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123Vefa's Strathspey 8x32 or 3x32 S18/02/2015Roland Telle
122Rin Wuid 8x32 R14/11/2014Marty Livingston
121Music Melts Upon the Evening Breeze 3x32 or 8x32 S14/11/2014Marty Livingston
120Last Set in the Hall 3x32 S06/11/2014Truus De Ceuster
119Malcolm's Shoes 8x32 J29/10/2014Sergey Kargapoltsev
118Lagavulin 5x32 S19/05/2014Gordon Scott
117Janice 3x32 S10/05/2014Lara Friedman-Shedlov
116The Battle of Trafalgar 6x40 H29/04/2014Keith Rose
115The Road to Scurdie Ness 4x40 R01/04/2014Bob Harcus
114Swirling Leaves 8x32 J24/10/2013Gary Lindsey
113It's My Pleasure 8x32 J24/10/2013Gary Lindsey
112Turn, Turn, Turn 3x32 S24/10/2013Gary Lindsey
111Agnes Blackadder Fire Alarm 8x32 R+S Medley15/08/2013Truus De Ceuster
110Who Am I? 8x40 R05/05/2013Bob Davidson
109Minister on the Mississippi 8x32 S04/02/2013Lara Friedman-Shedlov
108Outside the Box 4x32 J11/01/2013Duncan Brown
107Maggie and Caitlin 8x32 R24/07/2012J.A. McKernan
106Start Your Engines 8x32 J26/06/2012Ellen Ternes
105Silver Heather 8x32 J31/05/2012Els Van Der Kamp
104Heathery Breeze 4x32 S12/04/2012Bob Davidson
103Groundhog Day 8x32 S09/03/2012Sergey Kargapoltsev
102Graduation Reel 8x40 R19/12/2011Ellen Ternes
101Ginger Sharks 8x32 R03/10/2011Peter Price
100Corners' Hello 8x32 S21/09/2011Gary Lindsey
99Just a Dozen 6x40 R09/08/2011Jeffery Green
98The Red Squirrel 4x32 S03/08/2011Sybille Spägele
97Redfoot's Ramble 4x32 S02/08/2011Linda Liebermann
96The Erlangen Reel 8x32 R19/07/2011Duncan Brown
95The City of Christchurch 2x32 S + 2x32 R22/04/2011Wouter Joubert
94The Kölbls' Reel 8x32 R08/02/2011Duncan Brown
93As Cedar Falls, So Falls Waterloo 4x32 J29/09/2010Douglas Schneider
9246664 Jig 4x64 J22/07/2010Andrew Hodgson
91Ke Nako - It is Time 3x32 S02/07/2010Wouter Joubert
90Laird of Dalnair 8x32 R27/05/2010Alasdair Brown
89Emmett's Chase 8x32 R30/04/2010John Brenchley
88Laird Jim's 60th 1x60 R02/02/2010Gabrielle Funhoff
87Miss McBurnie's Wedding 3x32 S11/11/2009Andrew Hodgson
86Gordon of Straloch 8x32 S05/11/2009Peter Price
85The Physicist's Folly 1x128 S28/10/2009Sue McKinnell
84Mally's Meek, Mally's Sweet 8x32 S17/07/2009Lee Fuell
83Gude Ale Keeps the Heart Aboon 8x32 R05/07/2009Lee Fuell
82Quaternary Knot 8x32 J05/07/2009Gary Lindsey
81The Falls of Lana 8x32 R16/06/2009Lee Fuell
80Triangle Reel 8x32 R31/05/2009Ilona Stitz
79Anna's Homecoming 8x32 R11/02/2009Lara Friedman-Shedlov
78Lairds' Chain 8x32 S18/11/2008Peter McClure
77Lairds' Diamond 8x32 S18/11/2008Peter McClure
76Audrey & Peter's Jubilee 3x48 S03/11/2008John Brenchley
75High Society 4x40 R03/11/2008John Brenchley
74Tribute to Fred DeMarse or The Nondescript Carpet Court 8x32 R20/10/2008Duncan Brown
73Ladebraes 4x32 S24/09/2008Duncan Brown
72Twinkle in His Eye 4x32 S02/09/2008Christine Godwin
71Miss Dow's Strathspey 8x32 S01/09/2008Alan Macpherson
70200 King Street North 8x32 J30/08/2008Lee Fuell
69Molly MacLay of Kilfinnan 3x32 S24/06/2008Lee Fuell
68Blethering Ghillie 8x32 S08/06/2008Lee Fuell
67Old Ba' Game 8x32 R25/05/2008Ellen Ternes
66Spice it Up 8x32 J17/03/2008Merrill Heubach
65Mary Stewart Ashworth 8x32 R19/02/2008Joyce Cochrane
64Auchindrain 8x32 R01/02/2008Peter Price
63Pumpking Baker 8x32 R31/01/2008Lara Friedman-Shedlov
62Trip to Fanwood 8x32 J23/01/2008Chris Ronald
61The Mentor 96 S16/01/2008Brian Charlton
60Miss Ilona Brown 5x32 S14/01/2008Malcolm Brown
59Jean 8x32 J10/01/2008Peter Price
58De’il Amang the Gaylors 8x32 R08/11/2007Mike Briggs
57Examination Fever 8x32 J02/11/2007Martina Mueller-Franz
56Dancing on Water 4x32 S02/11/2007Martina Mueller-Franz
55Irish Bride 8x32 S29/10/2007James Mungall
54Shoplifting Seagulls 16S + 16R02/10/2007Lee Fuell
53Rosie's Ceilidh 32 J01/08/2007Lara Friedman-Shedlov
52See You in Arran 8x32 R15/06/2007Martina Mueller-Franz
51All In 4x32 R09/05/2007Martin Campbell-Coquhoun
50Contra Temp Reel 8x48 R09/05/2007Martin Campbell-Coquhoun
49Rug Beater 8x32 R16/04/2007Sue Kashanski
48Timbit for Janis 4x32 S05/04/2007Peter McClure
47Timbit for George OR After a Hangover 4x32 S05/04/2007Peter McClure
46Miss Anne Aldred's Strathspey 3x32 S28/03/2007Andy Stone
45Whirlwind 8x32 R21/12/2006Harry Ways
44Barbara's Strathspey 8x32 S11/12/2006Sue McKinnell
43Saunter in Savoy 3x32 S30/11/2006Martin Sheffield
42Wee Bit 'o Fun 8x32 J21/11/2006Martin Sheffield
41Silver Nutmeg 8x40 J14/11/2006Peter Price
40Miri's Wedding 3x32 R02/11/2006Alan Paterson
39Dance for Marjorie 8x32 S07/09/2006Peter Price
38The Founder 8x32 S26/11/2005Terry Glasspool
37Fenway Jig 8x32 J29/08/2005Beth Kingsley
36Two's Company - Three's A Crowd 3x32 S26/08/2005Holly Sherman
35Ladies of Schiehallion 4x64 M (32 S + 32 R)03/08/2005Holly Sherman
34Blaine's Double Date 4x32 R22/07/2005Ellen Ternes
33Giants of Foudland 3x48 R01/07/2005Alison Smith
32Just a Lark 64 R08/06/2005Helen Powell
31Hasten to Your Feet 3x32 J20/05/2005Douglas Schneider
30Bramble Jelly 8x32 J19/05/2005Ronald Mackey
29Oot Dancing 4x32 R04/05/2005Ian Brockbank
28Maple Dancing 8x32 R04/05/2005Ian Brockbank
27Inside Oot Fish Eater 5x32 R15/04/2005Ian Brockbank
26Down the Rabbit Hole 4x32 J23/03/2005Helen Powell
25Rice and Lefse 3x40 J11/03/2005Lara Friedman-Shedlov
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