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E-collection administration
E-cribs Chat Room.
  • If you know how to do, just connect!
  • If not, just read once the short explanations below then ... connect!

Join the Chat Room, it's easy!

IMPORTANT: You can either

  • click the 'Login' button without any username and password; you will get a random number like (732154) but it will be impossible to know exactly who you are,

  • or enter a username like 'Donald Trump' without password but it will be uneasy to know if you really are Donald Trump,

  • or ask E-cribs Team Support to register your First Name + Name and give you back a password; just contact and wait for both Username and password,

Without the brackets, everybody knows that YOU ARE Donald Trump!


  1. This web software is no more maintained by its original author; some bugs can be seen (for example, the sounds do not work). If any huge bug, please write to with a screenshot when possible;
  2. If you want to clean the reading space, just write /clear (then click 'Enter' of course);
  3. E-cribs Channel is public. It means that everybody can see what you write/wrote.

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