB
The Courtship.pdf42 KB
The Tipsy Vicar.pdf44 KB
Tiaras & Teapots.pdf56 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Sydney Triad (4)171 KB
Merry Margaret.pdf52 KB
St Patrick's Zeal.pdf37 KB
The Black Swans of Narrabeen.pdf40 KB
The Leichhardt Reel.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Tartan Track (3)119 KB
The Tartan Track Jig.pdf26 KB
The Tartan Track Reel.pdf47 KB
The Tartan Track Strathspey.pdf46 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Thistle and Trillium (11)473 KB
Braw Lasses and Lads.pdf39 KB
Cochno Burn.pdf38 KB
Dumgoyne.pdf36 KB
Formation - Planet Reel.pdf40 KB
Formation - The Clef.pdf32 KB
Lassie What Mair Wad Ye Ha'e.pdf42 KB
St Kentigern.pdf68 KB
Strathclair.pdf37 KB
The Braes Abune Loch Sween.pdf66 KB
The Duchess' New Slippers.pdf38 KB
The Flooers O' Fa' Kirk.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Thistle Club (6)261 KB
Armadale Castle - Four Daisies.pdf35 KB
Come and Dance With Me.pdf27 KB
Grandmother's Delight.pdf36 KB
Ness Point.pdf34 KB
Snow on a Hilltop - First Love.pdf48 KB
Thanks to You All .pdf82 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Tiki Book (22)871 KB
28th July.pdf49 KB
A Passing Glance.pdf40 KB
Auckland Assembly.pdf46 KB
Broken Dreams.pdf47 KB
Cairngorm.pdf42 KB
Just a Morsel.pdf32 KB
Kauri Gum.pdf34 KB
Mt. Ruapehu.pdf38 KB
Sail City.pdf36 KB
Sparkling Water.pdf30 KB
Tara Road.pdf36 KB
Tatting.pdf37 KB
The Celtic King.pdf50 KB
The Grand Tour.pdf43 KB
The Runes.pdf48 KB
The Tartan King.pdf50 KB
The Tiki.pdf32 KB
The Wean.pdf30 KB
The White Heron Strathspey.pdf41 KB
Titirangi Reel.pdf35 KB
Toetoe.pdf41 KB
Wee Stumpie-Stouzie.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Tower Collection (10)480 KB
Chase Me Charlie.pdf56 KB
Cookery Nook.pdf73 KB
Crail Harbour.pdf42 KB
Eilean Donan Castle.pdf72 KB
Falls of Bruar.pdf35 KB
Glenhead Reel.pdf37 KB
Square Root.pdf58 KB
The Heather Tree.pdf30 KB
The Lochan.pdf22 KB
The Tower.pdf56 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Trestle Bridge Collection (13)413 KB
Dance Corrections.pdf15 KB
El Viento.pdf39 KB
Journey to Bowen Island.pdf33 KB
Mrs Pamela Cairns.pdf24 KB
Rolling Stones.pdf38 KB
September 1st.pdf37 KB
Shalimar.pdf30 KB
Suggested Music List.pdf34 KB
The Dancing Lights.pdf35 KB
The Golden Branch.pdf35 KB
The Merrill Gathering.pdf30 KB
The Paddlewheeler.pdf28 KB
The Trestle Bridge.pdf35 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Tuatara Collection (12)803 KB
A Trip to Johnsonville School.pdf46 KB
An English Rose.pdf63 KB
Charlotte's Web.pdf74 KB
Malcolm Brown.pdf63 KB
Monica.pdf81 KB
Room One.pdf58 KB
Stranfasket Hill.pdf76 KB
The Twisted Wizard of Binghamton.pdf77 KB
The Unjust Incarceration.pdf63 KB
The Wizard of Binghamton + The Apprentice.pdf78 KB
Tom Coles Rant.pdf62 KB
Xiaowen.pdf62 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Wagstaff Set (3)132 KB
Miss McPherson Grant's Jig.pdf52 KB
Mr Edward Wagstaff's Fancy.pdf38 KB
The Earl of Angus and Arran.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Whangarie Book of SCD.pdf (12)374 KB
A Jig for Janette.pdf22 KB
Beach Dancer.pdf25 KB
Graham's Frolic.pdf28 KB
Hope for Harriet.pdf29 KB
Jan Finlayson's Jig.pdf32 KB
Jean's Strathspey.pdf38 KB
Kamo Karousel.pdf28 KB
One Good Turn Deserves Another.pdf42 KB
The Square Rigged Ship.pdf41 KB
The Waipu Wanderers.pdf24 KB
The Whangarei Scottish.pdf28 KB
The Whangarei Whirlwind.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Whaup's Nest Book (13)598 KB
Annie's Well.pdf50 KB
Ben Wyvis.pdf53 KB
Bruce's Castle.pdf46 KB
Dance Notes.pdf54 KB
Earl's Cross.pdf42 KB
Jockie's Burn.pdf54 KB
Macrihanish.pdf44 KB
Sandy Braes.pdf44 KB
Sea Hedrig.pdf39 KB
Tappie Toorie.pdf45 KB
The Black Rock.pdf42 KB
The Bosun's Locker.pdf43 KB
The Whaup's Nest.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The World Around the Corner (15)850 KB
At the Town's End.pdf29 KB
Cherry Blossoms.pdf36 KB
Dance Notes for The World Around the Corner.pdf289 KB
Hiding Behind the Pillars.pdf61 KB
Homeward Bound.pdf48 KB
Hunting the Pinecones.pdf38 KB
London Pride.pdf48 KB
Rogues' Gallery.pdf40 KB
The Enchanted Garden.pdf32 KB
The Great Thunder Falls.pdf30 KB
The Pride of the Murray.pdf39 KB
The Stone Court.pdf30 KB
The World Around the Corner.pdf39 KB
Thick Lies the Mist.pdf47 KB
Where Good Friends Meet.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Wyche Book of Dances (11)313 KB
Auld Claes and Parritch.pdf31 KB
Catch Ye Her Eye.pdf21 KB
Dougal Dubh (Black Douglas).pdf20 KB
Step Tae It.pdf46 KB
The Bow Tie.pdf24 KB
The Celtic Rose.pdf24 KB
The Glendaruel's Return to Aschaffenburgh.pdf25 KB
The Morag Hutton Strathspey.pdf27 KB
The Twin Towns.pdf28 KB
The Wedding Knot.pdf38 KB
The Wee Small Hours.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\The Yellow Book (10)1.717 KB
Broken Dreams.pdf183 KB
Fiona Fair.pdf152 KB
Lady of Fettercairn.pdf211 KB
Loch-Na-Gar.pdf150 KB
The Cauldron Linn.pdf150 KB
The Commodore.pdf208 KB
The Earl of Glencairn.pdf168 KB
The Immemorial Strathspey.pdf167 KB
Through a Glass Darkly.pdf160 KB
Twa Corbies.pdf169 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Theme and Variations (5)267 KB
Annie Elizabeth Bruce.pdf50 KB
Harold Stewart's Reel.pdf59 KB
Jessie Stewart's Strathspey.pdf54 KB
Liza Davidson's Rant.pdf53 KB
The Elliot Strathspey.pdf51 KB
\Collections\Other Books\They Stole My Wife (25)1.734 KB
Adelle's Jig.pdf63 KB
Corner Greeting.pdf61 KB
Corner Meeting.pdf60 KB
Denise Cunningham.pdf79 KB
Eighty Eight.pdf61 KB
First Foot and Friend.pdf45 KB
Highlander's Farewell.pdf63 KB
Jill's Dental Jig.pdf79 KB
Lady Mary Hay's Reel.pdf62 KB
Lady Mary Hay's Scot's Measure.pdf63 KB
Meet the Corners.pdf61 KB
Miss Leslie Cunningham.pdf69 KB
Neidpath Tower.pdf69 KB
On the Banks of Spey.pdf80 KB
Phina's Fling.pdf62 KB
Short and Very Sweet.pdf61 KB
Spinnaker Hornpipe.pdf87 KB
Stargazers.pdf62 KB
Summer With McKinnon.pdf95 KB
The End of the Great Bride.pdf81 KB
The Fyreladdie.pdf82 KB
The Lass and the Laird.pdf79 KB
They Stole My Wife From Me Last Night.pdf71 KB
Violynne.pdf79 KB
We'll Meet Again.pdf62 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Thistle Dubh Two (14)556 KB
Cat's Cradle.pdf41 KB
Cromarty's Sundance.pdf26 KB
Dance for Denny.pdf31 KB
Groam House.pdf39 KB
Haste to Hillockhead.pdf32 KB
Lily Amangst the Heather.pdf49 KB
Medley for Margaret.pdf71 KB
Prince O'er the Water.pdf35 KB
Tapsalteerie.pdf45 KB
The Bow Belle.pdf34 KB
The Celtic Rose.pdf40 KB
The Happy Couple.pdf27 KB
The Heston Jig.pdf42 KB
The Waves of Moray.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Thistle XXX - We Dance Therefore We Dine (30)1.204 KB
A Jig for Janie.pdf49 KB
A Score and Five at Thistle.pdf36 KB
BarbaRon.pdf39 KB
Catherine's Engagement.pdf34 KB
Crazy Cake Mix.pdf27 KB
Culloden Jig.pdf31 KB
Do We Hear The Music, Pony.pdf42 KB
Double Delight.pdf34 KB
Elk River Strathspey.pdf50 KB
Forget Me Knot.pdf53 KB
Herself.pdf52 KB
Jack's Farewell To The Ladies.pdf48 KB
JanieLuv.pdf38 KB
Let Me Show You My Kilt.pdf37 KB
Maggie's Compact.pdf27 KB
Mary's Garden.pdf37 KB
Robin's Nest.pdf32 KB
Samhain Magic.pdf44 KB
The Barnes of Washington.pdf28 KB
The G-J Strathspey.pdf38 KB
The Heavenly Dancers.pdf88 KB
The Mists of Thistledoon.pdf31 KB
The Pirate King's Rant.pdf50 KB
The Renaissance Man.pdf42 KB
The Rusty Nail.pdf28 KB
The Washington Barnes' Dance.pdf32 KB
The XXX Dance.pdf26 KB
Thistle Progression (Coming Along Nicely).pdf48 KB
Tom's Rant.pdf41 KB
Torf's Seventy-Fifth.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Three Dances for Nora (4)445 KB
Lady Kindness' Reel.pdf67 KB
Miss Nora Kindness.pdf98 KB
Nora Kindness, Her Highness.pdf101 KB
Tribute to Miss Nora Kindness.pdf179 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Three Dozen (20)1.722 KB
Black Chanter of the MacPherson - John duncanson of Falmouth.pdf83 KB
Chappit Ten.pdf55 KB
Dubh Gall - finn Gall.pdf67 KB
Fivesome Reel.pdf69 KB
Gaelic college Pipe Band's Welcome Home.pdf70 KB
Gudeman of Day - Fa' This.pdf81 KB
Hereawa Thereawa - Weel Met.pdf86 KB
M and M's Fancy - Ted's Flying Shuttle.pdf74 KB
Mary's Delight - Mike's Magic.pdf82 KB
Mountains of the Moon - As the Moon Turns.pdf83 KB
O For an Eagle - Reel Pets.pdf82 KB
Reeling On - Link Aroon.pdf53 KB
Scotia Threesome - Medley for Three.pdf164 KB
St Ann's Twasome.pdf62 KB
Swirling Spey - Weel's Me on the Birl.pdf147 KB
Tap Ta Tae.pdf72 KB
the Bobbit Reel - Linkin' Ower the Lea.pdf73 KB
The Lemniscate - Highways and Byways.pdf96 KB
The Twasome Reel.pdf89 KB
The Whirlpool - Spey in Spate.pdf134 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Three for Two (3)203 KB
Black Diamonds.pdf72 KB
The Windmill on the Hill.pdf65 KB
Twin Beacons.pdf67 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Three Scottish Country Dances (3)159 KB
Melrose.pdf51 KB
Miss Alison Little.pdf59 KB
The New Virginia Reel.pdf49 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Thursday Night and Other Dances (18)640 KB
A Piece of Cake.pdf39 KB
Callum's Revelry or The Calico Kid.pdf29 KB
Catherine Shaw's Strathspey.pdf39 KB
Cooper's Jig.pdf27 KB
Eadie Was a Lady.pdf40 KB
Eilean Donnan Strathspey.pdf37 KB
London Lassies.pdf41 KB
Marie McLennan's Fond Farewell to Lord Elgin.pdf39 KB
Miss Judy Hodgins' Reel.pdf30 KB
Miss Kirsten's Fancy.pdf33 KB
Miss Lenore's Blueberries and Cream.pdf30 KB
Mrs. Clarke's Last Waltz.pdf33 KB
No More Teacher's Dirty Looks.pdf51 KB
Peter McGregor's Reel.pdf29 KB
Shivaree or The Wedding Knot.pdf35 KB
The Forest City Reel.pdf41 KB
The Wedding.pdf32 KB
Thursday Night.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Tighes Hill Dances (21)1.116 KB
Book One.pdf57 KB
Cat on the Prowl.pdf65 KB
Closebourne House.pdf66 KB
College Ramble.pdf49 KB
Farewelll to Miller's Forest.pdf61 KB
Flying High.pdf73 KB
Hamish's Fancy.pdf39 KB
Jennifer's Reel.pdf41 KB
Jim McKenzie's Rant.pdf47 KB
Johan's and Robert's Visit to Hunter Valley.pdf59 KB
Kildrummy Castle.pdf81 KB
Morpeth Town.pdf52 KB
Mrs McKie's Strathspey.pdf42 KB
Mrs Tayler of Hunter Valley.pdf54 KB
Over the Hills and Far Away.pdf42 KB
Riverwood (ups and ) Downs.pdf48 KB
Skamb Linnet.pdf32 KB
The Guide Patrol.pdf57 KB
The Lesslie Jig.pdf39 KB
The Lincoln Reel.pdf60 KB
The Millstream.pdf52 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Tin Woodman (12)492 KB
Ballantine House.pdf32 KB
Banjo Paterson.pdf58 KB
Betty Burke.pdf34 KB
General Worth's Strathspey.pdf29 KB
Jolly John.pdf36 KB
L A XXth anniversary.pdf56 KB
Lettie G Howard.pdf30 KB
Notes- Scottische Balance.pdf44 KB
The Abbot of Unreason.pdf30 KB
The Cashcrom.pdf57 KB
The Quaker.pdf59 KB
The Tin Woodman.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\To Be A Wind (Bluebell Silver Jubilee 25 Dances Plus One) (27)1.477 KB
A Jig for Yukio.pdf45 KB
A Welcome to Tokyo.pdf56 KB
Bluebell Flowers.pdf53 KB
Celebration Reel.pdf36 KB
Cherry Blossoms.pdf52 KB
Chrysanthemem.pdf55 KB
Fun For The Young.pdf32 KB
Hidemi's Wedding.pdf57 KB
Highland Games.pdf102 KB
Honeymoon in Scotland.pdf55 KB
Kindred Spirits.pdf56 KB
Lady of Tokai.pdf50 KB
MacDonald of the Eastern Isles.pdf37 KB
Masako.pdf38 KB
Masako Okada Naitoh.pdf33 KB
Mist on the Mountain.pdf48 KB
Passing the Torch.pdf57 KB
Sunplaza.pdf31 KB
The Bluebell Reel.pdf44 KB
The Canberra Bluebell.pdf61 KB
The Rampant Unicorn Jig.pdf48 KB
The Rampant Unicorn Strathspey.pdf47 KB
To Be a Wind.pdf59 KB
To Be A Wind (Bluebell Silver Jubilee 25 Dances Plus One) Pillings.pdf217 KB
Tornado.pdf37 KB
Welcome to Bluebell.pdf27 KB
Yukio's Reel (Bluebells of Yukio).pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\To Friendship (15)506 KB
A Trip to Geneva.pdf37 KB
Alexander's Jig.pdf28 KB
Feet to the Fore.pdf29 KB
In Between.pdf39 KB
Joy and Jollity.pdf41 KB
MacDuff's Farewell.pdf35 KB
Pinewoods Silver.pdf36 KB
The Brendetta Jig.pdf39 KB
The Flirtation Jig.pdf29 KB
The Hopeful Lover.pdf35 KB
The Lomond Strathspey.pdf33 KB
The Red Lion of Stow.pdf33 KB
The Stow Alert.pdf28 KB
To Friendship.pdf33 KB
Wedding Day.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\To Friendship Vol 2 (14)398 KB
Alistair's Favourite Pickle.pdf26 KB
Carrongrange Lodge.pdf28 KB
Dene House.pdf29 KB
Endrick Water.pdf29 KB
Lazy Jean.pdf25 KB
Rising to the Occasion.pdf31 KB
So Far, So Good.pdf31 KB
Sociability.pdf33 KB
Something Simple.pdf27 KB
Stow is Still Alert.pdf25 KB
The Duncan Rising.pdf29 KB
The Millers' Caper.pdf26 KB
Tops and Bottoms.pdf29 KB
Welcome to Lisa.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Tom's Book of Dances - Dances by Tom Kerr - 2015 (24)1.163 KB
1-Diagrams for Figures.pdf135 KB
A Visit to Orkney.pdf34 KB
Canadian Ladies.pdf43 KB
Cape Town Wedding.pdf45 KB
Cheltenham Races.pdf48 KB
Cotswold Cross.pdf33 KB
EIEIO.pdf32 KB
Ellen's Strathspey.pdf42 KB
Fare Thee Well.pdf52 KB
Farewell to St Kilda.pdf59 KB
Gillies Jig.pdf47 KB
Joan Evans Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Korrie Deukit.pdf51 KB
Lionkop Strathspey.pdf44 KB
Meeting at Montpellier.pdf44 KB
Montpellier Gardens.pdf41 KB
Roundabout.pdf53 KB
Royal Tunbridge Wells.pdf51 KB
Symmetry.pdf49 KB
The Bergvliet Jig.pdf54 KB
The Bonnie Lass O' Grasse.pdf47 KB
The Inquisitress.pdf36 KB
Tom Foolery.pdf36 KB
Wye Valley Strathspey.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Torwood Collection (11)567 KB
Bonnie Mary.pdf69 KB
Croaghpatrick.pdf49 KB
Hepburn Gardens.pdf33 KB
Shandon Bells.pdf55 KB
The Five Sisters.pdf63 KB
The Ladies of Down.pdf53 KB
The Macanorma Strathspey.pdf43 KB
The Radstock Rant.pdf47 KB
The Silver Circle + The Mill Pond.pdf60 KB
Torwood House.pdf41 KB
Whisky in the Jar.pdf55 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Touch of Gold, A - New Zealand (14)483 KB
An Expert.pdf38 KB
Hamilton's Versatile Virtuosos.pdf40 KB
In the Heat Of the Night.pdf45 KB
Larnach Castle.pdf39 KB
Mildred Clancey's Strathspey.pdf30 KB
Mo's Musicians.pdf42 KB
On Bended Knee.pdf35 KB
Summer Schools.pdf32 KB
The Examiners.pdf29 KB
The Hallowed Halls of Learning.pdf23 KB
The Open Window.pdf41 KB
The Pleasures of the Night.pdf39 KB
The Sport of the Chase.pdf30 KB
Violynne.pdf23 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Turkish Set (20)674 KB
A Trip to Aphrodisia.pdf39 KB
Apple Tea.pdf27 KB
Bay & Bayan or Dennis Rodger's Delight.pdf34 KB
Census Day in Turkey.pdf28 KB
Eastern Promise.pdf36 KB
Follow Baha.pdf29 KB
Lady Hamilton's Strathspey.pdf38 KB
Lamartine.pdf53 KB
Ramadan-CE.pdf28 KB
The Cat-Walk.pdf30 KB
The Cocks of Denizli.pdf29 KB
The Crescent Moon.pdf33 KB
The Eternal Flame.pdf49 KB
The Magic Carpet.pdf34 KB
The Peerie Towers.pdf30 KB
The Raki Mountain Trail.pdf25 KB
The Saltan's Signature.pdf33 KB
The Whirling Dervishes.pdf36 KB
The Wooden Horse.pdf29 KB
Vanessa.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Tweeddale Collection (12)375 KB
Broughton Heights.pdf32 KB
George Will's Jig.pdf33 KB
Ladies of Brooklyn.pdf32 KB
Miss Alison Rhona.pdf30 KB
Miss Dalgleish's Fancy.pdf24 KB
Pam's Ring.pdf35 KB
Rachan Mill.pdf39 KB
The Cleekum.pdf31 KB
The Lass for Andy.pdf26 KB
The Old Clarsach.pdf37 KB
The Radyr Dancers.pdf30 KB
Wellington Jig.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Tweeddale Collection Vol 2 (15)538 KB
Alasdair's Reel.pdf34 KB
Alison's Round Reel.pdf37 KB
Highland Hospitality.pdf29 KB
Langlaw Fort.pdf44 KB
Merlindale House.pdf40 KB
Miss Becky Flower.pdf41 KB
Mrs Minto's Reel.pdf38 KB
The Border Weavers.pdf28 KB
The Crook Inn.pdf33 KB
The Dominie.pdf40 KB
The Mathematicians.pdf44 KB
The Question.pdf35 KB
Tweeddale Notes - Diagonal Half Poussette Jig Reel - Mirror Allemande.pdf46 KB
W James.pdf21 KB
Willies Wife.pdf30 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Tweeddale Collection Vol 3 (12)453 KB
Dreva Hill.pdf42 KB
Ilka Joy.pdf40 KB
Merlin's Thorn.pdf32 KB
Pallindromic Date.pdf31 KB
Quantock Hills.pdf39 KB
The Agitator.pdf47 KB
The Alterstone.pdf41 KB
The Ingle Nook.pdf30 KB
The Jelly Roll.pdf42 KB
The Scholars' Strathspey.pdf33 KB
The Shooglie.pdf34 KB
The Sugar Spoon.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Twelve SCD by Alec Hay Book 6 (12)824 KB
Bella Brown.pdf44 KB
Farewell - Farewell.pdf42 KB
Jimmy Russell.pdf38 KB
Miss Catherine Linnen's Jig.pdf59 KB
Miss Flowerie Brown.pdf60 KB
Mr Iain Boyd.pdf41 KB
North of the Grampians.pdf178 KB
The Black Bear Country Dance.pdf154 KB
The Howick Strathspey.pdf35 KB
The Kirrie Kebbuck.pdf101 KB
The Newmain Jig.pdf33 KB
The Small Strathspey.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Twelve Scottish Country Dances (11)515 KB
Bradenstoke House Strathspey.pdf55 KB
Lake of Menteith.pdf39 KB
Lochearnhead Strathspey - The Yetts of Muchart.pdf49 KB
MacDonalds of Glencoe.pdf45 KB
O'er to the Heath.pdf53 KB
The Falls of Dochart.pdf50 KB
The Falls of Lora.pdf37 KB
The Land O' MacLeod.pdf31 KB
The Maid of Glen Duror.pdf53 KB
The Thane of Cawdor.pdf50 KB
Visits to Glamis Castle.pdf52 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Twelvesome Reel and 4 more (5)326 KB
Greyfriars Bobby.pdf63 KB
The Ettrick Shepherd.pdf61 KB
The King's Causeway.pdf70 KB
The Laggan Falls.pdf79 KB
Twelvesome Reel.pdf53 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Twenty SCD by Alec Hay Book 1 (20)596 KB
(Hay's) Australian Ladies.pdf37 KB
Alec's Favourite.pdf37 KB
Coilsfield House.pdf29 KB
Glasgow Peggy.pdf23 KB
Glenlomond Reel.pdf30 KB
Helen MacDonald of Forres.pdf31 KB
Millicent Brown.pdf30 KB
Mrs Nellie MacDonald.pdf32 KB
Peter White.pdf32 KB
Piper Johnny.pdf25 KB
Ramsay McArthur.pdf27 KB
Rosemary and Diane.pdf27 KB
Ross Linnen.pdf25 KB
Sunset on the Tay.pdf21 KB
The Blue Mountain Reel.pdf23 KB
The Cradle Song.pdf35 KB
The Shetland Fiddler.pdf29 KB
The Steamboat.pdf22 KB
The Whistler.pdf55 KB
When the Kye Come Hame.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Twenty SCD by Alec Hay Book 2 (20)624 KB
A Trip to Fife.pdf36 KB
Across the Tay Bridge.pdf36 KB
Anna's Strathspey.pdf28 KB
Anthony McLaren.pdf31 KB
Auld Luckie.pdf41 KB
Autumn Leaves.pdf22 KB
Ian James Ogilvie.pdf29 KB
Ina Souter's Jig.pdf30 KB
Innes Grant.pdf30 KB
Janette Cunningham's Strathspey.pdf33 KB
Marg't Ann Robertson.pdf36 KB
My Ain Lassie.pdf27 KB
Ray Hogg's Reel.pdf36 KB
Sandy's Farewell.pdf35 KB
Scotty's Jig.pdf32 KB
The Jacobite Jig.pdf32 KB
The Kettle Drum.pdf27 KB
The Road to Dundee.pdf25 KB
The Road to Muchty.pdf29 KB
Tune Your Fiddle.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Twenty SCD by Alec Hay Book 3 (20)569 KB
Back to Dundee.pdf28 KB
Chris Pollard's Reel.pdf25 KB
Christie MacLeod.pdf29 KB
Dorothy and Dianne Miles.pdf30 KB
Dun Fuinary.pdf34 KB
Florence Adams.pdf30 KB
J D MacDonald.pdf31 KB
Kath Moffat's Strathspey.pdf31 KB
Mary Ronnie.pdf28 KB
Robbie Stewart.pdf28 KB
The Fiddler.pdf33 KB
The Flower of the Queen.pdf34 KB
The Granite City Strathspey.pdf25 KB
The Harmonica.pdf24 KB
The Last of the Line.pdf29 KB
The Nameless Lassie.pdf27 KB
The Newtyle Strathspey.pdf27 KB
The Norfolk Jig.pdf27 KB
The Pipers Joy.pdf24 KB
The Wild Rose of the Mountain.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Twenty SCD by Alec Hay Book 4 (20)559 KB
Alexander MacKenzie Hay.pdf34 KB
Chrissie Michie's Strathspey.pdf23 KB
Clachnacuddin.pdf25 KB
Farewell to Glenorchy.pdf27 KB
Geordie Hunter.pdf29 KB
Johnny Lad.pdf26 KB
Kinpurnie Castle.pdf31 KB
Lochee Jig.pdf24 KB
Mary Hutcheson.pdf26 KB
Mima Clanachan.pdf28 KB
Mr Ian McLean's Reel.pdf31 KB
Orange and Blue.pdf25 KB
The Barnyards of Delgate or The Bothy Rant.pdf27 KB
The Bugle Horn.pdf28 KB
The Ferntosh Strathspey.pdf32 KB
The Four Leaf Clover.pdf26 KB
The Highland Gathering.pdf35 KB
The Little Roe Deer.pdf31 KB
The MacDonald Strathspey.pdf25 KB
The Pilmuir Jig.pdf27 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Twenty SCD by Alec Hay Book 5 (20)583 KB
Adie Morrison.pdf26 KB
Bonnie Kirriemuir.pdf24 KB
Donald's Awa Tae the War.pdf31 KB
Ian Powrie's Hornpipe.pdf33 KB
Jean MacKinnon's Strathspey.pdf25 KB
Jimmy Shearer.pdf34 KB
Jumping Geordie.pdf25 KB
Miss Betty Keddie.pdf32 KB
Miss Margaret Wright.pdf30 KB
Peter Hind.pdf34 KB
Petriona.pdf23 KB
The Findochty Reel.pdf38 KB
The Johnstone Rant.pdf36 KB
The Old But and Ben.pdf27 KB
The Willbert.pdf30 KB
Wee Bella Brough.pdf28 KB
Welcome Hame.pdf28 KB
Wesley's Jig.pdf22 KB
Willie Dawson.pdf31 KB
Willie Laidlaw.pdf27 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Twenty Years Twenty Dances (20)574 KB
Andrew's Excel Reel.pdf27 KB
Dance Thirty.pdf22 KB
Destination Unknown.pdf32 KB
Emily's Reel.pdf32 KB
Hampden Park.pdf32 KB
In the Good Old Days.pdf29 KB
N'er the Twain Shall Meet.pdf28 KB
Odd Man Out.pdf22 KB
Renaissance Fair.pdf24 KB
Sailing Bonny Bayfield.pdf29 KB
Sprightly Stepping Scots.pdf26 KB
Squashed in the Kitchen with Bonny.pdf32 KB
The Baban.pdf35 KB
The Beaten Path.pdf20 KB
The Flowers of Shakopee.pdf27 KB
The Garland.pdf25 KB
The Midnight Cats.pdf34 KB
Twin Cities' Farewell.pdf33 KB
Waltz and Be Welcome.pdf28 KB
Wisconsin Journey.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Twenty-Two SCDs by James B Cosh (22)697 KB
Betty's Wedding.pdf23 KB
Bonnie Glenshee.pdf74 KB
Bonnie Shira Glen.pdf24 KB
Deanston House.pdf47 KB
Maggie Luv.pdf49 KB
Mairi's Wedding.pdf30 KB
Marigold.pdf29 KB
Royal Exchange.pdf26 KB
St Patrick's Jig.pdf30 KB
The Bluebell Strathspey.pdf33 KB
The Garry Strathspey.pdf28 KB
The Heather Strathspey.pdf31 KB
The Irish Rover.pdf25 KB
The Kilt is My Delight.pdf24 KB
The Lad O' Kyle.pdf26 KB
The Loch Katrine Jig.pdf22 KB
The Road to the Isles.pdf32 KB
The Scotsman in America.pdf27 KB
The Waggle O' The Kilt.pdf33 KB
The Weaver.pdf36 KB
The White Heather Jig.pdf25 KB
The Winding Road.pdf24 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Two By Two (8)572 KB
Noah's Ark.pdf27 KB
Portree Harbour.pdf18 KB
The Best Man.pdf25 KB
The Black House - Pink Roses.pdf32 KB
The Garden Party.pdf40 KB
The Master of Earley.pdf320 KB
The Puffins.pdf31 KB
The Road to Ben Hope.pdf80 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Two Dances (2)61 KB
Hands Across the Border.pdf32 KB
Storms of Rockall.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Two Dances with Music (2)55 KB
Angela's Delight.pdf24 KB
Blinkbonny.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Two Scottish Country Dance - Hugh Foss (2)81 KB
Miss Jean Raeburn.pdf41 KB
Wheatly Hills.pdf39 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Vallin Collection - One (12)398 KB
A Christmas Fling.pdf39 KB
Children of the forest.pdf32 KB
Dancing on Water.pdf28 KB
Grumpy John.pdf34 KB
Lads and Lasses.pdf39 KB
Lost in the Mist.pdf37 KB
Red House Revisited.PDF28 KB
Reflections in the Lake.pdf30 KB
Return to Broadford Bay.pdf32 KB
The Morris Dancers.pdf29 KB
The Quarry Bank Weavers.pdf39 KB
Young Moira's Reel (& alive).pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Vancouver Collection (12)473 KB
A Trip to Expo.pdf32 KB
A Vancouver Celebration.pdf42 KB
Captain George.pdf45 KB
Celebration Reel.pdf35 KB
Centennial Reel.pdf48 KB
Glenayre Hills.pdf27 KB
The Border Reel.pdf38 KB
The Expo 86some Reel.pdf34 KB
The Fraser River Jig.pdf26 KB
The Granville Reel.pdf77 KB
The Iona Black Strathspey.pdf44 KB
The Strathcona-Davis Strathspey.pdf25 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Waratah Booklet (19)3.676 KB
Celtic Capers.pdf193 KB
Celtic Square.pdf194 KB
C'est Si Bon.pdf194 KB
Farewell to Helensburgh.pdf193 KB
Fitzroy Fancy.pdf194 KB
Friends Awa'.pdf193 KB
Gold in Sydney.pdf193 KB
Heathcote Hall.pdf193 KB
Napier's Index.pdf193 KB
Pearches' Godl.pdf193 KB
Spring in Helensburgh.pdf195 KB
The Amethyst.pdf194 KB
The Bottle Forest.pdf193 KB
The Mentor.pdf194 KB
The Ruby Wedding Strathspey.pdf193 KB
The Thurling Strathspey.pdf193 KB
Turbulence.pdf194 KB
Turning the Key.pdf193 KB
Up and Downs.pdf193 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Wasatch Mountain Collection (20)2.103 KB
A Lot to Answer For.pdf92 KB
A Trip to Boston.pdf104 KB
A Trip to Moab.pdf120 KB
Another SCD Wedding.pdf137 KB
Fulghum's Frolic.pdf125 KB
Gail cordy's Welcome to Utah.pdf126 KB
Happy 40, Gail Cordy.pdf86 KB
Tammie Norie.pdf127 KB
The Elegant Tern.pdf120 KB
The Filoli Gardens.pdf109 KB
The Helpful Jig.pdf90 KB
The Ross of Mull.pdf119 KB
The Rowan Tree.pdf91 KB
The Scotsman's Choice.pdf104 KB
The Sego Lily.pdf95 KB
The TZK Reel.pdf68 KB
The Wasatch Mountain Reel.pdf106 KB
Three Plus One.pdf92 KB
Three's the Charm.pdf103 KB
Wendy's Welcome.pdf90 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Washington State Centennial Collection (10)171 KB
Evergreen Fairs.pdf8 KB
Mount St Helens.pdf8 KB
Mount St Helens Reel.pdf79 KB
The Reel of the Sound.pdf7 KB
The Reel Seahawks.pdf8 KB
The Rhododendron Strathspey.pdf27 KB
Wagons West.pdf8 KB
Washington's Columbia River.pdf9 KB
Wedding at Roche Harbor.pdf8 KB
Westward Ho.pdf9 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Wateraid Set Dances (3)306 KB
Wateraid Jig.pdf99 KB
Wateraid Reel.pdf93 KB
Wateraid Strathspey.pdf114 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Waverley Fugues (12)715 KB
Christie of the Clinthill.pdf68 KB
Dandie Dinmont.pdf35 KB
Dugald Dalgetty.pdf82 KB
Fugal Fergus.pdf41 KB
Lucy of Lammermoor.pdf66 KB
Magdalen Murdockson.pdf58 KB
Malcolm Misticot.pdf48 KB
Mucklestane Moor.pdf44 KB
Rob Roy.pdf54 KB
Rowena and Rebecca.pdf76 KB
Tillietudlem.pdf58 KB
Wing the Wind.pdf84 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Wee County Dances (10)409 KB
Alloa Reel.pdf41 KB
Cambus Bridge.pdf40 KB
Clackmannan Strathspey.pdf36 KB
Cochrane Hall.pdf41 KB
Delph Pond.pdf45 KB
Dollar Dance.pdf43 KB
Gartmorn Walk.pdf48 KB
Sun Over Sauchie.pdf36 KB
Tillicoultry Glen.pdf37 KB
Tullibody Reel.pdf42 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Wee Hoose On the Mississippi (14)453 KB
Glenlivet Revels.pdf26 KB
Hunter's Jig.pdf19 KB
Ian Gaylor's Entrance to Matrimony.pdf30 KB
Janet Over the Water.pdf32 KB
Justine's Delight.pdf33 KB
Planxty Plankton.pdf30 KB
Seagulls' Feast.pdf25 KB
Second-Hand Rose.pdf31 KB
She's Noo Awa Frae Ballantyre.pdf24 KB
The Dutiful Wife.pdf31 KB
The Lacemaker's Lilt.pdf74 KB
The Lindagary Waltz.pdf34 KB
Transit of Venus.pdf31 KB
Who Should Love Me.pdf32 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Wee Hoose On the Prairie (14)382 KB
Aunt Anna's Fancy.pdf16 KB
Bonny Blue Bride.pdf19 KB
Fugal Farkle.pdf46 KB
Ginger's Frolic.pdf20 KB
Madison Square - Mardi Gras Minnesota.pdf47 KB
McDonald of the Arches.pdf26 KB
Mrs Schneider's Strathspey.pdf21 KB
The Bricks of Madison.pdf26 KB
The Gentle Jude.pdf31 KB
The Lassie With the Red Ghillies.pdf24 KB
The McClellan Knot.pdf27 KB
The Resident fiddler Marries.pdf27 KB
The Rocky Road Reel.pdf22 KB
Waltzing to Iowa.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Weird But Wonderful (4)220 KB
The Bodhran Drum.pdf102 KB
The Bride's Favourite.pdf36 KB
The Hussy'F.pdf39 KB
The Improviser.pdf43 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Wells House (4)113 KB
Ettrick Water.pdf28 KB
The Chequered Hall.pdf24 KB
The Lammermuir Hills.pdf25 KB
Wells House.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\West Lothian Branch Book 50th (4)128 KB
Fhiona Martin's Strathspey.pdf25 KB
The Borrowstoun Lass.pdf38 KB
The Calderwood Reel.pdf28 KB
The Haar on the Hill.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\West Toronto Ball Jigs (11)368 KB
62430 Jingling Gordie.pdf38 KB
A Jig for Jeannie.pdf36 KB
A Jig for Moira.pdf29 KB
Bonnie Agnes Blair.pdf32 KB
Glen Erin Jig.pdf30 KB
Highland Cronies.pdf27 KB
Miss Kirsty Campbell.pdf32 KB
Spiral Glen.pdf38 KB
The Hand of Friendship.pdf32 KB
Tullybannocher.pdf39 KB
Welcome to the Ball.pdf36 KB
\Collections\Other Books\When Auld Friends Meet (4)162 KB
Always Welcome.pdf35 KB
The Duke of Wellington.pdf33 KB
The Little Cascade.pdf33 KB
When Auld Friends Meet.pdf62 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 1 (17)578 KB
Be Traist.pdf29 KB
Bliadhna Mhath Ur.pdf29 KB
Calum Cam-Chosach.pdf32 KB
Dalry Jig.pdf31 KB
Huntie Gowk.pdf24 KB
Kate Kennedy.pdf28 KB
Lodge Hill.pdf38 KB
Mairi Carron.pdf36 KB
Martlets Reel.pdf30 KB
O' Wha's at the Window.pdf43 KB
Oidhche Chaluinn.pdf30 KB
The De'el's Awa' Wi the Exciseman.pdf40 KB
The Guinea Pigs Jig.pdf29 KB
The Haunting of Bisham Abbey.pdf40 KB
The Old Chain Pier.pdf37 KB
The Rose.pdf51 KB
Wallace's Revolution.pdf31 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 2 (15)902 KB
Albert's Hornpipe - Cork Hornpipe.pdf54 KB
Charlie Hunter.pdf70 KB
Francis Sitwell's Strathspey - The Iron Man.pdf61 KB
Janet Robb's Fancy - McKenzie Hay.pdf78 KB
Kelly's Reel.pdf52 KB
Kinnegad Jig.pdf54 KB
Kirk's Hornpipe.pdf59 KB
McPhedrun's Strathspey.pdf64 KB
Miss Susan Campbell Menzies.pdf49 KB
Mrs Garden of Troup.pdf58 KB
The Comfrey Medley - The Drunken Parson.pdf57 KB
The Dundee City Police Jig.pdf52 KB
The Rocket Hornpipe - Smith's a Gallant fireman.pdf60 KB
The Storrers.pdf82 KB
Wheterly Book No 2 - Notes.pdf51 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 3 (9)478 KB
Benvie House - Saddle the Pony.pdf54 KB
Beth Wilson's Delight - Mrs Low's Reel.pdf50 KB
Blin' Jamie - The Soldier's Dance.pdf51 KB
Bob Johnstone - The Berwickshire Volunteers.pdf53 KB
Bonnie Doon - The Wonder Hornpipe.pdf50 KB
Miss Agness Lowden - Sister Jean.pdf56 KB
Pet o' the Pipers.pdf43 KB
The Back of Catterthin - Dan the Cobbler.pdf49 KB
The Blacksmith - Dr McHardy.pdf73 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 4 (25)2.573 KB
After the Battle - Ainster Fisherman.pdf81 KB
Anne Eltham's Fancy - Quern Progression.pdf71 KB
Anne Fraser McKenzie.pdf80 KB
Ardbeg.pdf68 KB
Bonnie Brig.pdf69 KB
Braidley's House - The Breakdown.pdf124 KB
Brinkie Braes.pdf77 KB
Bung Your Eye -Caithness Volunteers.pdf124 KB
C M Beattie - The Cockle Gatherers.pdf130 KB
Cantie Auld Man - Cecil McCausland.pdf118 KB
Channel Fleet.pdf70 KB
Chinese Breakdown -Christie McLeod.pdf115 KB
Christine McAskill  Churchill Barracks.pdf125 KB
Clarence House.pdf72 KB
Collie's Reel.pdf119 KB
Colonel Byng - Colosseum.pdf121 KB
Davie's Brae - Dornachd Head.pdf105 KB
Dewning of the Day - David Ross.pdf105 KB
Edward Jay's Jaunt.pdf111 KB
Ellen Richard's Delight - Eriskay Boat.pdf130 KB
The Apple Tree - Archduke John of Austria.pdf137 KB
The Black Bear - Bonawe Highlanders.pdf121 KB
The Bonnie Wood O' Craigieler.pdf127 KB
The Coffee Leaf.pdf63 KB
The Conversazione - Cropie's Strathspey.pdf111 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 5 (24)2.632 KB
Banks Hornpipe.pdf70 KB
Cobham Hall.pdf189 KB
Doon the Burn.pdf123 KB
Far Frae Hame - Farnie House.pdf121 KB
Far O'er the Sea.pdf64 KB
Glencairn Reel.pdf64 KB
Glenkiln Jig - Gloomy Winter.pdf119 KB
Good Humour.pdf131 KB
Highland Castle.pdf125 KB
Highland Whisky.pdf114 KB
Ho Ho My Nut Brown Maiden - Humours of Castle Barnard.pdf112 KB
I Lo'ed Nae Lassie But Ane.pdf138 KB
Innes' Jig.pdf64 KB
Isle O' Walsay - Jackson's Jig.pdf111 KB
J F Mackenzie Esq of Carrynahine.pdf73 KB
John McNeil's Reel - Julia McMahon.pdf127 KB
Kinlock of Kinlock.pdf65 KB
Lady Charlotte Campbell's Medley.pdf125 KB
Lady Eliza Lindsay - Ladie Nellie Wemys.pdf170 KB
The Coronation.pdf133 KB
The Forth Bridge - The Girl in a Blue Dream.pdf119 KB
The Gobbie Oh.pdf70 KB
The Humours of Glendart.pdf76 KB
The Jig of Scurs.pdf131 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 6 (23)2.428 KB
Lady Madelaine Sinclair.pdf74 KB
Lady Mary Ramsay.pdf134 KB
Lass O' Gowrie - Lord Wellington.pdf111 KB
Leveneep Head - The Lichted Ha'.pdf125 KB
Lochaber Gathering.pdf61 KB
London's Bonnie Woods.pdf77 KB
Lucky Scaup.pdf163 KB
Manchester Caledonians.pdf58 KB
Margaret Cook's Fancy - Merry Boys of Greenland.pdf119 KB
Milladen.pdf121 KB
Miss Ada Crawford.pdf125 KB
Miss Barbara Cunningham - Miss Clementine Loughan.pdf129 KB
Miss Dheirdre Brwon - Miss Dickson's Reel.pdf131 KB
Miss Doreen Lambert.pdf71 KB
Miss Knowles.pdf70 KB
Miss Maria Stewart's Jig - Miss Monaghan's Reel.pdf124 KB
Miss Thompson's Reel.pdf63 KB
Montrose Races.pdf109 KB
Morag Hutton's Strathspey - Mount Stuart House.pdf111 KB
Mr Alex Menzies - Mr Martin.pdf111 KB
Mrs Adie - Mrs Grace Bowie.pdf108 KB
Mrs Jimmy Shand's Strathspey - Mrs Joseph Lowe.pdf124 KB
The Man From Skye.pdf108 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 7 (26)2.514 KB
McGinty's Meal and Ale - McLeod of Mull.pdf109 KB
Mrs Mary McManus.pdf74 KB
Neil Low's Second Wife.pdf57 KB
Norma's Tune - Noup of Ness.pdf93 KB
Old Ireland - Orange and Blue.pdf95 KB
Rattlin' Bog - The Reconciliation.pdf122 KB
Sidlaw Hills - The Siege of Delhi.pdf123 KB
St Andrew's Parade.pdf118 KB
Staten Island.pdf77 KB
Stoney Path Tower.pdf67 KB
Strawberry Bank.pdf121 KB
Sweet Maid of Glendaruel.pdf66 KB
Syd Chalmers.pdf108 KB
T B Laing Esq - The Thack Cottage.pdf105 KB
Tam Bain's Lum.pdf106 KB
The Piper's Cave .pdf113 KB
The Scottish Horse.pdf123 KB
The Seabright - Shaw's Battle.pdf116 KB
The Shepherd's Wife.pdf70 KB
The Thurso Wedding.pdf59 KB
The Ton.pdf107 KB
The Top of Ben Lomond.pdf120 KB
There Cam' A Young Man - This is no My Ain Lassie.pdf62 KB
Three Times Three.pdf76 KB
Toward Castle.pdf125 KB
Tweedale Reel - The Wattle O' It.pdf104 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 8 (21)2.255 KB
Cape Wrath Light - Farewell to Gibraltar.pdf185 KB
Captain Pringle of Yair.pdf66 KB
Cooper's Hornpipe.pdf64 KB
Dance of the Cuckoos.pdf67 KB
Hangleton Strathspey.pdf63 KB
J McInnes Esq - Kemnay House.pdf107 KB
Kincaldrum's Reel.pdf108 KB
Lads O' Dunse - Delvin House.pdf106 KB
Lady Graham's Strathspey.pdf126 KB
O'Keefe's Jig.pdf108 KB
Paddy's Leather Breeches - Mrs Will.pdf119 KB
Skara Brae.pdf130 KB
The Boys of Bluehill.pdf111 KB
The Stack of Wheat.pdf142 KB
Victoria Reel.pdf222 KB
Wha Widna Fecht - Who Fears to Speak of the 98.pdf136 KB
Willafjord.pdf64 KB
William B Cunningham.pdf68 KB
Willie Brewed a Peck o' Maut - Willie Shaw.pdf134 KB
Winsten Gallop.pdf58 KB
Wm Birse Esq.pdf72 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 9 (22)2.106 KB
Atholl House.pdf74 KB
Butter the Horses Ear.pdf61 KB
Cairney Mount.pdf61 KB
Calton Hill - The Capon Tree.pdf116 KB
David Ross.pdf73 KB
Farewell to Redcastle.pdf120 KB
Ferry to the Island.pdf122 KB
He Ho Hiram.pdf112 KB
I'm Doun For Lak O' Johnnie - Jim Barrie.pdf119 KB
John Stephen.pdf62 KB
Lord Darnley's Medley - Lord Macpherson of Drumochter.pdf108 KB
Market Town Jig.pdf72 KB
Miss Hutton - Mervyn's Reel.pdf122 KB
Miss MacIntosh.pdf60 KB
Mrs Macpherson of Cluny - Mrs Maule.pdf111 KB
O'er Bogie.pdf71 KB
Old Adam - Paddy's Dream.pdf116 KB
Planxty Sir Festus Burke.pdf63 KB
Sir Reginald MacDonald.pdf120 KB
The Firth Jig.pdf122 KB
Tibbie's New Petticoat.pdf117 KB
Uscita - Woodhaven Pier.pdf103 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 10 (28)1.429 KB
Archie Menzies.pdf40 KB
Caerlaverock Castle.pdf57 KB
Cathkin Braes.pdf52 KB
Cavehill.pdf35 KB
Cheviot Gate.pdf81 KB
Clachna Cudain.pdf33 KB
Cock O' the North.pdf64 KB
Drumleys.pdf45 KB
Father O' Flynn.pdf64 KB
Glen Caladh Castle.pdf103 KB
Highland Donald.pdf65 KB
Lady Binning.pdf36 KB
Lager Beer.pdf44 KB
Lantry Auld Man.pdf54 KB
Leggett's Reel.pdf36 KB
Lochiel House.pdf36 KB
Lord Lyndoch.pdf44 KB
Miss Elenora Robertson.pdf54 KB
Old Rosin the Beau.pdf51 KB
Parks of Kilbirnie.pdf78 KB
Peter Straughan.pdf45 KB
St Valentine's Day.pdf35 KB
The Frost is All Over.pdf39 KB
The Leg of a Duck.pdf42 KB
The Linen Cap.pdf49 KB
The Mooncoin.pdf47 KB
The Rejected Suitor.pdf50 KB
The Schoolmaster.pdf51 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 11 (23)2.265 KB
Back O' the Change House.pdf80 KB
Blairnane's Rant.pdf58 KB
Connaughtman's Rambles.pdf103 KB
Cotyburn.pdf157 KB
Edmund Mackenzie of Plockton.pdf121 KB
Fanny Power - Gainsborough.pdf115 KB
Hagg's Castle - Her Grace's Joy.pdf94 KB
I'm the Safest O' the Family - Moving Cloud.pdf64 KB
Laura Andrews.pdf124 KB
Lord Randall's Bride.pdf119 KB
Madge Bayne.pdf124 KB
Mrs Herries Forbes - O'er the Hills.pdf63 KB
Out in the Ocean.pdf71 KB
Paddy on the Railroad.pdf70 KB
Parks of Lochabers.pdf119 KB
Richmora.pdf99 KB
Sally Gardens.pdf72 KB
Spanish Brose.pdf121 KB
Speyhead.pdf116 KB
Tarholm to Glasgow - Tom Thumb.pdf107 KB
The Galtee Rangers.pdf56 KB
The Man from Uist - Mol-A-Deas.pdf111 KB
The Rambling Pitchfork - Regency Reel.pdf102 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 12 (43)1.853 KB
Aspen Bank.pdf38 KB
Bobby Dunlop's Jig.pdf37 KB
Bobby Watson.pdf39 KB
Carm Oliver's Jig.pdf40 KB
Cock Up Your Beaver.pdf43 KB
Farmer's Jamboree.pdf39 KB
Geordie Affleck.pdf47 KB
George Wark.pdf41 KB
Hoist the Flag.pdf41 KB
Hops of Kent.pdf43 KB
I Daurna Say No.pdf46 KB
Ian Duncan.pdf38 KB
Jack's Delight.pdf39 KB
Jeannie Blue E'en.pdf35 KB
Jim Anderson's Delight.pdf43 KB
King of the Fairies.pdf42 KB
Lady Dennel Grant.pdf43 KB
Last May a Braw Wooer.pdf48 KB
New Brig O' Ayr.pdf42 KB
Old Bog Hole.pdf46 KB
Polly Stewart.pdf54 KB
Polwart on the Green.pdf41 KB
Pretty Peggy.pdf41 KB
Ronnie Douglas.pdf53 KB
Sidlaw Hills.pdf53 KB
Sir Archibald Dunbar.pdf35 KB
Sir Reginald MacDonald.pdf38 KB
The Auld Toon of Ayr.pdf41 KB
The Bridal Jig.pdf43 KB
The Flower of Auchattie.pdf43 KB
The Four Counts.pdf39 KB
The Hurdle Race.pdf49 KB
The Lord High Admiral.pdf43 KB
The March to the Battlefield.pdf55 KB
The Merry Blacksmith.pdf31 KB
The Mill Burn.pdf49 KB
The Muir O' Loggie.pdf37 KB
The Road to Muchty.pdf34 KB
The Sly Old Fox.pdf55 KB
The Tullamore Piper.pdf36 KB
The Two Misses.pdf37 KB
The Work of the Weaver.pdf82 KB
Walking the Floor.pdf37 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 13 (44)2.086 KB
Balkan Hills.pdf47 KB
Bantry Lassies.pdf41 KB
Bonnie Strathmore.pdf46 KB
Calabria.pdf43 KB
Capt H Munro.pdf55 KB
Cork Hill.pdf52 KB
Dolphin Medley.pdf57 KB
Donald Stewart.pdf49 KB
Downland Reel.pdf44 KB
Elizabeth Donald.pdf41 KB
Emerald Queen.pdf46 KB
Fiddler Play the Light Strathspey.pdf48 KB
Hielan Brochan.pdf43 KB
Joan's Medley.pdf36 KB
John Worth's Jig.pdf41 KB
Lady in the Boat.pdf64 KB
Lord of the Dance.pdf73 KB
Market Chorus.pdf50 KB
Menstrie Castle.pdf44 KB
Miss Judith Baillie of Dochfour.pdf40 KB
Miss Rough of Longbank.pdf41 KB
Muirhead Bobbie.pdf59 KB
Noo I Wear the Kilt.pdf48 KB
Old Man Dillon.pdf52 KB
Paddy Carey.pdf44 KB
Pavilion Medley.pdf58 KB
Pig Town.pdf50 KB
Port A' Bhodaich.pdf52 KB
Sheerhan's Reel.pdf41 KB
T A Norris.pdf49 KB
The Big Corral.pdf49 KB
The Chester Hornpipe.pdf45 KB
The Kitchen Maid.pdf38 KB
The Little Lad.pdf32 KB
The Maids on the Green.pdf40 KB
The Scuttle.pdf57 KB
The Skillet.pdf68 KB
The Wicker Chair.pdf41 KB
To Dance To.pdf51 KB
Tune Your Fiddles.pdf44 KB
Vera Huges' Fancy.pdf41 KB
Willie Cook.pdf37 KB
Willie Maclean of Aultbea.pdf49 KB
Wood's Hornpipe.pdf41 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 15 (34)2.722 KB
Achnahennich.pdf68 KB
Adam Buchan O.pdf77 KB
Ai Strathspey.pdf78 KB
Alan Maxwell's Farewell.pdf89 KB
Aldridge's Hornpipe.pdf63 KB
Altnabreac.pdf76 KB
Ashra Autad.pdf110 KB
Awa Wi Your Witchcraft.pdf87 KB
Baillie of Canna.pdf78 KB
Balmullo House.pdf92 KB
Bamboolelum.pdf67 KB
Barren Rocks of Aden.pdf84 KB
Beau of Oakhill.pdf74 KB
Beinn Alligin.pdf66 KB
Bert McCroskie.pdf73 KB
Betty Paton.pdf70 KB
Blackberry Bush.pdf60 KB
Boland's Favourite.pdf67 KB
Bonnie Toon of Edinburgh.pdf75 KB
Bridge of Brechin.pdf67 KB
Brighton Square.pdf120 KB
Burnhervie Picnic.pdf76 KB
Burning Sands.pdf71 KB
Burton Jig.pdf62 KB
Callum Donaldson.pdf132 KB
Callum's Square.pdf128 KB
Cameron Got His Wife Again.pdf70 KB
Captain E G Elder's Medley.pdf115 KB
Captain Francis Wemys.pdf105 KB
Castlelaw Reel.pdf63 KB
Cluny Castle.pdf65 KB
Clyne's Trek Ower the Muir.pdf60 KB
The Camel's Hump.pdf70 KB
The Canty Couple.pdf66 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 16 (33)1.655 KB
A Faery Lullaby.pdf54 KB
Cookie Shine.pdf47 KB
Craigieburn Wood.pdf46 KB
Craigmillar Castle.pdf33 KB
Cuil An Duin.pdf66 KB
Cupar Barn Dance.pdf64 KB
Dagg's of Craighouse.pdf44 KB
Dancing Feet.pdf39 KB
Derry Boat.pdf49 KB
Deserts of Tulloch.pdf35 KB
Devil in Dublin.pdf36 KB
Diana's Delight.pdf49 KB
Dr Finlay.pdf48 KB
Dumfries House.pdf44 KB
Duncan Davidson.pdf42 KB
Duncan the Gauger.pdf47 KB
Dunkeld Steeple.pdf39 KB
Dunse Dings A'.pdf43 KB
Earl of Morton's Jig.pdf81 KB
Edith Raitt's Jig.pdf48 KB
Edith's Tattie Cairt.pdf41 KB
Eevy Atha.pdf74 KB
Farewell to Balmerino.pdf77 KB
Fife and Forfar.pdf42 KB
Four Leaf Clover.pdf51 KB
The Cobbler's Awl.pdf49 KB
The Cooper's Wife.pdf61 KB
The Doodler's.pdf46 KB
The Door in the Wall.pdf93 KB
The Dougal Craiter.pdf45 KB
The Fox Chase.pdf36 KB
The Frasers of Oban.pdf45 KB
The Freemason.pdf40 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 17 (34)1.697 KB
Garthlands' Strathspey.pdf39 KB
Geordie the Roadman.pdf38 KB
Geordie's Reel.pdf39 KB
Gillan's Reel.pdf58 KB
Gin Worth Living.pdf42 KB
Girl in Green.pdf38 KB
Glasgow Gaelic Club.pdf50 KB
Grant's Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Green Shades of Gask.pdf36 KB
Halloween.pdf45 KB
Hay's Reel.pdf52 KB
Hazeldean.pdf46 KB
Here's A Health To Ani I Lo'e Dear.pdf40 KB
Here's to the Health.pdf90 KB
Hill House.pdf50 KB
Hoddam Castle.pdf38 KB
House of Gray.pdf48 KB
Hunters Reel.pdf44 KB
Huntsman's Chorus.pdf40 KB
I Ha'e Laid A Herrin In Salt.pdf41 KB
I'll Come Tae Ye.pdf40 KB
Iona Cross.pdf69 KB
Irish Girls.pdf45 KB
Jack Oozie.pdf116 KB
James Stephen.pdf59 KB
Jim Douglas.pdf40 KB
John Macfadyen of Melfort.pdf49 KB
Jumping Geordie.pdf34 KB
Kipper's Jig.pdf90 KB
Lady Mary Hay.pdf47 KB
The Growling Old Woman.pdf50 KB
The Harmonica.pdf43 KB
The Hen's March Over the Midden.pdf49 KB
The Hunt's Favourite.pdf50 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 18 (31)1.799 KB
Kilalelahmar.pdf135 KB
Liberty for the Sailors.pdf53 KB
Lindsay Ross.pdf56 KB
Liverpool Hornpipe.pdf81 KB
Loch Carron.pdf52 KB
MacGregor's March.pdf60 KB
MacGregor's Wail.pdf41 KB
MacNeil of Ugadale.pdf50 KB
Maggie.pdf44 KB
Mains of Dun.pdf49 KB
Mairead Nichol of Drumossie.pdf46 KB
Marquis of Huntley's Strathspey.pdf46 KB
Mary and Maurice Cooper Medley.pdf93 KB
Melfort Strathspey.pdf54 KB
Merry Mary.pdf53 KB
Miller O' Dervil.pdf46 KB
Minister of Birse.pdf45 KB
Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff.pdf52 KB
Miss Graham of Inchbrakie.pdf75 KB
Miss Grant of Grant.pdf87 KB
Miss Hay of Yester.pdf68 KB
Miss Isaac Forsyth-Elgin.pdf52 KB
Miss Johnston of Hilton's Fancy.pdf55 KB
Miss Johnstone.pdf53 KB
Miss Lyall.pdf50 KB
Miss MacLachlan's March.pdf56 KB
Miss Marianne Oliphant.pdf48 KB
Miss Rae of Eskgrove.pdf63 KB
Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston.pdf49 KB
Miss Shepherd.pdf41 KB
The Minister's Jig.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 19 (30)1.750 KB
Miss Scales Hornpipe.pdf76 KB
Miss Sophia Campbell.pdf48 KB
Miss Susan Inglis.pdf52 KB
Miss Trotter.pdf47 KB
Mist on the Bog.pdf49 KB
Mr and Mrs Victor Jamieson.pdf49 KB
Mr Sharpe of Hoddany.pdf36 KB
Mr Sharp's Favourite.pdf35 KB
Mrs B Jolly.pdf43 KB
Mrs Couts Trotter's Favourite.pdf52 KB
Mrs H L McDonald of Dunach.pdf88 KB
Mrs Haswell.pdf39 KB
Mrs Stirling of Keir.pdf47 KB
Mrs Trotter of Castlelaw - The Navvie.pdf83 KB
Mushmimkin Reel.pdf181 KB
Nijmi.pdf76 KB
No Chruchman Am I.pdf59 KB
North of the Grampians - O'Beauty's Alarms.pdf86 KB
O'Carolan's Receipt.pdf57 KB
Pat's Parlour.pdf40 KB
Peter Baillie.pdf43 KB
Portsmouth.pdf49 KB
Pottinger's Reel.pdf55 KB
Queen Vic's Washing Day.pdf57 KB
Robert Byrd's Reel.pdf76 KB
Robert Innes.pdf41 KB
Royal Captives.pdf34 KB
The Parting Glass.pdf51 KB
The Potty Dance.pdf50 KB
The Rosetree.pdf54 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 20 (32)1.685 KB
Ruthven House.pdf35 KB
Sanday.pdf36 KB
Sands of Egypt.pdf55 KB
Shaggie Burn.pdf35 KB
Sheilis.pdf78 KB
Sherwood Rangers.pdf38 KB
Shetland Boston.pdf34 KB
Shetland Mare.pdf33 KB
Sir John Henderson.pdf43 KB
Smith's Hornpipe.pdf43 KB
Snouts and Ears.pdf88 KB
Somerset Strathspey.pdf41 KB
So'ton Reel.pdf53 KB
Spriggs of Laurel.pdf41 KB
St Abb's Head.pdf45 KB
St Andrew's Pier.pdf80 KB
St Ninian's Isle.pdf42 KB
Stan Drew's Reel.pdf40 KB
Stan Drew's Square.pdf78 KB
Tail of My Coat.pdf34 KB
Tekell.pdf51 KB
Tmanyi Gamb.pdf36 KB
Tom Kettles.pdf54 KB
Torridon.pdf40 KB
Troon Medley.pdf44 KB
Victory Hornpipe.pdf77 KB
Waverley Steps.pdf49 KB
Wee Sammy.pdf40 KB
Whisky in the Jar.pdf213 KB
Whiteinch.pdf37 KB
Willy Davie.pdf40 KB
Ythan Bar.pdf33 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 21 (32)1.600 KB
Cambusdoon.pdf35 KB
Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle.pdf42 KB
Captain Keeler's Reel.pdf56 KB
Charing Cross.pdf77 KB
Cotton Reel.pdf38 KB
Dawn Express.pdf51 KB
Delaney's Drummers.pdf37 KB
Easthampstead Park.pdf40 KB
Farewell to Fort George.pdf60 KB
Father Kelly.pdf37 KB
Firecross Song.pdf41 KB
Fishing Reel.pdf43 KB
Fullarton Reel.pdf57 KB
Greenwoodside.pdf54 KB
Hurlock's Reel.pdf61 KB
Kate Bairdet.pdf69 KB
Kitty's Rambles.pdf35 KB
Loch Assipol.pdf41 KB
Loch Rynach.pdf37 KB
MacDonald's Awa Tae the Wars.pdf41 KB
Major Mackie.pdf57 KB
Malcom of the Glen.pdf38 KB
Miss Marston's Strathspey.pdf70 KB
Miss Rose of Tirlogie.pdf78 KB
Mr Tierney's Reel.pdf45 KB
Mrs Gregory.pdf46 KB
Mrs John Clark's Delight.pdf55 KB
Oh She's Comica.pdf55 KB
Pitnacree Ferryman.pdf50 KB
Sandy Duff.pdf36 KB
Tell Her I Am.pdf59 KB
Wee Man At the Loom.pdf59 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 22 (35)1.574 KB
Berry Picking.pdf41 KB
Brothers Three.pdf35 KB
Caerketton.pdf61 KB
Callum Beag.pdf26 KB
Cawdor Castle.pdf42 KB
Dorraton Bridge.pdf31 KB
Fiddler's Joy.pdf44 KB
Fisher's Hornpipe.pdf94 KB
Glentromie.pdf49 KB
High Level.pdf38 KB
Holy Corner.pdf35 KB
Jim Bruce.pdf48 KB
Knotanuva Eightsome.pdf107 KB
Lady MacKenzie of Coul.pdf41 KB
Major Mole.pdf39 KB
Mary Gavin.pdf40 KB
Midlothian.pdf31 KB
Miss Girdle.pdf44 KB
Miss Jane Douglas.pdf31 KB
Mrs Anderson's Reel.pdf57 KB
Mrs Stewart Nicholson.pdf35 KB
My Pretty Maid.pdf41 KB
Ray's Dance.pdf37 KB
Sir George Clark of Pennycuik.pdf47 KB
Sir Robert Peel.pdf31 KB
Sprig of Ivy.pdf30 KB
Sunday is My Wedding Day.pdf60 KB
The Family's Pride.pdf36 KB
The Jockey's Dance.pdf54 KB
The Lost Land.pdf36 KB
The Patched Bagpipe.pdf37 KB
The Teetotaller.pdf38 KB
The Toorie.pdf42 KB
Thistle of Scotland.pdf69 KB
Tullchan Lodge.pdf48 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 23 (36)1.753 KB
Aldivalloch.pdf47 KB
Arniston House.pdf39 KB
Bangers and Beans - Catherine McIssac's Wedding Day.pdf49 KB
Da Grocer.pdf57 KB
Dalmahoy House.pdf47 KB
Glenmaeran.pdf44 KB
Graham Hamilton of Glenwood.pdf40 KB
Here Be Dragons.pdf46 KB
Homeward Bound.pdf37 KB
Humberstone's Magic Piano - Miss Baird of Saughton Hall.pdf51 KB
Jack's Medley - Millbrae.pdf93 KB
Jill's Medley.pdf50 KB
Loch Earn.pdf47 KB
Lt Col Baillie of Leys.pdf46 KB
Miss Clementine Stewart of Garth's Jig.pdf46 KB
Miss Forsyth of Elgin.pdf38 KB
Mr Charles Graham's Welcome Home - The Shepherd's Reel.pdf49 KB
Mr Morison of Bognie.pdf40 KB
Mrs Baird of Newbyth - Neil Flaherty's Drake.pdf58 KB
Pipe Major Sam Scott.pdf45 KB
Rannock Moor.pdf49 KB
Sailor Scotty.pdf53 KB
Spirits of Old Pulteney.pdf38 KB
Tame Her When Da Snaw Comes.pdf91 KB
The Auld Kirk - Battle of the Boyne.pdf51 KB
The Drum House - Farewell to the Creeks.pdf48 KB
The Earl of Seaforth's Reel.pdf46 KB
The Fairy on the Tree.pdf39 KB
The Green Jersey.pdf43 KB
The Green Meadow.pdf60 KB
The Grey Buck.pdf39 KB
The New Kelvin Bridge.pdf44 KB
The Oyster Wives Rant.pdf41 KB
The Rose of Halftown.pdf47 KB
The Waefu' Heart.pdf48 KB
Trafalgar Square.pdf46 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whetherly Book 24 (88)10.846 KB
A Trip to Tunbridge - A Trip to Paris.pdf128 KB
All Together, One After Another - Fete Champetre.pdf122 KB
Auretti's Dutch Skipper - The Bishop.pdf122 KB
Bath Carnival.pdf119 KB
Braes of Dornoch - Faithful Shepherd.pdf120 KB
Burgundy's Flight.pdf112 KB
Chelmsford Assembly - Dover Pier.pdf121 KB
Cockle Shells.pdf123 KB
Drapers Gardens - The Duke of Kent's Waltz.pdf124 KB
Duke of Rutlands Delight or The Collier's Daughter.pdf119 KB
Dull Sir John.pdf126 KB
General Abercrombie's Reel.pdf118 KB
Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace.pdf123 KB
Greenwich Park - The Happy Marriage.pdf124 KB
Hambleton's Round - Hey to Cupar.pdf127 KB
Hey-Boys Up We Go - Kelsterne Gardens.pdf126 KB
Hide Park.pdf125 KB
Highland Jigg.pdf116 KB
Highland Wedding - Hole in the Wall.pdf122 KB
Holborn March.pdf119 KB
Jack's Maggot - Jacob Hall's Jigg.pdf125 KB
Jockeys Jig.pdf120 KB
Jog On.pdf178 KB
Joy After Sorrow.pdf121 KB
Kendall House - Knowles Park.pdf123 KB
Kensington Court - Lilli Burlero.pdf125 KB
Lady Amelia Murray's Choice or The Hamiltonian- Noel Park.pdf122 KB
Lady George Murrays Reel - Lord Byron's Jig.pdf126 KB
Lady Pentweazle.pdf123 KB
Lancaster Lasses.pdf127 KB
Le Debauche.pdf127 KB
Lincoln - Lord Phoppington.pdf126 KB
Love's Triuph.pdf129 KB
Mad Robin.pdf115 KB
Mantua Makers' Frolic - The Margravine's Waltz.pdf121 KB
Miss Dolland's Delight - Mr Cosgill's Delight.pdf124 KB
Miss Sayers' Allemande - Miss MacDonald's Reel.pdf124 KB
Miss Sparks's Maggot.pdf120 KB
Mother Brown's Cat.pdf125 KB
Mr Beveridge's Maggot.pdf120 KB
Mr Hamilton of Wishaw's Reel - Mrs Booth's Minuet.pdf123 KB
Mr Isaac's Maggot - The North Down Waltz.pdf121 KB
Mrs Gordon of Troop's Stathspey - One More Dand and Then.pdf126 KB
Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw - My Lady Winwood.pdf122 KB
New New Nothing.pdf122 KB
Once A Night - Tom Thumb.pdf131 KB
Orleanch Baffled.pdf122 KB
Pontius Pilate's Rant.pdf124 KB
Portsmouth - Prince Edward's Jig.pdf124 KB
Prince Rupert's March.pdf135 KB
Prince William.pdf117 KB
Prince William of Glo'ster's Waltz - The Queen's Jig.pdf122 KB
Queen Bess's Dame of Honour.pdf119 KB
Ramsgate Assembly - Sun Assembly.pdf125 KB
Richmond Ball - The Riddle.pdf126 KB
Round About Our Coal Fire - The Round.pdf126 KB
Rural Sports.pdf121 KB
Sage Leaf.pdf118 KB
Saint Margaret's Hill.pdf117 KB
Sion House.pdf114 KB
Sir Watkin's Jig.pdf115 KB
Six & Sevens.pdf125 KB
St Martin's Lane.pdf130 KB
Temple Bar.pdf113 KB
The Adieu - Apley House.pdf126 KB
The Brick Makers - Drapers Maggot.pdf119 KB
The Corporation.pdf116 KB
The Fair Quaker of Deal - Hiland Lass or Duble the Cape.pdf140 KB
The Fandango.pdf120 KB
The Female Saylor - General Abercrombie's Reel.pdf125 KB
The Freemason's Jig.pdf128 KB
The French Ambassador.pdf119 KB
The Gallant Enterprize or Prince Frederick's Hornpipe.pdf129 KB
The Hare's Maggot.pdf117 KB
The Installation.pdf117 KB
The Intrigue - Indian Queen.pdf127 KB
The Jovial Beggars.pdf143 KB
The Phoenix.pdf120 KB
The Punk's Delight.pdf129 KB
The Shrewsbury Lasses - The Touchstone.pdf127 KB
'Twas O'er the Hills and Far Away.pdf116 KB
Up with Aily.pdf118 KB
Volpony.pdf115 KB
Wakefield Hunt.pdf113 KB
We'll Wed and We'll Bed or Dublin Bay.pdf121 KB
Well-Hall.pdf122 KB
Whitehall Minuet - Zephyrs and Flora.pdf133 KB
Ye Social Powers.pdf113 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whisky Collection (15)420 KB
A Hundred Pipers.pdf24 KB
Afore Ye Go.pdf27 KB
Auchentoshen.pdf29 KB
Dewar's Fancy.pdf29 KB
Dram O' Dalwhinnie.pdf25 KB
Glen Grant.pdf24 KB
Glen Livet.pdf26 KB
Highland Park.pdf27 KB
Islay Mist.pdf21 KB
Johnnie Walker.pdf32 KB
Laphroaig.pdf28 KB
Queen Ane.pdf26 KB
Spey Royal.pdf44 KB
Stand Fast.pdf31 KB
Talisker.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whisper of the Fyredragon (22)1.209 KB
A Rose by Any Other.pdf56 KB
All's Well That Ends.pdf46 KB
Dancing with Deidre.pdf55 KB
Dancing with Fyre - Dragon's Wing.pdf54 KB
Deby's Two Step.pdf67 KB
Elgin's Strathspey.pdf70 KB
Feline Footprints.pdf49 KB
Five, OH - Fiveness.pdf51 KB
Gemmie's Jig - Hauole Ha A'.pdf51 KB
Golden Fyrebird - Julee's Jig.pdf52 KB
Marian's Jig - Isle of Kaui.pdf54 KB
McConnells' Awa'.pdf51 KB
Monarch Butterfly.pdf58 KB
Passing Places - Rob Roy's Sporran.pdf57 KB
Springtime Reel - Suzy Celebrates.pdf60 KB
Start Without Me.pdf47 KB
Tam the Storyteller - Twa Men of Lewis.pdf53 KB
Tigger Love.pdf76 KB
Wee Stane Hoose.pdf49 KB
Whisper of the Fyredragon.pdf56 KB
Whitecaps - Winding River Reel.pdf51 KB
Winter Vacation - With a Fifth, Plus One.pdf44 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Whiteadder Collection (9)324 KB
Anna Holden's Strathspey.pdf44 KB
Da Rain Dancin'.pdf40 KB
Flodigarry Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Fraser's Fiddle.pdf30 KB
John Derek Evans.pdf31 KB
McLaughlin's Reel.pdf35 KB
The Moffat Weavers.pdf29 KB
The Scamp.pdf42 KB
The Whiteadder Jig.pdf29 KB
\Collections\Other Books\Who's Who in Toronto (16)450 KB
A Marriage Made in Dancing.pdf24 KB
A Noble Feat.pdf28 KB
Betty Grant's Strathspey.pdf27 KB
Bye Bye, Barbara.pdf27 KB
Elizabeth's Jig.pdf22 KB
Golden Memories.pdf30 KB
I Cannot Dance Alone.pdf24 KB
It's Bobby's Fault.pdf34 KB
She Wouldn't Be Shooshed.pdf29 KB
The Dancing Bells.pdf35 KB
The Executive Reel.pdf33 KB
The Fiddling Preacher.pdf29 KB
The Honorar Scot and The Highlander's Daughter.pdf30 KB
The Lost Lamb.pdf28 KB
The Music and The Dance.pdf25 KB
Valerie's Reel.pdf26 KB
\Collections\Other Books\World Wide Weavings (14)463 KB
A Dance for Susi.pdf40 KB
Ann of Scotia.pdf32 KB
Chased Lovers.pdf32 KB
Crystal Congratulations.pdf46 KB
David's Double Trouble.pdf31 KB
Early Spring.pdf25 KB
Friends Across the Ocean.pdf34 KB
Joy's Undulations.pdf39 KB
Just One More.pdf46 KB
Madame De Stael.pdf19 KB
O'er the Border.pdf29 KB
Rampant Lion - After 10 AM.pdf27 KB
The Lincoln Imp.pdf42 KB
The Rider Hall.pdf21 KB
\Collections\Other Books\York Book of Scottish Country Dances (21)711 KB
Captain and Mrs. Raeburn.pdf38 KB
Carter Bar.pdf50 KB
Farewell to Nigeria.pdf30 KB
Fiona's Fancy.pdf31 KB
Jessie-in-the-Middle.pdf38 KB
Rebecca's Arrival.pdf32 KB
Susan's Delight.pdf31 KB
The Aldwark Reel.pdf42 KB
The British Caledonian Band.pdf36 KB
The Chief.pdf44 KB
The Crieff Hydro.pdf24 KB
The Green and White.pdf28 KB
The Ikoyi Club.pdf35 KB
The Lagos Caledonian Society.pdf26 KB
The Merchant Tailors.pdf34 KB
The Stranger's Welcome.pdf31 KB
The Tankard.pdf33 KB
The Twenty-Eighth of February.pdf37 KB
The West Coast Jig.pdf21 KB
The Yetts O' Muckhart.pdf44 KB
Wyn's Jig.pdf28 KB
\Collections\Other Books\York Book of Scottish Country Dances Book 2 (14)532 KB
Bill King.pdf22 KB
Bootham Bar.pdf36 KB
Culdrossan Castle.pdf34 KB
Di's Dance.pdf48 KB
Homage.pdf47 KB
Jeannie's Jaunt.pdf28 KB
Jubilation.pdf36 KB
Lady Elizabeth of Moy.pdf45 KB
Madam Chairman.pdf25 KB
Maureen and Paddy.pdf38 KB
The Ainsty Strathspey.pdf36 KB
The Earl of Burlington.pdf50 KB
The Escort.pdf56 KB
The White Rose Jubilee Reel.pdf31 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\A Third Book of Graded SCDs (14)393 KB
Bethankit.pdf28 KB
Bill Little's Strathspey.pdf28 KB
Craigleith.pdf33 KB
Crom Allt (The Crooked Burn).pdf27 KB
Friendships.pdf30 KB
Gaelforce Wind.pdf23 KB
Karin's Strathspey.pdf29 KB
Out of Thin Air.pdf25 KB
Tap the Barrel.pdf26 KB
The Captain's House.pdf30 KB
The Compleat Gardener.pdf29 KB
The Haar on Skye.pdf23 KB
The Paisley Weavers.pdf29 KB
The Shetland Shepherdess.pdf34 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 01 (12)429 KB
Circassian Circle.pdf35 KB
Cumberland Reel.pdf37 KB
Duke of Perth.pdf40 KB
Fight About the Fireside.pdf37 KB
Flowers of Edinburgh.pdf34 KB
Meg Merrilees.pdf28 KB
Merry Lads of Ayr.pdf32 KB
Petronella.pdf32 KB
Rory O'More.pdf35 KB
Strip the Willow.pdf47 KB
The Nut.pdf26 KB
The Triumph.pdf43 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 01 - revised Edition 2008 (12)548 KB
Circassian Circle.pdf69 KB
Cumberland Reel.pdf33 KB
Duke of Perth.pdf31 KB
Fight about the Fireside.pdf34 KB
Flowers of Edinburgh.pdf31 KB
Meg Merrilees.pdf32 KB
Merry Lads of Ayr.pdf67 KB
Petronella.pdf32 KB
Rory o'More.pdf49 KB
Strip the Willow.pdf97 KB
The Nut.pdf36 KB
The Triumph.pdf39 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 02 (12)1.088 KB
Delvinside.pdf81 KB
Greig's Pipes.pdf89 KB
La Tempete (The Tempest).pdf93 KB
Speed the Plough.pdf77 KB
The Bob O'Dowally.pdf75 KB
The Bumpkin.pdf107 KB
The Eightsome Reel.pdf118 KB
The Glasgow Highlanders.pdf106 KB
The Haymakers.pdf83 KB
The Perth Medley.pdf100 KB
The Princess Royal.pdf79 KB
The Soldier's Joy.pdf79 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 02 - revised Edition 2008 (12)732 KB
Delvine Side.pdf29 KB
Greig's Pipes.pdf35 KB
La Tempete.pdf87 KB
Speed the Plough.pdf26 KB
The Bob o'Dowally.pdf34 KB
The Bumpkin.pdf86 KB
The Eightsome Reel.pdf76 KB
The Glasgow Highlanders.pdf112 KB
The Haymakers.pdf44 KB
The Perth Medley.pdf108 KB
The Princess Royal.pdf63 KB
The Soldier's Joy.pdf33 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 03 (12)359 KB
Blue Bonnets.pdf20 KB
Foursome Reel.pdf44 KB
Jenny, Come Down to Jock.pdf21 KB
Lady MacIntosh's Rant.pdf31 KB
Rachael Rae.pdf33 KB
Reel of Tulloch.pdf48 KB
Saint Patrick's Day.pdf22 KB
Scottish Reform.pdf32 KB
The Dashing White Sergeant.pdf33 KB
The Eight Men of Moidart.pdf25 KB
The Fairy Dance.pdf24 KB
The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow.pdf27 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 03 - revised Edition 2008 (12)569 KB
Blue Bonnets.pdf64 KB
Foursome Reel.pdf36 KB
Jenny, Come down to Jock.pdf58 KB
Lady Macintosh's Rant.pdf46 KB
Rachael Rae.pdf41 KB
Reel of Tulloch.pdf109 KB
Saint Patrick's Day.pdf41 KB
Scottish Reform.pdf41 KB
The Dashing White Sergeant.pdf33 KB
The Eight Men of Moidart.pdf34 KB
The Fairy Dance.pdf32 KB
The Rock and the wee Pickle Tow.pdf33 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 04 (12)360 KB
Corn Rigs.pdf29 KB
Haughs O' Cromdale.pdf37 KB
Highland Laddie.pdf29 KB
Kenmure's On and Awa'.pdf25 KB
Light and Airy.pdf28 KB
Queen's Welcome.pdf29 KB
The Falkland Beauty.pdf26 KB
The Foula Reel.pdf47 KB
The Merry Dancers.pdf27 KB
The Ninety-Second.pdf24 KB
Torryburn Lassies.pdf29 KB
Waltz Country Dance.pdf32 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 04 - revised Edition 2008 (12)524 KB
Corn Rigs.pdf51 KB
Haughs o'Cromdale.pdf92 KB
Highland Laddie.pdf40 KB
Kenmure's on and awa'.pdf31 KB
Light and Airy.pdf33 KB
Queen's Welcome.pdf31 KB
The Falkland Beauty.pdf31 KB
The Foula Reel.pdf74 KB
The Merry Dancers.pdf35 KB
The Ninety-Second.pdf29 KB
Torryburn Lassies.pdf32 KB
Waltz Country Dance.pdf45 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 05 (12)339 KB
Cold and Raw.pdf34 KB
Culloden's Fancy.pdf21 KB
Duke of Hamilton's Reel.pdf33 KB
Dumbarton Drums.pdf29 KB
Jenny's Bawbee.pdf19 KB
Lady Susan Stewart's Reel.pdf32 KB
Linton Ploughman.pdf19 KB
Round About Hullachan.pdf30 KB
Scottish Ramble.pdf32 KB
Teviot Bridge.pdf30 KB
The Punch Bowl.pdf32 KB
The White Cockade.pdf27 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 05 - revised Edition 2008 (12)560 KB
Cold and Raw.pdf38 KB
Culloden's Fancy.pdf56 KB
Duke of Hamilton's Reel.pdf78 KB
Dumbarton Drums.pdf39 KB
Jenny's Bawbee.pdf52 KB
Lady Susan Stewart's Reel.pdf30 KB
Linton Ploughman.pdf54 KB
Round about Hullachan.pdf35 KB
Scottish Ramble.pdf33 KB
Teviot Bridge.pdf42 KB
The Punch Bowl.pdf37 KB
The White Cockade.pdf65 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 06 (12)411 KB
Edinburgh Volunteers.pdf32 KB
I'll Mak' Ye Fain to Follow Me.pdf33 KB
Lennox Love to Blantyre.pdf27 KB
Lord MacDonald's Reel.pdf30 KB
Mrs MacLeod.pdf25 KB
Oxton Reel.pdf57 KB
Prince of Orange.pdf21 KB
Rothesay Country Dance.pdf25 KB
Roxburgh Castle.pdf24 KB
Sixteensome Reel.pdf87 KB
The Bob of Fettercairn.pdf19 KB
The Threesome Reel.pdf30 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 06 - revised Edition 2008 (12)698 KB
Edinburgh Volunteers.pdf69 KB
I'll Mak' ye Fain to Follow Me.pdf34 KB
Lennox Love to Blantyre.pdf78 KB
Lord MacDonald's Reel.pdf68 KB
Mrs MacLeod.pdf29 KB
Oxton Reel.pdf76 KB
Prince of Orange.pdf54 KB
Rothesay Country Dance.pdf30 KB
Roxburgh Castle.pdf25 KB
Sixteensome Reel.pdf146 KB
The Bob of Fettercairn.pdf54 KB
The Threesome Reel.pdf34 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 07 (12)368 KB
Captain MacDonald's Fancy.pdf24 KB
Come Ashore Jolly Tar.pdf31 KB
Hamilton House.pdf30 KB
Lady Mary Menzies' Reel.pdf36 KB
Mid Lothian.pdf26 KB
Red House.pdf48 KB
Tartan Plaidie.pdf19 KB
The Braes of Tulliemet.pdf28 KB
The Menzie's Rant.pdf33 KB
The Priest and His Books.pdf32 KB
Ye'll Aye Be Welcome Back Again.pdf33 KB
Ye're Welcome, Charly Stuart.pdf28 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 07 - revised Edition 2009 (11)532 KB
Captain MacDonald's Fancy.pdf36 KB
Come Ashore Jolly Tar.pdf50 KB
Hamilton House.pdf45 KB
Lady Mary Menzies' Reel.pdf52 KB
Mid Lothian.pdf42 KB
Red House.pdf82 KB
The Braes of Tulliemet.pdf38 KB
The Menzies' Rant.pdf50 KB
The Priest and his Books.pdf47 KB
Ye'll aye be Welcome Back Again.pdf47 KB
Ye're Welcome, Charly Stuart.pdf42 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 08 (12)322 KB
Braes of Atholl.pdf35 KB
Calver Lodge.pdf20 KB
Jessie's Hornpipe.pdf26 KB
Lassie Wi' the Yellow Coatie.pdf29 KB
Off She Goes.pdf21 KB
Peggy's Love.pdf31 KB
The Bleu Ribbon.pdf30 KB
The Lass O' Livingston.pdf24 KB
The Lovers' Knot.pdf27 KB
The River Cree.pdf25 KB
Tibby Fowler O' the Glen.pdf28 KB
Tulloch Gorm.pdf25 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 08 - revised Edition 2009 (12)502 KB
Braes of Atholl.pdf78 KB
Calver Lodge.pdf34 KB
Jessie's Hornpipe.pdf39 KB
Lassie wi' the Yellow Coatie.pdf43 KB
Off She Goes.pdf29 KB
Peggy's Love.pdf47 KB
The Bleu Ribbon.pdf48 KB
The Lass o' Livingston.pdf31 KB
The Lovers' Knot.pdf33 KB
The River Cree.pdf31 KB
Tibby Fowler o' the Glen.pdf40 KB
Tulloch Gorm.pdf48 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 09 (12)383 KB
Cadgers in the Canongate.pdf37 KB
Cauld Kail.pdf40 KB
Dalkeith's Strathspey.pdf26 KB
Madge Wildfire's Strathspey.pdf27 KB
Miss Clemy Stewart's Reel.pdf26 KB
Mrs Grant's Fancy.pdf28 KB
My Love She's But a Lassie Yet.pdf35 KB
The Birks of Abergeldie.pdf34 KB
The Braes of Busby.pdf32 KB
The Duchess of Atholl's Slipper.pdf26 KB
The Jimp Waist.pdf38 KB
The New Rigged Ship.pdf33 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 09 - revised Edition 2009 (12)587 KB
Cadgers in the Cannongate.pdf70 KB
Cauld Kail.pdf45 KB
Dalkeith's Strathspey.pdf47 KB
Madge Wildfire's Strathspey.pdf40 KB
Miss Clemy Stewart's Reel.pdf40 KB
Mrs Grant's Fancy.pdf39 KB
My Love She's But a Lassie Yet.pdf50 KB
The Birks of Abergeldie.pdf45 KB
The Braes of Busby.pdf42 KB
The Duchess of Atholl's Slipper.pdf51 KB
The Jimp Waist.pdf71 KB
The New Rigged Ship.pdf47 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 10 (12)374 KB
Crieff Fair.pdf25 KB
General Stuart's Reel.pdf33 KB
Isle of Skye.pdf30 KB
Lady Jean Murray's Rant.pdf32 KB
Maggie Lauder.pdf28 KB
Miss Mary Douglas.pdf34 KB
The Infare.pdf29 KB
The Lady's Breist Knot.pdf32 KB
The Montgomeries' Rant.pdf36 KB
The Scots Bonnet.pdf36 KB
The Shepherd's Crook.pdf27 KB
There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose.pdf32 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 10 - revised Edition 2009 (12)498 KB
Crieff Fair.pdf33 KB
General Stuart's Reel.pdf49 KB
Lady Jean Murray's Rant.pdf42 KB
Maggie Lauder.pdf29 KB
Miss Mary Douglas.pdf45 KB
The Infare.pdf38 KB
The Isle of Skye.pdf37 KB
The Lady's Briest Knot.pdf34 KB
The Montgomeries' Rant.pdf51 KB
The Scots Bonnet.pdf44 KB
The Shepherd's Crook.pdf48 KB
There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose.pdf47 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 11 (12)325 KB
Dainty Davie.pdf28 KB
Glasgow Flourish.pdf26 KB
Inch of Perth.pdf23 KB
Invercauld's Reel.pdf23 KB
Johnny McGill.pdf33 KB
Knit the Pocky.pdf26 KB
Miss Murray of Ochtertyre.pdf22 KB
Monymusk.pdf31 KB
Rakes of Glasgow.pdf23 KB
Sleepy Maggie.pdf22 KB
The Long Chase.pdf41 KB
The Moudiewort.pdf27 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 11 - revised Edition 2009 (12)488 KB
Dainty Davie.pdf40 KB
Glasgow Flourish.pdf36 KB
Inch of Perth.pdf40 KB
Invercauld's Reel.pdf33 KB
Johnny McGill.pdf45 KB
Knit the Pocky.pdf39 KB
Miss Murray of Ochtertyre.pdf41 KB
Monymusk.pdf46 KB
Rakes of Glasgow.pdf28 KB
Sleepy Maggie.pdf33 KB
The Long Chase.pdf69 KB
The Moudiewort.pdf38 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 12 (12)380 KB
Fiddle Faddle.pdf33 KB
Grant's Rant.pdf34 KB
Green Grow the Rashes.pdf38 KB
Jenny Dang the Weaver.pdf23 KB
Kiss Me Quick, My Mither's Coming.pdf37 KB
Sodger Laddie.pdf36 KB
The Black Dance.pdf26 KB
The Earl of Home.pdf33 KB
The Laird of Dumbiedykes' Favourite.pdf30 KB
The Machine Without Horses.pdf27 KB
The Reel of Glamis.pdf27 KB
The Yellow-Haired Laddie.pdf38 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 12 - revised Edition 2009 (11)482 KB
Fiddle Faddle.pdf54 KB
Grant's Rant.pdf36 KB
Green Grow the Rashes.pdf57 KB
Jenny Dang the Weaver.pdf33 KB
Sodger Laddie.pdf55 KB
The Black Dance.pdf35 KB
The Earl of Home.pdf40 KB
The Laird of Dumbiedyke's Favourite.pdf42 KB
The Machine without Horses.pdf35 KB
The Reel of Glamis.pdf37 KB
The Yellow-Haired Laddie.pdf58 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 13 (12)371 KB
A Kiss for Nothing.pdf29 KB
Barley Bree.pdf38 KB
Bridge of Nairn.pdf33 KB
Fly Not Yet.pdf27 KB
Ladies' Fancy.pdf26 KB
Miss Cahoon's Reel.pdf35 KB
Mrs Stewart's Strathspey.pdf31 KB
Strathglass House.pdf35 KB
The Duran Ranger.pdf26 KB
The Highland Reel.pdf30 KB
The Nether Bow Has Vanished.pdf26 KB
The Reel of the 51st Division.pdf35 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 13 - revised Edition 2010 (12)558 KB
A Kiss for Nothing.pdf42 KB
Barley Bree.pdf50 KB
Bridge of Nairn.pdf43 KB
Fly Not Yet.pdf44 KB
Ladies' Fancy.pdf39 KB
Miss Cahoon's Reel.pdf53 KB
Mrs Stewart's Strathspey.pdf47 KB
Strathglass House.pdf40 KB
The Duran Ranger.pdf39 KB
The Highland Reel.pdf36 KB
The Nether Bow has Vanished.pdf45 KB
The Reel of the 51st Division.pdf81 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 14 (12)393 KB
Grant's Reel.pdf26 KB
Jimmy's Fancy.pdf32 KB
Keep the Country Bonnie Lassie.pdf34 KB
Lamb Skinnet.pdf36 KB
Miss Nancy Frowns.pdf29 KB
Push About the Jorum.pdf36 KB
She's Ower Young to Marry Yet.pdf33 KB
The Bonniest Lass in All the World.pdf41 KB
The Crooket Horned Ewie.pdf36 KB
The Deil Amang the Tailors.pdf27 KB
What a Beau My Granny Was.pdf27 KB
Willie With His Tartan Trews.pdf36 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 14 - revised Edition 2010 (12)490 KB
Grant's Reel.pdf29 KB
Jimmy's Fancy.pdf33 KB
Keep the Country Bonnie Lassie.pdf44 KB
Lamb Skinnet.pdf42 KB
Miss Nancy Frowns.pdf37 KB
Push about the Jorum.pdf43 KB
She's Ower Young to Marry Yet.pdf43 KB
The Bonniest Lass in all the World.pdf49 KB
The Crooket-Horned Ewie.pdf45 KB
The Deil Amang the Tailors.pdf32 KB
What a Beau My Granny Was.pdf43 KB
Willie with His Tartan Trews.pdf51 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 15 (12)267 KB
Argyll's Bowling Green.pdf23 KB
Campbell's Frolic.pdf21 KB
I'll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon.pdf20 KB
Lochiel's Awa' To France.pdf21 KB
Lord Rosslyn's Fancy.pdf21 KB
Middling, Thank You.pdf21 KB
My Mother's Coiming In.pdf19 KB
The Camp of Pleasure.pdf21 KB
The Gates of Edinburgh.pdf25 KB
The Theeket Hoose.pdf25 KB
This is No' My Ain Hoose.pdf24 KB
Waverley.pdf25 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 15 - revised Edition 2010 (12)486 KB
Argyll's Bowling Green.pdf43 KB
Campbell's Frolic.pdf34 KB
I'll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon.pdf37 KB
Lochiel's Awa' to France.pdf32 KB
Lord Rosslyn's Fancy.pdf35 KB
Middling, Thank You.pdf32 KB
My Mother's Coming In.pdf37 KB
The Camp of Pleasure.pdf35 KB
The Gates of Edinburgh.pdf47 KB
The Theeket Hoose.pdf42 KB
This is no' My Ain Hoose.pdf45 KB
Waverley.pdf66 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 16 (12)412 KB
Ca' the Ewes Tae the Knowes.pdf36 KB
Fidget.pdf30 KB
Lady Harriet Hope's Reel.pdf42 KB
Lord Hume's Reel.pdf35 KB
Mr Wilson's Hornpipe.pdf35 KB
Straun Robertson's Reel.pdf34 KB
The Birks of Invermay.pdf35 KB
The Caledonian Rant.pdf39 KB
The Duke of Atholl's Reel.pdf37 KB
The Golden Pheasant.pdf31 KB
Todlen Hame.pdf27 KB
Woo'd and Married and A'.pdf33 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 16 - revised Edition 2010 (12)455 KB
Ca' the Ewes tae the Knowes.pdf33 KB
Fidget.pdf34 KB
Lady Harriet Hope's Reel.pdf41 KB
Lord Hume's Reel.pdf42 KB
Mr Wilson's Hornpipe.pdf40 KB
Struan Robertson's Reel.pdf43 KB
The Birks of Invermay.pdf36 KB
The Caledonian Rant.pdf51 KB
The Duke of Atholl's Reel.pdf34 KB
The Golden Pheasant.pdf35 KB
Todlen Hame.pdf30 KB
Woo'd and Married and a'.pdf37 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 17 (12)383 KB
A Trip to Aberdeen.pdf30 KB
Bob Sanders.pdf38 KB
Bonnie Kate of Aberdeen.pdf26 KB
Captain MacBean's Reel.pdf29 KB
Donald Bane.pdf32 KB
Keppoch's Rant.pdf34 KB
Lucy Campbell.pdf32 KB
Miss Heyden.pdf31 KB
Perthshire Highlanders.pdf27 KB
The Countess of Crawford's Reel.pdf32 KB
The Gentle Shepherd.pdf32 KB
Twenty First of September.pdf39 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 17 - revised Edition 2010 (12)511 KB
A Trip to Aberdeen.pdf39 KB
Bob Sanders.pdf51 KB
Bonnie Kate of Aberdeen.pdf33 KB
Captain MacBean's Reel.pdf36 KB
Donald Bane.pdf38 KB
Keppoch's Rant.pdf37 KB
Lucy Campbell.pdf49 KB
Miss Heyden.pdf48 KB
Perthshire Highlanders.pdf39 KB
The Countess of Crawford's Reel.pdf36 KB
The Gentle Shepherd.pdf51 KB
Twenty-first of September.pdf54 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 18 (12)420 KB
Johnny Groat's House.pdf31 KB
Lady Auckland's Reel.pdf24 KB
Lady Baird's Reel.pdf39 KB
Lady Louisa MacDonald Strathspey.pdf31 KB
Leith Country Dance.pdf32 KB
Longwise Eightsome Reel.pdf41 KB
Maxwell's Rant.pdf34 KB
Off She Goes In the North.pdf34 KB
Prince of Wales.pdf36 KB
The Axum Reel.pdf41 KB
The Lassies of Dunse.pdf35 KB
The Sutters of Selkirk.pdf41 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 18 - revised Edition 2010 (12)498 KB
Johnny Groat's House.pdf35 KB
Lady Auckland's Reel.pdf32 KB
Lady Baird's Reel.pdf39 KB
Lady Louisa MacDonald's Strathspey.pdf45 KB
Leith Country Dance.pdf36 KB
Longwise Eightsome Reel.pdf50 KB
Maxwell's Rant.pdf35 KB
Off She Goes in the North.pdf34 KB
Prince of Wales.pdf54 KB
The Axum Reel.pdf57 KB
The Lassies of Dunse.pdf40 KB
The Sutters of Selkirk.pdf40 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 19 (12)1.499 KB
A Trip to Holland.pdf151 KB
Admiral Nelson.pdf82 KB
Just As I Was In The Morning..pdf165 KB
Lochiel's Rant.pdf43 KB
New Park.pdf138 KB
None So Pretty.pdf102 KB
The Alewife and Her Barrel.pdf201 KB
The Rakish Highlandman.pdf172 KB
The Sandal.pdf137 KB
The Widows.pdf94 KB
Tweedside.pdf182 KB
Two and Two.pdf32 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 19 - revised Edition 2012 (12)520 KB
A Trip to Holland.pdf37 KB
Admiral Nelson.pdf36 KB
Just as I was in the Morning.pdf43 KB
Lochiel's Rant.pdf42 KB
New Park.pdf28 KB
None so Pretty.pdf44 KB
The Alewife and her Barrel.pdf36 KB
The Rakish Highlandman.pdf66 KB
The Sandal.pdf62 KB
The Widows.pdf32 KB
Tweedside.pdf39 KB
Two and Two.pdf56 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 20 (12)429 KB
Captain McBride's Hornpipe.pdf48 KB
Miss Bennet's Jig.pdf41 KB
Miss Burns's Reel.pdf38 KB
Miss Devon's Reel.pdf46 KB
Miss Jessie Dalrymple's Reel.pdf31 KB
Miss Ogilvie's Fancy.pdf30 KB
Quiet and Snug.pdf28 KB
The College Hornpipe.pdf30 KB
The Drummer.pdf30 KB
The Express.pdf34 KB
Up in the Air.pdf43 KB
Village Reel.pdf29 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 20 - revised Edition 2012 (12)530 KB
Captain McBride's Hornpipe.pdf34 KB
Miss Bennet's Jig.pdf38 KB
Miss Burns's Reel.pdf27 KB
Miss Devon's Reel.pdf78 KB
Miss Jessie Dalrymple's Reel.pdf25 KB
Miss Ogilvie's Fancy.pdf51 KB
Quiet and Snug.pdf62 KB
The College Hornpipe.pdf29 KB
The Drummer.pdf71 KB
The Express.pdf56 KB
Up in the Air.pdf32 KB
Village Reel.pdf27 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 21 (12)357 KB
An' Thou Wert My Only Dear.pdf26 KB
Kingussie Flower.pdf24 KB
Loch Leven Castle.pdf24 KB
Muirland Willie.pdf37 KB
My Only Jo and Dearier, O.pdf20 KB
The Braes of Breadalbane.pdf35 KB
The Buchan Eightsome Reel.pdf39 KB
The Lea Rig.pdf26 KB
The Maid of the Mill.pdf47 KB
The Marchioness of Blandford's Reel.pdf22 KB
The Stoorie Miller.pdf26 KB
Within A Mile O' Edinburgh Toon.pdf31 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 21 - revised Edition 2012 (12)546 KB
An' Thou Wert My Only Dear.pdf44 KB
Kingussie Flower.pdf75 KB
Loch Leven Castle.pdf30 KB
Muirland Willie.pdf40 KB
My only Jo and Dearie, O.pdf34 KB
The Braes of Breadalbane.pdf33 KB
The Buchan Eightsome Reel.pdf83 KB
The Lea Rig.pdf28 KB
The Maid of the Mill.pdf44 KB
The Marchioness of Blandford's Reel.pdf70 KB
The Stoorie Miller.pdf32 KB
Within a Mile of Edinburgh Toon.pdf33 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 22 (14)566 KB
Alyth Burn.pdf41 KB
Balmoral Strathspey.pdf35 KB
Holyrood House.pdf54 KB
Minard Castle.pdf40 KB
Miss Janet Laing's Strathspey.pdf52 KB
Neidpath Castle.pdf37 KB
Neidpath Castle 3x32 Strathspey in a 4C set.docx11 KB
Neidpath Castle 3x32 Strathspey in a 4C set.pdf35 KB
Peggy's Wedding.pdf43 KB
The Hamilton Rant.pdf43 KB
The Laird of Milton's Daughter.pdf39 KB
The Last of the Lairds.pdf45 KB
The Middleton Medley.pdf50 KB
The Reel of Mey.pdf40 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 22 - revised Edition 2012 (12)600 KB
Alyth Burn.pdf40 KB
Balmoral Strathspey.pdf34 KB
Holyrood House.pdf62 KB
Minard Castle.pdf33 KB
Miss Janet Laing's Strathspey.pdf83 KB
Neidpath Castle.pdf33 KB
Peggy's Wedding.pdf86 KB
The Hamilton Rant.pdf76 KB
The Laird of Milton's Daughter.pdf25 KB
The Last of the Lairds.pdf50 KB
The Middleton Medley.pdf40 KB
The Reel of Mey.pdf38 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 23 (12)471 KB
Alltshellach.pdf39 KB
Glasgow Country Dance.pdf42 KB
Let's Meet Again.pdf34 KB
Miss Hadden's Reel.pdf30 KB
Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw.pdf41 KB
Rudha Dubh.pdf28 KB
The Auld Alliance.pdf46 KB
The Dean Bridge of Edinburgh.pdf51 KB
The Glens of Angus.pdf48 KB
The Reivers.pdf34 KB
The Starry Eyed Lassie.pdf35 KB
The Swilcan.pdf42 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 23 - revised Edition 2012 (12)645 KB
Alltshellach.pdf64 KB
Glasgow Country Dance.pdf139 KB
Let's Meet Again.pdf50 KB
Miss Hadden's Reel.pdf29 KB
Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw.pdf39 KB
Rudha Dubh.pdf35 KB
The Auld Alliance.pdf92 KB
The Dean Bridge of Edinburgh.pdf44 KB
The Glens of Angus.pdf40 KB
The Reivers.pdf35 KB
The Starry Eyed Lassie.pdf32 KB
The Swilcan.pdf45 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 24 (12)650 KB
Adieu Mon Ami.pdf55 KB
Balquidder Strathspey.pdf56 KB
I Canna Buckle to.pdf54 KB
Oh, Whistle and I'll Come Tae Ye, My Lad.pdf56 KB
Saint Andrew's Day.pdf62 KB
The Campbells are Coming.pdf52 KB
The Duke He Was a Bonnie Beau.pdf48 KB
The Hollin Buss.pdf46 KB
The Mairrit Man's Favourite.pdf52 KB
The Sailor.pdf58 KB
The Scotch Circle.pdf54 KB
The Wild Geese.pdf58 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 24 - revised Edition 2012 (12)528 KB
Adieu Mon Ami.pdf28 KB
Balquidder Strathspey.pdf70 KB
I Canna Buckle to.pdf34 KB
Oh, Whistle and I'll Come Tae ye, My Lad.pdf31 KB
Saint Andrew's Day.pdf75 KB
The Campbells are Coming.pdf29 KB
The Duke he was a Bonnie Beau.pdf66 KB
The Hollin Buss.pdf31 KB
The Mairrit Man's Favourite.pdf35 KB
The Sailor.pdf40 KB
The Scotch Circle.pdf58 KB
The Wild Geese.pdf31 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 25 (12)566 KB
Haste to the Wedding.pdf50 KB
Lady of the Lake.pdf48 KB
Miss Brown's Reel.pdf41 KB
Miss Dumbreck.pdf54 KB
Miss Isabella McLeod.pdf45 KB
Saw Ye My Wee Thing.pdf46 KB
The Braes of Mellinish.pdf52 KB
The Bramble Bush.pdf53 KB
The Chapman.pdf39 KB
The Deacon of the Weavers.pdf48 KB
The Fete.pdf44 KB
The Three Bonnie Maidens.pdf46 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 26 (12)554 KB
A Mile to Ride.pdf43 KB
Airdrie Lassies.pdf64 KB
Fairly Shot o' Her.pdf43 KB
Lady Mary Cochrane's Reel.pdf45 KB
Lady Maxwell's Reel.pdf28 KB
Lord Elgin's Reel.pdf45 KB
Old Nick's Lumber Room.pdf56 KB
Rob Roy MacGregor.pdf41 KB
Sugar Candie.pdf50 KB
The Frisky.pdf39 KB
The Ladies of Dunse.pdf57 KB
The New Waterloo Reel.pdf43 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 27 (12)577 KB
Auld Lang Syne.pdf54 KB
Burns' Hornpipe.pdf48 KB
Duchess of York.pdf58 KB
La Flora.pdf55 KB
Miss Murray of Lintrose.pdf48 KB
Miss Neillie Wemyss.pdf46 KB
Nineteenth of December.pdf46 KB
Round Reel of Eight.pdf39 KB
Sally's Fancy.pdf48 KB
Seann Truibhas Willichan.pdf52 KB
Tayport Beauty.pdf51 KB
The Reel of Five.pdf31 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 28 (12)543 KB
A Trip O'er The Tweed.pdf55 KB
Bonnie Lass.pdf39 KB
Euan's Jig.pdf46 KB
Mairi's Fancy.pdf40 KB
Miss Shaftesbury's Fancy.pdf33 KB
Mrs Hill's Delight.pdf58 KB
Not I.pdf51 KB
Pretty Polly.pdf35 KB
The Cumbrae Reel.pdf48 KB
The New Petronella.pdf40 KB
The Star.pdf50 KB
Two To One.pdf48 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 29 (10)475 KB
Braw Sir John.pdf52 KB
Fair Donald.pdf48 KB
Land O' Cakes.pdf51 KB
Lord Kilmory's Delight.pdf48 KB
Ross Meor.pdf49 KB
The Charmer.pdf44 KB
The Crossing.pdf50 KB
The Happy Meeting.pdf38 KB
The Sutherland Reel.pdf44 KB
Well Done Jack.pdf50 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 30 (8)390 KB
A Man's A Man For A' That.pdf46 KB
Collichur.pdf59 KB
Hame Came Our Gudeman.pdf33 KB
Short and Sweet.pdf49 KB
The Bawk.pdf60 KB
The Cadies Lady.pdf43 KB
The Guidman of Balangigh.pdf48 KB
The Highland Lass.pdf50 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 31 (8)315 KB
Autumn in Appin.pdf69 KB
Clutha.pdf44 KB
Cromartic's Rant.pdf25 KB
Margaret Parker's Strathspey.pdf39 KB
Polka Country Dance.pdf39 KB
Scotland.pdf28 KB
Sir Murdoch MacDonald's Strathspey.pdf33 KB
The Diamond Jubilee.pdf39 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 32 (8)393 KB
A Trip to the Netherlands.pdf35 KB
Farewell to Crumlin.pdf46 KB
Genevieve's Jig.pdf58 KB
Johnnie's Welcome Hame.pdf58 KB
Miss Nancy Arnott.pdf55 KB
Oriel Strathspey.pdf51 KB
The Clansman.pdf40 KB
The Lanes of Au.pdf50 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 33 (8)307 KB
Bedrule.pdf31 KB
It's Just for Fun.pdf43 KB
John of Bon Accord.pdf36 KB
MacLeod's Fancy.pdf51 KB
Milton's Welcome.pdf32 KB
Stuttgart Strathspey.pdf29 KB
The Golden Wedding Strathspey.pdf49 KB
The Music Makars.pdf36 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 34 (8)305 KB
C'est L'amour.pdf50 KB
Couteraller's Rant.pdf37 KB
Glasgow Lasses.pdf39 KB
New Scotia Quadrille.pdf37 KB
Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky.pdf44 KB
Open the Door to Three.pdf36 KB
Over the Water to Charlie (New Way).pdf29 KB
Royal Albert Country Dance.pdf32 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 35 (8)315 KB
Argyll Strathspey.pdf31 KB
Inverneill House.pdf39 KB
Major Ian Stewart.pdf39 KB
Miss Stewart's Jig.pdf28 KB
St Andrews Gardens.pdf39 KB
The Gentleman.pdf44 KB
The Summer Assembly.pdf43 KB
The Trysting Place.pdf51 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 36 (8)326 KB
Anniversary Reel.pdf37 KB
Gang the Same Gate.pdf53 KB
Portnacraig.pdf32 KB
Quarries' Jig.pdf40 KB
The Argyll Ludging.pdf45 KB
The Gilly Flower.pdf40 KB
The Road to Mallaig.pdf40 KB
The Whistling Wind.pdf40 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 37 (8)356 KB
Bonnie Ina Campbell.pdf43 KB
Gothenburg's Welcome.pdf52 KB
Moment of Truth.pdf36 KB
St Andrew's of Brampton.pdf53 KB
The Nurseryman.pdf46 KB
The Queen City Salute.pdf47 KB
The Reverend John MacFarlane.pdf40 KB
Wisp of Thistle.pdf37 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 38 (8)304 KB
A Trip to the Drakensburg.pdf32 KB
Back to the Fireside.pdf39 KB
Follow Me Home.pdf42 KB
Miss Florence Adams.pdf51 KB
Mr Robert H MacKay.pdf32 KB
My Friend Joe.pdf37 KB
Peggy Dewar.pdf41 KB
Summer Wooing.pdf30 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 39 (9)508 KB
Cape Town Wedding.pdf44 KB
Joie de Vivre.pdf32 KB
Le Moulin Rouge.pdf69 KB
Prince Charles of Edinburgh.pdf117 KB
Swiss Lassie.pdf39 KB
The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.pdf53 KB
The Immigrant Lass.pdf36 KB
The New Virginia Reel.pdf64 KB
The Robertson Rant.pdf56 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 40 (10)295 KB
12 Coates Crescent.pdf25 KB
A Reel for Jeannie.pdf28 KB
Airyhall Delight.pdf23 KB
Cutty Sark.pdf26 KB
EH3 7AF.pdf35 KB
Forth Bridge Jig.pdf30 KB
Nice to See You.pdf28 KB
Rabbie's Reel.pdf23 KB
Simon's Dance.pdf48 KB
The Royal Deeside Railway.pdf29 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 41 (10)408 KB
Connie's Jig.pdf36 KB
Culla Bay.pdf42 KB
Peggy's Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Pelorus Jack.pdf54 KB
S-Locomotion.pdf40 KB
The Blackwater Reel.pdf42 KB
The Dancers' Wedding.pdf43 KB
The Milltimber Jig.pdf27 KB
The Music Will Tell You.pdf31 KB
The Roselath Cross.pdf49 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 42 (10)373 KB
Anna Holden's Strathspey.pdf45 KB
Dancing in the Street.pdf29 KB
David Russell Hall.pdf27 KB
Hall Change.pdf37 KB
James Gray.pdf39 KB
James Senior of St Andrews.pdf42 KB
May Yarker's Strathspey.pdf41 KB
Mr Iain Stuart Robertson.pdf43 KB
The Chequered Court.pdf37 KB
Ways in New Hall.pdf34 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 43 (10)521 KB
A Castle in the Air.pdf35 KB
Bea's Delight.pdf35 KB
Fifty Years On.pdf43 KB
Noah's Ark.pdf41 KB
Strathmore.pdf39 KB
The Argyll Square.pdf86 KB
The Celebration Strathspey.pdf49 KB
The Corian Strathspey.pdf46 KB
The Queen's Quadrille.pdf105 KB
The Royal Yacht Britannia.pdf41 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 44 (10)424 KB
Crathes Castle.pdf47 KB
Festival Fling.pdf38 KB
Hand in Hand.pdf52 KB
Knotwork.pdf39 KB
Starlight.pdf37 KB
The 51st Travellers.pdf39 KB
The Cocket Hat.pdf43 KB
The Silver Strathspey.pdf40 KB
The Silver Thistle.pdf50 KB
The Wishing Well.pdf39 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 45 (10)425 KB
Alan J Smith.pdf30 KB
Catch the Wind.pdf39 KB
Double Eighty.pdf31 KB
Dream Catcher.pdf66 KB
Napier's Index.pdf40 KB
Preston Mill.pdf45 KB
Sands of Morar.pdf52 KB
The Fairbridge Reel.pdf58 KB
The Saltire Strathspey.pdf36 KB
The Westminster Reel.pdf28 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 46 (13)513 KB
Barbara's Strathspey.pdf38 KB
Best Set in the Hall.pdf37 KB
Christine M Phillips.pdf36 KB
High Society.pdf36 KB
Links with St Petersburg.pdf36 KB
Peggy Spouse MBE.pdf45 KB
Scott Meikle.pdf40 KB
The Bonnie Tree.pdf39 KB
The Flower of Glasgow.pdf36 KB
The Gardeners' Fantasia.pdf37 KB
The Missing Turn.pdf37 KB
The President's Quadrille.pdf58 KB
The Zoologist.pdf37 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 47 (12)713 KB
Aging Gracefullly.pdf36 KB
Bill Clement MBE.pdf36 KB
Flight to Melbourne.pdf41 KB
Glastonbury Tor.pdf43 KB
It Wisnae Me.pdf50 KB
Linnea's Strathspey.pdf46 KB
Memories of Mary Ann.pdf40 KB
The Kissing Bridge.pdf28 KB
The Mentor.pdf123 KB
The One o'Clock Canon.pdf166 KB
Vintage Simon.pdf61 KB
Welcome to Ayr.pdf43 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 48 (15)659 KB
A Summer Meeting.pdf43 KB
City of Belfast.pdf30 KB
Farewell to Helensburgh.pdf41 KB
Lady in Red.pdf41 KB
MacLeod's Wedding.pdf87 KB
Monica's Way.pdf53 KB
Newburgh Jig.pdf33 KB
Rougemont Castle.pdf53 KB
Rye Twist.pdf53 KB
Sunshine and Sweetie's Jig.pdf37 KB
The Festival Man.pdf39 KB
The Fireworks Reel.pdf44 KB
The Golden Years.pdf30 KB
The Rutland Reel.pdf35 KB
The Tri-Mariner.pdf38 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 49 (15)656 KB
2015 TAC Notes on Book 49.pdf51 KB
Book 49 Notes.pdf33 KB
Book 49 Pillings.pdf121 KB
Flora's Fancy.pdf31 KB
John Cass.pdf37 KB
MacDonald of Keppoch.pdf38 KB
Midsummer Common.pdf30 KB
Miss Eleanor.pdf24 KB
Neil M Grant.pdf29 KB
Orpington Caledonians.pdf31 KB
Round and Roundabout (Rundumadum).pdf43 KB
The Countess of Dunmore's Reel.pdf31 KB
The First Rain of Spring.pdf44 KB
The Library of Birmingham.pdf73 KB
The Ruby Rant.pdf40 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book 50 (12)502 KB
192 Miles Home.pdf47 KB
A Trip to Applecross.pdf42 KB
Dancing Spirit.pdf42 KB
Double Trouble Triangles.pdf93 KB
La Baratte your Way Home.pdf46 KB
Les Remparts de Seville.pdf31 KB
Mathilde is a Delight.pdf34 KB
Shadow.pdf33 KB
The Doonhamer Delight.pdf34 KB
The Spring Fling Reel.pdf40 KB
The Wandering Wallaby.pdf28 KB
There's Something about Thirty.pdf32 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Book of Graded SCDs for Children and Beginners (24)1.183 KB
Argyll's Fancy.pdf60 KB
Berwick Johnnie.pdf54 KB
Davy's Locker.pdf43 KB
Duff's House.pdf59 KB
Galloway House.pdf42 KB
Kendall's Hornpipe.pdf45 KB
Kitty Campbell's Reel.pdf55 KB
Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel.pdf46 KB
Leap Year.pdf37 KB
Miss Betty Boyle.pdf54 KB
Miss Flora's Favourite.pdf55 KB
Miss Welsh's Reel.pdf53 KB
Mr Watson's Favourite.pdf51 KB
Mrs Cholmondeley's Reel.pdf51 KB
Mrs. Stewart Sinton's Reel.pdf41 KB
Regent's Favourite.pdf54 KB
Tarry a While.pdf42 KB
The Highland Fair.pdf45 KB
The Honeymoon.pdf50 KB
The Isle.pdf56 KB
The Merry Reaper.pdf42 KB
The Moray Reel.pdf49 KB
Watson's Reel.pdf43 KB
Wedderburn's Reel.pdf57 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Five Dances 2009 (5)143 KB
A Capital Jig.pdf17 KB
Fourty-Five Years On.pdf33 KB
The Grassmarket Reel.pdf28 KB
The Homecoming Dance.pdf35 KB
The Valentine.pdf30 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Five SCDs 1982 (5)204 KB
Haig of Bemersyde.pdf28 KB
Joe MacDiarmid's Jig.pdf44 KB
St Andrew's Fair.pdf52 KB
Sunday Morning.pdf47 KB
The Royal Wedding.pdf32 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Five Traditional SCDs for 1965 (5)144 KB
Haymaking.pdf27 KB
Mrs Garthland's Strathspey.pdf22 KB
The Fyket.pdf34 KB
The Sow's Tail.pdf35 KB
West's Hornpipe.pdf26 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Four Dances 2008 (4)197 KB
A Trip to Lorient.pdf59 KB
Festival Interceltique.pdf25 KB
Sueno's Stone.pdf33 KB
The Minister on the Loch.pdf81 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Four SCDs 1978 (4)163 KB
Cuillins of Skye.pdf32 KB
Fife Ness.pdf38 KB
Her Majesty is Welcome.pdf37 KB
Staffin Harvest.pdf56 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Kandahar Reel (2)133 KB
The Kandahar Reel.pdf43 KB
The Kandahar Reel - Original Version.pdf90 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Leaflet 32 (4)132 KB
Broadford Bay.pdf30 KB
Georgie's Jig.pdf34 KB
Mrs Milne of Kinneff.pdf36 KB
The Kelloholm Jig.pdf31 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Leaflet 33 (5)172 KB
Lady Susan Montgomery.pdf30 KB
New Biggin.pdf35 KB
The Colonel.pdf38 KB
The Old Way of Killiecrankie.pdf33 KB
The Periwig.pdf36 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Miss Milligan's Miscellany (77)2.203 KB
Abernethy Lassies.pdf31 KB
Anderson's Rant.pdf24 KB
Bonnie Geordie's Wig.pdf25 KB
Bonnie Kitty.pdf30 KB
Brechin Fancy.pdf30 KB
Brechin Lassies.pdf28 KB
Caledonian Country Dance.pdf28 KB
Captain Mackintosh.pdf32 KB
Captain White.pdf26 KB
Charles Stuart.pdf28 KB
Clydeside Lassies.pdf23 KB
Downie's Humour.pdf26 KB
Duke of Roxburgh's Reel.pdf32 KB
Edinburgh Jigs.pdf32 KB
Espie McNabb.pdf28 KB
Frog In The Middle.pdf29 KB
Glasgow Regatta.pdf27 KB
Gramachie.pdf25 KB
Ha Ha The Wooin' o' It.pdf25 KB
Happy Returns.pdf26 KB
High Road to Wigton.pdf28 KB
Hooper's Jig.pdf31 KB
Inveraray.pdf28 KB
Kelso Races.pdf25 KB
Kiss Under the Stairs.pdf30 KB
La Russe.pdf35 KB
Lady C Bruce's Reel.pdf26 KB
Lady Charlotte Bruce.pdf27 KB
Lady Dumbries.pdf26 KB
Lady Glasgow.pdf25 KB
Lady Home's Jig.pdf27 KB
Lady Lucy Ramsay.pdf28 KB
Lady Susan Stewart's Starthspey.pdf26 KB
Largo Law.pdf27 KB
Lass o' Loudon.pdf29 KB
Long Live the Queen.pdf31 KB
Lord Eglinton's Reel.pdf29 KB
McLachlan's Reel.pdf26 KB
Miss Betty Boyle's Reel.pdf31 KB
Miss Chirsty Stewart.pdf31 KB
Miss Corbett's Strathspey.pdf34 KB
Miss Margaret Hill.pdf29 KB
Newington Assembly.pdf28 KB
Odd Thoughts.pdf26 KB
Prince Edward.pdf30 KB
Quadrille Country Dance.pdf26 KB
Queen Victoria.pdf31 KB
Rosnor Abbey.pdf25 KB
Ruffian's Rant.pdf27 KB
Sandy o'er the Lea.pdf29 KB
Shoulder to Shoulder.pdf29 KB
The Banks of Allen.pdf35 KB
The Banks of Clyde.pdf30 KB
The Blithest Lass That Ever Was Seen.pdf35 KB
The Bonnie Links.pdf29 KB
The British Grenadiers.pdf27 KB
The Carl Cam' Ower the Croft.pdf28 KB
The Countess of Lauderdale's Reel.pdf35 KB
The Countess of Sutherland's Reel.pdf28 KB
The Fife Hunt.pdf28 KB
The Gathering.pdf28 KB
The Highlandman Kissed His Mother.pdf27 KB
The Honey Moon.pdf28 KB
The Inverness Reel.pdf33 KB
The Ladies of Dingwall.pdf38 KB
The Lads of Salcoats.pdf25 KB
The Marquis of Lorne.pdf26 KB
The Merry Oddfellows.pdf26 KB
The Monifieth Star.pdf34 KB
The Munro Rant.pdf25 KB
The New Highland Laddie.pdf32 KB
The New Town of Edinburgh.pdf28 KB
The Royal Visit.pdf27 KB
The Seagull.pdf35 KB
The Thistle.pdf26 KB
What You Please.pdf26 KB
Willie's Rare and Willie's Fair.pdf29 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Prescribed Dances - Teaching Cert Unit 2 no music (12)226 KB
Alltshellach.pdf17 KB
Duke of Perth.pdf19 KB
General Stuart's Reel.pdf20 KB
Miss Gibson's Strathspey.pdf20 KB
Miss Hadden's Reel.pdf17 KB
Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw.pdf19 KB
Mrs Stewart's Jig.pdf17 KB
The Gates of Edinburgh.pdf24 KB
The Starry Eyed Lassie.pdf19 KB
The Westminster Reel.pdf18 KB
Village Reel.pdf19 KB
Woo'd and Married and a'.pdf18 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\RSCDS Leaflet Dances 2001 (31)13.681 KB
A Trip to Glasgow.pdf51 KB
Broadford Bay.pdf422 KB
Drumtochty Glen.pdf453 KB
Frae A' The Airts.pdf71 KB
Fraser's Favourite.pdf488 KB
From Scotia's Shores We're Noo Awa'.pdf392 KB
Frost and Snow.pdf356 KB
Georgie's Jig.pdf446 KB
Lady Susan Montgomery.pdf410 KB
Leandor's Jig.pdf556 KB
Miss Allie Anderson.pdf396 KB
Miss Catherine Allan.pdf498 KB
Miss Gibson's Strathspey.pdf374 KB
Miss Milligan's Strathspey.pdf465 KB
Mrs Milne of Kinneff.pdf476 KB
Mrs Stewart of Fasnacloich.pdf514 KB
My Spouse Nancy.pdf486 KB
New Biggin.pdf491 KB
Queen Victoria's Visit Quadrilles.pdf917 KB
The Colonel.pdf511 KB
The Earl of Mansfield.pdf594 KB
The Jubilee Jig.pdf379 KB
The Kelloholm Jig.pdf360 KB
The McCulloch Strathspey.pdf501 KB
The Old Way of Killiecrankie.pdf425 KB
The Periwig.pdf480 KB
The Reel of the Royal Scots.pdf425 KB
The Saltire Society Reel.pdf563 KB
The Sauchie Haugh.pdf337 KB
The Silver Tassie.pdf419 KB
Tribute to the Borders.pdf424 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Scotia Suite of Scottish Country Dances (7)536 KB
Antarctica Bound.pdf62 KB
Bruce's Men.pdf74 KB
Coats Land.pdf108 KB
Scotia Sea.pdf85 KB
Speirs Bruce, The Pole Star.pdf51 KB
The Ice Cap.pdf62 KB
The Piper and the Penguin.pdf94 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Scottish Country Dances for Children (10)1.323 KB
A Jig for Mrs Dunn.pdf33 KB
Come Under My Plaidie.pdf27 KB
Le Papillon.pdf42 KB
Miss Falconer's Fancy.pdf46 KB
The Braes of Balluder.pdf40 KB
The Dhoon.pdf29 KB
The Edinburgh Castle Reel.pdf44 KB
The Maids of Currie.pdf45 KB
The Misses Cramb of Linlithgow.pdf38 KB
The Old Man of Storr.pdf43 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Scottish Country Dances for Children\Scottish Dance - MacNab Vol I (13)936 KB
Because He Was a Bonnie Lad.pdf57 KB
Hebridean Weaving Lilt.pdf78 KB
Kelvingrove.pdf70 KB
Lamont of Inveryne.pdf112 KB
MacDonald of Sleat.pdf88 KB
MacLeod of Harris.pdf71 KB
McLaine of Lochbuie.pdf55 KB
McNichol of the Black Isle.pdf47 KB
Miss Fiona MacRae of Conchra.pdf74 KB
St Andrew's Nicht.pdf78 KB
The Braes of Balquhidder.pdf69 KB
The Earl of Errol's Reel.pdf76 KB
The Shepherd's Crook.pdf59 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Scottish Dance - MacNab Vol II (14)798 KB
Bonnie Anne.pdf53 KB
Brig O' Doon.pdf55 KB
Jeannie O' The Witchin' E'E.pdf36 KB
Laird O' Dochart's Reel.pdf59 KB
Lochanside.pdf48 KB
MacLeod of Dunvegan.pdf78 KB
McNeil of Barra.pdf47 KB
Over the Dee and Over the Don.pdf59 KB
Rothesay at the Fair.pdf62 KB
Rouken Glen.pdf62 KB
St Andrew's Cross.pdf56 KB
The Black Mill (Moulin Dhu).pdf72 KB
The Lerwick Reel.pdf56 KB
The Royal Salute.pdf57 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Second Book of Graded SCDs (24)874 KB
Another Woodland Wander.pdf32 KB
Charlestown Chaser.pdf38 KB
Domino Five.pdf40 KB
Easy Peasy.pdf33 KB
Golden Bracken.pdf32 KB
Granville Market.pdf39 KB
Hedwig's Reel.pdf31 KB
It's All Right.pdf29 KB
It's Nae Bother.pdf35 KB
Jig to the Music.pdf39 KB
Longfield Reel.pdf34 KB
Mary Erskine.pdf39 KB
Mr Michael Bear's Reel.pdf30 KB
Red Nose Jig.pdf41 KB
The Barmkin.pdf43 KB
The Brudenell Jig.pdf31 KB
The Dancing Man.pdf40 KB
The Glenrothes.pdf45 KB
The Hyperactive Reel.pdf37 KB
The Lass of Richmond Hill.pdf32 KB
The Loch Ness Monster.pdf38 KB
The Provost Wynd.pdf33 KB
The Waratah Weaver.pdf36 KB
The Weathercock.pdf48 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\The Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (6)228 KB
Burnaby at Forty.pdf51 KB
Mist o'er the Loch.pdf40 KB
Orwell Lodge Strathspey.pdf32 KB
Rodney's Rant.pdf32 KB
The Castle of Mey.pdf33 KB
The Royal Patron.pdf39 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\The Imperial Book of SCD Vol 1-3 (46)1.979 KB
Aird of Coigach.pdf51 KB
Alison Rose.pdf39 KB
Bonnyton Woodie.pdf36 KB
Brig o'Bogendreep.pdf38 KB
Cargill's Leap.pdf43 KB
Castle Brae.pdf39 KB
Duncan's Jig.pdf54 KB
Follow my Love.pdf64 KB
Four of Diamonds.pdf47 KB
Gadie Reel.pdf29 KB
Inverane Rant.pdf38 KB
Jack o'Carron.pdf55 KB
Kith and Kin.pdf38 KB
Lady Mary Douglas.pdf41 KB
Linn of Dee Medley.pdf36 KB
Loch Ness Monster (Note).pdf59 KB
Lowern Fair.pdf41 KB
Merry Meg's Strathspey.pdf47 KB
Miss Nicholl's Reel.pdf43 KB
Moonrakers.pdf56 KB
Mrs Stuart Linnell.pdf55 KB
O'er the Forth to Fife.pdf39 KB
Road to Tomintoul.pdf34 KB
Scotch on the Rocks.pdf42 KB
Silver Penny.pdf45 KB
Simon Bruce.pdf59 KB
St Andrew's Double Foursome.pdf50 KB
The Blacksmith of Elgin.pdf42 KB
The Caledonian Strathspey.pdf37 KB
The Caryl's Jig.pdf53 KB
The Changing of the Guard.pdf34 KB
The Fair Isle Stacs.pdf36 KB
The Forth Bridge.pdf36 KB
The Longhope Strathspey.pdf39 KB
The Mill of Haldane.pdf42 KB
The Pretender.pdf38 KB
The Road to Rothesay.pdf40 KB
The Strathgade Reel.pdf45 KB
The Travelling Tinker.pdf43 KB
The Trysting Place (Skyte Neuk).pdf44 KB
The Twa Corbies.pdf36 KB
The Wee Croft.pdf42 KB
Thistle Down Reel.pdf39 KB
Tiptoe and sway.pdf33 KB
Tiptoe Jig.pdf40 KB
Whigmaleeries.pdf43 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Thirty Popular Scottish Country Dances (30)803 KB
Corn Rigs.pdf27 KB
Dalkeith's Strathspey.pdf24 KB
Duke of Perth.pdf32 KB
Flowers of Edinburgh.pdf30 KB
Hamilton House.pdf30 KB
Ladies' Fancy.pdf23 KB
Lady Auckland's Reel.pdf22 KB
Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel.pdf28 KB
Lamb Skinnet.pdf29 KB
Linton Ploughman.pdf16 KB
Maxwell's Rant.pdf30 KB
Monymusk.pdf29 KB
Mrs MacLeod.pdf20 KB
Petronella.pdf31 KB
Rakes of Glasgow.pdf22 KB
Round Reel of Eight.pdf34 KB
Scottish Reform .pdf31 KB
Seann Triubhas Willichan.pdf26 KB
St Andrew's Fair.pdf26 KB
Sugar Candie.pdf31 KB
The Birks of Invermay.pdf24 KB
The Braes of Breadalbane.pdf29 KB
The De'il Amang the Tailors.pdf21 KB
The Duke of Atholl's Reel.pdf25 KB
The Frisky.pdf22 KB
The Machine Without Hourses.pdf28 KB
The Montgomeries' Rant.pdf31 KB
The Reel of the 51st Division.pdf31 KB
The Scotch Circle.pdf22 KB
The Wild Geese.pdf30 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Three Dances 2006 (3)101 KB
Jean Martin of Aberdeen.pdf35 KB
The Craven Jig.pdf36 KB
The Inimitable Derek.pdf29 KB
\Collections\RSCDS Books\Three Dances by Hugh Foss (3)105 KB
Fugal Fergus.pdf41 KB
John McAlpin.pdf28 KB
Polharrow Burn.pdf37 KB
\Single Dances (883)105.361 KB
35th Thistle.pdf38 KB
8103.pdf154 KB
A Book of Verse.pdf616 KB
A Candle for Mary.pdf60 KB
A Close Circle of Friends.pdf55 KB
A Concord Wedding Strathspey.pdf18 KB
A Dance for Polly's Wedding.pdf82 KB
A Dance for Susie.pdf7 KB
A Dance for Suzi 2.pdf8 KB
A Diamond Set in Silver.pdf90 KB
A Galloway Tale.pdf7 KB
A Pair of Scots.pdf7 KB
A Platinum Pair.pdf49 KB
A Plethora of Pinatas.pdf40 KB
A Reel for Alice.pdf54 KB
A Ring of Friendship.pdf41 KB
A Rosebud By My Early Walk.pdf185 KB
A Starry Night.pdf68 KB
A Strathspey for September.pdf85 KB
A Toast to St. Andrews.pdf105 KB
A Trip to Bavaria.pdf42 KB
A Trip to Canada.pdf85 KB
A Trip to Crinan.pdf23 KB
A Trip to Edinburgh.pdf44 KB
A Trip to Ottawa.pdf89 KB
A Trip to Sorrento.pdf51 KB
A Trip to St Andrews.pdf236 KB
A Trip to Sucker Bay.pdf79 KB
A Trip To Tagaytay.pdf258 KB
A Trip to Transylvania.pdf67 KB
A Valley Full of Tree-Tops.pdf39 KB
A Wee Doc and Dorris.pdf75 KB
A Wee Touch o' Class.pdf14 KB
Abbotsford Lassies.pdf79 KB
Across the Tay.pdf85 KB
Admiral John L Worden.pdf101 KB
Airie Bennan.pdf53 KB
Airth Castle.pdf49 KB
Alba Place.pdf52 KB
Alex Doig's Jig or The Dunblane Drummer.pdf53 KB
Alister McAlister.pdf95 KB
Alister's Reel.pdf93 KB
All American Promenade.pdf56 KB
All in a Garden Green.pdf81 KB
Allegra's Reel.pdf41 KB
Amhuinnsuidhe Castle no DD.pdf44 KB
An Gearasdan.pdf51 KB
And the Little One Said.pdf179 KB
Angus MacLeod.pdf75 KB
Ann of Scotia.pdf32 KB
Anna's Homecoming.pdf28 KB
Ann's Joy.pdf80 KB
Aon's A Dha & Gaelic College S.pdf13 KB
Ardgilzean.pdf64 KB
Argyll.pdf31 KB
Argyll Gathering.pdf87 KB
Argyll is My Name.pdf177 KB
Arran Chase.pdf66 KB
At the Summit.pdf14 KB
Auchencairn.pdf85 KB
Auchendean.pdf42 KB
Audrey's Zeta Zoo.pdf76 KB
Auld Mahoun's Revenge.pdf97 KB
Auld Mistress MacIntosh.pdf70 KB
Aurora Australis.pdf50 KB
Ayrshire Craig no DD.pdf60 KB
Aztec Weave no DD.pdf63 KB
Balevulin.pdf71 KB
Ballindalloch.pdf53 KB
Balmaclellan.pdf115 KB
Bank Street Reel.pdf48 KB
Bankhead.pdf79 KB
Beach Dancer.pdf23 KB
Beechwood Swirl.pdf62 KB
Belladrum's Strathspey.pdf51 KB
Belles of Bon Accord.pdf63 KB
Betty Lee Shall Ban 'er Elk from the Barnes.pdf57 KB
Betty Thompson of Newtonbrook.pdf59 KB
Bexley Butterfly.pdf90 KB
Birmingham Rant.pdf80 KB
Black Agnes.pdf40 KB
Blairgowrie Brose.pdf66 KB
Blithe to See Ye.pdf43 KB
Blooms of Ben Lawer.pdf89 KB
Blue Mess Jacket.pdf45 KB
Bluebells of Scotland.pdf27 KB
Bob Gilmour's Return to Scotland.pdf73 KB
Bobby Brown's Canadian Breakdown.pdf34 KB
Bobby Brown's Fifty Musical Years.pdf246 KB
Bonavista.pdf37 KB
Bonnie Boy Kitty.pdf66 KB
Bonnie Brux.pdf51 KB
Bonnie Flowers O'er the Muir.pdf216 KB
Bonnie Strathearn.pdf30 KB
Boston Scottish Fiddle Club Jig.pdf37 KB
Bothkennar.pdf64 KB
Bothwell Brig.pdf115 KB
Braes O' Lochaber.pdf71 KB
Breath of Spring Crib.pdf6 KB
Brian Boru.pdf37 KB
Brian's Bairns.pdf64 KB
Bridge Of Sighs.pdf7 KB
Brimmond.pdf54 KB
Brisk Bob.pdf69 KB
Brochan Lom.pdf75 KB
Broken River Reel.pdf12 KB
Broom & Bracken Dance Steps.pdf1.248 KB
Brown Willy.pdf19 KB
Budapest Birl (J8x32 3C (3C or 4C set).pdf60 KB
Butterscotch and Honey.pdf144 KB
By the Fleet.pdf34 KB
Cairnsmore of Carsphairn.pdf52 KB
Calais Sunshine.pdf690 KB
Calican Scot.pdf91 KB
Cambuskenneth.pdf65 KB
Cam'nethan Priory.pdf60 KB
Canadian Barn Dance.pdf55 KB
Canadian Three-Step.pdf40 KB
Canongait.pdf52 KB
Cape Breton Highlanders.pdf123 KB
Cape Breton Island.pdf50 KB
Cariboo Country Dance.pdf48 KB
Carisbrooke Castle.pdf43 KB
Carlyle House.pdf72 KB
Carol's Welcome.pdf61 KB
Catch Me If You Can (Birdsall).pdf46 KB
Catching Fireflies.pdf74 KB
Catherine Shaw's Quickstep.pdf42 KB
Cathie McLaren's Jig.pdf64 KB
Cati Ramsay.pdf7 KB
Cedar Grove.pdf87 KB
Celtic Jig.pdf75 KB
Charlie's Silver Jubilee.pdf34 KB
Cheek to Cheek.pdf54 KB
Chesterton.pdf30 KB
Christina McLellan.pdf88 KB
Christmas Ale.pdf148 KB
Christmas Ceilidh, A.pdf370 KB
Christmas Tree 32R3c.pdf10 KB
Clatterin Brig.pdf117 KB
Clear Mountain Ceilidh.pdf135 KB
Clochmaloo.pdf52 KB
Clydebuilt 85.pdf121 KB
Cock-a-Leekie.pdf58 KB
Cold Day At Lock Norman - Forget Me Not.pdf11 KB
Colonel Mustard Reel.pdf81 KB
Come Out of Your Buckie.pdf95 KB
Come, Take My Hand.pdf8 KB
Companions.pdf43 KB
Coppins Crossing.pdf54 KB
Corn on the Cob.pdf67 KB
Corners' Hello.pdf8 KB
Coronation Glide.pdf46 KB
Corstorphine Fair.pdf2.094 KB
Craigellachie Lasses.pdf41 KB
Crockett's Victory Garden.pdf58 KB
Cromartie's New Rant.pdf39 KB
Crossmichael.pdf95 KB
Culloden Links.pdf57 KB
Daft Willy.pdf95 KB
Dance for St David's Day.pdf63 KB
Dancer's Salute - Demo.pdf10 KB
Dancing Forth Too.pdf117 KB
Dancing in 2000.pdf12 KB
Dancing Master of Moncton.pdf4 KB
Dancing Ribbons.pdf90 KB
Dancing Shadows.pdf93 KB
Dargie Glebe.pdf63 KB
Das Fermatische Fahrrad (Fermat's Bicycle.pdf93 KB
Das Jahrzehnt  The Decade revised.pdf9 KB
David Gray.pdf71 KB
Dean Water.pdf33 KB
Dee's Dandy Dance.pdf252 KB
Delft Delight.pdf89 KB
Desperation Crib.pdf7 KB
Diamonds are Forever.pdf25 KB
Diana's Flight for the Fiftieth.pdf10 KB
DillsburgJig.pdf58 KB
Dinner_for_One.pdf78 KB
Disco Ghillies.pdf12 KB
Dog on the Dance Floor.pdf23 KB
Domino Eight.pdf76 KB
Donaghadee.pdf35 KB
Donald McLeod.pdf81 KB
Dorothy's Delight.pdf85 KB
Double Celebration.pdf79 KB
Double Helix.pdf12 KB
Double Triumph.pdf93 KB
Down Unda.pdf286 KB
Dr David Rorie.pdf75 KB
Drambuie.pdf119 KB
Drumblair's Reels.pdf68 KB
Drumelzier.pdf85 KB
Dumbarton Castle.pdf67 KB
Dundee Civic Jig.pdf55 KB
Dundrennan.pdf116 KB
Dunlugas House.pdf49 KB
Eagles of the Glen.pdf154 KB
Earlstoun Loch.pdf52 KB
Eden Court.pdf44 KB
Eilean Mor.pdf78 KB
Eilean Na Hearadh (Isle of Harris).pdf196 KB
Eileen Watt's Reel - Eileen Watt's Strathspey.pdf150 KB
Elegy for a Dead Snowflake.pdf239 KB
Elizabeth 1.pdf150 KB
Ellie's Jig.pdf110 KB
Elliot's Fancy.pdf73 KB
Equanimity.pdf30 KB
Ethel Mary's Jig.pdf65 KB
Evelyn's Easter Exercise.pdf65 KB
Evelyns Surprise.pdf15 KB
Every Witch Way.pdf67 KB
Ezekiel's Wheel.pdf7 KB
F W Macondray.pdf58 KB
Familiar Quotations ENGLISH.pdf10 KB
Farewell to Benbecula.pdf61 KB
Farewell to Chandi.pdf10 KB
Farewell to Scotland.pdf63 KB
Feisty Women or Double the Trouble.pdf25 KB
Ferguson's Fancy.pdf49 KB
Fiddling in the Pinewoods.pdf54 KB
Fifteen and Forty-Five.pdf75 KB
Fifty Golden Years.pdf119 KB
Fine Fettle.pdf59 KB
Finishing Touches.pdf533 KB
Finlay's Frolic.pdf8 KB
Finn's Fancy.pdf43 KB
Fiona's Fancy - Lady McGowan's Dream - Washington's Ways.pdf64 KB
Fire in the Rye.pdf44 KB
Fire in the Rye 3C.pdf101 KB
Fire in the Rye 6C.pdf138 KB
Fireworks.pdf233 KB
Firth of Clyde.pdf86 KB
Fisherman Reel.pdf11 KB
Five Penny Ness.pdf79 KB
Flanagan's Reel.pdf60 KB
Flitting.pdf83 KB
Follow Me.pdf69 KB
Follow the Piper.pdf53 KB
Follow Your Dreams.pdf49 KB
Fond Memories.pdf50 KB
Fortnight at St Andrews.pdf88 KB
Four Cities.pdf7 KB
Four Square.pdf44 KB
Francis Peacock.pdf58 KB
Frasers Favourite.pdf367 KB
Freddy's Fancy.pdf54 KB
From N(ovosibirsk) to M(oscow).pdf7 KB
Fugue from Bruce Hamilton.pdf60 KB
Fusiliers Dream.pdf1.214 KB
G J Strathspey.pdf134 KB
Gary Hay's Reel - Alternate.pdf66 KB
George Square of Edinburgh.pdf39 KB
George Street Jig.pdf65 KB
Give a Little Whistle.pdf125 KB
Gladstone.pdf78 KB
Glasgow Gardens.pdf57 KB
Glasgow Jubilee.pdf244 KB
Glen Almond Ver 1.pdf8 KB
Glen Almond Ver 2.pdf8 KB
Glen Devon.pdf58 KB
Glen Elg.pdf75 KB
Glencoe.pdf66 KB
Glendarroch.pdf930 KB
Glenesk Pheasants.pdf91 KB
Glengarry's March.pdf58 KB
Glengrant.pdf74 KB
Glenlochar.pdf119 KB
Golden Harvest.pdf64 KB
Golden Thistle _A_.pdf8 KB
Good Friends.pdf24 KB
Good Hearted Glasgow.pdf74 KB
Good Humour.pdf180 KB
Graham's Frolic.pdf40 KB
Grand March.pdf38 KB
Grand Slam.pdf48 KB
Grandfather Welcome '88.pdf22 KB
Gravenhurst Rocks.pdf218 KB
Grimaldi 700.pdf53 KB
Haddington Assembly.pdf41 KB
Hadrian's Reel.pdf36 KB
Halley's Comet.pdf37 KB
Hame O' Mine.pdf50 KB
Hamish's Trip to Inverary.pdf78 KB
Hana (S8x32) 3C (4C set).pdf44 KB
Hanchurch Hills - Heather's Strathspey - The Winghouse Jig.pdf77 KB
Hanna's Pride Page 1.pdf275 KB
Hanna's Pride Page 2.pdf253 KB
Happy Trail.pdf64 KB
Happy We've Been A' the Gither.pdf82 KB
Harpenden Ladies.pdf70 KB
Harvest Home.pdf61 KB
He Danced Awa'.pdf30 KB
Heart to Heart.pdf55 KB
Henderson in Hereford.pdf46 KB
He's Aye a Kissing Me.pdf34 KB
Hey Johnnie Cope.pdf71 KB
Hogmanay Jig.pdf39 KB
Hooper's Double Jig.pdf117 KB
Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder.pdf811 KB
Ian Powrie's Farewell to Scotland.pdf84 KB
Ian's Strathspey.pdf75 KB
Indian River Strathspey.pdf114 KB
Innes Russell of Perth.pdf59 KB
Iona Strathspey.pdf148 KB
Isle of the West.pdf97 KB
Isobel's Strathspey - Admiral Jervis.pdf53 KB
Its Fun to Dance.pdf181 KB
It's My Pleasure 8x32 J 3C.pdf7 KB
It's Reel Life.pdf101 KB
J. B. Milne.pdf184 KB
Jamie's Hornpipe.pdf29 KB
Jane and Alice have a Birthday.pdf44 KB
Jean's Dream.pdf89 KB
Jessie Stewart's Strathspey.pdf99 KB
Jessie-in-the-Middle.pdf84 KB
Jig De Grivetti.pdf88 KB
Jim MacLellan's Strathspey.pdf43 KB
John and J'ina Celebrate 40 Years.pdf42 KB
John of Bon Accord.pdf121 KB
John Stephen of Chance Inn.pdf52 KB
John T.pdf46 KB
Josh's Digital Jig.pdf23 KB
Joyce's Wedding - Tittensor Chase - Vera's Strathspey.pdf77 KB
Just For the Fun Of It.pdf50 KB
Kachina's Carousel.pdf11 KB
Kafoozalum.pdf92 KB
Kenandflo Reel.pdf144 KB
Kenny Paul of West Linton.pdf42 KB
Kersty's Jig.pdf50 KB
Killin Water.pdf69 KB
Kilmory Rant.pdf156 KB
Kind Robin.pdf60 KB
King Arthur and his Court.pdf8 KB
Kinloss.pdf69 KB
Kirkmaiden Strathspey.pdf27 KB
Kist o' Thistles.pdf148 KB
Kla-How-Ya Tillicum.pdf64 KB
Knock O' Braemoray.pdf93 KB
La Joie de la Danse.pdf45 KB
La Maestra.pdf42 KB
Lady Sophia Lindsay.pdf83 KB
Laterns of London.pdf94 KB
Lazy Aye.pdf65 KB
Letham Ladies.pdf38 KB
Link Across the Land.pdf105 KB
Loch Doon Castle.pdf552 KB
Lochskerrow.pdf54 KB
London Celebration, A.32R2CRtR.The Reel 280 - Ann Dix.pdf6 KB
London Trillium.pdf372 KB
London's 50.pdf177 KB
Long Frank's Reel.pdf360 KB
Love Spoon.pdf12 KB
Love's Knot Forgotten.pdf82 KB
Luckenbooth Brooch.pdf353 KB
MacFarlane's Lantern.pdf157 KB
MacGregor's Farewell to Whiskey.pdf142 KB
MacKay of Strathnaver.pdf161 KB
Maclean on Clarence.pdf40 KB
MacLeod's Maidens.pdf138 KB
MacPhail's Rant.32R3C.Leaflet - Wesley Clindinning.pdf141 KB
MacPherson's Jig.pdf119 KB
MacPhersons of Edinburgh Strathspey.pdf75 KB
Mac's Delight.pdf14 KB
Mad Mitch's Ninesome Reel.pdf161 KB
Maggie Cameron.pdf138 KB
Magic Moments.pdf94 KB
Makin' the Tartan.pdf7 KB
Manchester Medley.pdf120 KB
Maple Leaf Rant.pdf84 KB
Margaret Archibald's Reel.pdf158 KB
Margaret's Strathspey.pdf135 KB
Marquis of Huntley's Snuff Mill.pdf153 KB
Mary Ross's Jig.pdf136 KB
Maureen's Fancy.pdf55 KB
McCaig's Tower.pdf29 KB
McOuwsma's Fancy.pdf12 KB
Men of Angus.pdf116 KB
Michelle Depledge of Preston.pdf180 KB
Midge Madge (Wildfire at Midnight).pdf127 KB
Milberry Union.pdf95 KB
Mill-Ennium Welcome.pdf229 KB
Millquarter.pdf176 KB
Miri's Wedding.pdf12 KB
Miss Campbell of Carnock.pdf42 KB
Miss Catherine Ann.pdf51 KB
Miss Charlotte Sandifer.pdf20 KB
Miss E Purcell.pdf152 KB
Miss Emily Gordons Jig.pdf17 KB
Miss Fleming's Jig.pdf154 KB
Miss Gayton's Hornpipe.pdf43 KB
Miss Granger's Strathspey.pdf19 KB
Miss Heather Bartel.pdf78 KB
Miss Hilary Ann.pdf97 KB
Miss Hollingworth of Sydney.pdf142 KB
Miss Irene Fidler's Strathspey.pdf148 KB
Miss Jarvis's Reel.pdf116 KB
Miss Jeanetta McColl.pdf87 KB
Miss Kate of Ashland.pdf205 KB
Miss Kenyon's Strathspey.pdf77 KB
Miss Laura Andrew.pdf142 KB
Miss Maul's Strathspey.pdf128 KB
Miss Moriah Chandlier.pdf58 KB
Miss Nancy Smiles.pdf56 KB
Miss Sally Hunter.pdf141 KB
Miss Stewart of Bombay.pdf117 KB
Miss Williamson's Reel.pdf146 KB
Mists of Thistledoon.pdf115 KB
Moles Frolic.pdf7 KB
Monkeys On The Motorway.pdf20 KB
Moonlight Rose.pdf57 KB
Morag of Dunvegan.pdf245 KB
Morar Strathspey.pdf150 KB
Morven's Welcome.pdf123 KB
Mr and Mrs Richard McLaughlin of San Diego.pdf91 KB
Mrs Blair's Jig.pdf131 KB
Mrs Harrison's Rant.pdf117 KB
Mrs Hepburn Belches.pdf30 KB
Mrs Hume's Strathspey.pdf70 KB
Mrs Ian Powrie of West Kirkton.pdf133 KB
Mrs Jessie Blair.pdf139 KB
Mrs Shore's Strathspey.pdf95 KB
Ms Gillian McMullen of Cambridge.pdf122 KB
Muckle Burn.pdf13 KB
Muggons in May.pdf86 KB
Munlochy Bridge.pdf134 KB
Murdoch's Way.pdf99 KB
Muriel Hadden's Strathspey.pdf124 KB
My 88 Jig.pdf119 KB
My Daddy Oh.pdf137 KB
My Wife is a Wanton Wee Thing.pdf146 KB
Nae Fantoosherie.pdf88 KB
Neko's Reel.pdf19 KB
Nelson Mandela.pdf10 KB
Nessie to the Bottom.pdf12 KB
Never at Sea.pdf156 KB
New Horizons.pdf48 KB
New Year Wedding.pdf29 KB
Niagara Gorge.pdf162 KB
Nickie-Tams.pdf46 KB
Nifty Shiftin'.pdf63 KB
Nimbus 2002.pdf41 KB
No More Teacher's Dirty Looks.pdf88 KB
NO NAME-YET Strathspey.pdf10 KB
Nova Scotia.pdf51 KB
November Wedding.pdf49 KB
Old Friends-Glasspool001.pdf81 KB
Old Ireland.pdf68 KB
On the Edge of the Sand.pdf689 KB
On the Shores of Lake Couchiching.pdf59 KB
One in the Millennium.pdf13 KB
One O'Clock Canon.pdf8 KB
Oquaga Breakdown - Glasspool.pdf483 KB
Oslo Waltz.pdf18 KB
Our Tutor, John.pdf502 KB
Over the Border to Cumberland.pdf43 KB
Peacock's Close.pdf59 KB
Peggy's Cove.pdf67 KB
Phantom Piper.pdf7 KB
Piper Jock Kerr.pdf76 KB
Pitlochry Celebration.pdf94 KB
Pitlochry Lassies.pdf40 KB
Playing the Field.pdf25 KB
Poussez Et Tirez.pdf22 KB
Prince Charlie's Quickstep.pdf142 KB
Prince Edward Island.pdf57 KB
Prince William of Wales.pdf49 KB
Princess Margarets Jig.pdf11 KB
Princess Margaret's Strathspey.pdf82 KB
Provost Skene House.pdf19 KB
Pugwash and Tatamagouche.pdf39 KB
Purple Heather Reel.pdf49 KB
Queen Mary of Scotland.pdf37 KB
Queen Mary of Scotland (revised).pdf57 KB
Queen Victoria's Well.pdf60 KB
Question Marks.pdf21 KB
Queuing at Expo Japan.pdf122 KB
Rab the Ranter.pdf86 KB
Racoon Ramble.pdf225 KB
Rantin' Rovin' Robin.pdf52 KB
Ready And.pdf236 KB
Rebecca's Trip to Beloit.pdf47 KB
Red Wine and Straight Lines.3x32RSJ3set.pdf97 KB
Reekie Linn.pdf383 KB
Reel of the Royal Scots.pdf181 KB
Reeling in the Annex.pdf104 KB
Reel-Y Peg.pdf87 KB
Remembering Rico.pdf76 KB
Return of the Loons.pdf106 KB
Return to St Swithun.pdf17 KB
Roaring Jelly.pdf280 KB
Rob of Balbeggie.pdf88 KB
Robert Little's Strathspey.pdf54 KB
Robert Mackintosh.pdf68 KB
Roberta Buckel's Strathspey.pdf96 KB
Robin's Easy Circle.pdf6 KB
Rod and Kristin's Farewell Fugue - Glasspool.pdf94 KB
Rod's Set Dance -Glasspool.pdf95 KB
Romance in Ireland - Irish Romance.pdf119 KB
Rose of Glamis.pdf822 KB
Roy's Wife.pdf56 KB
Ruby Reflections.pdf105 KB
Ruby Wedding.pdf131 KB
Saint Andrew's Hornpipe.pdf80 KB
Salmonfield Poacher.pdf824 KB
Sandbox Sailors.pdf21 KB
Sarona.pdf111 KB
Say Cheese.pdf202 KB
Scotland's Garden.pdf102 KB
Scotsman's Choice.pdf7 KB
Scottish Refined.pdf181 KB
Sea Tangle of Skye.pdf20 KB
Set & Drink.pdf8 KB
Seton's Ceilidh Band.pdf362 KB
Sheena's Fancy.pdf23 KB
Shiftin' Bobbins.pdf110 KB
Shinrin-yoku.pdf44 KB
Skagits in Stockbridge.pdf14 KB
Slainte Mhor.pdf81 KB
Sleepwalking.pdf47 KB
Slip the Surly Bonds.pdf63 KB
Slow Simmer and Rolling Boil.pdf53 KB
Solway Sunset.pdf83 KB
Sophie's Farewell.pdf40 KB
Southern Star.pdf132 KB
Southern Stars.pdf185 KB
Spaegeles' Jig.pdf86 KB
Spice it Up.pdf40 KB
St Andrews Links.pdf79 KB
St Bernards Waltz.pdf159 KB
St Columba's Strathspey.pdf99 KB
St George's Day.pdf95 KB
St Johns Road no DD.pdf12 KB
St Kilda Jig.pdf93 KB
St Margaret Queen of Scotland.pdf107 KB
St Martin's Strathspey.pdf43 KB
Stella's in a Fogg.pdf56 KB
Strictly Scottish.pdf238 KB
Sue's Delight (or Which Hand is Right).pdf43 KB
Sunset at the Barn.pdf29 KB
Susanne's Strathspey.pdf167 KB
Sweets of May.pdf130 KB
Swirling Leaves  8x32 J 3C.pdf8 KB
Tae Ane and A'.pdf47 KB
Tak the Gate.pdf76 KB
Tapsalteerie.pdf64 KB
Tardy Eddie.pdf104 KB
Terry J's Fancy.pdf60 KB
The Alderwood Knot.pdf39 KB
The Alexandria Reel or The Twin City Reel.pdf87 KB
The Allansford Strathspey.pdf101 KB
The Ancient Yew.pdf52 KB
The Angus Reel.pdf42 KB
The Apple Tree.pdf57 KB
The Argyll's Farewell to Stirling.pdf74 KB
The Armstrongs' Rant.pdf75 KB
The Auld Hoose.pdf79 KB
The Auld Kirk.pdf45 KB
The Banks of Bogie.pdf58 KB
The Bannetstane.pdf32 KB
The Bannockburn Reel.pdf71 KB
The Bannockburn Reel (2).pdf91 KB
The Beehive.pdf65 KB
The Belfast Almanac.pdf74 KB
The Belfast Hornpipe.pdf72 KB
The Bell Rock Reel.pdf10 KB
The Belle of the Ball.pdf244 KB
The Ben Ledi Medley.pdf34 KB
The Big Fiddle.pdf56 KB
The Black Cat.pdf52 KB
The Blue Toon.pdf75 KB
The Boghead Road.pdf32 KB
The Bonnie Beauly Blooms.pdf24 KB
The Border Link.pdf175 KB
The Bow Fiddle Shore Page 1.pdf294 KB
The Bow Fiddle Shore Page 2.pdf283 KB
The Bow River.pdf46 KB
The Braes of Yarrow.pdf118 KB
The Braeside Strathspey.pdf41 KB
The Breeks are Loose (and the Buttom's Awa').pdf55 KB
The Bridge at Ballachullish.pdf45 KB
The Brisk Young Lad.pdf68 KB
The Caledonian Reel.pdf109 KB
The Calican Scot.pdf31 KB
The Callander Strathspey.pdf136 KB
The Cambridge Hornipe.pdf11 KB
The Capilano Run.pdf58 KB
The Castle Garden.pdf112 KB
The Celtic Brooch.pdf109 KB
The Celtic Hornpipe.pdf159 KB
The Celtic Reel.pdf136 KB
The Charlottesville Caper.pdf47 KB
The Circle of Friendship.pdf66 KB
The Clan Reel.pdf12 KB
The Claymore.pdf177 KB
The Cloisters.pdf56 KB
The Cockle Gatherer.pdf47 KB
The Coldoch Gamekeeper.pdf55 KB
The Colonel is a Lady.pdf13 KB
The Cooper Children.pdf42 KB
The Corner Link.pdf91 KB
The Covered Bridge.pdf50 KB
The Craigellachie Reel.pdf34 KB
The Crossing of Hadrian's Wall.pdf45 KB
The Dancing Dominie.pdf51 KB
The Dark Island.pdf62 KB
The Dee in Spate.pdf86 KB
The Delaware Highland Gathering.pdf41 KB
The Den O'Mains.pdf73 KB
The Diamond Anniversary.pdf139 KB
The Diamond Strathspey.pdf100 KB
The Dominie or MacKay of Barrhead.pdf98 KB
The Doune Ferryman.pdf213 KB
The Dove Cot.pdf106 KB
The Drunken Sailor.pdf18 KB
The Drunken Sailor Revised 2011.pdf95 KB
The Duke of Atholl's Brogues.pdf68 KB
The Dunsmuir Strathspey.pdf253 KB
The Earl and Countess of Wessex.pdf44 KB
The Eigg Strathspey.pdf24 KB
The Elegant Lassies of Elgin.pdf39 KB
The Eleventh of June.pdf87 KB
The Elliot Strathspey.pdf50 KB
The Erindale Jig.pdf60 KB
The Everlasting Friendship.pdf45 KB
The Fair Maid of Perth.pdf73 KB
The Falls of Fintry.pdf89 KB
The Fiddler from Crieff.pdf91 KB
The Fiddler on the Capstan.pdf83 KB
The Fiery Cross.pdf1.610 KB
The Fireside Reel.pdf416 KB
The First of January.pdf51 KB
The Fisherman's Daughter.pdf8 KB
The Fivesome Reel.pdf94 KB
The Flight of the Falcon.pdf7 KB
The Flight of the Sandmartins.pdf59 KB
The Flirtation Hornpipe.pdf40 KB
The Flying Cloud - The Fusilier's Dream.pdf58 KB
The Folksy Fivesome.pdf10 KB
The Forth Railway Bridge Centenary Reel.pdf64 KB
The Fountain.pdf91 KB
The Galloping Carousel.pdf39 KB
The Gare Loch.pdf80 KB
The Geese in the Bog.pdf58 KB
The Gleneagles Dominie.pdf112 KB
The Glens of Antrim.pdf163 KB
The Glowerin' Coo.pdf43 KB
The Golden Hind.pdf250 KB
The Golden Snitch.pdf19 KB
The Golden Trumpet.pdf55 KB
The Gordon Chase.pdf88 KB
The Gowden Laverock.pdf50 KB
The Gowden Reel.pdf86 KB
The Grand Promenade.pdf109 KB
The Grapevine.pdf43 KB
The Green Well of Scotland.pdf105 KB
The Gregorach Reel.pdf48 KB
The Grinder's Hornpipe.pdf111 KB
The Grosvenor House Strathspey.pdf52 KB
The Guests At Mairis Wedding.pdf60 KB
The Haggis Hunt.pdf99 KB
The Haggis Tree.pdf104 KB
The Hawthorn Tree of Cawdor.pdf57 KB
The Heather on the Hill.pdf83 KB
The Heights of Alma.pdf69 KB
The Hereford Rant.pdf38 KB
The Herne Hill Strathspey.pdf37 KB
The High Peak.pdf64 KB
The Highland Rose.pdf59 KB
The Holy Rood.pdf48 KB
The Homecoming 2009.pdf93 KB
The Honey Well.pdf57 KB
The Honeypot.pdf37 KB
The House of Cluny.pdf82 KB
The Housemouse.pdf75 KB
The Hurrier You Go the Behinder You Get.pdf75 KB
The Inside Oot Fish Eater.pdf9 KB
The Jean Anderson Strathepey.pdf146 KB
The Jimmy Shand Jig.pdf29 KB
The Johnston Jig.pdf69 KB
The Jolicure Jig.pdf106 KB
The July 28th Jig.pdf83 KB
The Kelpie of Loch Coruisk - The Royal Town.pdf123 KB
The Keys of Loch Leven.pdf75 KB
The Killiecrankie Reel.pdf83 KB
The Killilan Reel.pdf62 KB
The Kincardine Homecoming.pdf96 KB
The King Over the Water.pdf96 KB
The Knock O' Braemoray.pdf85 KB
The Laird of Dalnair.pdf225 KB
The Laird of the Dance.pdf4 KB
The Lancers.pdf193 KB
The Lavender Strathspey.pdf56 KB
The London Highland Clubs Farewell to Fetter Lane.pdf100 KB
The London Jig.pdf34 KB
The Loon Mountain Reel.pdf90 KB
The Love Spoon.pdf69 KB
The Luckenbooth Brooch.pdf87 KB
The Marquis of Huntly's Farewell.pdf169 KB
The Mary Rose Hornpipe.pdf97 KB
The Maypole Medley.pdf139 KB
The Maze Page 1.pdf105 KB
The Maze Page 2.pdf121 KB
The McNair Magic.pdf90 KB
The Meeting Place.pdf101 KB
The Merry Uplanders.pdf68 KB
The Middlemuir Strathspey.pdf124 KB
The Midlothian Medley.pdf170 KB
The Millers' Book Room.pdf16 KB
The Misses Gordon of Rafford.pdf114 KB
The Misty Isle.pdf140 KB
The Monash Medley.pdf177 KB
The Moonwalker's Reel.pdf176 KB
The Morison Rant.pdf104 KB
The Morrison Measure.pdf31 KB
The Narrow Glen.pdf50 KB
The New College Hornpipe.pdf48 KB
The New John Paul Jones.pdf59 KB
The New Parliament House Jig.pdf62 KB
The New Water Kettle.pdf49 KB
The Niartreg Jig.pdf52 KB
The North Star.pdf73 KB
The Northern Lights.pdf92 KB
The Octocentennial Jig.pdf56 KB
The Old Speling Castle's Gost's Dance.pdf149 KB
The Oregon Rant.pdf118 KB
The Ottery St Catchpole Reel.pdf18 KB
The Padre.pdf75 KB
The Pawky Duke.pdf61 KB
The Peacock.pdf88 KB
The Peat Bog.pdf51 KB
The Peat Road.pdf48 KB
The Peerie.pdf45 KB
The Phantom Piper.pdf209 KB
The Potter's Pairs.pdf12 KB
The President's Reel.pdf98 KB
The Prince of Sutton Coldfield.pdf40 KB
The Quaker's Daughter.pdf25 KB
The Queen Mother's Reel.pdf55 KB
The Queen's Bridge.pdf41 KB
The Queen's Gate.pdf10 KB
The Queen's Jubilee.pdf114 KB
The Queen's Visit.pdf25 KB
The Quiet Achiever.pdf38 KB
The Radical Dancer.pdf105 KB
The Raising of the Mary Rose.pdf37 KB
The Rakes of Falcarragh.pdf96 KB
The Rampant Lion.pdf83 KB
The Rascal Rounder.pdf67 KB
The Ravelston Reel.pdf48 KB
The Reel of the 51st Division - Variation.pdf66 KB
The Reel of the Edinburgh Military Tatoo - The Gallant Cameron.pdf80 KB
The Reel of the Gordon Highlanders.pdf40 KB
The Restless Ghost.pdf63 KB
The Riverside.pdf151 KB
The Road to Forfar.pdf42 KB
The Rose of Achnashean.pdf58 KB
The Rose Tree.pdf35 KB
The Rossie Moor Reel.pdf83 KB
The Rossington Strahtspey.pdf52 KB
The Round Arran Jig.pdf80 KB
The Round Pond Rant.pdf242 KB
The Royal Mile.pdf56 KB
The Royal York Strathspey.pdf31 KB
The Rural's Jubilee Strathspey.pdf41 KB
The Salmonfield Poacher.pdf24 KB
The Scottish Snowman.pdf38 KB
The Siege of Buda.pdf74 KB
The Silver Hamer.pdf8 KB
The Silver Link.pdf164 KB
The Silverknowes Jig.pdf47 KB
The Singing Sands.pdf58 KB
The Space Coaster.pdf109 KB
The Stable.pdf78 KB
The Sweetness Of Heather.pdf103 KB
The Swelterin' Strathspey.pdf83 KB
The Telford Hornpipe.pdf478 KB
The Thistle and the Trillium.pdf66 KB
The Thistle Dancers' Waltz.pdf143 KB
The Three E's.pdf71 KB
The Three Sisters.pdf585 KB
The Thrums Cairn.pdf84 KB
The Tipsy Vicar.pdf88 KB
The Towpath Strider.pdf39 KB
The Tribe of Galen.pdf73 KB
The Tushker.pdf67 KB
The Twa' Brigs O Dundee.pdf12 KB
The Tyndale Jig.pdf62 KB
The UNICEF Circle.pdf38 KB
The University Waltz.pdf36 KB
The Unsung Hero.pdf44 KB
The Victorian Strathspey.pdf39 KB
The Viking Ship.pdf24 KB
The Wallace.pdf91 KB
The Wallace Strathspey.pdf61 KB
The Walls of Limerick.pdf48 KB
The Waltz Cotillon.pdf47 KB
The Warren.pdf79 KB
The Wasps of Mulben.pdf84 KB
The Waterfall.pdf127 KB
The Weaver's Wife.pdf78 KB
The Wedding Knot.pdf84 KB
The Wedding Night.pdf77 KB
The Welcome Dance.pdf10 KB
The Wemyss Place Hornpipe.pdf105 KB
The West End Strathspey.pdf72 KB
The Westwood Reel.pdf98 KB
The Whistler Jig.pdf29 KB
The White Lady.pdf58 KB
The Wind on the Heath.pdf5 KB
The Winding Devron.pdf61 KB
The Wooden Bridge.pdf73 KB
The Young Man's Dream.pdf1.546 KB
There are no Kangaroos in Austria.pdf1.131 KB
Thirlestane.pdf104 KB
This One's Four Isobel.pdf120 KB
Thorncliffe.pdf120 KB
Three Naked Men.pdf64 KB
Three Sheets in the Wind.pdf66 KB
Till We Meet Again.pdf92 KB
Timour the Tartar.pdf52 KB
Tira Luin.pdf36 KB
'Tis Nice Tae See Ye.pdf78 KB
Tom Stephens Jig.pdf46 KB
Tonbridge Castle.pdf49 KB
Tornie.pdf42 KB
Touch Me Not.pdf70 KB
Trilliums and Roses.pdf64 KB
Trip to Bavaria, A.pdf151 KB
Trip to Beverly Hills.pdf93 KB
Trip to Buffalo Gap.pdf123 KB
Trip to Cincinnati.pdf105 KB
Trip to Gatlinburg.pdf195 KB
Trip to Gretna Green.pdf38 KB
Tuarie Burn.pdf126 KB
Tulchan Lodge.pdf92 KB
Turn, Turn, Turn.pdf72 KB
Turn, Turn, Turn 3x32S 3C.pdf8 KB
Twizell Bridge.pdf36 KB
Two Ladies.pdf37 KB
UNICOI Unlimited.pdf96 KB
Up and Away.pdf52 KB
Up and Doon the Gallowgate.pdf46 KB
Upham Park.pdf91 KB
Uppies and Doonies.pdf85 KB
Vin Tyndall of Forfar.pdf35 KB
Waltz of the Bells.pdf72 KB
Waltzing Matilda.pdf76 KB
Wardlaw Hall.pdf90 KB
Warren's Wedding - Lady Kindness' Reel.pdf64 KB
Waterfall Welcome.pdf74 KB
Wee Moira's Jig.pdf59 KB
Welcome to Dufftown.pdf61 KB
Welcome to Niagara.pdf199 KB
Well Met in Paris.pdf103 KB
We're Nae That Fou.pdf69 KB
Wesley Harry.pdf28 KB
Where East Meets West.pdf29 KB
Whittacker Jig.pdf13 KB
Wicked Willy.pdf77 KB
Will Ye Come Awa' Wi' Mi.pdf184 KB
Won't you Join the Dance.pdf87 KB
Woohill Court.pdf151 KB
Zutyazelph.pdf66 KB
Zytglogge.pdf144 KB
\Single Dances\Bridport (16)1.051 KB
A Dance for Ann.pdf143 KB
Bramley House Strathspey.pdf87 KB
Bridport Reel of Seven.pdf48 KB
Mrs Rae of Westerton.pdf14 KB
Our Breton friends.pdf15 KB
Patricia's Make-up.pdf29 KB
Playing the Field.pdf25 KB
Sarah's Wedding Strathspey.pdf169 KB
St Michael's Jig.pdf14 KB
Sylvie de Pen Lan.pdf15 KB
The Bus Pass.pdf171 KB
The Fox on the Hill.pdf21 KB
The Lannion Link.pdf249 KB
The Ropemakers Strathspey.pdf17 KB
The Sour Lemon.pdf19 KB
Welcome to Bridport.pdf14 KB
\Single Dances\Dublin (18)970 KB
Alice and Malcolm's Golden Wedding.pdf61 KB
Andrew Carnegie.pdf48 KB
Dublin's Delights.pdf62 KB
Dublin's Farewell to the Boodes.pdf63 KB
Florrie's Fancy.pdf46 KB
Forty Years Together.pdf56 KB
Hazel's Salute to the Seventies.pdf86 KB
Helen's Fortieth Flourish.pdf30 KB
Hip Hip Hooray!.pdf31 KB
John Gibson's Jig.pdf47 KB
Lady Ryder of Warsaw.pdf67 KB
Mrs McGinley's Strathspey.pdf61 KB
Perth City Charter.pdf43 KB
Rosalie's Birthday Reel.pdf33 KB
The Blaven Strathspey.pdf31 KB
The Campbells of Crannagh.pdf53 KB
The Converys of Clonskeagh.pdf36 KB
Wunderbar!.pdf118 KB
\Single Dances\Kowalczik, Judith (25)1.265 KB
60 Candles.pdf51 KB
A Dancer's Brainwave.pdf48 KB
A Rose for the Cobbler.pdf40 KB
A Toast to Meike.pdf49 KB
ABC Jig.pdf49 KB
Chasing Butterflies.pdf48 KB
Dinner for One.pdf78 KB
En Tournée Avec Iris.pdf55 KB
Erika's Way.pdf47 KB
Feline Friends.pdf54 KB
Feline Friends Reloaded.pdf47 KB
Flowers and Fields.pdf74 KB
Hogmanay Rebels.pdf48 KB
Hudeln.pdf43 KB
Hummingbirds in Oldenburg.pdf49 KB
It's Reel Life.pdf54 KB
Keep It Flowing.pdf45 KB
Kramermarkt reel.pdf48 KB
Meet Me Mondays.pdf49 KB
Passion Meets profession.pdf51 KB
Ribbons and Rings.pdf48 KB
Spring Fever.pdf47 KB
The Reel Thing.pdf45 KB
The Reunion Jig.pdf47 KB
This Is BirthDay.pdf48 KB
\Single Dances\Macleod, Norma (4)339 KB
Bannockburn 700.pdf92 KB
Blackness Castle.pdf82 KB
Gowan Hill.pdf81 KB
Stirling at 90.pdf83 KB
\Single Dances\McKinnell, Sue (437)7.807 KB
5 Feisty Women and Michael.pdf19 KB
9 Pin Bowling.pdf17 KB
42 Years and Out (Free at Last).pdf16 KB
A Bend in the River.pdf19 KB
A Bit o' Birl.pdf17 KB
A Celtic Knot.pdf20 KB
A Diagonal Jig.pdf17 KB
A Flight of Fancy.pdf17 KB
A Jig and a Hollar.pdf17 KB
A Little Folderol.pdf17 KB
A Lovely Hall.pdf18 KB
A Maryan Merger.pdf18 KB
A Merry Little Jig.pdf17 KB
A Moving Target.pdf18 KB
A New Beginning.pdf24 KB
A New Beginning_2.pdf17 KB
A Parchment Scroll.pdf18 KB
A Passing Fancy.pdf18 KB
A Quick Jig.pdf17 KB
A Reel for the Strathspey 10cth.pdf19 KB
A Reel for the Strathspey 10th.pdf57 KB
A Simple Twist of Fate.pdf18 KB
A Taste of the Past.pdf17 KB
A Trip to Scotland.pdf18 KB
A Wee Dif-fugue-ilty.pdf18 KB
After All These Years (It's About Time).pdf20 KB
Afternoon Nap.pdf18 KB
Alaina's Bus Stop Jig.pdf16 KB
Ampersand.pdf19 KB
An August Day.pdf17 KB
An Irregular Progression.pdf19 KB
Anna's Heading West.pdf18 KB
Another City, Another Move.pdf20 KB
Another Rant Day.pdf18 KB
App Madness.pdf16 KB
April Fool.pdf19 KB
Arches and Angles.pdf18 KB
A-Synchronicity.pdf18 KB
Away and Back Again.pdf17 KB
Back to the Barn.pdf18 KB
Backtrack.pdf16 KB
Bag o' Shells.pdf16 KB
Bangers and Mash.pdf19 KB
Barbara's Strathspey.pdf18 KB
Barnyard Dance!.pdf24 KB
Belle of the Ball.pdf17 KB
Betsy Ross.pdf17 KB
Beware the Wheelers.pdf17 KB
Bicycle Chain.pdf17 KB
Big Banff Critter.pdf17 KB
Biloxi.pdf18 KB
Black Powder Rifle.pdf19 KB
Bonnie's Reel.pdf17 KB
Borne on the Breeze.pdf17 KB
Brecksville Beckons.pdf16 KB
Bricks and Mortar.pdf21 KB
Briggs Law.pdf18 KB
Broken Sleep.pdf16 KB
Broken Symmetry.pdf16 KB
Bubba-Que.pdf17 KB
Bubble Sort.pdf21 KB
Bubble Up Lake.pdf17 KB
Buckeye's Reel.pdf18 KB
Busy Box.pdf17 KB
But Carlyn, Who's Counting_.pdf18 KB
Button Bright.pdf17 KB
By Special Request.pdf21 KB
Calligraphy.pdf18 KB
Candles.pdf18 KB
Card Trick.pdf17 KB
Carousel Canter.pdf18 KB
Carpenter's Wheel.pdf19 KB
Catch Me If You Can.pdf18 KB
Caterpillar Calisthenics.pdf19 KB
Catnip Mice.pdf17 KB
Cat's Cradle.pdf17 KB
Celtic Braid.pdf19 KB
Celtic Twist.pdf16 KB
Cement Mixer, Putty, Putty.pdf17 KB
Chain Link.pdf17 KB
Charade.pdf17 KB
Chasing Castles.pdf18 KB
Chasing the Red Dot.pdf18 KB
Chicago Silver.pdf19 KB
Child of Wonder.pdf18 KB
Christmas Candy.pdf17 KB
Cinnamon Swirl.pdf17 KB
Circle of Friends.pdf17 KB
Circling the Globe.pdf19 KB
Clara's Reel.pdf19 KB
Clockwork.pdf18 KB
Cloud Cover.pdf17 KB
Copy Cat.pdf16 KB
Cotton Candy.pdf17 KB
Counterpoint.pdf17 KB
Covered By Autumn Leaves.pdf17 KB
Crisscross.pdf15 KB
Cross Stitch.pdf18 KB
Crossing the Deadly Desert.pdf19 KB
Crossing the Line.pdf16 KB
Crossing the Square.pdf18 KB
Cry Havoc.pdf19 KB
Curlicue.pdf18 KB
Curly Cat.pdf16 KB
Dancing Along the Rock River.pdf19 KB
Dan's Reel.pdf17 KB
Deer in the Headlights.pdf17 KB
Diamonds on Black Velvet.pdf20 KB
Dipsy Doodle.pdf20 KB
Dolphins at Play.pdf19 KB
Dos Equis.pdf17 KB
Double Cross.pdf17 KB
Double Duty.pdf18 KB
Double Duty 2.pdf15 KB
Double Ferris Wheel.pdf16 KB
Double Nickel(s).pdf21 KB
Double Time.pdf17 KB
Doug's 7-0 Reel.pdf18 KB
Doug's Strathspey.pdf19 KB
Ducks on the Pond.pdf21 KB
Durham Bound.pdf22 KB
Eighteen-Six.pdf17 KB
Eleanor's Strathspey.pdf20 KB
Emily Grace.pdf17 KB
End to End.pdf16 KB
Fanwood Frolic.pdf19 KB
Fashion Designer.pdf17 KB
Flashes of Light.pdf17 KB
Flibbertigibbet.pdf17 KB
Flowers of Spring.pdf18 KB
Flying in Formation.pdf18 KB
Follow Me.pdf18 KB
Follow the Leader.pdf17 KB
Follow the Yellow Brick Road.pdf17 KB
Follow Your Dream.pdf17 KB
Friday Night at Barbara and Tom's.pdf19 KB
Friends from Overseas.pdf18 KB
Frisky Feet.pdf16 KB
Fun at Fermi.pdf17 KB
George Whitehorne.pdf16 KB
Gie it a Whirl, Mady!.pdf18 KB
Gifts.pdf19 KB
Glasgow Lassie.pdf17 KB
Glen Cairn.pdf17 KB
Glen Iris Inn.pdf17 KB
Glencoe Weeps.pdf17 KB
Glinda the Good.pdf18 KB
Golden Rain.pdf18 KB
Great Big Sea.pdf17 KB
Green Mountain Memories.pdf16 KB
Greg's Place.pdf16 KB
Hanging From the Rafters.pdf16 KB
Hannah's Journey.pdf19 KB
Happy Harrison.pdf15 KB
Happy Heart.pdf16 KB
Haunted House.pdf17 KB
Herding Cats.pdf19 KB
Highland Gypsy.pdf18 KB
Holly's Joy.pdf17 KB
Home Again.pdf17 KB
Honor the Lady.pdf16 KB
How to Teach a Human.pdf19 KB
Ian Michael's Reel.pdf17 KB
Ice Dancing.pdf17 KB
Inquisitive Paws.pdf19 KB
Inverlochy Castle.pdf17 KB
It All Started in DeKalb.pdf20 KB
It's a Reel Thing.pdf19 KB
Ivy Vines.pdf18 KB
Jack Pumpkinhead.pdf18 KB
Jingle Bells.pdf17 KB
John Barleycorn.pdf43 KB
Jubilee Red.pdf18 KB
Just a Little Rant.pdf17 KB
Kilt Flip.pdf18 KB
King Tut.pdf17 KB
Kitty Cornered.pdf16 KB
Knot Cross.pdf17 KB
Knot Square aka Doug's 70th.pdf20 KB
Knotwork.pdf17 KB
Ladies of a Certain Age.pdf19 KB
Lady Gwen.pdf17 KB
Lady Hannah.pdf18 KB
Lady Mairi's Dream.pdf19 KB
Lake Louise.pdf17 KB
Lakewood High.pdf16 KB
Laura's Reel.pdf17 KB
Leading Lady.pdf17 KB
Left and Left Again.pdf18 KB
Left of Center.pdf16 KB
Light and Shade.pdf16 KB
Lightning in a Bottle.pdf13 KB
Lipstick on My Knee.pdf18 KB
Little H.pdf17 KB
Loki's Reel.pdf18 KB
Love-in-a-Mist.pdf17 KB
Luce Change.pdf18 KB
Lynn's Request.pdf18 KB
Macramé.pdf16 KB
Mady's Idea.pdf18 KB
Mairi's Double Date.pdf17 KB
Mairi's Flowers or The Flirty Dancer.pdf19 KB
Major Milestones.pdf17 KB
Mary Helen's Big Day.pdf18 KB
Matrix Medley.pdf19 KB
Maureen Calling.pdf18 KB
Memories of Skye.pdf17 KB
Migration.pdf16 KB
Mirror, Mirror.pdf16 KB
Miss Cream Coral.pdf18 KB
Miss Jenny Lee.pdf18 KB
Miss Nora Elizabeth.pdf18 KB
Miss Priss.pdf18 KB
Monkey Wrench.pdf20 KB
Monty's Lady.pdf17 KB
Motorcycle Lady.pdf17 KB
My Bonny Beau.pdf18 KB
Narcissisity.pdf16 KB
Needy Kneader.pdf17 KB
Niddy Noddy.pdf17 KB
No Ghosts a Roamin'.pdf19 KB
No Time to Rest.pdf17 KB
Octothorpe.pdf17 KB
Off the Axum.pdf17 KB
Olympic Gold.pdf19 KB
One Good Turn.pdf18 KB
Ordered Chaos.pdf17 KB
Oregon Spring.pdf17 KB
Origami.pdf16 KB
Our Purr Bear.pdf17 KB
Out Among the Stars.pdf18 KB
Ozma of Oz.pdf18 KB
Panama!.pdf17 KB
Pandora's Box.pdf18 KB
Partners for Life.pdf16 KB
Paul Likes Tournées.pdf17 KB
Pedal Pushers.pdf17 KB
Perpetual Motion.pdf17 KB
Pickle in the Middle.pdf16 KB
Piece o' Cake.pdf15 KB
Pinball Wizard.pdf18 KB
Playful Progression.pdf19 KB
Plea to Chac.pdf17 KB
Pluto's Head.pdf17 KB
Polychrome's Rainbow.pdf18 KB
Puffin' Billy.pdf17 KB
Pussy Footin' Around.pdf18 KB
Quirin's Reel.pdf17 KB
Random Walk.pdf16 KB
Red Rover, Red Rover.pdf17 KB
Reel to Reel.pdf15 KB
Reflection Reel.pdf18 KB
Regency Faire.pdf16 KB
Reversal of Fortune.pdf18 KB
Ribbon Candy.pdf18 KB
Riding the Wave.pdf17 KB
Ripples on the Pond.pdf17 KB
Robin's Rowdy Reel.pdf16 KB
Rollercoaster Ride.pdf16 KB
Roping the Wind.pdf17 KB
Rose of Sharon.pdf17 KB
Round and Round.pdf15 KB
Rovin' Willie.pdf16 KB
Rush Hour Train.pdf17 KB
Rye Twist.pdf19 KB
Salmagundi.pdf16 KB
San Francisco Surprise.pdf18 KB
Sand Sculptures.pdf17 KB
Sassy Cat.pdf17 KB
Satin and Lace.pdf15 KB
Scraps' Jig.pdf19 KB
Shadows on the Moon.pdf17 KB
Shanghai Calling.pdf18 KB
Sherlock's Mom.pdf17 KB
Silk and Satin.pdf17 KB
Silver Earrings.pdf17 KB
Simple Simon.pdf49 KB
Skating Figures.pdf16 KB
Slightly Askew.pdf18 KB
Slinky.pdf18 KB
Slopoke.pdf16 KB
Smoke Along the Track.pdf17 KB
Snake Bit.pdf18 KB
Snakes and Ladders.pdf19 KB
Solid As the Granite Hills of Vermont.pdf19 KB
Someone in a Tree.pdf17 KB
Speed Racer.pdf17 KB
Spider Web.pdf16 KB
Spin Cycle.pdf16 KB
Spiral Galaxies.pdf19 KB
Spirograph.pdf18 KB
Split Pea Soup.pdf16 KB
Spring Daffodils.pdf18 KB
Square Chaos.pdf18 KB
Square Day.pdf18 KB
Squash Blossom.pdf18 KB
St Albans Reel.pdf16 KB
Sue's Fantasy.pdf17 KB
Sugar on Snow.pdf18 KB
Sweet Ember.pdf19 KB
Sweet Potatoes.pdf17 KB
Sweet Surrender.pdf15 KB
Sweet Violets.pdf16 KB
T for Two.pdf19 KB
Taking Turns.pdf16 KB
Teaching Dance #1.pdf15 KB
Teaching Dance #2.pdf15 KB
Teaching Dance #3.pdf16 KB
The “Hans”ome Dancer.pdf20 KB
The 10th Frolic.pdf19 KB
The A Team.pdf17 KB
The Auld Red Cat.pdf20 KB
The Bizzy Bee Reel.pdf18 KB
The Bow Tie Reel.pdf16 KB
The Butter Churn.pdf18 KB
The Butterfly Effect.pdf18 KB
The Candy Cane Reel.pdf19 KB
The Cat Who Wasn't There.pdf18 KB
The Celtic Ghost.pdf18 KB
The Cloverleaf Reel.pdf17 KB
The Coin Collector.pdf20 KB
The Corkscrew.pdf17 KB
The Custom Builder (aka Uncle George).pdf20 KB
The Dance Program.pdf17 KB
The Dark Side of the Moon.pdf16 KB
The Death Star.pdf15 KB
The Disco Ball Reel.pdf18 KB
The Double Helix.pdf19 KB
The DuPage River Strathspey.pdf19 KB
The Emerald City.pdf17 KB
The Engagement Ring.pdf18 KB
The Fifth Helix.pdf19 KB
The Floating Chicken Coop.pdf20 KB
The Flume.pdf18 KB
The Four-poster Jig.pdf20 KB
The Fox River.pdf17 KB
The Freedom Rant.pdf18 KB
The Frolic.pdf18 KB
The Genesee River Gorge.pdf18 KB
The Ghost and Mary Jo.pdf18 KB
The Glass Cat.pdf18 KB
The Glass Scroll.pdf19 KB
The Gold Ring.pdf17 KB
The Gordion Knot.pdf16 KB
The Great Mandala (The Wheel of Time).pdf17 KB
The Hourglass.pdf17 KB
The House on Dell Lane.pdf18 KB
The Imaginary Reel.pdf18 KB
The Jacobite.pdf20 KB
The Jensen Jig.pdf18 KB
The Kitty Rae Strathspey.pdf20 KB
The Lacemaker.pdf16 KB
The Ladies' Auxiliary.pdf20 KB
The Ladies from DeKalb.pdf17 KB
The Lady Is a Star.pdf18 KB
The Lady of the Elves.pdf18 KB
The Lavender Strathspey.pdf20 KB
The Lenten Rose.pdf16 KB
The Lorain Moraine.pdf17 KB
The Magic Dishpan.pdf20 KB
The Merry Go Round Mountains.pdf19 KB
The Midnight Crazies.pdf18 KB
The Milky Way.pdf18 KB
The Moment of Coalescence.pdf19 KB
The Music of the Spheres.pdf19 KB
The Off to Virginia Reel.pdf19 KB
The Old Waterwheel.pdf19 KB
The Peony Flower.pdf18 KB
The Pepper Mill.pdf17 KB
The Physicist's Folly.pdf19 KB
The Portage High Bridge.pdf17 KB
The Puppeteer.pdf16 KB
The Quilter's Quest (Susan @ 70).pdf18 KB
The Rocky River Reel.pdf17 KB
The Rose.pdf18 KB
The Sands of Time.pdf20 KB
The Search for MacDonald.pdf19 KB
The Silken Knot.pdf20 KB
The Soldier's Bed.pdf18 KB
The Square Knot.pdf19 KB
The Tease.pdf16 KB
The Tigger Bounce.pdf19 KB
The Tom Senior Reel.pdf18 KB
The Tournée Squared.pdf19 KB
The Transit of Venus.pdf18 KB
The Triquetra.pdf22 KB
The Triskel.pdf26 KB
The Truth Pond.pdf20 KB
The Ultimate Brief.pdf16 KB
The Wandering Eggplant.pdf18 KB
The Waves on the Sea.pdf18 KB
The Weak Link.pdf17 KB
The Wee Cottages.pdf18 KB
The Weird Sisters.pdf19 KB
The White Tornado.pdf17 KB
The Witching Hour.pdf19 KB
The Woggle Bug.pdf17 KB
The Wooden Sawhorse.pdf17 KB
The Wookie Walk.pdf16 KB
The World Turned Upside Down.pdf17 KB
Thor's Hammer.pdf17 KB
Three's Company.pdf16 KB
Tiddlywinks.pdf19 KB
Tik Tok.pdf19 KB
Tiny Dancer.pdf17 KB
Tiny Spaces.pdf17 KB
Tit for Tat.pdf16 KB
To Honor St. Andrew.pdf17 KB
Top Cat.pdf16 KB
Topspin.pdf16 KB
Trip to Ohio.pdf16 KB
Tumbleweed.pdf21 KB
Tungsten Turkey.pdf19 KB
Tunnel of Light.pdf18 KB
Twiddly Bits.pdf18 KB
Twists and Turns.pdf18 KB
Two for One.pdf18 KB
Two Hearts Joined.pdf18 KB
Uncle Isaac.pdf17 KB
Wandering Gypsy.pdf20 KB
Waterfall Glen.pdf17 KB
Weaving the Plaid.pdf20 KB
Wedding Vows.pdf17 KB
Wheels within Wheels.pdf17 KB
When Nothing Goes Right Go Left.pdf18 KB
Where the Buffalo Roam.pdf18 KB
Where's the Knife.pdf17 KB
Whirlwind.pdf17 KB
Whirlybird.pdf17 KB
Why Not.pdf16 KB
Wings O'er the Atlantic.pdf18 KB
Winter Lace.pdf16 KB
Wizard's Walk.pdf18 KB
Xs and Os.pdf16 KB
XYZZY.pdf18 KB
Y2Chaos.pdf16 KB
Yin-Yang.pdf17 KB
\Single Dances\Petyt, Sue (55)1.065 KB
40 Merks.pdf15 KB
60 and still going.pdf39 KB
After Supper.pdf15 KB
Ambers Reel.pdf15 KB
Ashby Petronella.pdf15 KB
Barrie Alexander Strathspey.pdf15 KB
Barton Barbecue.pdf15 KB
Caledonian Caper.pdf16 KB
Corstorphine Road.pdf16 KB
Dora Connollys Jig.pdf14 KB
Dumfries welcomes ribble valley.pdf43 KB
Dunblane Holiday.pdf18 KB
Evelyns Surprise.pdf15 KB
Fairyknowe Lodge.pdf15 KB
Fishermans Reel.pdf15 KB
Golden Heather.pdf17 KB
Half and Half.pdf18 KB
Hartfell Jig.pdf17 KB
Hunter House Mill.pdf15 KB
Iains Obsession.pdf18 KB
Ian and Joan McKenzie.pdf19 KB
Janes Jig.pdf15 KB
Kates Travels.pdf16 KB
Lack O Men.pdf20 KB
Lady Nelthorpe.pdf16 KB
Lets Celebrate.pdf16 KB
Loch Ness Monster Reel.pdf14 KB
Londons Burning.pdf15 KB
Marians Reel.pdf53 KB
Merton Court Medley.pdf17 KB
Mideltone Silver.pdf20 KB
Miss Betty Ferguson of Dumfries.pdf20 KB
Moving South.pdf15 KB
Mrs Bunty Somes.pdf15 KB
Mrs Leeman Dances.pdf15 KB
Pudseys Reel.pdf44 KB
Queen Elizabeth of May.pdf16 KB
Queen of the Seas.pdf26 KB
Quick and Easy.pdf15 KB
Red Squirrel Reel.pdf15 KB
Sparks Fly.pdf15 KB
Tartan Rainbow.pdf15 KB
The Annan Reel.pdf17 KB
The Dancers Web.pdf15 KB
The Day of Dance.pdf43 KB
The Dice Dance.pdf15 KB
The Dumfries Rambler.pdf15 KB
The Kaleidoscope Reel.pdf16 KB
The Laird of Lochmaben.pdf24 KB
The Millennium Bug.pdf14 KB
The Moffat Jig.pdf16 KB
The Three Square Strathspey.pdf15 KB
Thistle Dubh.pdf41 KB
Two Furlongs.pdf19 KB
Welcome Home.pdf15 KB
\Single Dances\Pridey, Barry (119)7.663 KB
Annie's Well.pdf48 KB
Auld Aquaintance.pdf90 KB
Ben Wyvis.pdf54 KB
Bruce's Castle.pdf52 KB
Chevy Chase.pdf50 KB
Company at the Manor.pdf72 KB
Corrievrechan.pdf48 KB
Culbin Sands.pdf48 KB
Double Celebration.pdf80 KB
Dunbar Castle.pdf51 KB
Earl's Cross.pdf45 KB
Falls of Bracklinn.pdf38 KB
Farewell to Misty.pdf50 KB
Glencoe.pdf66 KB
Greyfriars Bobby.pdf55 KB
Heather Ale.pdf56 KB
Jacobite Reel.pdf82 KB
Jockie's Burn.pdf47 KB
Kelpie's Haugh.pdf50 KB
Kinnessburn Reel.pdf46 KB
Ladies of the Glen.pdf61 KB
Land of the Heather Hills.pdf67 KB
Lassie wi' the Lint White Locks.pdf46 KB
Loch Torridon.pdf42 KB
MacFarlane's Lantern.pdf96 KB
Macrihanish.pdf49 KB
MacVicar,s Hornpipe.pdf46 KB
McPhails Anvil.pdf33 KB
Muggons in May.pdf60 KB
Phllis's fancy.pdf26 KB
Prince Charlie's Well.pdf47 KB
Rakes of Auld Reekie.pdf51 KB
Roses of Carterhaugh.pdf84 KB
Sandhills of Gaza.pdf68 KB
Sandy Braes.pdf49 KB
Saxie's Baa.pdf29 KB
Sea Hedrig.pdf48 KB
Something to Celebrate.pdf42 KB
St James Jig.pdf45 KB
St Ronan's Well.pdf53 KB
Tam O' Shanter.pdf57 KB
Tappie Toorie.pdf53 KB
The Anniversary Tensome.pdf68 KB
The Baldooser.pdf40 KB
The Black Rock.pdf45 KB
The Blue Men of the Minch.pdf61 KB
The Boky Hound.pdf52 KB
The Bonnie Wells.pdf64 KB
The Border Barque.pdf130 KB
The Border Wizard.pdf80 KB
The Bosun's Locker.pdf48 KB
The Braes of Yarrow.pdf79 KB
The Burn of Sorrow.pdf33 KB
The Cadger's Bridge.pdf65 KB
The Capercaillie.pdf56 KB
The Celtic Cross.pdf56 KB
The Clavie.pdf63 KB
The Crooked Glen.pdf62 KB
The Cruives of Cree.pdf39 KB
The Dark Mile.pdf54 KB
The Devil's Bowling Green.pdf73 KB
The Devil's Dyke.pdf69 KB
The Doune Ferryman.pdf97 KB
The Dowie Dens.pdf63 KB
The Dwarfie Stane.pdf50 KB
The Eildon Hills.pdf59 KB
The Ettrick Shepherd.pdf89 KB
The Fairy Bridge.pdf55 KB
The Far Cuillins.pdf85 KB
The Fete Champetre.pdf121 KB
The Fickle Lass.pdf96 KB
The Flight of the Falcon.pdf58 KB
The Gaberlunzie.pdf60 KB
The Gay Goshawk.pdf34 KB
The Golden Hind.pdf76 KB
The Golden Oriole.pdf73 KB
The Green Lady of Skipness Castle.pdf61 KB
The Grey Cairns.pdf118 KB
The Guethary Reel.pdf364 KB
The Haunted Manor.pdf75 KB
The Heart of Midlothian.pdf51 KB
The Howe O' Fife.pdf47 KB
The Kelpie of Loch Coruisk.pdf100 KB
The King's Causeway.pdf70 KB
The Laggan Falls.pdf61 KB
The Lone Sheiling.pdf49 KB
The Lost Glen.pdf52 KB
The Maiden's Leap.pdf51 KB
The Mercat Cross.pdf42 KB
The Merry Ploughboy.pdf41 KB
The Mill of Tifty.pdf57 KB
The Narrow Glen.pdf49 KB
The Neugle.pdf59 KB
The New York Hornpipe.pdf48 KB
The Phantom Piper.pdf81 KB
The Pool of Connla.pdf99 KB
The Ring of Brodgar.pdf77 KB
The Road to Applecross.pdf71 KB
The Rocks of Solitude.pdf42 KB
The Rover's return.pdf50 KB
The Rowan Glen.pdf46 KB
The Royal Town.pdf25 KB
The Selkie Wife.pdf51 KB
The Silver Glen.pdf48 KB
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The Turra Coo.pdf75 KB
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The Whistler's Glen.pdf93 KB
The Young Pretender.pdf82 KB
Tullyvolan.pdf61 KB
Turn Ye To Me.pdf76 KB
Twelvesome Reel.pdf67 KB
Whippety Stourie.pdf45 KB
Woodland Assembly.pdf61 KB
Wyndley Reel.pdf61 KB
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